Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Big Brother 13 Live Feeds Into Wednesday Morning 8/24

Eating the forbidden apple (cookie)?

This season is getting very perplexing. I demand a do-over with no returning hamsters! What? It's too late for that? Sigh.

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Nervous Ne'er-do-wells:
  • Starting Monday night, it was time for BB to start bringing out the badminton set and dollar store arts and crafts.
  • Whoopee.
  • They did make neat little bendy people. Surprise, surprise ... Porsche is good at something!
  • Yesterday was another day of extreme pleading and pawing the walls for Daniele.
  • I personally would rather Daniele stay than Kalia, but it's not anything related to the game.
  • Sure, Daniele does make the game a bit more competitive.
  • But that's not it.
  • On the feeds, Kalia drives me up the wall with a host of odd little things she does.
  • She's already been threatened by BB with a penalty nom for her incessant singing.
  • If she isn't singing, she's whistling.
  • If she isn't singing or whistling, she's tapping or practicing making odd faces.
  • When she's not doing any of those things, she's pulling loose hairs from her head and tossing them on the floor. I'm not talking one strand, mind you.
  • Atop of all those habits, she talks all the time and at about 100 MPH.
  • But enough of that.
  • Daniele has managed to sway Shelly, but will it stick?
  • Shelly worked and worked on Adam to no avail.
  • He wants to stick to Jeff and Jordan.
  • Shelly even tried to work on Rachel.
  • Yes, you heard me.
  • More along the lines of keeping Daniele over Kalia, not jumping alliance ship, that is.
  • There was EGG DRAMA in the house when BB gave them an Easter egg coloring kit.
  • Um ... wouldn't that have expired by now?
  • Rachel wanted to decorate some of the lots and lots of already hard-boiled eggs the Have Nots have.
  • Kalia didn't want her to. She claims the dye seeps into the eggs and wanted Rachel to make her own boiled eggs.
  • @@
  • It was all but a brouhaha!
  • They ended up using Have Not eggs, but not without resentment and discontent.
  • As things stand right now, it looks like Daniele will not have the votes to stay.
  • If Shelly is smart, she'll vote with her alliance rather than expose herself as a target sleeping with the enemy.
  • I should mention that Daniele was sneaking a cookie under the covers last night.
  • That's my top screen cap.
  • That, of course, technically should be a penalty vote.
  • Wanna bet BB won't do anything about it?

Jeff surrounded by melon and blue

Getting one of those tans which will turn to leather.

In the shade

Being craftsy

Adam chugs, Jeff and Jordan hug.

Rachel's glass is more full, but not of optimism.


Joe in NY said...

I really don't think it's a bad game move for Shelly to switch IF she can get Adam or Rachel to go with her, that is.

As for comments on the previous thread:

Monty, thanks for the support. I never said I WANTED Shelly to jump. I just suggested it wasn't a bad move.

I have no "bias" against J/J. I like them ok, I just don't love them. As I've said repeatedly, I really don't like many of these house guests. In a way, Jordan may be my favorite just because she is so vanilla and funny. Kalia I really don't like at all. Porsche, Adam, Jeff, Rachel...I could care less either way.

Shelly is in a category all her own. I can't really decide whether I lover her or hate her. For a while she seemed to be playing about the smoothest game I've seen since Dr. Will. Then she got caught and had this big meltdown. But then she went back to being smooth. Was the meltdown faked as part of her game play? I really can't decide how I feel about her and her game. Her pot/kettle nonsense with Rachel annoys me. I like my BB players to own their game. Dr. Will never pretended he was doing anything other than trying to win. Dr. Will admitted to lying and backstabbing and owned his every move. I found him a little creepy, but I respected his game play in the same way I found Russell Hantz creepy on Survivor but respected that he played "in-your-face" and didn't apologize for it.

As for the comment that Shelly is not making the final 2 anyway because she sucks at comps. But that is a silly argument. Unless she really wants to go out at #4, I assume she will try to get to Final 2. And she has a better chance in Dani's crew than J/J. If she and Adam jump, then that whole crew sucks at comps except Dani and Dani can't be HOH every week. And with Kalia gone, you can't be sure who Dani would take to Final 2. You can be 100% sure who J or J would take to final 2. In that group, Shelly's only hope is Rachel!!!

