Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Big Brother 13 Live Feeds Into Wednesday Evening 8/10

Jeff and Lawon thug ... mug for the HoH camera

Another day in the house x'd off the calendar, eh? Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Confused Critters:
  • The upcoming twist hint to the hamsters has them going bonkers.
  • Well, more bonkers than they already were, that is.
  • Rachel and Lawon are both sure that in all probability whomever is evicted will return.
  • Daniele and Kalia figured think that someone else might return ... like Brendon!
  • Oh my.
  • Jeff and Jordan want Rachel to stay even though she's driving them up the wall.
  • Most of the hamsters think Rachel needs to be on some kind of drug to calm her down.
  • They think she has the record for running off to the Diary Room crying or fussing.
  • Shelly seems to be with Jordan and Jeff -- already told Kalia and Daniele she will be voting to save Rachel.
  • Adam seems to be with Jordan and Jeff, agreeing to vote to keep Rachel.
  • J, J, A, S think the vote will be 4-2 to evict Lawon.
  • They think only Porsche and Daniele will vote to evict Rachel.
  • Jeff and Jordan told Adam that the others think it's going to be a tie vote and they can imply that Porsche was the hinky vote to keep Rachel.
  • Adam's not too keen on that.
  • He likes to get along with everyone.
  • When Daniele and Kalia asked him about the vote, he told them he hadn't made up his mind yet.
  • That was after he agreed with Jeff and Jordan to keep Rachel.
  • It's a ball of confusion.
  • Or, perhaps it's all just a spool of lies (Copyright: Howie)
  • They got the HoH camera, so fun was had by all.
  • Yippee yahoo.
  • Earlier in the evening, the feeds went down for two hours so the hamsters could celebrate the halfway mark with a private party.
  • Watching Shelly on the feeds is driving me crazy.
  • If she was a waitress, she'd be cleaning the table while you're in mid-bite. Maybe it's nervous energy, but the darting around cleaning everything and looking for a napkin set down so she can run it to the trash ... it's all very distracting.
  • She doesn't cook, though.
  • Jeff and Adam are the big cooks this season.
  • Well, I can ramble no longer.

Speaking of which ...

Rachel is really wearing on Jordan

Adam does the funky chicken

Rachel puts on her face

What's that Jeff is smoking?


Anonymous said...

So who is being evicted on Thursday? PQ

Anonymous said...

Any idea which of the 4 evicted HGs will be competing to com back into the house? If Lawon is evicted, he will also lose in the battle toreturn to the house. If Rachel is evicted. She will win the battle. PQ

Jackie said...

I believe it will be Lawon evicted. As for the competing return houseguest, I have no idea.

Sasha said...

I must have missed something. When (and why??) did Jeff start talking about himself in the 3rd person...calling himself "Big Jeff" all the time?

Caroline said...

I have no idea why Shelly and Adam want to protect Jeff and Jordan. Don't they know Jeff and Jordan are experienced competitors if either goes to the Final 2 with one of them, they will lose. One would think they would align with other newbies or with Danielle or someone whom they feel they can win against in the Final 2 ??

lynn1 said...

I can't speak for Shelly or Adam but I can tell you what my reasoning would be if I were in Shelly's or Adam's situation.
I would realize that Jeff,Jordan, Rachel and Dani have been there before. All 4 of them are "In it to win it."
Jeff and Jordan have strength in numbers in that they are still a team working together. Jeff can win comps but is not a consistent winner and Jordan is really not dependable to win comps.
Rachel is unstable although she can occasionaly win comps.
Dani is a mean girl and is excellent at winning comps.
Since I absolutely think that Dani would throw anyone under the bus at any time regardless of alliances or promises I would not want her as my ally.
I don't think I could handle Rachel's meltdowns. The fact that nobody likes her would make me fear guilt by association.
If I had any game at all I would hope that I could eventually evict/backdoor either Jeff or Jordan to break them apart.
Shelly has game and has a shot at being a contender.
I really don't see any hope for Adam or Porsche to win it all. I am on the fence with Kalia.
I guess what it boils down to for me is I would rather take my chances with reasonably sane people than to cast my lot in with sicko Rachel or untrustworthy mean girl Dani.

chris said...

With no lockdown maybe returning hg does become hoh!?

Witt said...

Is it just me or is Adam unrecognizable without his beard? I just am not used to it yet. Wish he'd gone from long beard to goatee first to give us a warning! LOL

Wonder what Lawon will say when he is evicted and sees that conversation between Kalia and Daniele where they are laughing about his eviction behind his back?

I will say it again -- I could never play this game. I wouldn't come out the same on the other end!

Witt :)

Jackie: how's the knee? :::sending you hugs:::

lynn1 said...

Witt I sure agree with your statement "I could never play this game. I wouldn't come out the same on the other end!"

Cheryl said...

Speaking just for myself, I think mixing vets with newbies was a bad idea. As I get this feeling with most of the newbies, especially Shelly and Adam, they are playing for more Jeff and Jordan than anything else. They know JJ are much loved by fans and it is like they want to be on the side of Jeff and Jordan, the celebs. Even if Kalia wants to be in their good graces. I think some of these newbies fear when the game is over and they go back in the world; they will receive a lot of criticism if they do not support Jeff and Jordan.

