Saturday, August 20, 2011

Big Brother 13 Live Feeds Into Saturday Evening 8/20

My eye candy boy

I realize I already posted the winner of the Power of Veto. However, I need to get you up to snuff with what's been happening in that Big Brother House of Indecision since my last full update. So, this starts with last night ...
  • Rachel's good behavior lasted all of one day.
  • As night fell and booze arrived, she reverted back into The Bad Seed.
  • Now I know many think Daniele is a mean girl. I personally don't. I think she's been stepping up and playing the game, albeit with some foolish errors on her part.
  • Rachel is the true mean girl.
  • She kept harassing Daniele, asking for all of her old HoH treats (which Daniele said she could have), rubbing it in about her birthday as a Have Not, talking about when she turned 25 (last year), repeatedly asking Daniele what was wrong and why she seemed so quiet. Was she depressed?
  • When Daniele, who gave very little reaction, went to the backyard, Rachel stood there for a moment with her death glare eyes reminding me of Billy Mumy in the old Twilight Zone episode wishing people to the cornfield.
  • Then she followed Daniele out there.
  • When Daniele went back inside, Jordan snapped at her to stop it.
  • Rachel gave her annoying little giggle.
  • Sigh.
  • Meanwhile, everyone in the house either saw or heard of the incident.
  • Shelly is still on her anti-Rachel wagon although she's agreed to work with her for Jeff and Jordan.
  • Shelly, Kalia and Daniele giggled and giggled about the thought of cutting off the foot of Rachel's (still hidden) stuffed dog and putting it on her pillow.
  • I don't think I'm mean. But that would be funny!
  • I guess I'm mean.
  • Thankfully the alcohol conked Rachel out.
  • Kalia made Daniele a crown and sash and the crowd sung "For She's a Jolly Good Fellow" -- royalties free, of course.
  • BB told them that birthdays are celebrated on Sundays only. So something should happen tomorrow, too.
  • The other big celebration of the night was Jordan's humilitard.
  • No, she didn't put on a strip show like Adam did with his elf suit.
  • Eventually came morning ... then later morning ... as they were in indoor lockdown with lots of construction noise in the yard.
  • Finally, after lots of scenario thinking and an extended feeds block, the feeds returned with Jeff the winner of PoV.
  • It was a puzzle.
  • Jordan says she couldn't get even one piece done.
  • That (stupid) Zingbot was there.
  • They can retire that idiocy at any time, please.
  • Since then, in between eating, working out, non-game talk ... it's hard to say what Jeff is going to do.
  • He's definitely not sure he'll use it.
  • If he doesn't, the target would be Kalia because she's sneakier.
  • If he does, Daniele will be backdoored.
  • Shelly still hates Rachel.
  • Kalia still hates Rachel, yet had a long pleasant civil talk with her.
  • When you're on the block, you do what you have to do.
  • But Kalia SERIOUSLY needs to stop pulling on her hair, then throwing loose strands all over the floor wherever she may be.
  • I cringe each time I see her do that.
  • The veto meeting isn't until Monday.
  • Who knows what could go down between now and then?

A crown and a sash for her 25th.

Cruddy has a chubby dance

Jordan finally got out of the humilitard

At least hard-boiled eggs don't crunch


Anonymous said...

OH I would love for them to cut off the leg of the stuffed animal and put on her pillow hahahahaha... but sadly, it is mean. i wish they could make a fake leg and use some of the fur from the animal to freak her out. that would be great!! glad to see you back jackie!
debi in calif!

Kaycee Fisher said...

Rachel may be a total P I T A however Daniele is a/the bigger threat!

Anonymous said...

I don't think of myself as mean, either -- but Rachel just brings it out in me!


Sally said...

While cleaning my kitchen this afternoon, I started wondering why Shelly wanted to spend the summer in the BB house, away from the family she loves and the successful career she's built.

She doesn't seem to need the money, or covet financial prizes, trips and other luxury items. She doesn't seem to be a super fan of the show, who just wants the first-hand experience. She doesn't seem interested in a show business career or becoming famous. She's not just killing time until a real job comes along.

So if she's not there for any of the usual reasons, why would she willingly spend the summer away from her family and job? I’m puzzled.

And I’m very glad that Jeff won POV.

Anonymous said...