I'd also point out that while BB juries aren't as bitter as Survivor juries, they don't always vote for the best game play. One year they seemed intent on voting for the person whom they thought would best use the money.

If Shelly can get Adam or Rachel to flip and Dani stays, this would be the biggest move of the season (IMHO) and Shelly would have made it! That alone might give her "street cred" with the jury. I also think it makes her #2 in that alliance rather than #3 (or worse) in J/J alliance.

Finally, if I were Shelly I think I might work on Rachel more than Adam. Adam just doesn't seem to have the stones to make the big move. Rachel is a "player" and might be convinced to make the Big Move just for the sake of the Big Move. While Rachel might dislike Dani, Shelly should also be able to convince her that J/J showed no loyalty to Brendon by not even giving him a sympathy vote. There really was no need/advantage in J/J "voting with the house" on the Brendon ouster. And didn't Jeff help throw Adam the POV comp?

This season started boring as hell. (Don't we say that every year?) But with the Brendon return, things have gotten very interesting and stayed interesting! That's why I kind of hope Shelly flips and Dani stays. That would guarantee it stays interesting.

Time for Adam to show whether he really is a superfan and has any game at all.

Joe in NY said...

I don't quite understand Adam's game, by the way. He, more than Shelly, should jump sides. He seems to like Porsche. He can't think he's more than #4 in the J/J alliance. How exactly does he think he wins this game by just floating along with J/J? He's planning on winning a few HOH/POV comps...????

Ninboh said...

Adam's game is to always take out the big player and then align with newbies. Adam wants a newbie to win.

Ninboh said...

Dani is in some ways this seadon's idiot bc all along it was newbies vs. Vets and now a newbie is more likely to win.

My bet is Adam or Porsce win from newbies or Jordan by accident from vets.

Joe in NY said... may be right about Adam. But it seems that aligning yourself with the vets to try and get a newbie to win is a bit self-defeating. He's currently aligned with 3 vets against an alliance with only 1 vet.

RBennie said...

I would like to see Dani stay in the game because it makes for more entertaining viewing. With her out of the picture, I think "Big Jeff" is going to rule the roost and things will be very predictable from here on out. I love it when things get shaken up.

chris said...

i wish adam would tell shelly he will vote her way, and then screw her over by voting out danielle and exposing shelly!!!!

Anonymous said...

I just dont see anyway posible for Shelly to convince Rachel to vote for Dani to stay or for that matter Adam either, I think Adam will somehow tell J/J that she tried to get him to vote for Dani to stay and expose Shelly, and then again Shelly might have tried to be slick and get Adam to vote against the house while she would do the opposite.

chacha said...

Yesterday Adam did mention to Jeff that he should just tell Dani he would vote for her to stay t shut her up and he was subtly kinting that Shelly was being swayed. Unfortunetly Jeff didn't catch on.
As for the final two, Jeff realizes he probably wont make it. I think Adam recognizes that also.
I do want Adam to out Shelly. maybe he will win HOH in DE tomorrow and put up Rachel and Shelly. Rachel takes herself off if POV is won by her and Kalia goes up. Wouldn't that be nice.

Cheryl said...

I like Jeff and Jordan. I enjoyed them in their first season and on the Amazing Race. But now, I find myself rooting against them for some reason. I finally realized it is because of their overexposure. This is the 3rd reality show they have been on and 4th for Jeff if you count his travel show or whatever that is or was.

