Thursday, August 11, 2011

Big Brother 13 Live Feeds Post-Show 8/11

This is just a quick update ...
  • Kalia, with her phobia about hairs, needs to stop tugging on her own hair and throwing the shedding hairs on the floor in the purple room. Disgusting!
  • As expected -- Daniele, Kalia and Porsche aren't happy campers.
  • Porsche is asleep.
  • Daniele and Kalia have basically exiled themselves from everyone else.
  • The crew of six -- Jeff, Jordan, Brendon, Rachel, Shelly and Adam are celebrating.
  • Daniele told Adam that Jeff and Jordan wanted him out and she saved him twice.
  • @@
  • As expected -- Brendon and Rachel are attached to each other.
  • Ew.
  • The HoH comp is expected sometime tonight.
  • I have no clue what time.
  • They're in an indoor lockdown.
  • I'll hang as long as I can. I'm sure the HoH will be blocked to the feeds, but we'll know way before it's aired Sunday!
UPDATE - 11:54 PM ET, Kalia just got out of the Diary Room and asked who's ready to play for HoH. Nobody moved. They thought she was kidding. She's not. She said they all have to go to the backyard and the feeds have vanished. So, HoH comp is starting.


lynn1 said...

Jackie, don't over do.You need to rest and heal.
We appreciate you and all you do to keep us informed,entertained and give us a place to talk about our favorite shows.
It maybe daylight on the east coast before the HOH is complete so don't knock yourself out tonight.

Patti said...

I've decided that I'm DONE with Big Brother. The producers will never convince me that "America" voted Brendan back in. I love Jeff and Jordan, but I got so "ticked" that they had a pity party when they did the same thing they are accusing Kalia/Danny of. I, of course, will continue to read Jackie's posts (because she adds so much to Big Brother) However, I refuse to watch another episode.

Anonymous said...

My guess is that the HOH comp will start after BBAD.

Ninboh said...

Patti, I voted with 6 different accounts for Brendan. I think it's certainly possible that people who like drama/trainwrecks, Jeff/Jordan fans, and the small percentage of Brenchal fans out there put Brendan over the top. The majority who hate Brenchal couldn't form a consensus between Cassie and Dominick so those two split votes. I'm not saying the twist is fair but I don't believe CBS would rig a vote like this. They didn't for the saboteur, juror's prizes, America's Player, the coup d'etat, and Jordan's win in S11. So why would CBS start rigging it now.

chacha said...

I knew that Brendan was going to be the one to compete to get back in.
I was saying earlier that CBS loves the ratings.
I voted for Cassie- on three different computers.
Can't wait to see who wins this HOH.
Whats great is Dani is already saying its not fair and its rigged. She is soo frustrated. Guess she will try to win HOH now.

chacha said...

I am not saying that it is totally rigged, but who is going to ask for the accountings.

When you think about it, its all in the editing of the show. Dani is still edited as a brat.

Anything to help Jeff and Jordan get the spotlight off of them works for me. They really are funny.

This coming from someone who has Rachel in the pool

meb said...

I just checked... BBAD comes on at 1:00... I thought it came on at 12 midnight. Has it always been that way or is it because the HOH is going on and they knew this was happening because of the twist? At any rate, I'm going to bed... gotta work in the morning.

Thanks Jackie... I know you'll have something posted when I wake up. :)

Anonymous said...

I used to enjoy BB in the past...this season I couldn't stand the homophobic rant of Jeff and the constant manipulation by the producers..see ya

chacha said...

If HOH comp started whats being aired on SHO2?
I don't have it this year. Just the feeds which of coure are blocked

lowkey16 said...

@meb i noticed a couple weeks ago that BBAD actually came on at 1am on the night of eviction

chacha said...

Oh, well them I am glad I didn't order it this year.
I have the feeds in my computer room and can watch from the iphone.

OCgaul said...

@Patti..ditto, I'll do the same, m done w/ BB this season. I like JJ too but the way they think they better than Brachel but pretty much did the same thing as Brachel except in the less annoying way. I'll erase my dvr tonite and un-checked all my recording *ugh* I'm team Dani&newbie aka the underdog!!

OCgaul said...

Forgot to say thank u to Jacke and I'll be reading your blog instead. TIA and wish you a full and speedy recovery!! =)

SueGee said...