They are all talking less about winning than about being in the jury or being friends with the Veterans after the game. Is that because the Vets tend to get all the PR and Jeff and Jordan got to play Amaz Race and Jeff got his own show for a while there?

Cheryl said...

Rachel talks about Brendon like he died. She thinks eveyrone is against her and hates her because they evicted her fiancee. What a whiner! I sure hope Brendon does not return to the House, that would be horrible. I fear America may pick him and he can beat Lawon in a comp. Ewwwwww...please America, pick Dom or Cassi.

RBennie said...

I agree with a lot that you said Cheryl. While I love Jeff and Jordan, it's bugging the crap out of me the way the newbies are bending over backwards to protect them. It's like they have given up any possible chance of winning and their purpose is just to keep Jeff and Jordan in the game. I mean come on, play to win or don't bother showing up.

How are you feeling today Jackie?

Girlsmom said...

Checked in to see how Jackie's knee was.
I feel weird about BB letting Lawon make such a move with this huge misunderstanding. I already deleted that episode on the DVR so coldn't find Julie's exact wording.
I wonder if he will feel he was misled?
Hope you are doing better Jackie.
Tonight will be exciting for once!

Girlsmom said...


ladya928 said...

Lawon is no dummy, I think he is tired of playing the game. Now that he knows he id going to the jury and still getting paid, he is in a win win situation. Rachel does need therapy...

Anonymous said...

My hope - and my votes - is that Cassi returns, for many reasons... (1) to avoid the resurgence (and related nausea) of "Brenchel" ... (2) because it would make Rachel go even crazier, as she didn't like Cassi because Cassi stood up to her and (3) How crazy Rachel will be when she realizes it could have been Brenden, but people voted not to send him back to her. (insert evil laugh here)

As far as the newbies playing too nicely with Jeff & Jordan, look at the other options ... Bitter Betty and Psycho-girl. And even on her bad, crabby days, Jordan is still one of the nicest people around.


lynn1 said...

I am on the bandwagon with you. It was a bad idea to have the veteran couples. Right from the get go they had an advantage because they knew each other and had played the game together as partners or in a strong alliance.
Evel dick and Jordan won in their season and Dani came in 2nd place.
The newbies had no clue about each other or how well each other understood the game or how strong a competitor each other was.
Unfortunately for the newbie's who tried to form a newbie alliance they got evicted early on.
I don't know how smart a player Keith was but Cassi and Dom seemed like they could have gone far in the game.
Porsche, Adam and Shelly for whatever reason sucked up to the veterans and they are still in the game.
Even thouhg I like Jeff and Jordan hope that Shelly or Kalia wins.

Witt said...

Mary Cate, when Rachel realizes that America didn't vote to send Brendon back in we'll get a whole extra chorus of "America hates me!" Sheesh!

Witt :)

Ninboh said...

I voted for Brendan. Better him than Cassie, I feel.

chris said...

not so sure it won't be brendon
i went on some poll site and it was his name mentioned most often
in any event
the newbies had the option right from the get go, after dick left, to get the vets out.
they didn't!
as far as teaming with J/J shelly is in it to win. she can go far with them and at least has trust with them. why team with dani, she is cunning, will lie to your face, and smile about it all the way to the win. so if you have to choose a side I would choose J/J side too.
as far as who comes back you never know, lawon could surprise us all and beat the voted individual.
we will have our answers tonight. I am afraid the person voted back in will be hoh, again no lock down to set up for the comp is weird!
i say if it is cassi, she and shelly can team up with J/J to make final 4 then everyone fights to make the final 2 with the understanding j takes j and shelly takes cassi, that would be fair.
for now I say anyone but dani, or porshe.

Caroline said...

I just hope Brendon does not return. I cannot stand Brenchel and their drama. And the show and production focus way too much on Brenchel. But I am losing hope as all these online polls whee people say who they voted are, are overwhelmingly Brendon. Ugh!

Anonymous said...

Kalia thinks she has the vets on her side because of this move, but little does she know that she's just been played...big time. They're coming after her.

Kalia's hubris: people pleaser. She just needs to play for HERSELF..everyone else is playing for themselves (or lover) and are simply using her. tsk tsk. all she had to do was get rachel out while she could....Dani needs to win HOH for Kalia to stay, but you know she isn't even going to try. The target is on Kalia's back and she's taking advantage of it.

Chauncey, not Billups said...

shelly is really working them but she hasnt made any big moves they will remember to vote for her to win. she really needs to rethink taking J and J to the finals though b/c there is no way she will win against either of them.

Girlsmom said...

I just can't get my mind around people voting to bring back Brendan. Seriously, why? Are there people who actually like watching all that whining, crying and fighting? It just turns my stomach. I don't mind either near as much alone in the house. But together? Blech.
And yeah, I suppose Lawon could beat the incoming guest for the HOH. Hmmmm.

Sally said...

I think Shelly might have a master plan that isn't fully revealed yet. Her frequent cleaning may be a tool, as she can observe/hear others while she flitters about with her cleaning supplies. She's an interesting person to watch.

