Saturday, July 02, 2011

Big Brother 13 News Round-Up

Well, there isn't any official news coming from the BB13 Powers That Be, but there's surely a lot of speculation out there. One rumor is that the returning duos will be someone we love (Jeff and Jordan?), someone we hate (Brendan and Rachel? Jessie and Natalie?) and someone we love to hate (Dr. Will and Boogie? Dick and Daniele?). I just don't know. I do think Allison Grodner likes Jessie, so I'm worried ... because I never want to see him or Natalie (or Brendan and Rachel) again! Wah!

But, for the lack of real news I scouted around looking for articles and videos for you!

TVGrapevine has another Allison Grodner interview here.

Grodner clarifies the twist and throws in a few more duo names here. Amy and Marcellas I could deal with better than Rachel and Brendan or Jessie and Natalie. Even Memphis and Dan.

I guess it's a waiting game.


Scott said...

Well I dont think its Evel Dick. He just tweeted a few hours ago. And I believe the hamsters are in the house as of today. God Please no Jessie and Nat. Cant stand Brenchel either but at least they will annoy everyone and give us something to watch.

chacha said...

Brendan tweeted earlier today, but for all we know it can be someone else tweeting on their accounts.
I for one will write a few nasty emails to AG if Jesse or Nat are in there mainly about Jesse. I know that Natalie was in LA recently. Kevin had posted pictures with her. IMO- Nat was the worst player ever..

Sally said...

I don't understand why they bring former houseguests back as contestants--it really creates an uneven playing field and has such a big impact on early alliances. I'd much rather see the game begin anew. If they must feature returnees, let them host contests or something.

But since we're stuck with nearly half of the houseguests being returning players this year, I'm strongly hoping that Brendon, Rachel, Jessie and Natalie are not among them. I really don't want Evil Dick and Danielle either--he might feel compelled to outdo himself, which could be very offensive.

Joe in NY said...

I think it's more fun with people you know as well as new people. And it is always nice to have someone you hate in there. I wouldn't mind Brenchel or Jesse/Nat. I would love Evel Dick again. How about Russell and Rob as a duo? LMAO!