Friday, August 12, 2011

Big Brother 13 Live Feeds Friday August 12 (Nominations!)

Big Brother doesn't let Daniele into her HoH room.

It's been quite a day in the house. I'm not feeling too well, so this is going to be a real abbreviated list o' happenings. Yet, I've watched just about all the conversations and, as of right now, I'm a bit dismayed as I get this typed up during the feeds block for nominations. Here's the skinny from inside that Big Brother House of Drinking the Kool-Aid:
  • Before last night's HoH, Rachel and Brendon (as well as most of the house) were loud and boisterous about Brendon's return.
  • Of course, Kalia and Daniele (and to a much less extent, Porsche) knew they were in deep doo-doo.
  • Then Daniele won the HoH and the tables turned once again.
  • Today a lot of the talks were Shelly Mojo talks -- she talked with Daniele and Kalia, getting into a minor brouhaha with Kalia.
  • Daniele and Shelly spoke alone, all came up hunky-dory.
  • Shelly and Kalia talked alone, all ended up not only hunky-dory, but peachy-keen.
  • They hugged and cried.
  • Of course, everyone is pleading their case to stay to Daniele.
  • That goes without saying.
  • So I just typed it and didn't say it out loud.
  • Then, Shelly even worked some of her mojo on Porsche.
  • Remember Porsche? Yeah, she's still lurking about the house being for the most part a non-entity.
  • Jeff's meeting with Daniele was the only brief one. He brought her into the Have Not room, said, "We still on?" Daniele told him, "Yes!" They bumped fists and split.
  • Then came Brendon and Rachel.
  • Sigh.
  • Daniele at first kept not committing to deals they were proposing.
  • After all, they're her main targets.
  • What they're proposing (and taking forever to do so) is that they work with Daniele to the final three.
  • They want Daniele to put up two other people this week and tell everyone that she plans on backdooring Brendon.
  • Brendon told her that further on, he'd be willing to backdoor Jeff.
  • The deal is that NO ONE knows (or would suspect) that they're working together.
  • They would protect her if they have power next week.
  • They would all three talk like they have about wanting to nominate/backdoor/throw out each other.
  • Well, Brendon and Rachel wouldn't turn on each other, of course.
  • They kept pushing for a Shelly/Adam nomination saying that Shelly would have a chance to get letters and photos from home in the jury house.
  • Daniele told them that they definitely gave her something to think about and, in the beginning of their talk, she was sure she was going to put them on the block.
  • Finally Adam came up and "rescued" Daniele from the Dastardly Duo.
  • She told Adam that if she puts him on the block, he's a pawn.
  • He said he's okay with that.
  • THEN ... just before the feeds cut for nominations ...
  • ... Daniele grabbed Kalia to the storage room.
  • Kalia started in on a long (anything she says is LONG) tirade about her Shelly talk and how it ended with them hugging and crying.
  • "You're going to hate me," Daniele said.
  • She gave Kalia a brief "what if?" talk about putting Adam and Shelly on the block to backdoor Brendon or, if the veto isn't used, get Shelly out.
  • Argh. She drank the Kool-Aid.
  • ... then the feeds cut for nominations.
  • Gah.
  • Adam and Shelly are on the block.

Kalia gets animated in a confrontation with Shelly.

Shelly and Kalia talk things out, hug and make up.

Useless waste of space in the house.


Joe in NY said...

LMAO Gonna be a great week!

Joe in NY said...

I know everyone is going to hate Dani for doing it, but it is actually the smartest play she's made yet. She still has the possibility of backdooring either Brendon or Jeff if someone wins POV and uses it. On the other hand, if the nominations stay the way they are she can weaken the vets without upsetting the remaining two vets. To the extent that Brenchel now think they are secretly working with Dani, it protects her if one of them ends up HOH next week. I really don't see a downside to it.

I know everyone wants Brendon back out (and it could still happen), but even if she nominated Brenchel again, it doesn't really help her that much. She can beat either of them in a final 2. On the other hand, if she goes the predictable route she still has to face J/J and their merry band of admirers. This way, her options are open and even if no backdoor happens she can buy protection for herself and Kalia and maybe Porsche.

It might be in Dani's best interest to have Brenchel win HOH next week and have them nominate J/J or backdoor Jeff. That way the blood is on their hands not hers. Either way she's left dealing with the remaining couple. But who would you rather be next to at the end: Brenchel or J/J. I think either Jeff or Jordan probably beat Dani whereas I think Dani beats either Brendon(probably) or Rachel(definitely).