I am hoping for a Newbie to win. I wish no veterans had returned. As I cannot stand Brenchel especially Rachel. Now that Dani is leaving as it appears; the game is too predictable. JJ appears set to run away with this. I am hoping Porsche is in the F2 as while I am not fond of her, I would like a newbie to win. And I feel Shelly and Adam are sticking with the JJ alliance and Shelly even said in her DRs that she wants JJ to stay and she is playing for them. I wonder if she has changed her mind. If she has, I might be ok with her winning as that would be a big , huge move. But Adam seems set on sticking with JJ until JJ has him booted out. I find myself losing interest in the show at this point and this is normally when it gets interesting. Maybe after the Double Eviction, my interest will return. I would not mind seeing Jeff leave during the Double Eviction to shake things up or someone, anyone from that big alliance of they have 5 people in that alliance and it has stayed together except for Brendon leaving. They need another leave even if it is Adam or Rachel or Jeff..someone , anyone. I want to break up that alliance soon. That, to me, would be interesting and more exciting.

chris said...


Danielle would own the move and would not credit shelly for it.
Shelly and or adam have got to start winning something no matter which alliance they choose or they will be out.
I will bet that in her diary room confessions danielle is smiling about how she will get shelly out as soon as she can. that she will use shelly as long as she can to further herself and at this point porshe. jmo, we shall see with the diary room stuff.
jeff did to danielle what she would have done to him.
someone had to get her out and those opportunities don't come around that often.
still I was not a shelly fan before and now as I said I totally can't stomach her.
as you said I admired Russell the first time around in survivor, Dr Will both times he played, Shelly lies behind backs and cries to us in the diary room how she hates liars. look in th mirror bitch.

chris said...

@ chacha, I like your scenario
I want jordan to win the next hoh.
i truly don't think j/j have this in the bag by any means.
they are huge targets.
kahlia and porshe and shelly will put up jeff if they win the hoh so there is no escape for them.
again jordan may make it further than jeff.
I just want shelly outed to them so they put her ass up if they win!

Joe in NY said...


If Adam is staying with J/J et al, why would he nominate Shelly and Rachel with HOH. He would have to nominate Porsche and Kalia.

ORKMommy said...

Maybe Adam's big plan is to stick with J/J until Big Jeff can take out everyone else then he'll finally start playing and win the whole thing! That would make him the BEST PLAYER EVER!! Well, in his delusional mind anyway...

Anonymous said...

I get the 'showing your bias' comment, Joe. We love us some J & J and want them there in the end, so excuse moves that would have us screeching if someone else made them. Life is bias in that way. Irritatingly so, sometimes.

I think Danielle could easily get Rachel's vote to stay if she worked it right. What a secret alliance that would be for the two of them. They could stage phoney fights and entertain us for days. As a bonus for her, Rachel wouldn't have to worry that Danielle was kissing up to Brendan in the jury house. Isn't Rachel's weak spot her insecurity? Would she rather be in F2 or have Brendan after BB ends? I don't know the answer to that, I am just asking the question. Belle

ShellyNoGood said...

Shelly IMO is continually proving that she is not just a lame player of BB but a disgusting human being. Her continued obsession with Rachel the constant bashing is getting as old as the way she looks. Adam should tell her he is voting to keep Daniele and bust her out, but it being Shelly you know she would run first to Daniele and tell her it was a lock and she is safe, then to Jeff and say Adam is betraying them all and voting to keep Daniele. Let's see if they keep the Zingbot comment about her smoking in the show tonight after she has such a hissy fit about it HA.

Anonymous said...

From the CBS commercials, it's obvious they are going to only show the "pity party" of Rachel, but none of the vicious comments of the mean girls alliance. Porsche, Shelly & Dani continue to try to instigate a Rachel meltdown, by making play-dough nooses around B & R pictures/necks, stealing/hiding stuff, then blaming Rachel and so. Dani was whining more than Rachel yesterday, crying to Kalia that "it sucks" she's going and can't do anything about it, all the while campaigning against Kalia. I hope Dani goes. Just to prove that her "friends" in production won't quit en mas if she's evicted!

chris said...

danielle used that "it sucks" comment alot in her season too.
I still think we would all be bashing jeff if he blew the opportunity to not take out danielle.
his season he got bamboozeld by kevin and screwed up his own alliance.
this season danielle ruined that alliance early proving there was no vet alliance... so he had to get her out.

chacha said...


Adam is concerned about getting to 6 players. He said once its six everyone plays everything and its up to each individual.

