Monday, August 22, 2011

Big Brother 13 Live Feeds Power of Veto Meeting Bulletin

Jeff took Porsche off the block ...

... and replaced her with Daniele.


Tammy said...

let the games begin!

Anonymous said...

oh my... !!
debi in calif

Anonymous said...

Yes!!!! Team J/J all the way!!!!!! He had to do it.
Jackie, hope you are feeling better & thanks for the update.

Anonymous said...

Jackie I hope you are feeling better.

LOL Excellent move. Love it!

Hoosier J

Sally said...

I had thought Jeff might take Kalia off instead of Porsche, but I'm sure he's thought about it a lot more than I have. And as long as Dani's up, I think it's a good move.

Jackie, thanks for posting the update. You're so diligent about keeping us informed even though you're feeling various degrees of crummy, and I appreciate it!

Anonymous said...

Love it!

Jeff is smart telling Rachel he did it for her and Brendon (to stroke Rachel's ego for the chance of their Jury votes).

The interesting thing about being in the BB house... how the game-playing and personal interactions work on each individual's ego, memory, reasoning, and view of fair-play.

None seem to remember the things they say (or do) to the others, and all think they've been nothing but honest and straightforward. Crazy.

chacha said...

Whats really funny is now Dani is saying that she would never have put Jeff up. She could have done it when she put brendon out.
Of course her first person to interact with for a vote is Shelly.
Now telling Shelly she will never put her up and they can roll to final two.
I sure hope Shelly isn't falling for it since she is one of the ones that said to Jeff, Lets get her up and out.
I think shelly is just fishing for a jury vote if she is in final two

chacha said...

I can say though i am sure Kalia will really want the HOH Thursday, either one of them to get Jeff out.

Becky said...

It always amazes me that a person can back door someone (like Dani did Brendon) and then when they are set up the squeal like a stuck hog!

Smart move by Jeff on telling Rachel that he did it for Brenchel.

Witt said...

WOWWWWWWWWW....that's saying something!

lynn1 said...

Jeff you sneaky little devil! LOL I am lovin' it!
Guess that makes me a mean girl too!

TerryinPA said...

oh i do love the thought of Dani and Brendon being stuck together in that house.......

RBennie said...

Awww, I was enjoying Dani in the house. With her out of the picture, Big Jeff will surely be running things from here on.

Anonymous said...

Danielle got got. I love it!


Anonymous said...

Wonder if Dani will be able to flip Adam and/or Shelly this week? I've been thinking about the votes and nothing is 'sure,' but it does look like Dani will go.

Jordan votes out Dani.
Rachel votes out Dani.

Porsche is a wild card. With her alliance on the block, she might vote to evict Kalia.

Adam acts like he's with J&J, but he would like a newby to win. The best chance for that to happen is to vote out Dani.

Even though Shelly has given J&J her word on keeping them safe, so her vote should be for Dani out. But she has been hanging with the Dani alliance a LOT. Could be she's just pumping for info... or is she starting to flip? Dani is making huge promises to Shelly right now.

RBennie said...

Adam is going to vote however Jeff tells him to. He is truly the ultimate floater, but hey, it's working for him. Shelly is firmly entrenched up J/J's butts. I don't see any scenario where Dani stays.

Margo said...

OMG I am shocked!!

Well actually not so much. I would be more shocked if he did not do this.


meb said...

I love a backdoor! I was actually thinking Jeff wouldn't have the guts to put Dani up. I'm so glad he did. Of course, he has to win comps from this point forward if he wants to maintain control. Hope they'll all be things he can do well.

rbennie... Dani? Seriously? Didn't I teach you better than that? (:>)

Joe in NY said...

I'm starting to hope for a Jordan/Porsche Final 2. How EPIC would that be? (er...NOT) LOL. It would be amusing though.

Rachel is suddenly sitting pretty if she can keep her head down a bit. Jeff/Jordan are the bigger target, maybe even Shelly, for Porsche/Kalia/Dani. And Kalia/Dani survivor is the biggest target for J/J.