Kudos, Dani! Great strategic move and much fun for us vieweers!

Cat said...

This is all going terribly wrong!

The only way I wanted Brendon voted back in was if Rachel was voted out, and the houseguests ruined that.

Then I was uplifted to learn that Danielle had won HOH. Yay, a do-over of two weeks ago and either one of Rachel and Brendon would be leaving.

Now this. Argh!

Anonymous said...

I for one am thrilled. One of the veterans will win POV, the noms will stick and for their three consectutive HOHs all Dani and kalia will have to show for it will be two of their own newbies going home. Sweet!

Jordan could play a better game than Dani with cramps and one hand tied behind her back. Ya and hoo!


PS Jackie hope you feel well soon!

april rj said...

You are awsome, feel better...

lynn1 said...

Jackie, hope you will feel much better soon.

Anonymous said...

While I can see it as smart in some ways, she is also backing down. I think the Brenchel will take her out next week despite their "word." Rachel even said it right as she gave her word last week walking out of their HOH talk. We shall see, but I am thinking this backfires on Dani somehow=(


Joe in NY said...

Sending a healing vibe your way, Jackie!

RiseandShine said...

I'm thinking this could work out ok for Dani. I do hope she isn't really buying anything Rachel is selling.
I'm shocked Brendon won the vote back in, but I'm with oughta make for some good viewing at least.
Hope you feel better, Jackie. Sorry for the set-back in your recovery.

SueGee said...

Well, they are keeping my interest LOL and I know that makes CBS happy. I really look for a backdoor this week if available!

SueGee on the Left Coast

PS Jackie - I hope you can make it through this little bump in your recovery asap and get on with the healing! Here's to being pain free!!

ORKMommy said...

Good juju comin your way J!!

Joe, I see your logic but she's still taking a huge chance. It'll be interesting for sure!!

monty924 said...

I actually agree with 100% of your post, Joe. I like the nominations. Kudos to Dani! :)

monty924 said...

Sorry Jackie. Hit send too soon. Sorry to hear about this set back. Sending lots of prayers and healing vibes your way. Hugs!!!

Justene said...


I am so worried about you!

JOKATS said...

I love black cherry Kool-Aid. Just saying.......

Hope you feel better Jackie!! <3

Cheryl said...

Actually if the nominations are the same, she still weakens the biggest alliance if she gets out Shelly. As Shelly is very much with Jeff and Jordan and so is Adam.

Shelly has even said she plays to protect Jeff and Jordan so they can spend the summer together. She is all about them and protecting them.

So if Dani does not get out Jeff or Brendon, she weakens that whole alliance anyway if one of their protectors is gone. Although Shelly is not a comp threat and Brendon is. But if she can keep Brenchel focused on their current path..Rachel confronted Shelly and they had a big fight..and keep Brenchel focused more on wanting to get out Shelly and not trusting Shelly, the better off Dani and her alliance will be.

But then part of me feels these couples are the alliances that will be unbroken no matter what and someone has to soon break up these couples again/ She tried once but Brendon came back. Ugh.

But sooner or later, someone will have to target JJ as no one can win against them in F2 as they are too loved and adored.

Caroline said...

Sending Get well Wishes, Jackie.

I have been sick all weekend with an intestinal virus. Ugh!

I hate feeling lousy in the summer when the weather is nice as for once, temps are not too hot this weekend and really nice for August.

meb said...

Jackie, you're having a heck of a time... girl September is quickly approaching... get yourself healed NOW!

Cheryl .. J&J are loved and adored by US, but we don't get to vote at the end, the jury does. And if it were Dani, Jordon or Jeff up there, I think the jury just might vote for Dani because of her game play.

Dani and one of the Brenchel up there... yes, definitely a Dani vote.

Get rid of Dani and then if JorJ were up there against anyone, J would win. MHO of course.

Joe... I'm just so happy it's not a repeat of the last two weeks with Dani putting up Brenchel and going through that crap all over again. (I think I just repeated myself). Anyway... now it is GAME ON! and it does put some excitement back in the house. If nothing else, Brenchel sure do have some good suggestions and great persuasion abilities.

Anonymous said...

Jackie- what kind of deal do Jeff and dani have?

Joe in NY said...

Here's a little game to play: who is the biggest waste of space in BB history?

There have always been floaters, but there are "active" floaters who intentionally float and play socially to stay out of harm's way and there are "passive" floaters who don't do anything at all.

