Monday, August 22, 2011

Big Brother 13 Live Feeds Into Monday Night 8/22

Not a good birthday week!

After such a boring yesterday full of haircuts, hair dyes and "what if" scenarios, the doodoo hit the fan today. Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Swirling Dervishes:
  • As I posted earlier, Jeff saved Porsche and put Daniele up in her place.
  • He kept Kalia up there mainly due to his earlier vow that if she put him on the block, he'd put her up.
  • Although Kalia and Daniele had worked on Jeff to put Rachel up, we knew that wouldn't happen.
  • This is a good game move for Jeff, especially if the votes hang in and Daniele actually goes. She's probably the strongest and most driven competitor in the house.
  • However, she's also a shrewd manipulator.
  • She's already working on Adam and Shelly, not only for the vote but to get them to see that they don't stand a chance with Jeff and Jordan in the end.
  • Adam is always hard to read, but I think he's just thinking now with no clear promises to anyone.
  • Meanwhile, Shelly told Daniele she would vote for her to stay.
  • Daniele worked up the previous Jordan winnings, Jeff's won money already this season and more.
  • Shelly once again said she wasn't there for the money although she'd like the win.
  • In the past she has mentioned she doesn't receive her stipend, then production cut the feeds.
  • This time she got the whole bit out ...
  • ... she gives her stipend to HER COMPANY every week as a "thank you for letting her be on the show"!!!
  • (And I'm NOT a multiple exclamation point user!)
  • What the heck is up with that?
  • Is that even legal?
  • Of course, this is from a woman in this day and age who hasn't heard of pita chips. @@
  • Kalia is working on Adam and Shelly, too.
  • But she doesn't quite have the power of persuasion that Daniele does.
  • While ten days ago, they were thinking this week would be the double eviction, now they think it's next week.
  • Oopsie!
  • Unrelated I know, but Adam's standing moving back and forth from one foot to the other while everyone else sits, bugs me.
  • Either stand still or sit! It's as bad as Shelly zooming around cleaning when they're on lockdown.
  • Right now, there's mistrust all over the house.
  • Rachel, unfortunately, is sitting pretty with Jeff and Jordan.
  • Shelly and Adam might flip, it's hard to tell.
  • Actually they might do better teaming up with Kalia or Daniele and Porsche, numberswise.
  • But they still suck at comps.
  • That's where we stand for now -- a ball of confusion in a spool of lies.
  • Good.

Sit down already!

How to change your clothes on the Internet

PLEASE get her out before the final two!


Justene said...

I may be confused but I thought she had her own company which was recently bought by a larger company. If so, she likely has an employment contract and yes, it would be legal to compensate the company for not being available. However, if the timeline were the other way, she worked for a big company and then started her own company, it wouldn't make a lot of sense, although it would indeed be legal.

Justene said...

And, Jackie, I distinctly remember you had a premonition that you would not like Shelly.

chacha said...

She went to work for a bigger outdoor company I believe. Although there is now a rumor floating that her picture was taken off the website.
If memory serves when I went to it last week it wasn't on the website.
I know there was a write up but i never did see it on their website.

As for Adam, I don't think he is going to waiver but we never know with him. I think Shelly has sunk her ship with this one.
I really just don't see Dani staying. If Adam stays with voting out Dani Porsche wont give the pity vote. She doesn't want to stray. I believe Adam thinks he can go further with Porsche than Shelly.

OCgaul said...

jeff is such an a$$...dani kept her word and didnt back door him twice. Now when it comes to him it's okay and yet he still think that he is such an honest player *rolled eyes* hope Dani has the votes this week and will return the favor and kick him out from the house.

Anonymous said...

Jeff knew he was on Dani's "hit" list. Before Jeff won HOH, Dani was already telling her alliance she wanted Jeff out next. He would have to be a whole new kind of mega-stupid not to get her out while he can!

As to Dani telling Jeff she was keeping him safe, he knew who she really wanted out at that point, ant that it was not him. So he correctly rationalized that her "keeping him safe" just was just a Dani-line.

Anonymous said...

Oc Gaul :
Dani didn't keep Jeff safe she just went after Brendon first. And she and K and P all made it super clear that Jeff was their number one target after Brendon. So If you gave your word to someone who's word is a lie do you have a deal?

Jackie: LOVE your "Shelly zooming around cleaning" line.

Glad to see I'm not the only one fed up with Shelly. Seriously I don't get it. Is she trying all this just to get Adam to flip his vote while she sticks to the out Dani plan so J/J will go after Adam before Shelly because they will be angry about Adam's betrayal? Or is she really turning against the two people she tells us in DR that she is with 100%? And people call Rachel unpredictable.

