Thursday, July 07, 2011

Tonight, Tonight ... Big Brother 13!

For those who missed The Talk today, it's well worth a watch. I can't embed it here, but you can find it right here on the CBS website. The majority of the episode was taken up by Julie Chen and her co-hosts in their own little Big Brother day in the house. It's a hoot!

Okay, here's the blog plan:
9:00 PM ET I'll be posting a blog party post for the premiere. While I won't be live-blogging each breath they take, I will post important information in the post itself live as it happens. Oh, yeah ... things like ... WHO ARE THE RETURNING DUOS? Most of the fun will be in the comments area and everybody's welcome to join in with your thoughts. This will be East Coast time, so there will be spoilers for the West Coast folks.

The live feeds won't be going live until after the premiere episode airs on the West Coast. So we're talking 1 AM ET. As I gather information, you can expect screen caps and a report by the wee hours of the morning. Once again, these are spoilers. Events seen on the live feeds often take place days later on the show. But we get a first hand look at how the hamsters really are, not how they're edited!

For real-time Facebook and Twitter alerts when I post live feeds updates on the blog, it's here on Facebook or @JackiesTVBlog on Twitter. Like me, follow me ... just don't creep me out!

So, please stop back for the party tonight -- snacks and beverages should abound, along with a great bunch of blog folks!


Margo said...

Pool peeps so far

Auntie Leigh
Brent McKee
Donna in FL
Nana in NW
Paris Hilton
PDX Granny
Sharon S
Terry in PA

If you don't see your name you still have time to join the fun. We will close the pool on July 13 at 5pm eastern time.

Margo aka The Lifeguard

Jackie said...

Thanks Margo. Remind me to post reminders next week! (A mind is a terrible thing to lose.)

Caela said...

i posted on the previous blog, but Id like to be in the pool!!!

Ayana said...

I like to join the pool too!!

Witt said...

I'd like to join the pool!

Thanks, Margo!

Witt :)

Brent McKee said...

I'm assuming most of you missed the preview of BB on The Talk, so here are a couple of spoilery things. Dr. Will and Mike Boogie will not be one of the established partnerships doing the show. They were live on the talk this afternoon.

Secondly, the HoH room was revealed. There's a lot of white in there, including an aquarium with white Koi.

Thirdly, Julie Chen was evicted from the Big Brother House by the other four members of the show's cast (Holly Robinson Peete, Sharon Osborne, Sara Gilbert and Leah Remini). Julie, Sara and Sharon ate slop (well Sharon didn't). Apparently it tastes good with relish.

Laurie said...

Hey everyone! I'm excited to see the first show and find out who the returning people are. I do hope it turns out to be a good thing, don't you?

Margo, thanks for doing the pool again for all of us. I promise to behave this year. I won't run and I won't have glass bottles by the pool.

Anonymous said...

I was confused by the show tonite.Was it LIVE because at the end they were showing a bunch of clips with the hamsters doing things that were not on the show,please help this old & confused BB fan...thx