Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Big Brother 13 Live Feeds Into Tuesday Night 8/30

Adam investigates the fortune teller

Oh my gosh ... I hope today's feeds are in no way indicative of the boredom ahead of us as this lackluster bunch of hamsters continues to dwindle. Perhaps they should just shut it down. "Go home. None of you deserve to win this year." Here's what happened today in that Big Brother House of Pain:
  • Rachel is having cramps and has now decided that she's not pregnant. She told Shelly that she would have been excited if she had been pregnant.
  • Oh, I think it's best she wait. She and Brendon are nowhere near ready to take on the responsibility of a baby.
  • Shelly told Rachel she felt sick about the vote she made this week and thinks she embarrassed her family.
  • Yeah, she probably did.
  • Rachel thinks she's playing for second place.
  • I'm kind of hoping she's playing for third.
  • Although, to give her credit, she is acting more stable lately.
  • Shelly tried to work her (now exposed) mojo on Rachel about how she's there to help young people like her, wants to stay to further her in the game, get rid of Porsche and Kalia, blah blah blah.
  • Then, but of course, she threw Adam under that reality TV bus.
  • Rachel told Shelly all about her discussion with Daniele the night they made the "deal" to save her.
  • She said she reneged because Daniele told both Shelly and Porsche about it when she wanted to be a hinky vote with the blame put on someone else.
  • Jordan wants Adam to stay because Shelly can't be trusted.
  • But Rachel knows that Adam wants her out, so she prefers Shelly to stay.
  • Kalia and Porsche really want Rachel out. Um, that's why they put her on the block!
  • Oh. Did I say "they"?
  • Porsche. It's her HoH, not a group effort.
  • Yeah, right.
  • And if Porsche doesn't burn that pink sweatsuit, I'll volunteer to do it!
  • Adam fooled around with the fortune teller, but I don't believe he got it to the point that Shelly did.
  • When he stuck his finger in its mouth, I really wanted it to bite down.
  • Lots of small talk, lots of sunning, lots of exercising and walking the yard.
  • Little excitement.
  • Although Rachel wants to keep Shelly over Adam, I think she's the only one.

Shelly in all her glory

Jeepers creepers, where'd she get those peepers?

Jordan goes for fruit

Kalia needs to be quiet. Really.


Anonymous said...

I'm with you, Jackie! Send 'em all home!

Am I first????


Jennasmom said...

Thanks for the update, Jackie. How's the knee?

Sally said...

Thanks for the update Jackie. This group really makes it seem like a long stretch from the POV competition to the eviction show.

I'm still hoping Shelly gets evicted this week. I'm sure the Jury House could use some cleaning by now.

Justene said...

I'm sure the Jury House could use some cleaning by now.

Hahahahaha. Love it

Anonymous said...

ho-hum...i'm really looking forward to seeing the jury house. i'm sure there's more going on there! can we switch the feeds over now?

Justene said...

Here is what Jackie the Fortune Teller said about Shelly on June 30, when the cast was announced:

But I can't help but wonder if she might end up going on a kitchen/cleaning martyr trip or something. I just can't nail it down, but there's something not so likable about her (for me, at least). How about you?

chris said...

get shelly out

Joe in NY said...

@ Lilli from the previous thread. Actually, they might need both HOH and POV just to survive this week.

Let's say Shelly goes home.

Rachel wins POV.

Rachel nominates Kalia and Porsche.

Adam wins POV and removes Porsche.

Rachel is forced to nominated Jordan and Adam and Porsche have the only eviction votes.

As I've said before (hate to repeat myself) POV is more important than HOH at this point. And as I've also said, 3 is the magic number in an alliance and J/R are only 2.

TerryinPA said...

think we will get some jury house video tonight? I sure hope so...better than re-hashing the previous 2 shows again and again

chacha said...

Joe In NY-

I just don't see Adam winning the POV this coming week because then he would be forced to really show his true alliance(if he really even has one). He is just so concerned what the Jury votes will be.
He spoke alot about that yesterday.
I still can't figure out who he is really with besides himself. i do believe that he is leaning towards R/J but still doesn't trust Rachel and will get her out in the end.

JOEY said...