And I agree that Adam looks completly different without his beard.

Joe in NY said...

Personally, I think Jeff is increasingly becoming Brendon. You gals would be all over Brendon if he was strutting with the POV and claiming he was going after Kalia to get even yada yada yada. But that was Jeff last night...

chris said...

I don't see Jeff as Brendon
he told kahlia ahead of time not to put him up.
she gave him a bogus crap reason why she was (to win veto)
he boasted in the diary room, unlike brendon who would have rubbed it in her face.
i do fear brendon will be coming back in.
i think when people voted initially they thought it would be rachel competing with brendon and perhaps this time she would go and allow him back in to compete, but never did we think they would both be in the house again!
most of the voting took place during the week, prior to noms, veto etc.
oh well tonight we shall see.

chacha said...

I voted Cassie to come back in and think that it will be awesome if it actually happens.
I am thinking on the lines that CBS will ultimately have Brendan go against Lawon if he is voted out. Its just more drama with Brendan in the house and will boost there ratings, although they have won the time slot all season long.

The houseguests are on lockdown. It was when they finally went to sleep when it happened.

Taking Jeff or Jordan to a final two as a newbie to me is ideal.
Why would any of the bitter banana's vote for Jordan to win again when they don't believe she should have won in the first place.
They wouldn't want Jeff either since he was America's favorite and did ATWFF and Amazing Race.

I am thinking this week may be like a FF week even though it truly isn't.
They need to have the eviction quick, hoh against ousted player then new HOH comp.
I can't wait.......

Joe in NY said...

@chris Of course you don't see Jeff as Brendon, that was just my point.

Brendon is always "don't mess with my fiancee". Jeff was doing the same thing last week when Jordan was up.

Brendon waves the POV around and SO DID JEFF. It wasn't just in the diary room, he told Kalia to her face (BEFORE she nominated and AFTER) that "I told you what was going to happen. I was going to win and come after you yada yada yada"

I know people like Jeff more than Brendon and Brendon is a little creepy sometimes. My only point is that Jeff has demonstrated much of the same defensiveness, bravado, and thin skin as Brendon. Remember Jeff's reaction to Dani trying to get him backdoored. He's the one who was maddest and wanted Dom out as revenge.

lynn1 said...

I would be mad too if one of my alliance members tried to back door me that early in the game.
As I said before Dani could have tried to convince her alliance that having Dom on their side and in their group made them stronger and suggested someone not in her alliance go home.
Since Dani openly went after Jeff and then seemed to have great influence on Kalia in getting her to nominate her (Dani's) top two she wanted to see leave, I think Jeff's reaction is understandable. He might not have been gentlemanly about how he said it but I sure think he was justified.
I think no matter who wins HOH they should consider nominating or backdooring Dani. She is the biggest threat to everyone in the house.

chris said...

@lynn, I totally agree.
Kahlia caused the reaction Jeff gave her, and he did it in the HOH room. He was (imo) not overtly obnoxious about it.
He protects Jordan, as well he should,something brendon attempts to do but with rachel but in a different way.
Dani went after Jeff so how could he not be pissed. They were supposed to be final 5 or work towards that. Jeff, you should recall wanted Dom out when jordan was HOH before the backdoor Jeff plan. he won the veto however so out cassi went. I for one would like to see cassi back in the house.

Anonymous said...

oh no! please tell me this is a dream! they seriously aren't going to keep rachel. think i'll barf. -jeannemar

Sally said...

It's not Brendon's bravado or thin skin that I find so intolerable. It's his extreme superiority complex, his aura of entitlement and the condescending way he regularly lectures and undermines Rachel. He's just not likeable or fun to watch.

Jeff, on the other hand, is very likeable. He sometimes gets caught up in game play, hence the occasional rant or posturing, but overall he plays well with others and is a contributing member of the house.

Jeff attitude toward Dani is deserved--she's the one who broke their alliance for her sole benefit. With Kalia, he's been upfront and honest in his dealings with her.

Carry on, Jeff. Carry on.

Anonymous said...

I like Dani..she's is playing the GAME, and go against the vets. I'm with RBennie's & Joe's comments when it comes to JJ..they're nicer compare to Brechel but the newbies are so dumb to put them on the pedestal. This is BB game...not who is the nice couple game..*sighs*

Lars said...

No Big Brother it's, Pre-season Football Tonight in Austin TX

Keep Us Posted!


Anonymous said...

HELP! Big Brother in Jacksonville is being pre-empted for pre season football - any one know if the live show is available online?

RiseandShine said...

Each season I find it relatively easy to find houseguests to rally behind, strategies to commend, and all that jazz.
This year, my mouth is hanging open in disbelief most of the time. What? Really? Rachel stays?
People voting for Brendon to come back? Boo, hiss.
And Witt...Yes, I don't recognize Adam in any of the screen captures. He looks like another person entirely.

Anonymous said...

This game is fixed!!!! Why a physical game that Lawon had no chance of winning. Show is boring this year and they brought Brendon back for the fights. I'm done watching. BB used to be pure but no longer.