If he goes out at six its because he plays for himself.

His only real alliance is Porsche. Last night she was saying she has to get him out but doesn't want dani to threaten him because it will hurt her(porsche).

He has played both sides as much as Shelly but IMO he has a better shot than her.

He can put them up and if either win POV he could then Backdoor anyone.

Jeff did tell Adam to figure out which person he wants to take to final 4

Anonymous said...

Adam really wants a newby to win, and I think he's counting on winning HOH with the memory challenge and booting out Rachel or Jeff. Of course, the smartest 'boot' would be Jeff, but Rachel gets on his last nerve, so who knows what he'll do... if he gets the chance.

(I can think of several others that would get on my last nerve more than Rachel.. now that Brendon is gone.)

He's been carefully studying everything from what's said, to dates of events. Several have mentioned how much he remembers.

Adam used to practice with Porsche, but a day or 2 ago, she mentioned he won't do that anymore. HELLO!!

In the meantime, Rachel and Jordan practiced some of the stuff in HOH last night. Rachel has a talent for remembering a lot of stuff too, but she hasn't been practicing nearly like she and Brendon did last season.

If a newby (other than Adam) wins HOH, their best bet is to evict Jeff and then Adam. But they might evict Jeff and then Rachel. But might go for Rachel first (since they have worked each other into such a lather over her) and that could cost the newbys their chance.

It was painfully obvious that Jordan is cute as a button, but dumb as a post at remembering most things. Although Jordan is usually good about sizing up who's doing what and why, she's totally oblivious to Shelly's attempting mutiny.

As BB followers (supposedly), you'd think they would ALL know to keep track of such things, and to practice on their own!

Anonymous said...

• It's a big blogged brouhaha of bewildering bullet bunches.

• I'm talking about the way Jackie splits up her comments on a single subject.

• She puts them into a long list of bullet points.

• You can't tell where one topic ends and the next begins.

• Doesn't that annoy you?

• It annoys me.

• If I wrote that way, I'd remain anonymous.

• Or annoynomous.

• Or both.

• Or neither.

• @@

RBennie said...


It doesn't annoy me at all.

Perhaps you are easily confused.

I agree that it's best for you to remain anonymous.

Donna in FL said...

Anon @ 2:08....then don't read it!
I for one love the way Jackie writes which is why I have been following her blog for years!

chacha said...

Rachel and Adam just shook on final five and relayed latest convo from Dani to rachel.

Adam is firm he isn't swaying.

Donna in FL said...

I just don't get why Dani thinks she is being backdoored...she played for the veto! I thought being back doored meant that the person did have a chance to play in the veto and couldn't save themselves.
Dani's mistake was flipping too soon on her original alliance.

Donna in FL said...

OOps I meant didn't have a chance to play for the veto....

Anonymous said...

This is one Anon who also enjoys Jackie's bullet comments. In fact, think I'll use dashes for this post!

- Dani and Shelly really working on Adam this morning, especially Dani.
- Rachel arrives to sit on BY couches with them.
- Tees off Dani royally because it halts her sales pitch.
- Doesn't matter.
- Adam shakes hands with Rachel for final 5 with JJRAS.
- His theory is he would have no shot vs Dani.
- Rachel in BY shouting out dates. - Adam shouts back answers on what happened on those dates.
- Note: Adam used to practice with Porsche, but she mentioned he stopped a couple of days ago.
- Dani ticked off that he's giving Rachel the answers.
- Somehow, this warms my heart.

Back to normal posting.

Anonymous said...

Now that Shelly knows Adam won't flip, she's trying to cover her tracks.

Shelly sure is a piece of work. She's telling Rachel that she's been "working to convince Adam" and you know she means 'convince Adam NOT to flip.'

Since Adam doesn't seem inclined to tell J&J what Shelly has been doing, I wonder if he will somehow spill the beans to Rachel.

Anonymous said...

@ "Or annoynomous"

It is called style, sorry it is over your head. @@


Sally said...

Anon at 2:08: I think "annoynomous" describes you well.