Thank you for your post and kindness as well. He has been in I.C.U. since aug 2nd. He was helping friends clear land when he was bit twice by a coral snake, because of it powerful nerotoxin poison which attack his nervous system, which in turn cause him to become unconscious and paralyze, as well as many other problem.Thank fully to being close to hospital at the time and fast action as well as experiences doctors, they were able to get the anti-venoms to use and to save him. while he is still unable to talk or moved, he is improving but will have long terms problems as well. Thank you for your kindness and when he recover fully , I will show him all of the big brothers show and blogs, I am sure he will like that as well. He is confuse and frustrated but he a fighter and they say in 6 months should be able to recover fully.I will be watching the show tonight and if he awake he may watch but I will watch his reaction as well as he has no idea what been going on as the last time he watch, brendon was still not evicted yet for the first time, so he may be surprise by it, but I will have to ask doctors first, as not sure if he , who hate brenchel,lol, could handle the changes. But he is doing better but it slow recovery. Thank you Jackie for letting me post here, I enjoy your humor as well.
I do have a questions, if porsche is Hoh and kalia is her dou or partners will not she also not be able to vote as part of hoh?? Will they end it just befor vote?? Thank you ,

RBennie said...

Thank you Julie for letting us know about Joey. I will be praying for his complete recovery. I have missed his comments on the show. Please keep us posted when you can.

To answer your question, I believe when they were duos earlier in the game they still voted individually, so I guess that would hold true now. I'm sure someone here will correct me if I'm wrong, LOL.

RBennie said...

How's the knee Jackie? Only 24 days to go!!

Witt said...

Joe, you are right -- POV is so important now, since numbers are dwindling and you really need another option for yourself if you are nominated! HOH shmHOH...POV is where it's at! (My Catholic school nun teachers would cringe at my use of a preposition at the end of a sentence, but hey!)

Witt :)

lynn1 said...

Please let Jimmy know that his buds here on Jackie's Blog miss him and we're praying for his recovery.

Joe in NY said...

@chacha I'm not suggesting Adam would win POV. It could be Kalia or Porsche. The point is that simply having Rachel or Jordan as HOH does not guarantee that both of them survive the week. The POV winner has more control than the HOH.

This remains true next week. HOH will only protect the holder, it can't guarantee protection to anyone else. The POV winner decides who goes home.

lynn1 said...

From Rachel and Jordan's point of view in helping them to the final 2 or 3, I feel like keeping Adam is their best bet. He flops any way the wind blows (maybe I should have said win goes.)
I know Adam does not like rachel but I think it would be easier to convince and manipulate him to vote with them than it would be Shelly. Shelly doesn't like Rachel either.
IMHO Porsche is the most dangerous/strongest competitor to Rachel and Jordan.
Depending on how the comps unfold next week she would be my target.
From Adam's, Shelly's, Porsche's or Kalia's point of view this would not be my plan.

~~Silk said...

"He flops any way the wind blows (maybe I should have said win goes.)"

Good one, Lynn1!

Margo said...


The new season of TAR & Survivor are gonna be upon us sooner than we think. I wanna get a jump start on the pools so if you will let me know if ya wanna participate please do so here or via email. igorsant@aol.com.

If you could put a (T) for Amazing race and or a (S) for survivor in you email it will be easier I hope.


Sally said...

Julie, Wow! Joey was bit twice by a coral snake? That's terrifying. I'm so glad that quick assistance, good doctors and the anti-venom were all available. And it sounds like he's a very lucky guy to have you by his side. Please keep us posted on recovery.

Laura said...

If they keep Shelly this week, I'm pretty sure that my head will explode.

Joe in NY said...

@Laura. LOL I think it's a good move, actually. Frankly, Adam is no more trustworthy and seems to almost have a clue in comps. Shelly sans her reputation is useless on many levels.

Ed in Ohio said...

Laura said...
If they keep Shelly this week, I'm pretty sure that my head will explode.



Sissy said...

I just can't help comparing this season to Evil Dick's and Dani's season because Adam is like another Zach. Everyone ignored him, thinking he was a nobody and couldn't win a comp. Then out of nowhere he started winning and actually go to the final 3. I'm thinking Adam may do the same thing.

JOEY said...

Margo, May I ask that you add Joey name to both pool, as I know he loved T.A.R. and survivor but I remember that last survivor, He did not like how that one was with Rob winning and getting too cocky because of weak and crazy players, His words not mine. I think it will help make him feel like he a part of this as if he could fit in.
Thank you

JOEY said...

