Friday, August 19, 2011

Big Brother 13 Live Feeds Into Friday Evening (inc. noms) 8/19

A content Big Jeff

It was a busy busy day for those little hamsters spinning in their little wheels. Let's get right into it! Here's what happened today in that Big Brother House of Maladjusted Mutant Ninja Hamsters:
  • All of them are paying the price for their HoH comp workout last night.
  • Better them than me. An ambulance would have hauled me out early in that one!
  • Even the backyard is still suffering with suds here and there.
  • At least BB didn't put them through the rigors of a tough Have/Have Not comp atop their aches and pains from the HoH comp.
  • What happened this time is that BB had an outdoor lockdown.
  • When they went inside ... lo and behold ... hard boiled eggs and jalapenos abounded!
  • Those, of course, were America's choice.
  • I was kind of hoping they'd get that funky fruit, durian.
  • Jeff had a card from BB, He started to read and the feeds cut down.
  • After a very short feeds cut, they came back and Daniele, Porsche and Kalia are the Have Nots for the week.
  • Daniele took being on slop well, especially considering it's her birthday tomorrow.
  • BB does usually let Have Not birthday people have cake and ice cream.
  • None of the three think it's fair that Jeff just chose them and there was no competition.
  • Neither Daniele nor Kalia will eat the jalapenos.
  • Nor would I.
  • Jeff laid down the word with Kalia. Without coming out and saying he was putting her up, he reminded he that he had told her before that if she put him up, he'd put her up.
  • She acted very calm yet concerned.
  • In the talk, she threw Rachel under the bus for doubledealing with "the other side."
  • Then she went into the Have Not room and cried.
  • After another outdoor lockdown ... voila! A smaller table!
  • Kalia fussed about Jordan not having on her humilitard for four hours while sunning.
  • Adam kept his on all the time.
  • Adam doesn't sun.
  • Nor does Jackie, but that's for another forum.
  • Jeff had a talk with Daniele telling her that he was keeping his word and not putting her on the block, but not to use the veto.
  • She said she wouldn't.
  • Yeah, right.
  • Jeff believes her as much as I do.
  • Yet another feeds block for the nominations ... and back ... and what a shocker!
  • Jeff put JORDAN on the block!
  • Okay, just messing with you.
  • Kalia and Porsche are nominated for eviction.
  • There will be seven veto players tomorrow because Daniele is playing with her ticket.
  • She actually doesn't want to win and thus wouldn't have the dilemma of using it or not.
  • But if someone else wins and uses it, she knows she could be backdoored.
  • After yet another feeds block, the PoV players were revealed.
  • Everyone is playing except for Rachel. Rachel is hosting.
  • That's where we stand ...
Oh ... an additional note I forgot to mention:
While Julie is acting like the double eviction will be such a shock for the hamsters, it won't be. No, production didn't tell them. They had already figured it out by tracking the weeks -- the schedule is way too predictable. BB should have flung it on them the second week or something to throw all their comp tracking awry.

This time BB actually trusts Rachel with a knife.
(Last time they took it away as she
was stabbing the coconuts.)

Very concerned

Who's that in the Have Not room wearing a sombrero?


RitaD said...

If Kalia or Danielle goes home, I'll be happy. Kalia made a dumb move acting all happy telling Brendon she's glad he's out again, doesn't she realize HE IS ON THE JURY, she also said she couldn't believe America voted him back in, real smart, insult America too, sometimes we do get to vote on things you know! (like who comes back in the house again or who wins the whole game or who comes back next year) D-U-H Kalia! lol

chacha said...

It would be funny for Dani to have to sit atleast one day with Brendan and the second evictee of Thursday goes in a day later...

Anonymous said...

I don't think Dani will get evicted. She's good at comps, and I also think she WANTS to hold onto her Veto ticket... just in case a backdoor is planned.

Kaycee Fisher said...

Anonymous said...
I don't think Dani will get evicted. She's good at comps, and I also think she WANTS to hold onto her Veto ticket... just in case a backdoor is planned.


I don't think you get what the veto ticket is. All it is, is a guarantee that she plays in the veto comp this week. Period. She can't use it to veto a nomination or use it whenever she feels like it.

TerryinPA said...

Jackie, Im so glad you are better and up to posting this great glad Jeff is HOH, glad he is nominating Kalia (arogant)Porche (floater)
HAHA Jeff could nominate the have nots!!! best twist ever!!!

Joe in NY said...

I think Kalia is now my least favorite hamster.

She struts and crows, like Rachel when she wins and then she's all pouty and bitter when she loses.

Kalia wanted to make "big moves". Well dumb ass, do you really think you can make moves, even Dani's moves without ending up with a target on your back.

Joe in NY said...

Jeff making Dani's crew the havenots just makes his noms that much dumber. Obviously she knows he's still gunning for her, so why not make it official and throw her on the block. This backdoor move has no strategic value at this point.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone else here think that if Dani wins she'll use the veto to take Kalia off the block, which will force Jeff to put up one of his allies? Well if so Dani and Kalia will not have the numbers to save Porche unlss one of the others jump ship and I dont put anything past Shelly. If Dani wins HOH next week bye bye dumb Jeff again.

Joe in NY said...

It's a long shot but they only need one jump. And I think Rachel, Adam or Shelly are capable of jumping. At some point, they are going to do the math and decide it is better to be the bottom of a 4 person alliance than a 5 person alliance.

RiseandShine said...

Me too, Joe. I was sort of happy for her when she starting coming into her own because I figured she was a clueless goner before that. I felt bad for her when Jeff was yelling at her in the HOH because I felt she was being truthful with him. Now? Least favorite! All that drama and crowing did it.
I'm actually hoping Dani wins it all.

Joe in NY said...

Hi RiseandShine,

I'm with you. It's just another one of those cases of complaining about the other hamsters for acting like yourself!

At least Dani takes her medicine and owned up to her mistakes. She's not even pretending (in the house or in the DR) that she mistimed her big move against Jeff. And despite that almost ruining her game, she's stayed in their and fought back into it.

I still find Dani less likable than during her season with ED. But I at least respect the way she's playing the game. She's still my second favorite Donato, but in that house she might end up my favorite player yet...or at least my least disliked player. LOL

chacha said...

What I can say about Dani is she is not a real likeable person on the feeds. She has branched out the last few days only because she knows she is a target.
She says some really mean things to her own alliance and plays it off as if it was a joke.
Kalia meanwhile has been Porsche bashing just like she bashes Rachel.
Porsche is just a klepto.

Anonymous said...

Least to most favorite

1 Shelly (enormous petty hypocrite)
2 Dani (her constant mocking of everything)
3 Kalia (her delusional insistence she is playing her own game)
4Porche (how did she even get on this show.)
5 Jeff ( why would you not nom D and actually think that will keep you and Jordan safe if Dani stays and gets HOH?)
6 Rachel (sorry people I'm a sucker for an underdog)
7 Jordan ( she is calm, good natured, and a very astute judge of the goings on in the game, doesn't mean I want her to win again tho.)


jabifla-glenda said...

YAHOO! Jeff won take K down and put up Miss Buh Bye Dani!