I like Jackie's bullet-point approach! It's very easy to read and provides a concise recap of what's happening in the BB house. I really appreciate her dedication to keeping us informed, as well as her humor and writing style.

Your style, on the other hand, not so much. I think you have a whole lot of nerve and a hugely inflated ego to come to Jackie's blog and criticize the format. Perhaps you should take your oh-so-anonymous comments elsewhere. You're not adding anything here and you're giving the other anonymous posters a bad name.

End of rant.

My wv is votine: I hope everyone will be votine to evict Dani.

Anonymous said...

Random thoughts:

Wasn't it Ragan last season who obsessively studied for the memory comp but lost it? It is only one comp, even if Adam wins it hardly guarantees he'll make it much farther.

Jordan should be dead of smoke inhalation by now. Watching Tuesday's BBAD wow did Shelly blow a lot of smoke up Jordan's hooha. In back to back statements Shelly would tell J that she would never ever lie to her within about five seconds earlier of having lied to her.

Shelly lied so many times to Jordan in the HOH Tuesday night it was it was like some sort of Tournament of Lies Parade. All why claiming with a straight face her adoration and loyalty for J/J and then spewing more lies about how she despises liars. And did anyone else catch her referring to a situation as being so stupid it was gay? Ick on Shelly for that.

I hope Adam sticks and boots Dani. I think if they are able to boot Shelly next things will improve for Rachel because I think Adam keeps wanting to target Rachel based purely on all the crap Shelly claims Rachel says about Adam.

The hideous things Shelly, Dani, and Porche say about Rachel are way worse than anything Rachel has said about anybody. They basically have turned into Britney and Ragan. Ick on them.

Shelly's delusional alternate reality now seems to extend to her smoking. She smokes every minute of every day she is in the backyard practically. But she doesn't want people on the outside to know she smokes? And now she is upset because Adam made a Shelly smokes Zing in the DR and Shelly thinks solely because of that comment people will now know she smokes????? Is there medication available for this condition?


Sally said...

I still don't think it makes sense for Shelly to even be in the BB house. According to an article that was linked a week or so ago, Shelly is Vice President of Business Development for an outdoor brand-building company, a position she just assumed in January.

What business would want one of their exuctives, who obviously represents the company to outside clients, to spent several months on a TV show that's built on lies, manipulation and deception?

I'd think it would seriously undermine her credibility with all her clients if she's demonstrated how good she is at lying and manipulating to close a deal. No business wants that.

Margo said...

People don't take on the anon trolls. Jackie knows the regulars love her. Don't start slinging mud cause we are all gonna get dirty. If you ignore the poster may they will go away. REMEMBER JACKIE KNOWS WHO WE ARE!!

wv is jacchies...too funny


sarah said...

i never comment, but high five margo!

Anonymous said...


Regarding Shelly. A few days ago, there were posts on various sites (including this one) saying that Shelly's picture had been removed from her employer's website.

I went to the company site and couldn't find her name mentioned anywhere, but that might not mean anything. However, I have to agree with your assessment and wonder if the image she's presenting on BB will affect her business career (if it hasn't already).

chacha said...

Anon 4:05 & Sally

When I went to the work website originally her name was never mentioned on it or the pic with the other team members.
There was something that had a welcome on board but it looked like it was an email sent out to maybe their investors/companies.

I believe she is highly successful at her job but to me she is now sucking in BB.

I also don't believe she is donating her money to her company as a thank you.

Her husband does pool cleaning/landscaping for a living. I don't believe he makes enough to support them while she is gone all these months.

i was truely a huge supporter of her at the beginnig. She hails from Louisiana now...GEAUX TIGERS!

chris said...

omg how do Jeff jordan and rachel not watch dani to see what is going on??
i have never seen in past years this much oblivion as to the person on the block trying to stay.
how could they not see this.
and how can adam stay so quiet about it??

Anonymous said...

annon at 2:08PM;
I see nothing wrong or annoying about Jackie's Blog. And I am a 20year experienced, highly successful teacher. I read a lot for a living. PQ
[I have also read many stories about Trolls. None of them are virtuous.]