Thank you for your kindness and loving words, but it is I, who is the lucky one. As for more then 30 years, He has loved and protected me through some of the hardest time of all and never once has he ever ask for anything or left my side during those hard times. He was always with me every step of the way while I was a cancer patient going through treatment and He was by my side during those times and when I lost all my hair because of it and I cry so hard, He just went and shave his beautifull beard and hair so he was bald with me and He always called me, His sexy bald women. he always say I am so sexy even when I feel like the worse dirty person ever. He always spoild me rotten and does so much for me. I am truly blessed and spoild too,LOL as He joke He make the best housewife,( he does,) and he cook really great meals, what women doesn't loved a man who cook,LOL
He so special in many different ways and the most loving and caring and sweetest man I ever met and He take such good care of me. now I guess I will have to learn to cook for him now and maybe Jackie can share with me some of her secrete cooking advise. I am good at microwaving, if that count.lol.
There so much about him that so special I could share with you but he really is a good and unquie man, I loved him for what he is and what I became because of him.
now it is my turn to take care of him and spoild him. He a keeper, don't ya think.lol.
sorry but I get emotional when I write these and I have not slept yet or very well. but the look in his eye when he see me, make it all worsewhile.
Thank you for listening and I am sorry to bore and babble on so.
Thank you

Anonymous said...

Julie, what you wrote is not boring or babbling. It's a touching tribute to the love you share.


Margo said...

Julie I've got Joey on my pool list.

monty924 said...

Joey, you are in my thoughts and prayers.

Margo, add me in to both pools (TAR and Survivor). Thanks!

Joe in NY said...

My prayers and best wishes for Joey and Julie. So touching to hear you talk about him...

Becky said...

Julie, a prayer just went up that Joey will make a rapid recovery. I enjoyed reading your tribute to him and the testament of the love you share.

Joey is a keeper. I was fortunate enough to marry a keeper too. Things are not always hunky-dory, there are times I would like to kill him and tell God he died a natural death, but in the long run he is there for me, for our children, for both of our families and for our friends.

On topic, I hope they vote Shelly out this week.

Joe in NY said...


I don't get the Zach comparison at all. Zach was probably the best athlete in the house. Adam isn't. We accused him of ridins EDs coattails but I don't think anyone underestimated his physicality.

To this day I think my favorite BB moment ever was that final endurance comp. Dick and Zack suspended in the cold for was it 5 hours? Dick struggling. Dani telling him it was okay to let go. He apologizing. Daniel telling him it was ok she loved him. The exhausted congratulations between dick and Zack.

In two seasons that was really the only time I felt dani's love for her Dad. Think it was also the only time I saw EDs humility and obvious respect for another HG.

Witt said...

Julie, I got chills up my spine when I read how Joey shaved his head too while you were having cancer treatment. He is a keeper in capital letters! I could feel your love for him pouring out of every letter of your tribute.

Joey is in my prayers. He will recover even faster knowing you are there with him. Hugs to you both...

Witt :)

monty924 said...

I completely agree about the Evel Dick/Zack first round final HoH. That has to be the most intense, gut wrenching HoH endurance that BB has had in 12 seasons. I say twelve because we haven't had this one, but at the same time anyone of us knows full well that we will not see that again this season. I think about Adam, Ryan and Sheila in S9 and cry foul. What a joke that one was. Dan, Memphis and Jerry wasn't any better.

I rooted for Dick throughout S8 and that just made me respect his play even more. You can love him or hate him, I don't care. That man loved and loves this game. He was a true player.

I also agree with your (Joe) comment about Dani and Dick. They have a strange relationship, but all families have different dynamics. None better or worse than the other... just different.

See you all in about 45 minutes. Dinner in the oven and I'll be ready to pig out on barbecue on the Miss Chevious by then. There is no diet in the virtual world. :)

Jackie said...

Julie - Please tell Joey we're all thinking of him and thank you for letting us know! I could always tell he's a man with a good heart from his comments here (caps lock and all!).

Sissy said...

I have to agree that endurance comp between Zach and ED was heart wrenching (of course if I remember correctly, the background music they played helped). Yet, coming into this season the father/daughter relationship was not there. Like ED said that dani and him got along better in the BB house than in the real world. My second fav moment of that season was ED and Dustin sitting on the block and Dustin was evicted. The shocked look on his face along with a few others was priceless. Amber in the DR crying and crying like she cried all season. I think that season and BB2 were my best BB seasons so far. Anyone wonder how different this game would have been if ED could have stayed? I don't think that him and Dani would have gotten to the final 2 though.

Sally said...

Julie, What a touching tribute to Joey: "I love him for what he is and what I became because of him." Sounds like you two have a very special relationship. Thanks for helping us get to know you both a bit better. We're all sending out best wishes!