Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Big Brother 13 PoV Show Blog Party 8/31


The show is about to start here on the east coast. As it airs, I'll update this post with major events. However, the real fun is in the comments. I hope to see you there!

Just a warning -- here in the NYC area, tomorrow's live eviction show won't be airing until 1:38 AM due to a Jets game. I'll be putting up the regular show post at 9 PM ET and watching an East Coast feed online. But, since it's hard to watch the show on the computer and update the post on same said computer at the same time, I ask that commenters fill in updates tomorrow!

Nominations time! With the duos in effect due to Pandora's box, Porsche put Rachel and Jordan on the block.

Veto comps -- Dummies of the departed hamsters. "Duos Do-Over" - They jump on the back of their original dummy, last one standing wins. As usual, Adam is the first one off before five minutes pass. Jordan out at 8 and a half minutes. Shelly out at 12 minutes. Porsche out at 18 and a half minutes. Kalia out at 32 minutes. Rachel wins!

Shocker! Rachel saved herself and Jordan! Adam and Shelly are on the block.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Big Brother 13 Live Feeds Into Tuesday Night 8/30

Adam investigates the fortune teller

Oh my gosh ... I hope today's feeds are in no way indicative of the boredom ahead of us as this lackluster bunch of hamsters continues to dwindle. Perhaps they should just shut it down. "Go home. None of you deserve to win this year." Here's what happened today in that Big Brother House of Pain:
  • Rachel is having cramps and has now decided that she's not pregnant. She told Shelly that she would have been excited if she had been pregnant.
  • Oh, I think it's best she wait. She and Brendon are nowhere near ready to take on the responsibility of a baby.
  • Shelly told Rachel she felt sick about the vote she made this week and thinks she embarrassed her family.
  • Yeah, she probably did.
  • Rachel thinks she's playing for second place.
  • I'm kind of hoping she's playing for third.
  • Although, to give her credit, she is acting more stable lately.
  • Shelly tried to work her (now exposed) mojo on Rachel about how she's there to help young people like her, wants to stay to further her in the game, get rid of Porsche and Kalia, blah blah blah.
  • Then, but of course, she threw Adam under that reality TV bus.
  • Rachel told Shelly all about her discussion with Daniele the night they made the "deal" to save her.
  • She said she reneged because Daniele told both Shelly and Porsche about it when she wanted to be a hinky vote with the blame put on someone else.
  • Jordan wants Adam to stay because Shelly can't be trusted.
  • But Rachel knows that Adam wants her out, so she prefers Shelly to stay.
  • Kalia and Porsche really want Rachel out. Um, that's why they put her on the block!
  • Oh. Did I say "they"?
  • Porsche. It's her HoH, not a group effort.
  • Yeah, right.
  • And if Porsche doesn't burn that pink sweatsuit, I'll volunteer to do it!
  • Adam fooled around with the fortune teller, but I don't believe he got it to the point that Shelly did.
  • When he stuck his finger in its mouth, I really wanted it to bite down.
  • Lots of small talk, lots of sunning, lots of exercising and walking the yard.
  • Little excitement.
  • Although Rachel wants to keep Shelly over Adam, I think she's the only one.

Shelly in all her glory

Jeepers creepers, where'd she get those peepers?

Jordan goes for fruit

Kalia needs to be quiet. Really.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Big Brother 13 Live Feeds Monday Briefs 8/29

I'm still trying to catch up here as my Irene-related power outage set me back. I watched last night's show online today and have been going through Flashbacks on the live feeds. In some ways, I feel I lost a whole lot of nothing, but I can't guarantee I didn't miss something!

Here's all I have for you at this point:
  • In today's veto meeting, Rachel used the veto to save herself and Jordan.
  • Adam and Shelly went on the block.
  • While I thought with Shelly's house issues lately, she'd be the prime target of everyone, apparently she's not.
  • Kalia and Porsche are seriously considering an Adam vote.
  • From my Flashback tours, it really looks boring.
  • Rachel and Jordan exercised.
  • Some sunned.
  • Adam's reciting all the comps results.
  • Huh. I guess I didn't miss that much after all!