With Jeff we know is true intentions by what he says to Jordan. But with Shelly who is she true to and who is she lying to? Cuz she ain't saying the same thing to Jordan as she is to Dani and Adam. But Adam seems to be holding
true to Shelly cuz he didn't rat her plan to flip to Jeff.

Shelly lies, defames, floats, cries, complains, whines, flips, flips back. She has taken emotional blackmail and manipulation to a level Rachel couldn't achieve on her
worst day.

I wish Jordan would just once catch Shelly in the act so she could take her Shelly is wonderful blinders off and see for herself what she is dealing with.

Rachel without Brendon is so much healthier and grown up than Rachel with Brendon.


Petals said...

Thanks Jackie!
I am calling BULLSH*T on Shelley and her whole story.
A) if it is "her" company, why does she have to thank them for "letting" her be on the show?
B) how can a worldly chick not know how to pronounce the most common of words? Even just watching primetime commercials have the words she pretends not to know.

Shelley gives me the icks, the heebie-jeebies, and all the other squirmy things. On many levels.

just sayin.

Petals said...

By the way: GO JEFF! Woohoo on good gaming!

The Jeff Boat is afloat - jump on!

Anonymous said...

Who knows what's going on with Shelly. Now she's up in HOH with Jordan having a game-chat.

Shelly is telling Jordan about how she feels about where she would be in the game with J&J. Says the most she can make is 3rd and that is out of the money - nothing.

She's also finding out whether Dani is telling the truth about things. Jordan is being as honest as she can be without telling too much, but it's still probably more than Jeff would like her saying.

I have a feeling Shelly is feeling out the best way to go. So far, she's managed to get a guarantee from Jordan that if Jeff gets evicted and Jordan goes to the end, she will take Shelly to the F2. eek

chris said...

I wrote on the last screen cap that I officially hate shelly.
how does she think keeping dani will help her game?
I understand thinking best place for her with j/j is 3rd but really
what does she think it will be if dani stays?? dani has two other people in her alliance and has promised kahlia final 2!
no matter what shelly would have to win something to help herself to final 2, and surely against danielle that is not happening! I wish adam would spill to jeff so I would know where his head is at! and I would love to see jeff confront shelly and watch her go all high and mighty crying etc. yech. if adam outed shelly, kahlia would know dani was campaigning, j/j/r would know shelly had to go and adam would make it further in the game!!! why is it that no one has seen shelly hanging with danielle so often??

chacha said...

Shelly just needs to stick with JJA. I think she is trying her twisty and bendy stuff to get info.
As for Dani knowing production, yes I am sure she does, but for them to quit the show, no I don't think so.
She is just trying to get Shelly to flip.

lynn1 said...

I like J/J and don't like Dani, however it could be interesting if Shelly was able to flip Adam and save Dani.
It would be one of the biggest moves ever in BB.
Wouldn't it be something to see Jeff and Dani in the final 2. I would be wanting Jeff to win it all.
I would prefer to have Dani and Jeff in the final 2 rather than floaters like Adam and Porsche be there at the end.
My Wv is bumero.. It is going to be Bumero for the person who gets voted off this week.

chris said...

I wish jeff would go to kahlia and tell her danielle is campaigning hard.
jeff knows he is the target of proshe and kahlia so why is shelly wanting a strong competitor to stay.
everyone is after jeff anyway so wtf is she thinking.
i can understand porshe wanting dani over kahlia because she knows dani will take her to the end and dani can win her way to that end.
i think the next hoh will be that before and after step up or down thing. i think that is what is was on double eviction last year, kahlia is good at that so jeff is in trouble either way. I for one will be rooting for rachel hoping she will not put up j/j better yet maybe jordan can pull out the most needed win thursday!!!!

Anonymous said...

When all is said and done........

Quite possibly a "newbie" possibly should win or place 2nd prize $$$.

If you think about it without putting the personalities of the players we love to love and love to hate aside ......there is a REAL advantage for the VETS having been there before in this mania. Knowing the ropes, of this crazy game of BIG BROTHER, down to everything involved. THEY, the vets have had an ADVANTAGE going in vs the newbies. So, if a new person ( again forget about who we would be most upset ( SHELLY FOR ME) to win anything, but IF one of them does make it......then SHAME ON THE VETS for screwing up with a HUGE ADVANTAGE and lets not forget A PARTNER, vs the newbies for the get - go!

If those vets had played smarter and not shot themselves in the foot with their game play ( and Dick leaving !) things may have been a landslide for those newbies being G O N E in short order.
And we thought this started off very B O R I N G....well it could have been a lot worse I think.

Southern Bell just my two cents, worth less :)

Anonymous said...

If those vets had played smarter and not shot themselves in the foot with their game play ( and Dick leaving !) things may have been a landslide for those newbies being G O N E in short order.