When they were talking about cutting the leg off Rachel's stuffed dog, it was hysterical. All the girls in the room were breaking up laughing (the hardest I've ever seen anyone laugh in the BB house). Then Dani said something about PETA would probably get involved and gales of laughter started all over again.

Too funny!

Anonymous said...

That's a very good thought Sally.
Wonder if she's some kind of BB 'plant."

Justene said...

I think Shelly might be a superfan although she doesn't go on about it like Adam. when J/J first walked in, she could not believe she was in the same house as them.

chacha said...

Shelly has spoken of being a huge BB fan. She isn't a fanatic like Adam.
Rachel is a mean girl but really she isn't different than Dani, kalia, and Porsche. They are just a mean and say some horrible things. I think Shelly is saying these things with the girls to try and get info, which she is out of Kalia. Of course she runs to Jeff with the info. I don't think any of R/S/K/P/D will be a finalist for America's favorite this year.

Nick said...

Shelly is clearly a pretty big least of Jeff and Jordan. She was obsessed with them the second they walked in the house. Can't blame her though...they are America's couple!

Anonymous said...

I read that part of Rachel's strategy was to be annoying and overly emotional so she WOULD be hated in the house and thus valuable to keep around since she's so "hated." I think she's TRULY playing the game.

Anonymous said...

Between slop & hard boiled eggs, aren't you glad there isn't "small-a-vision"?
I do think stealing others possessions should be punished/outed to the others, especially with threatening to destroy it. Spiking the muscle milk should have also been exposed to the HG.

Anonymous said...

that was "smell-a-vision", not small...

Anonymous said...

When did Dani get so sensitive? My god she poked at a upset Rachel for 20 minutes awhile back after Rachel left the kitchen cuz she was upset about something that was said to her. Dani followed her and poked at her and promised how she cared etc then went right in the DR and told us she pretended to care so Rachel wouldn't come after her if she got the next HOH.

Shelly demands that Rachel stop giving Shelly looks and stop talking bad about her. And yet 24/7 Shelly is attacking Rachel to Rachel own alliance, as well as the opposing alliance.

I'm just saying Rachel's few pokes at people are nothing compared to what is said her and about her. Rachel has just become the house scap goat much like happened to Jen. Frankly I think it reflects more poorly on the other HG's than it does on Rachel who now gets slammed even when she is being genuinely social and pleasant. My god next thing you know people will start attacking her for breathing.


Anonymous said...

For the record,
Rachel is not a mean girl, perhaps emotional, just like nice guys finish last.

Mean girls rarely cry, they lack emotions, it's difficult for mean girls to touch anyone in a loving manner.
A man could never control a mean girl, much less tell mean girl how to sit and speak properly. ( The way Brandon speaks to Rachel )

Mean girls love to destroy-tamper with various items, so they can sit back and watch the expression of persons item they've destroyed.

Dani is a mean girl, so is Shelly, who repeats over and over how much she hates Rachel,
Shelly knew how easy it would be to blame Rachel,
Seriously what type of women would consider cutting off the leg of a stuffed animal?


Jackie said...

Oh my, the last two anons ... sorry if I offended Rachel fans. While you can like whomever you wish, don't make up things about other houseguests. Daniele has her issues. They all trashtalk each other. They're all catty girls.

But Daniele NEVER stalked Rachel like that to harass her.

Rachel's "few pokes"? Give me a break!

RiseandShine said...

Rachel fans? I can't see it as a concept. She's a mean girl who then turns on the tears to garner sympathy and excuse her actions. I have worked with a zillion girls who are classified as emotionally disturbed who do the exact same thing. It's so classic she should be in the textbooks.

Janice said...


So glad you're getting over the worst of that stomach bug! I know how that feels, when I get a stomach virus it takes me much longer than most people to get over it too!! Glad you're on the downhill slide to recovery!!

About Rachel, I feel the same as you about her behavior. She seems to get an evil pleasure out of annoying her prey. I felt so sorry for Dani on the eve of her birthday, she was trying to make a slop concoction to eat, had cramps and then had Rachel coming in the kitchen annoying her. Dani kept her cool very well in my opinion! The looks on Rachel's face when Dani walked out to the backyard were PURE EVIL, in my humble opinion!

Now back to regular programming!

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:01, how does it benefit Rachel to be annoying and hated by the other house guest so she could be valuable to keep aroud, NO ONE would vote for Rachel to win the $500K, it would only be valuable to others. I've never heard her stay I'm not here for the money. So that's not game play that's INSANE play. The other house guests are keeping her around to use her to get the votes they need to get what they want.