I'm Back!

My power went out sometime after 1 AM Saturday night (Sunday morning, technically). It just returned about 6 AM today. Irene-related, of course. My street was flooded and closed down until yesterday afternoon with boat rescues being necessary for medical emergencies at the apartments across the street from me. I fared fine with the exception of my power outage. I had cooking gas and running water ... and a cat.

In reading through the comments from last night, I'd like to mention one thing -- the show is under those quiz shows laws from the 50s. Also, it was my pleasure to know the person who was in charge of the competitions through season 6. The comps are actually all designed before the casting is even done. They know before the season starts what comp will be done when. I hear the "rigged" cry so much and, as far as comps, it's just not true. Of course, the leading stuff in the Diary Room sessions might be another matter.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Big Brother 13 Live Feeds PoV Bulletin - 8/27

Rachel won the Power of Veto. She'll surely remove herself and Jordan from the block.

Big Brother 13 Live Feeds Into Saturday Evening 8/27

She comes to life!

Tonight's report is going to be on the short and sweet(?) side. Just a while ago they finally started the PoV comp, delayed several hours due to the heat in California. I plan on posting a bulletin with the winner announcement late tonight, circumstances permitting.

Yes, I'm here in New Jersey with Irene bearing down. So far, where I live, it's been quite a bit of rain and not so much wind. That's supposed to change as the evening goes on and morning arrives. I'm under a hurricane warning, flood warning and tornado watch. I live in a safe area (all things concerned), but if I vanish it means I've lost power.

Enough of that, here's what happened today inside that Big Brother House of Fried Dumplings:
  • Remember, the new twist has the original duos playing together for veto.
  • Rachel and Jordan think the veto comp might be geared to them.
  • @@
  • I shouldn't roll my eyes. I think the producers want the returning hamsters to stay. After all, they wanted them back.
  • Nothing against Jordan. I enjoy her. But I would have preferred NO veterans, just fresh meat.
  • Porsche admitted to Rachel that she hid the duck.
  • Rachel, who already knew that, is over it.
  • Adam has totally deserted Rachel and Jordan.
  • Adam's hometown is deserted -- Hoboken has evacuated all ground floor residences and asked others to leave, all cars off the streets and all bars closed by 8 PM tonight.
  • Adam lives in a party town. He'd be shocked.
  • Jordan tried to convince Adam that Shelly isn't a good ally.
  • From observation, he's more into hanging with Kalia and Porsche, most likely because they've won something recently.
  • Adam told Jordan he trusts HER, but not Rachel.
  • Porsche thinks she's the world's best competitor now.
  • @@
  • Rachel was in the purple room (with the gypsy) for a long time reading the Bible.
  • Nothing happened.
  • After she left, Shelly went in there alone.
  • Eek!
  • Shelly noticed that the sign saying not to touch the fortuneteller had been removed.
  • So she touched.
  • And it came to life, head moving, eyes glowing, mouth moving.
  • But it said nothing.
  • Shelly stayed in there for a couple of hours trying to fool with it to get it to do more.
  • At one point Kalia came in and saw it.
  • It's their secret.
  • Shelly hopes it's some kind of clue.
  • And now they're doing the veto.
  • Power and Internet willing, I'll let you know!

Kalia and Shelly try to get her to talk

Friday, August 26, 2011

Big Brother 13 Live Feeds Into Friday Evening/Noms 8/26

I'm at a loss for words here.