The vets didn't really shoot themselves in the foot, Dani flipped. IF she had stuck to the original plan, all would be well. That's yet another reason why Dani has to go.

Anonymous said...

Shelly had a very long talk with Jordan last night in HOH, and managed to get a guarantee from Jordan that if Jordan made it to the final (and Jeff was gone), that she would take Shelly as #2.

Now this morning, Shelly is back talking to Adam again and still contemplating keeping Dani.

Margo said...

I can not believe they would consider letting Dani stay.

Margo said...

Petal I'm thinking your new pontoon craft is to big for the pool. We are gonna have to move the party to the lake. Hope y'all don't mind swimmin with the fishes. ; ).

I'll see ya lakeside on Wednesday.


gaylos said...

Hey Jackie, I haven't been watching BB this summer at all. Made up my mind I was not gonna watch another season of Brenchal. But I think maybe I just may click over to it during these last few weeks.

I know there was an earthquake just a while ago in your area. Are you ok?

Laurie said...

Margo, "swimming with the fishes" cracked me up!

chris said...

jeff had to get rid of dani.
kahlia is just pissed cause she thought porshe would go and she and dani would remain.
that of course did not happen with jeff winning the veto.
he had to get dani out. adam and shelly told him to also.
if shelly now flips she is a bigger ass than i already thought.
as far as the plan, the vets could have ruled the house if dani went with the plan. she flipped too soon and that is why jeff did what he did. he knew he was next on the hit list. shelly, for all her crying in the diary room is the very liar she chastised others for being. I hope she is ousted next somehow some way.
wv I hope the blumpr (shelly) from the house.

chris said...

so far on jokers adam is talking to himself calling shelly names, and saying "does she think I am stupid" meaning shelly.
saying to himslf that shelly is being manipulated by dani but dani has to go.
hooray i sure hope so.

Witt said...

Margo, I love the lake idea! I can wear my new swimsuit and my hubby can grill out -- he's a master.

I think they have to vote Dani out, not because I don't like her, but she is a real gamer/ have to eliminate those players while you have the chance; it might not come around again.

OT: Felt the earthquake while at school today in MD. The floor was shaking and display cases were rattling, but no damages and no injuries! We didn't have any students in session yet -- which was a good thing. My parents, who were shopping at the time, didn't even feel it.

Hope you are feeling much better, Jackie!

Witt :)
WV: derin: DERIN! I spilled my beverage!

ORKMommy said...

Dani flipped too soon BUT she had to flip! If she had stuck with the vets she would have ended up in 5th place unless she won all the comps. She had no partner where as J/J and B/R had each other. The numbers just weren't with her as a vet after her dad left.

I don't want to see her go because she's the only real competition for Jeff at this point. I do understand his reasoning for targeting her but I just think the rest of the season is gonna be a snoozefest!

Anonymous said...

Dani really pressuring Adam this afternoon. Hope he doesn't fall for it. She just told him her dad would hate him (for voting her out). Adam said he already does anyway. Good on ya Adam!

Off topic, but there sure have been a lot of earthquakes the last couple of days.

There were 3 Colorado yesterday. All near Trinidad which is near the New Mexico border. The last shaker was 5.3 near midnight. We felt the 5.3 in Colorado Springs (135 miles away).

Anonymous said...

Porsche really campaigning for Adam to keep Dani. Says she'll get Janelle to give him a birthday phone call (sheesh). Said that Adam and Shelly could control questions comps. Porsche and Danielle would control the physical/endurance comps.

Her grand finale is "at the end you can beat any of us in questions."

No clue why, but Adam always wants people to keep Porsche. Can he be so Porsche-dumb that he has no clue they plan to dump his butt before any question comps?

Joe in NY said...

Your bias is showing folks.

If your Shelly, you are at least as well off with Dani than with J/J.

First of all, it's a given that either J or J would take each other to the final 2 if they have a choice. It really is not a given who Dani or Kali would take to the final 2. All a question of who you think you can beat.

If Shelly were to somehow get to Final 2, who would she rather be sitting next to; Jordan (not a chance!), Jeff (not a good chance). Against either Dani or Kali she's at least got a fighting chance.

And just look at numbers. J/J also have Rachel and Adam to contend with. That means Shelly is potentially 5th in her alliance. Either Kali or Dani is going home this week. If Shelly sticks with Dani she is probably a solid 3rd. At worst 4th if Adam goes with her.

It's a calculated risk either way, but it isn't clear that J/J is the best option (other than you all love them). If I'm Shelly, frankly, I think I go with Dani. That preserves Dani and Jeff as the bigger targets and also gives me better position in my new alliance.

Anonymous said...

OMG if Jeff drops one more f-bomb

Anonymous said...