Anonymous said...

The things that Shelly has said to Rachel and about Rachel are worse than anything Rachel has said to anybody.

Rachel sarcastically says "you OK"?, "You hate me don't you"? and she's evil?

Nobody remembers Evel Dick attacking people's religious beliefs, parenting abilities, physical appearances, characters etc.? To their faces! Compared to ED and quite a few other loud male bullies in BB Rachel is a bunny rabbit. Yet the words "hate", and "evil" are thrown around. And as I recall even to this day many people love ED and think of him as some sort of BB folk hero.

Rachel is too invested in being liked, winning, and BB in general. She is ill suited to the game as she takes most things personally, and has trouble staying in the moment. But I find Shelly to be the true mean girl. At various times Shelly has attacked Porsche, Dani, Lawon, Kalia, & Brendon but has now concentrated all efforts on Rachel. It has gotten so old, petty, and sorta sad.

It is just so predictable, in shows like BB and Survivor most seasons some weaker group member is selected and scrapgoated. From that point on everything they do is attacked, every word, every look, every suggestion. I think it is a way for the others to feel better about themselves. Men often employ this tactic...make women less than so they themselves can be more than.

Whatever, it is just a game, we all have players we root for and those we root against. I am not offended by Jackie's words or anyone elses on this board. We all approach this game differently with different viewpoints. It is all good. And having a place like this to hear everybody's take on it is probably more interesting than the game itself.


Anonymous said...

Because of the format for BB is to be the last 2 people standing, it is difficult (maybe impossible)for ANY player not to lie, berate or do whatever necessary to achieve that end.

Most people-watchers choose who they like, or not, from the get-go. All the girls are mean to each other and revel in making each other uncomfortable and unhappy. ALL of them!

J&J and Adam present a relatively easy-going manner, which makes them easy for most people to like. Same goes for Dani to some extent, although she is much more devious than they could ever be.

Kalia has delighted in the misery of other HG's, especially when she's been able to add to it. And she drives me nuts with her constant blithering.

Other than some of the mean-girl stunts Porsche has pulled (or would like to pull), she's mostly a nonentity.

Shelly was very good at shuttling back and forth between the groups for a long time. Contrary to what Kalia believes, Shelly was the one who convinced Kalia to keep Rachel. Unfortunately, Shelly overplayed her hand and now everyone is wise to her. But she still manages to gather info though using everyone's dislike of Rachel.

Brendan and Rachel are easy to dislike. Nobody likes to 'view' people (even under covers) having sex with the cameras running, and people in the beds right next to them. They are exhibitionists.

Brendan is a know-it-all control freak (always has to one-up on every story), and an educated bore.

Rachel IS a mean-girl, just like the rest. When she doesn't get her way, she stomps around. She has absolutely no compunction about crying to get her way... all without tears, and runs to Brendan with exaggerations and outright lies so he will 'hate who she hates.'

While he is able to berate and control Rachel to some extent, I've watched her turn his attitude about various people around with those exaggerations and lies, and he swallows it all. Every time.

Brenchal are the original WEIRD couple. If they behave outside the BB house anything close to like they do inside (wouldn't be surprised), I can't imagine many people who would want to be around them very long. Uncomfortable, at best.

Outside, Rachel is probably a fun girl. By herself. With Brendan along, not so much.

Anonymous said...

Correction. All of the girls except Jordan. She hasn't done anything mean to any of them.

Anonymous said...

Rachel is using a similar stategy to Evel Dick...make people feel uncomfortable and they'll want to keep you around because they think they can beat you. It's not insane's pretty smart. People just do not like Rachel because she is overly emotional and has sex under the covers on camera. She is not a good loser when competitions do not go her way. However, she is much nicer than Dani, Shelley and Kalia. I think wanting to cut off the legs of her stuffed animal is more disgusting than other things Rachel has ever done. So she childish and a bit naive and yes, somewhat annoying. Why does that give everyone the right to be SOOO mean to her? Shelly LIED, plain and simple. She WAS playing both sides. She didn't like that Rachel blew the whistle on her and now wants to place ALL the blame on Rachel for LYING HERSELF!! Not cool. Shelly is the worst kind of person who appears to be nice to your face and your best friend but who will lie about you in a second to save her own game and do so VEHEMENTLY so others believe her and not the other person. Ugh. What kind of message does THAT send to Shelly's daughter?