I don't know ... things are getting very weird. Whether it's good, bad or production-assisted, I don't know. Here are today's happenings from inside that Big Brother House of Creepers:
  • Jordan looks horrible. She must have cried most of the night.
  • While she continues to snub Shelly, at least she doesn't lunge at her screaming and swearing like she did last night. It was weird to see Rachel practically have to carry Jordan away from Shelly before fisticuffs broke out.
  • Jordan is still very upset that she embarrassed her grandfather and mother with her bad behavior.
  • Kalia and Porsche attached at the hip are already driving me crazy. Even when not whispering, they talk so fast and like back in their throats or something that it's hard to understand them.
  • There was a lockdown as production did something in the HoH room.
  • That led to speculation that it might be a Pandora's Box coming.
  • Oh, they were right.
  • I'd like to take those stupid furry winter boots that Rachel wears in the California summer and burn them.
  • I just had to get that off my chest. She looks stupid wearing them and pulling her long sleeves down over her hands.
  • No, I'm not making comments on her looks. I really try not to do that. I'm talking her fashion sense. Or lack thereof.
  • Porsche told Adam she'd like to put him and Rachel on the block.
  • He's not so keen on that. He's worried that Jordan will win veto.
  • Kalia finds that thought laughable.
  • Adam told her she should nominate Rachel and Jordan.
  • But Kalia/Porsche don't seem to want to nominate Jordan.
  • They both have a lot of sympathy for Jordan.
  • But Jordan is such a pretty sad gal that it's hard not to feel sorry for her.
  • Yet they would like Adam to win HoH next week and do the dirty deed of eliminating Jordan. Then the next week, they get rid of him.
  • Obviously, they're working on the assumption that Rachel goes this week.
  • Meanwhile, Jordan and Rachel are sure they've already lost all possibilities of getting to the end.
  • They both decide that if Kalia makes it to the end, she'll have their votes along with Jeff and Brendon.
  • Whoops! There goes Pandora's Box!
  • For opening it Porsche got herself and Kalia $5,000 each.
  • The downside is the game returns to duos -- Kalia/Porsche, Adam/Shelly and Rachel/Jordan.
  • So, if Rachel and Jordan get nominated, one could win the veto and both could come off the block.
  • But I have no clue if Adam/Shelly win and save Rachel/Jordan. I don't think they can.
  • Rachel and Jordan are once again happy campers. They might have a chance to survive at least a bit longer.
  • Adam sat like a little fanboy saying how much he loves BB.
  • Blech.
  • What Adam doesn't know is that folks in his hometown have been asked to evacuate for the hurricane. He'd never guess that one!
  • Shelly is still bitter that Jordan is so mad at her.
  • I don't really know what else she expected. Jordan went above and beyond for Shelly and, nice girl that she tends to be, the betrayal hurts.
  • In other developments, Rachel claims she's two weeks late and thinks she's pregnant.
  • @@
  • Others think she's saying it for attention.
  • It could be either.
  • I just don't think she's ready to be a mother right now.
  • Kalia once again complained her jeans are ripping at the crotch.
  • Well, if she didn't wear such tight jeans, they wouldn't do that. I know that when I wear tight jeans, they end up ripping at the seams there and along the thigh. Plus, tight jeans make heavier legs look like sausage.
  • I guess I'm on a fashion kick.
  • While I'm on it, I'm tired of Porsche's pink sweatsuit. Of course, it's better than that floor length whatever she wears.
  • Gosh, I wish the feeds would come back from nominations.
  • Yes, I'm sitting here filling in blank space while waiting for the word.
Finally ... confirmation -- Jordan and Rachel are on the block. Jordan said they still have veto and can take themselves off.

Rachel dearest

Porsche fashion

Dumped Rachel and Jordan like hot potatoes

Big Brother 13 Live Feeds - Twist Bulletin

Hmmm ... a long feeds block. They're back to duos?

Apparently Rachel and Jordan are on the block and plan on pulling themselves off as a duo. Rachel's calling it the biggest twist of the summer. Adam and Shelly are one duo, Kalia and Porsche the other. They say that BOTH of them (Rachel and Jordan) would come off the block if they win veto.

Very odd.

But at least they stopped crying.

There was a Pandora's Box. Porsche got $5,000.

UPDATE: Y'know, I don't think the nominations did go down during the feeds block. I think Rachel and Jordan are just assuming they will be nominated. I think the assumption is right. I'll let you know if things change.

A full report will be posted late tonight.