BAAD comes on after the show airs on the West Coast - so on Thursday its 10pm BB Time. I wonder what will air?

SueGee on the left coast

Anonymous said...

Amazing how many people inside and outside of the house think the game was rigged when someone they don't like gets ahead. Those same people ridicule others for claiming things are rigged when the situation is reversed.

Every comp favors certain player types. Some are great for the very small, some for the hardcore athletic, some suit people with terrific memories etc.

Frankly any of the four possible returnees would have won that comp over Lawon.

Personally I'm happy Brendon is back. Not because I like him, I don't. But the power needs to flip every few weeks or it gets too tedious as the power group picks of the others week after week. D/K had two weeks of HOH. They put one of their own on the block. Deal.


chacha said...

apparently Danielle won HOH

chacha said...

this should make for an interesting week. Guess it will be some combination of R/B/J/J???
Now its time for bed

Anonymous said...

Wonder if Dani will just put up the Brenchel duo... instead of splitting up the block between the vet pairs.

Either way, with Brendon back and Dani HOH again, it's going to make for another week of tear-less crying from Rachel, knowing they will be split up again. If Brendan doesn't manage to win POV, we won't have to listen to those 2 nitwits brag about their BB level of awesomeness.

Anonymous said...

I agree, Jackie, you need to rest. How is your knee feeling? What has your doctor said so far?

Well, I think the house was stupid for not voting out Rachel; but no, they felt sorry for her. hey knew there was a chance for Brendon to be voted for a chance to come back in, but they just weren't thinking.

I have never liked Brachel. It just amazes me people voted them back in because they wanted to be entertained. Just seeing them makes me fume.

As far as Shelly, she will not win. The verteran will use her and spit her out. She will not be taken to the end. At the rate it's going, only a veteran will win this year's BB.

I hope it's true Danielle won the HOH. Hopefully, she'll put Brachel back on the hot seat. I'd like to see one of them voted out - AGAIN.


Anonymous said...

I personally voted 10 times for I definitely think America voted him back in. I am more sick of Danielle and Kalia and all the whispering that goes on between the two of them. Dani thinks she runs the house..She talks about Rachel and the way she talks, but cmon, Dani, you sound like a valley girl.Go Jeff and Jordan..Love you guys..

Malik said...

Ok Ok, I am convinced the only reason people voted Brendan back in, is like someone mention before... EVERYONE really wanted to see Brendan and Racheal fight it out for who stays in the BB house.

I really hope Dani won, and that she realizes no deal she would have with the Vets would do her any good. She really needs to rally the newbies and they need to realize that there is no way they stand a chance against the vets and the producers.

Anonymous said...

If Dani continues to win HOH (or POV), the other Vets are the ones who won't stand a chance.

My feeling is Dani will continue to use the 'useless' newbies and just take one of them with her to the end... so she can win BB.

I like J&J, Shelly and Adam. I know it won't happen, but sure do wish Shelly could win it all. She's one sharp cookie!

Can't stand B&R, don't like Dani, Kalia or Porchia.

Dani is so totally mean-spirited this season and almost as self-centered as Rachel (in her own way).

Kalia's constant inane blithering could drive any sane person insane.

And Porchia is just creepy.

Nina said...

I do think the producers have influence over the game. I'm sure they thought Brendon would get the most viewers. I don't think it's fixed but they (the producers) have the last say. I know some one that's in a Reality Show and while it's not fixed, it is geared towards the ratings. Did anyone notice on one of the commercials in the end of the show, that it showed Rachael being a model or something to that affect?

I'm not one that is excited about Brendon coming back, not at all. I still think it's a good season. I hope Brendon is back on the block and goes home though. Shelly is playing too many sides. I wonder if this is her way in real life?

Anonymous said...

For those who may be wondering about Shelly in real life...

I read Shelly's bio yesterday. Not only is she very educated, but she has quite a successful business background... and I do mean top-of-the-ladder successful! Because she appears rather tomboyish, it should be no surprise that most of her business background has to do with outdoor types of ventures.

Her success in business means she's also used to working with all kinds of people on different levels, and it has shown in the way she's "worked" the other BB hamsters.

Shelly has also taken the time to do a bit of job-interview coaching with a couple of the hamsters (one was Rachel), which should have given some of them a clue that she's no dummy... but it didn't seem to register upstairs (mentally) with any of them.