Justene said...

I loved the line about Billy Mumy sending people to the cornfield!

Hurting a stuffed animal is beyond the pale. One of the shooting ranges I have taken a daughter to has stuffed animals that you can use for target practice. It just creeps me out and those aren't even loved by anyone. Anyone who owns a stuffed animal has some feelings for it.

WV: punchar as in I can see someone wanting to punchar but a stuffed animal?

Anonymous said...

Seems to me like the feelings here are little over the top about Rachel's stuffed dog.

Shelly joked about doing it.
They all laughed, and Dani said she thought PETA would get involved (paraphrasing).

Reminder: Nobody damaged the dog.

Justene said...

Anon 3:12 - that's true about the stuffed dog. Shelly was joking. It was people here who piled on that bugged me.

chacha said...

Rachel probably is a nice girl out of the house. I believe she is always starved for attention. When she is HOH and in "power" everyone likes to flock to her and she really loves it.
Dani was not the nicest in her season and to say she told DR she wants to punch Rachel in the face? That is pretty dam mean.
I am waiting on Kalia to throw Dani under the bus this week and vise versa

chacha said...

So apparently BB piped info into house.
It takes 19 1/4 laps to make a mile in back yard and something about Russia was made up of 15 republics. Then feeds cut.
I wonder if its for HOH or POV on Thursday.
Shouldn't houseguests know now that they usually do this when its DE?

Anonymous said...

good grief. Ok, I'm convinced. Porsche really is an idiot, or thinks everyone else is.

Porsche is cutting Jeff's hair and finally has a chance to talk game.

Her suggestion on who to put up? Rachel... even tho she knows Rachel is in his alliance.

So he asks who he should put up along with Rachel. Her answer? Shelly or Adam!

Pushing Adam under the bus, when he has spent so much time trying to protect her? (No clue why, but he has.)

Wonder how Adam will feel when Jeff reveals that little tidbit to him!

Lana said...

I agree with some of the other posts on here. It seems to me it doesn't seem to matter what Rachel does some are not going to like her either way. Jackie and many others on here always see the little things that Rachel does as mean and evil. And of course Dani and Shelly are the good ones. They are so much worse than Rachel. Jackie no offense but you always say horrible things about Rachel and why? I guess that's how it goes. But it's your blog speak your mind. GO RACHEL!!

Anonymous said...

I guess I'm a sucker for the underdog. I don't think that anything that Rachel has done compares to what Shelly, Dani, and Kahlia have been doing. But that's just in my opinion. I think that if Rachel does get to the end she has a chance to win. She is good at comps and if everyone believes its a good move to take her to the end, I see that as great strategy.

Anonymous said...

The strongest competitor this season is Dani, which is why Jeff needs to show her the door while he can.

Rachel likes to compete, but I don't think she's nearly as strong as she thinks she is, or was last season. Which seems to be proven by the fact that she hasn't won anything for several weeks. With or without Brendan.

This season, the only girl who doesn't act/say mean things is Jordan. And I don't think she's actually lied either.

I doubt that Jordan will make it to the final 2, but if she does, she could win again (depending on who the other person is). The votes could be there for her just because she hasn't made any enemies. She's actually been NICE to everyone.

Michelle, TheCincyFrugalMama said...

To whomever said that Rachel can't be a mean girl because she shows emotion (Regan?), what emotion? Hysteria? She "sounds" like she's crying but very rarely ever does. That's not emotion. It's noise. Ugh.

Ninboh said...

I'm loving how many people are cropping up as Rachel fans. I've always liked Brenchal and Rachel. So yaaayy!!
The people I'm rooting for least to win the game are Shelly and Kalia (and also Jordan but only b/c Jordan already won). I'm really fine with anyone else winning the big money. But my first choice is Rachel.

Anonymous said...

Jackie and many others on here always see the little things that Rachel does as mean and evil. And of course Dani and Shelly are the good ones. They are so much worse than Rachel. Jackie no offense but you always say horrible things about Rachel and why? I guess that's how it goes. But it's your blog speak your mind. GO RACHEL!!

8/21/2011 6:56 PM
Because it's easier sticking with the flow"

I've never seen Jackie attack one HG until this year, however I know what its like to be in severe pain, thus I tend to believe perhaps more focused on Rachel haha