Big Brother 13 Live Feeds Into Friday Morning 8/26

A very sad Jordan

Now, we all need to remember that this is a game. Sure, it's an important and probably life-changing to some extent game for the hamsters themselves. But it's Big Brother. Betrayals and backstabbing are the norm. Winning competitions or being perceived as a strong competitor puts a target on your back. Yet, when there's an upheaval, there is drama. Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Pancakes (get it? you flip pancakes!):
  • I hate to see Jordan so sad. She's usually such a delight to watch on the feeds.
  • Not so much after the feeds started up after the show.
  • Cussing, crying and having a general hissy fit.
  • Oh my.
  • Later she cried some more because she felt she embarrassed her family by misbehaving.
  • Aw.
  • As we all could have predicted, Adam gravitated to the new power group, stranding Rachel and Jordan on their own little Pity Island.
  • Shelly was also in tears feeling bad about betraying Jordan.
  • But strategy-wise, that was the best move she could make for her own game.
  • Rachel, still in her silly furry boots during a California summer, ran around the house demanding her stuffed dog Mr. Crackers back.
  • Jordan and Rachel packed Jeff's bags.
  • And cried.
  • Rachel and Jordan are all but bereft. It's hard to tell if they're going to be able to get their acts together to win anything from this point forward.
  • The feeds were blocked for the HoH comp which sounds like it was similar to the practice set-up in the yard.
  • You know ... the one I mentioned that Porsche was surprisingly good at playing.
  • Yup, there's a new HoH.
  • And she's a car, a Porsche as a matter of fact.
  • Kalia's short reign garnered her a basket delivered to the storage room.
  • Porsche got the full HoH treatment, including a letter from her little brother.
  • The next target seems to be Rachel.
  • Well, duh.
  • The new gang of four -- Shelly, Adam, Porsche and Kalia -- plan on telling Jordan about Rachel's "deal" with Damiele in an effort to alienate Jordan and Rachel.
  • They all seem to really feel sorry for Jordan.
  • But they thought Jeff was too full of himself and controlling ... he had to go.
  • Although Jeff was my eye candy dude and I hate to see Jordan so sad, they're right.
  • It was a good game move.

A sad Shelly

Being accused of taking Mr. Crackers

The new HoH. Yes, really.

Not live feeds, but here is the rest of the Jeff/Julie interview:

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Big Brother 13 Live Double Eviction Show Party 8/25


The show is about to start here on the East Coast. As it airs, I'll update this entry with major events. But the real fun is in the comments and I hope you all join in!

Blog community member Petals decided that the ship in our blog pool (big pool, I guess) needs to be christened. She wrote this up:
"Today we come to name this lady “Miss Chevious”, and send her to seablog to be cared for, and to care for the Jackie’s TV Blog family. We ask the sailors of old and the mood of God that is the seablog to accept “Miss Chevious”, as her name, to help her through contestant passages, to carry those who cheer reality show contestants to victory, to safely float the loyal Jackie devotees, and allow her to return with her crew safely." Again, with the raising of the glasses, "TO THE SEABLOG...TO THE BLOGGERS BEFORE US...To…." Miss Chevious”!! *DRINK*

Filler and now speeches ... Daniele: Love for game, thanks, write Jeff and Jordan a paycheck, etc. Kalia: Vote for me! (Perhaps not a good idea as the vote is to evict!)

The vote to evict:
Jordan -- Daniele
Porsche -- Kalia
Shelly -- Kalia
Rachel -- Daniele
Adam -- Daniele

Daniele is out, let the fun begin.

HoH is a Before or After questioning.
Adam is the first out. Porsche, Rachel and Shelly out. Between Jordan and Kalia.

Kalia is HoH! Jeff and Rachel are nominated. PoV next.

PoV - Clowning Around. Search for two yellow clown shoes from vaults. One clown shoe at a time. Porsche won the PoV.

Rachel and Jeff get a chance to speak. Porsche does not use it. Rachel and Jeff are still on the block.

Rachel and Jeff get to speak.

The votes to evict:
Jordan -- Rachel
Porsche -- Jeff
Adam -- Rachel
Shelly -- Jeff

It's a tie. Kali makes the tiebreaker. She votes Jeff out.

Big Brother 13 Live Feeds Into Thursday Afternoon 8/25

Is the Cold War over?

