Saturday, July 23, 2011

Big Brother Live Feeds Into Saturday Dawn 7/23

Heh. Daniele ripped Brendon's knee scab off while scuffling.

If you haven't read the few short posts preceding this one, please check them out! Here's the scoop on what's been happening in that Big Brother House of Lockdown Lads and Lassies:
  • No, I did not call Rachel a dog. Lassies like girls!
  • Would I do that?
  • Some big backyard doings must be going on for today's PoV comp as they've been locked down inside since early last night.
  • The smokers must be going bonkers.
  • No one except Rachel (who took two weeks of slop) is on slop this week.
  • Even Rachel can eat the stuff she received in the HoH basket.
  • Instead of a food comp, they had a luxury comp and a visit from David Hasselhoff.
  • They could have mixed comp and Hoff by crawling around on the floor eating fast food and drinking!
  • Jordan won the luxury comp and chose two people (beside Jeff) to go into the HoH room for a show.
  • Rachel was mad that Jordan won.
  • Rachel was mad that Jordan chose Kalia and Shelly instead of her.
  • The big show was only Same Name (follows BB13 this Sunday, I believe).
  • @@
  • Daniele keeps trying to get Brendon and Rachel to consider backdooring Jordan and Jeff.
  • Dominic continues to work with Daniele, yet has also been trying to worm his way in with the two power couples at different times.
  • When the nominations came down, Rachel nominated Adam and Dominic.
  • She says that Adam is the target.
  • Daniele has been pushing for the Dominic save, but Rachel also thinks if the "floaters" stay to the end, it will be too late.
  • Supposedly if they get saved by the veto, Lawon and Kalia will go up with Lawon the probably target.
  • Yet Daniele is still pushing for the power move of Jeff and Jordan.
  • Rachel says she'll worry about it when the time comes -- right now they should plan on Adam going home.
  • With them locked inside all night and poor camera work -- extended time watching Rachel and Porsche play game and Shelly going wild cleaning and straightening, the feeds were "eh" last night.
  • Most of the game talk has been talked before (and will be talked again).
  • Porsche, who doesn't seem to really have a plan (or a clue), might actually have one. She warned Rachel that she thinks Daniele will betray the veterans.
  • Oh my. Except for her misguided loyalty to Rachel, she might actually be thinking!
  • In a spot of tomfoolery, Daniele accidentally ripped one of the scabs off of Brendon's knee.
  • "It's a good thing nominations are over!"
  • Like she could be nominated with that Golden Key anyway.
  • But it was funny.
  • Brendon exaggerated the injury for comic relief, but I think he was a bit upset underneath the act.
  • Shelly and Dominc had a long talk. She told him that Daniele is out for herself and how she used Nick in BB8.
  • Dominic is trying to get in everyone's ear. If he doesn't watch it, he might end up being a Brian with all of his deals and alliances outed.
  • PoV players will be picked and PoV will be played later today.
  • I anticipate a late PoV as BB gave them alcohol last night, albeit not much.
  • Usually they give them none when anticipating an early comp.
  • We'll see.

If Kalia doesn't stop waving that thing around ...

The dog knows it all

Well, yeah ...

Jellybean stick figures


Kaye said...

Thanks Jackie! I really feel sorry for you suffering through all this. I just hate that everything happens from Thursday until Sat. Then you have nothing to watch until Thursday. I feel a long night HOH comp coming this week. Need some NO DOZE?

Jackie said...

We're due for an endurance comp. Since I'm out of work with my knee recovery and not sleeping well due to same ... bring it on!

Laurie said...

Wow, Jordan put herself in a bit of danger by not choosing Rachel for sharing the luxury prize. Rachel won't forget that, will she? I can already hear her yakking about it and it's hurting my ears.

Hope you get some rest and that it cools off a bit for you in NJ. Same for the rest of you who are suffering from this heat. I read yesterday that Satan wants his weather back!

Anonymous said...

What is up with Brendon picking up the girls all the time? He picked up Jordan after she won hoh and it was so awkward. It just seems super creepy and inappropriate too me. I can't believe Rachel is good with that.

Anonymous said...

jackie, have you heard anything about keith and cassie being in sequester?..Joker updates has it up on their site. It would be nice to have them bring cassie back it to torment boy george aka Rachel!!

Lorraine said...

Jackie this is off topic but did you have knee surgery. My husband had a total knee replacement 5/13 and he has all his pain at night and cannot sleep well either. All day he is fine but nights are hell.