Adam's been being bullied by Jeff about being nice to the other side. That may Adam's be the nice guy.

Many men have a very distinct way of socializing and communicating with one another I've noticed that Adam is really using that to his advantage with Jeff. He's really speaking Jeff's language, but still knows how to cook and chit chat with the girls as well.

monty924 said...

Shelly first has to flip Adam to be in with Dani. I'm not betting actual hard earned cash, but I'm saying that ain't happening. Adam is more frightened of Daniele then he is of Jeff and Jordan. Don't ask me why, just watch the feeds or listen to the convos. Adam isn't keeping Dani... as of now, LOL!

SomePeopleNeverLearn said...

Joe in NY said...
Your bias is showing folks.


As is yours. So what? You aren't going to change your OPINION and "we" are going to change ours. @@

Anonymous said...

I don't think Joe is being biased. He's just stating facts of how it 'could' work for Adam and Shelly if they flipped.

Even if it was smarter for Adam to flip, I hope he doesn't because I've developed a real aversion to Porsche and Dani. I used to like Shelly and thought she was playing pretty smart. But I'm totally turned off by her now.

I like Adam's style of being generally noncommittal... and pretty much treats everyone with common courtesy Even when he doesn't particularly like someone. Don't know many people who can pull something like that off because it would show in their facial or eye expressions.

monty924 said...

Joe is the most unbiased person on here. He always presents the scenarios in a 'let's play Devil's advocate' way, and that is refreshing to read. Do we always agree? Heck no, but I know that Joe doesn't take offense or worry about it. Just like in the game/house, it is 'just a game' and it is the same way here.

I can't wait to take a trip on the Jeff boat on the Wednesday show. I love moving it to a lake... more room for everyone.

@Witt, Becky's bringing the grill so bring your hubby to do the honors. I have all the makings of some really great kabobs. Steak, chicken, shrimp, mushrooms, onions, peppers and (yuck) tomatoes. Thursday will be a great 'partay'. Petals, love the new boat. :)

Anonymous said...

To Joe and others:

How on earth would Shelly ever make it to F2? She is almost always the first one out in every single comp. And If she burns her own alliance by flipping she has lost their votes on the off chance she does make it to F2.

If she stays with J/J at least they like her, want her in F4, etc. If she flips to Dani that alliance couldn't care less if she lived or died, just haranguing her this week to flip to keep Dani.

All this is aside from the fact that her turning against her beloved Jordan makes her officially BB Season 13 Biggest Hypocrite.

Shelly hates liars, & people who aren't loyal, claims to not be here for the money, is with J/J 100%, hates Rachel to her core cuz Rachel told Jordan that Shelly said at one point she would vote out Jordan.

So...who is the biggest liar in the house, who is the most disloyal, who now claims she has to get out J/J so she can get her some money, who is now wanting to do exactly what Rachel said about voting out Jordan???? Shelly come on down!!!! And wow, your daughter must be so proud.

I mean nobody in or out of the house really cares if you lie as you play. But when you make other people out to be The Devil's Spawn when they lie ( or in Rachel's case speak truly about you) and then you turn around and make lying 97% of your game play ya gotta realize you make a lot of people want to hurl.

I hope Adam sticks and boots Dani. I hope Shelly goes next, then Kalia.

Meanwhile Dani pimping out her dad's approval and Portia pimping a Janelle phone to Adam was skin crawling. I mean play the game but maybe consider some boundaries. I'm glad Adam was insulted by it and mentioned it to Jeff, just wish he would expose Shelly too, don't know why he stays with her, she can't even be trusted to stick with her beloved Jordan, and she can't win a comp, how does hat make her anything but a liability?

Anywhoo hope Dani goes, on the entitlement scale she has zoomed well past all the other veterans this week and now can barely be spotted from earth.


Anonymous said...

I so hope Dani goes. I never liked her much in her season, I thought she was a whiny little witch and after that pity party she threw herself last night I don't think I could stand watching her for another week. And I also think I'm going to jump on the I hate Shelly train too. Part of me thinkis she's still just playing both sides of the house but you would think she had learned her lesson last time she got caught. Guess not tho. Kalia and Porche are just hags.

I really can't stand people who talk trash about someone behind their back and then fall silent as the grave whenever that person is around. I'm really gonna have to start rooting for Rachel.

chris said...


it does not give shelly a better position. If she keeps dani, and dani makes it to the end there is no way she does not win it. This move alone (convincing the minions to keep her) would seal the win for dani with the jury. Game play would be rewarded and who else would j/j give the money to (rachel is the only one dani should not take to final 2) so shelly only seals her fate more by betraying j/j . i wish adam would tattle on her already!

chris said...


Bravo, totally agree with your post!!

monty924 said...

Awesome post Lili!