Hmm ... some interesting events in the house overnight. I'm really not quite sure what to make of them. Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Double Dealing Divas:
  • Things were going along as expected, with the hamsters practicing the roll the ball doohickey.
  • Amazingly, Porsche has gotten good at that one.
  • Then it happened.
  • Rachel and Daniele talked.
  • Rachel made the approach and, supposedly, it was to get the anger and problems between them in the past.
  • After talking forever and civilly, Rachel said something along the lines of "you never even came to me to ask for a vote."
  • Daniele guffawed.
  • Yeah, like that would happen.
  • Well, check out those flying pigs!
  • And I believe Hell has frozen over.
  • Rachel told Daniele she would vote for her to stay.
  • Along with votes from Porsche and Shelly, Daniele would have the votes.
  • Oh my.
  • The problem I have with this is that I don't really trust Rachel.
  • It could be that she's doing this just to have the final laugh as Daniele goes out the door, plus expose Shelly's betrayal to Jeff and Jordan.
  • Later on, Daniele met up with both Shelly and Rachel. They say the deal is on.
  • "I can't believe I'm dealing with the devil," said Shelly regarding Rachel.
  • Meanwhile, Jeff and Jordan know they've lost Shelly.
  • They have no clue about Rachel.
  • When Rachel told them of her talk with Daniele, she focused on little picky snippy things and didn't say not one word about the vote.
  • She acted like she and Daniele are still arch-enemies.
  • Yet they're giggling each time they pass by each other.
  • Until the feeds got cut for show prep, it looks like the deal is still on.
  • So, don't be surprised if Daniele stays.
  • Or not.

Jeff needs to be nervous

Dealing with the devil

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Big Brother 13 Live Feeds Into Wednesday Evening 8/24

Adonis pose?

The hamsters don't think tomorrow is the double eviction -- they're sure it's next week. What a rude awakening they're going to have, eh? Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother Habitrail of Harried Hamsters:
  • Usually on Wednesdays, things are fairly quiet. After all, the jig is up, the scheming is done.
  • But not this week!
  • Shelly is still working on Adam to flip the vote, then make Jeff the next target.
  • Adam is still noncommittal.
  • Adam is more afraid that Rachel will win PoV and put him on the block.
  • Even with both Daniele and Shelly trying to convince him, Adam wasn't buying.
  • Not that he's outright saying no, mind you.
  • He's doing the same thing he's done all season -- giving no hint, saying that they've given him something to think about.
  • Daniele keeps telling him that he needs to make big moves.
  • Yeah, like he'd even be in the position to make a "big move."
  • A bit later, Rachel and Adam shook hands on voting Daniele out.
  • I'm sure that's his plan.
  • Yet Daniele kept at Adam. Persistent lil devil, huh?
  • Thankfully Jeff got the HoH digital camera so the pathetic pleading stopped for a bit.
  • While I personally would prefer Daniele in the house over Kalia for my own entertainment enjoyment, this is getting so ridiculous.
  • Daniele knows that she's pretty sunk and is all but in panic mode grasping straws to try for a vote.
  • Daniele does have both Porsche and Shelly. All she needs is Adam. But he's not swaying. And, he's not the type to just say he'll vote to keep her if he won't.
  • If I were him under this level of interrogation, I'd demand a lawyer and end it all!
  • Even though Adam has been reporting Daniele's plottings, Jeff still has more suspicion about Adam than he does of Shelly!
  • And, no ... Adam has not thrown Shelly under the bus.
  • Yet.
  • After an indoor lockdown, they went to the yard to find a practice set-up for either an HoH or PoV comp (of course, they think HoH),
  • Since a picture is worth a thousand words, see the screen caps below.
  • It's almost impossible to roll a ball down that thing!
  • At least it will quiet Daniele's scheming for a while.

HoH practice

This isn't easy!

Daniele can probably skip the practice

Big Brother 12 August 24 Power of Veto Blog Party


The show is about to start here on the East Coast. As it airs, I'll update this entry with major events. But the real fun is in the comments and I hope you all join in!

Veto player picking time -- Daniele plays with her ticket, Rachel is odd gal out (in more ways than one). She'll host.

Enter the ZingBot ...

Onto the veto game, ZingBot Labs. They have to assemble ZingBot brides. Jeff wins!