Anonymous said...

Margo, I just saw your message. I usually ignore Trolls. You are right. I should have ignored even this one.
Regular posters, I am sorry.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more Chris. It's frustrating to watch J&J being so stupid and not keeping an eye on everyone, especially on Dani.

Rachel has actually put the most effort into watching and breaking up convos, but J&J have elected to depend on their alliance to report whatever is going on. The height of dumb.

I think Adam is covering his bases by not outing Shelly, but with Shelly covering her's (better), that might end up biting him in the butt.

One minute it looks like Dani is getting nowhere with Adam, then he gets called to DR a couple of times (fairly close). Suddenly he's by himself thinking deep thoughts. Then Porsche comes in and starts laying it on thick.

Does Adam have some kind of stupid crush on Porsche? He's always wanting to protect her (but she would throw him under the bus in a heartbeat). If anyone can turn him, it will be her.

Joe in NY said...

well, as someone else once said on this blog: J/J are active floaters.

I know, bit of an oxymoron but it does describe them. They really don't play that hard most of the time. Every now and then an HOH or Golden POV falls in their lap (usually Jeff's :) and they make the most of it. But for the most part they just hang out, throw a tantrum (Jeff!) if someone targets them, and count on numbers to get them to the end.

Honestly, you don't even need to do much other than what Rachel does. Go sit nearby and see if the conversation stops. LOL Then you know they were talking about you or something detrimental to you.

That said, J/J have to expect/know that Dani is going to try and stay. Either they are too lazy or just too comfortable in their alliance to bother to counter her efforts. I mean if you are 100% sure in Rachel, Adam and Shelly (the only votes that matter as Jordan offsets Porsche), then who cares what Dani says to them, right?

Of course if you are 100% sure of RAS, then maybe you also assume that if they aren't telling you anything then Dani isn't doing anything. Kind of dumb, but while they are cute no one has ever accused either of them of being strategic masterminds.

Get ready...I'm going to say it.

I almost think Jordan is smarter than Technotronic Jeff. I mean Jeff really isn't a rocket scientist (Brendon!) and he's weak strategically. Meanwhile, although Jordan has a blind spot where Shelly is concerned, Jordan is usually pretty adept at reading people. Much better than Jeff.

Dora M said...

Jackie - I am typically a lurker but I want you to know how much I love your blog. I read it everyday and enjoy it very much. Thank you for all the time you put into it, I hope you are feeling better.

Anonymous said...

Boy BB is so cheap. Dollar store arts and crafts and 5 month old Easter Egg decorations probably leftover from Julie Chen's or the producer's house?!?!? But that Easter egg dye stuff does seep through the shell, but is probably not harmful for you. and there were like 6 dozen available.

Shelly would be dumb to be the sole vote from her alliance with a double eviction and a self-professed spiteful vengeful Jeff still in the house.

And about the cookie thing. Every camera isn't on 24/7 and when they are there's a light so that the hgs can tell, so there are lots of things they say and get away with off camera. Not surprised.

Petals said...

In case I don't make it tonight:

~ blech on Shelly
~ "This gun's for hire"...and it's loaded with BULLETS, baby!
~ Go Jackie!
~ {{{guys}}}
~ BF Joe xoxoxo

monty924 said...

It could have been a slop chip, but since they haven't made those in a while and I'm guessing Dani didn't hide any under her covers, I'm going with cookie. There won't be a penalty nom. They didn't bust Enzo last season for sneaking peanuts so why bust Dani?

If I were Jen, I'd be ticked! ;)

See everyone at the blog party. Petals, hope you make it.

Joe in NY said...

Didn't Jen intentionally do it as an act of rebellion? Maybe BB didn't feel like they had a choice in that case.

How funny would it be if Shelly and Adam were ready to flip but a penalty vote made it academic. LMAO

chacha said...

she was putting in a retainer. I watched it in slow motion. I didn't realize she ever had one in her mouth

Jackie said...

Anon @ 2:08 -- Then go away. It's garnered me a paying writing gig, so it can't be that bad, eh?

Leave now, pesky fool.