I'm hard pressed to think of a more passive floater than Porsche but my memory of hgs tends to remember the more active ones. But Porsche not only just floats around the house, I don't think she's been close to winning any comp at all.

Anonymous said...

I kind of disagree with you second post, Joe. This was a smart move by Dani, but there is a downside and it isn't as sure fire as you think. She'd have to be able to backdoor someone this week. If noms stay the same she could be in trouble.

She told Kalia, she may backdoor Brendon. Whether or not she will, that just shows that she is not 100% aligned with Brenchal. She will backstab them as soon as she can which begs the question what's stopping Brenchal from doing the same thing. I don't think Brenchal really wants this deal with Dani, they're just covering their butts for now and will backdoor her when they get the chance. OR Jeff or Jordan will win HOH and they'll be gunning for her to go, possibly even voting her out.

So not a very solid plan. If she doesn't weaken JJ this week by backdooring Jeff, she could be screwed. Even if Brenchal are going to stick to the deal, which is unlikely as Rachel admits over and over in her DR sessions, they'll go after Kalia.

Anonymous said...

There is no way Porsche would be a useless waste of space at my house.

Anonymous said...

btw there are two anons

Anonymous said...

I respectfully disagree with the assertion that the veteran alliance will be weakened if Dani gets Shelly out this week.

Shelly used to be an asset but now that everything has blown up she is a total liability. She huffs off to confront Portia, Kalia, & Rachel. Then she demands that no body say anything bad to or about her as she has a child????

She gets to ream them and they are supposed to take it? Shelly if you don't like people talking about you maybe you shouldn't go on a reality show watched by what 8 million people on TV and also has 24 hour feeds on the Internet. Don't cry and whine, nobody made you come here.

But I digress. Shelly is now 100% liability because her sole asset is gone. She can no longer move from side to side to gain info and plant trusted seeds. Dani, Kalia & Portia will no longer share with her or trust anything she has to say. Rachel despises her and Jeff and Brandon do not trust her. And frankly Jordan's desire to believe in her only harms Jordan because Jordan's entire alliance is anti Shelly now.

If Shelly exits next, 8 people are left. J/J/B/R vs A/D/K/P. well Dani can't compete, Portia barely exists, and Kalia and Adam are not exactly comp winning phenoms. So I think the veterans will advance until which ever couple turns first against the other probably using Dani as their fulcrum.

I know B/R have a deal with Dani but so does Jeff/Jordan. So at this point it is a game of chicken to see which couple actively goes against the other either by direct or BD noms first, until then it is all just talk.


Anonymous said...

POV this morning. Players: Jordan, Jeff & Kalia, Daniele, Adam & Shelly. B&R not playing!!!


meb said...

Sharon! Are you serious!!! You're joking... right... you're just trying to get us..well me.. excited! Man, if they can't play that would be awesome. Hopefully somebody wins who will pull somebody off the block and Dani will put up one of them. Hopefully Rachel! I have decided I really want her gone more than Brendon!

ORKMommy said...

Brendon is a much better player without Rachel. I can actually watch him without wanting to throw up! I doubt he can win because if the Rachel stink he carries!

lynn1 said...

If Adam or Shelly come off the block I am not so sure Dani would chose Brandon or Rachel to replace them.

Cheryl said...

Dani and Adam are talking about how interesting it is that Jeff has played in every POV. Jordan played in all but one. But it is unusual, they said and I tend to agree, that Jeff has been in every POV. It probaby is coincidence but interesting to say the least. That so seldom happens.

Anonymous said...

Totally serious. I couldn't believe it either. Players have been picked, but Comp hasn't been played yet.


Anonymous said...

Needless to say, B&R were depressed and think it's "unfair" that they can't play in the comp. I can almost hear Rachel's whining voice. gag

Comp still hasn't started, but I think it will be soon.

Unless Adam or Shelly wins the comp, I think they'll both stay on the block... and I think it will be Shelly gone. rats. :(

If POV is used, I'm sure Dani will choose Brendan or Jeff... hopefully, not Jeff.


meb said...

I wish Jeff would win and make a deal with Dani that he take Shelly off and Dani puts up Rachel...not Jordon!

Jeff would really have to trust Dani to do that though.

They've caught onto Shelly and her double dealings, but I don't think anyone really dislikes her... they all seemed to be soothing her on BBAD last night after Rachel said something about her that really hurt Shelly and there was a big to-do over it.

Anybody know what that was all about?