Veto meeting -- Speeches first. Porsche: Um, where I stand in the game, um, compete, want to win something. Kalia: Responsible for self, only way to keep safe is win the veto, keep me ...

Jeff takes Porsche off the block and puts Daniele on the block.

Big Brother 13 Live Feeds Into Wednesday Morning 8/24

Eating the forbidden apple (cookie)?

This season is getting very perplexing. I demand a do-over with no returning hamsters! What? It's too late for that? Sigh.

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Nervous Ne'er-do-wells:
  • Starting Monday night, it was time for BB to start bringing out the badminton set and dollar store arts and crafts.
  • Whoopee.
  • They did make neat little bendy people. Surprise, surprise ... Porsche is good at something!
  • Yesterday was another day of extreme pleading and pawing the walls for Daniele.
  • I personally would rather Daniele stay than Kalia, but it's not anything related to the game.
  • Sure, Daniele does make the game a bit more competitive.
  • But that's not it.
  • On the feeds, Kalia drives me up the wall with a host of odd little things she does.
  • She's already been threatened by BB with a penalty nom for her incessant singing.
  • If she isn't singing, she's whistling.
  • If she isn't singing or whistling, she's tapping or practicing making odd faces.
  • When she's not doing any of those things, she's pulling loose hairs from her head and tossing them on the floor. I'm not talking one strand, mind you.
  • Atop of all those habits, she talks all the time and at about 100 MPH.
  • But enough of that.
  • Daniele has managed to sway Shelly, but will it stick?
  • Shelly worked and worked on Adam to no avail.
  • He wants to stick to Jeff and Jordan.
  • Shelly even tried to work on Rachel.
  • Yes, you heard me.
  • More along the lines of keeping Daniele over Kalia, not jumping alliance ship, that is.
  • There was EGG DRAMA in the house when BB gave them an Easter egg coloring kit.
  • Um ... wouldn't that have expired by now?
  • Rachel wanted to decorate some of the lots and lots of already hard-boiled eggs the Have Nots have.
  • Kalia didn't want her to. She claims the dye seeps into the eggs and wanted Rachel to make her own boiled eggs.
  • @@
  • It was all but a brouhaha!
  • They ended up using Have Not eggs, but not without resentment and discontent.
  • As things stand right now, it looks like Daniele will not have the votes to stay.
  • If Shelly is smart, she'll vote with her alliance rather than expose herself as a target sleeping with the enemy.
  • I should mention that Daniele was sneaking a cookie under the covers last night.
  • That's my top screen cap.
  • That, of course, technically should be a penalty vote.
  • Wanna bet BB won't do anything about it?

Jeff surrounded by melon and blue

Getting one of those tans which will turn to leather.

In the shade

Being craftsy

Adam chugs, Jeff and Jordan hug.

Rachel's glass is more full, but not of optimism.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Big Brother 13 Live Feeds Into Monday Night 8/22

Not a good birthday week!

After such a boring yesterday full of haircuts, hair dyes and "what if" scenarios, the doodoo hit the fan today. Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Swirling Dervishes:
  • As I posted earlier, Jeff saved Porsche and put Daniele up in her place.
  • He kept Kalia up there mainly due to his earlier vow that if she put him on the block, he'd put her up.
  • Although Kalia and Daniele had worked on Jeff to put Rachel up, we knew that wouldn't happen.
  • This is a good game move for Jeff, especially if the votes hang in and Daniele actually goes. She's probably the strongest and most driven competitor in the house.
  • However, she's also a shrewd manipulator.
  • She's already working on Adam and Shelly, not only for the vote but to get them to see that they don't stand a chance with Jeff and Jordan in the end.
  • Adam is always hard to read, but I think he's just thinking now with no clear promises to anyone.
  • Meanwhile, Shelly told Daniele she would vote for her to stay.
  • Daniele worked up the previous Jordan winnings, Jeff's won money already this season and more.
  • Shelly once again said she wasn't there for the money although she'd like the win.
  • In the past she has mentioned she doesn't receive her stipend, then production cut the feeds.
  • This time she got the whole bit out ...
  • ... she gives her stipend to HER COMPANY every week as a "thank you for letting her be on the show"!!!
  • (And I'm NOT a multiple exclamation point user!)
  • What the heck is up with that?
  • Is that even legal?
  • Of course, this is from a woman in this day and age who hasn't heard of pita chips. @@
  • Kalia is working on Adam and Shelly, too.
  • But she doesn't quite have the power of persuasion that Daniele does.
  • While ten days ago, they were thinking this week would be the double eviction, now they think it's next week.
  • Oopsie!
  • Unrelated I know, but Adam's standing moving back and forth from one foot to the other while everyone else sits, bugs me.
  • Either stand still or sit! It's as bad as Shelly zooming around cleaning when they're on lockdown.
  • Right now, there's mistrust all over the house.
  • Rachel, unfortunately, is sitting pretty with Jeff and Jordan.
  • Shelly and Adam might flip, it's hard to tell.
  • Actually they might do better teaming up with Kalia or Daniele and Porsche, numberswise.
  • But they still suck at comps.
  • That's where we stand for now -- a ball of confusion in a spool of lies.
  • Good.

Sit down already!

How to change your clothes on the Internet

PLEASE get her out before the final two!

Big Brother 13 Live Feeds Power of Veto Meeting Bulletin

Jeff took Porsche off the block ...

... and replaced her with Daniele.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Big Brother 13 HoH Completion/Nominations Show Blog Party


Tonight's show won't air here in the NYC viewing area until after the Jets game (which started at 7 PM). So, they're saying 10 PM, but who knows? There are sites online with the east coast feed, so that might work. Anyway, I'm getting this post itself up on time and ask folks to give brief updates if the show is airing on time in your area.

Jeff won HoH,
Kalia and Porsche are on the block.

Off Topic - That Was the Week It Was - August 21, 2011

It's Sunday morning, time for my weekly off television topic look at the week gone by in both words and photos I've taken. If you're looking for BB13 content, check out the post before this one and the one after it (once I get that one written!).

I've not had a good week. I realize the week before wasn't great either with injuring my knee and setting back the recovery. Well, this past week was even worse ... starting last Sunday afternoon. I had the most awful stomach virus I've ever had in my life. I'm still not quite over it.

I had to cancel my orthopedic surgeon's appointment I had for Monday. So I scheduled it for Friday as surely I would be better. Well, I lived through the trip, but that's about it. I was weak, sweaty and shaky all the time I was outside. The good news is that he checked out the knee without all of its swelling from the week before and declared it well enough to go back to physical therapy.

So I only left the house one day this week. I actually got a few decent photos (I think). Clicking on an image will open it larger in a new window.


Bees in a flower

I have no clue what kind of bees these are -- they're very small with green heads.


Hmm ... is that a vintage Rolls Royce sitting at the traffic light of Union and Mountain Avenues in Bound Brook? The driver is on the wrong side!

Why yes, yes it is.

I wonder what year it is?

Oh 49 Rolls

Thank you, sir.

Bingo neon

I keep trying to get a decent shot of this sign from the bus. It's on West 7th Street (if it's still West 7th) in Plainfield or maybe just over the border into Piscataway. I love old neon.

A pet peeve of mine

PLURALS DON'T HAVE APOSTROPHES. Unless Saturday is possessive, there should be NO apostrophe. Who started that apostrophe stuff? I see it all over the Internet. That was drilled into me in grammar school. You don't want to get me going on it's and its.

Sad closing

What? Two Fish and Five Loaves is closed? They've been a fixture for years in downtown Plainfield. I've had their fried whiting sandwiches on more than a few occasions. Sad.

Sprouting fungi at the base of a tree

We've had so much rain this past week that I'm surprised they're not sprouting on people who stay still too long.

A carpenter bee is looking at me!

Slithery creepy bug

As long as YOU are comfortable, Vincent!

I have this set-up next to my computer chair so I can elevate my knee(s). You see, if I sit with my legs down for any long periods of time, the healing knee swells and gets painful. Of course, Vincent thinks it means he can sprawl over both of my legs. He's lucky he's so darn cute!