This is, however, where numbers start to be important. If Adam is really anything but a floater, it is getting to be time to decide. Same for Shelly.

We're down to 7 after this week, that means 4 or even 3 with HOH can control the evictions. We could see some alliance shifting here.

With Jeff ineligible for HOH, Adam and Shelly should at least consider a jump to Dani's side. That would give them 4 against 3 overall but 4 against 2 in next HOH. I actually think if Adam is going to make a move it would be next week not this week, but depending on whom you trust, 7 is a key number.

chacha said...

Adam and Shelly know that if they vote against Jeff it wont be good.
Adam will do what jeff says till at least the DE which they don't know is Thursday.
I think if Adam were to win on the first HOH Thursday he would get Kalia or Rachel out.
Shelly has just been running back to J/J giving them info. I believe it will be a four-one vote.

Anonymous said...

Dani is whining how Jeff's decision to put her up is personal? So Dani spending 2 HOHs to out Brendon and ragging on Rachel's character 24/7 to every person in the house wasn't personal just game? And she calls Jeff hypocritical?

Bottom line Dani's team is not on Jeff's side, and so one of them has to go, doesn't it make sense to take down the strongest one? Sounds like good game play to me regardless of how Jeff "feels" about Dani.

Meanwhile K/P/D and S need to get lives and stop obsessing over Rachel. Rachel doesn't spend nearly as much time talking about them as they do about her. She is too busy trying to figure out her next move and whether or nor S or A will flip soon.

In other words Rachel is playing the game while K/P/and D are whining, isolating, and bashing Rachel which is now officially moved from a hobby to a full time profession for them.

Question for you guys:

If Jordan is in F2 does anybody think she will get a single vote? She has only won one comp so far and already won 500k two years ago. Wouldn't it be good to sit next to her at F2 even tho she is well liked? Thoughts?


Anonymous said...

I find it interesting that Shelly hasn't done her "let's cut up Rachel's stuffed dog" bit in front of Jordan. I think Jordan, unlike D/K/and P, would chastise Shelly for being mean and petty.

Anywhoo I am really happy to see Dani backdoored. Haven't liked her since she blamed R and B when her decision to blow up the veteran's alliance blew up in her face instead. Hope Kalia and Shelly are next!

Gotta go to the store, I'm all out of ParMEzeeun Cheese.


monty924 said...

@Lili, haha "now officially moved from a hobby to a full time profession for them." I love it and so true.

Jordan could win against Porsche, I think. She would have Jeff, Brendon, Rachel and definitely Shelly. YOu only need four to win the jury vote. Will it happen? I doubt it.

@Joe, I apologize for the 'man' vs. 'women' comment that I made, but stand behind my assertion that Jeff and Brendon are really nothing alike. :)

lynn1 said...

I think Jordan could get a few votes depending upon who is the other person in the final 2 with her.
If Jeff is on the Jury he will vote for Jordan regardless of who else is next to her.
If it is Jordan and Rachel I would bet there would be more than one person to vote for Jordan to win again.
I think most would vote for Jeff over Jordan.
Shelly, Adam, Porsche or Kalia next to Jordan would be a crap shoot. Of those 4 I would say Kalia would be the most likely to beat Jordan.
I might be way off base but that is how I see it.

Margo said...

**Pool Update**
Adam - Auntie Leigh, Ayana, ML
Daniele - Terry in PA, EileenM, Jennasmom
Jeff - Petals, Donna in AL, Delee
Jordan - Sydney, Meb, Brent McKee
Kalia - Nana in NW, Monty924, Laurie
Porsche - Ninboh, Donna in FL, Sharon S
Rachel - Jamie, Margo, ChaCha
Shelly - Sasha, Paris Hilton, Janice

Buh Bye
Keith - Zoetawny, PDX Granny, Becky
Cassi dla, Beadlebug, Buzzmaam
Dominic - Witt, Rbennie, JOEY
Brendon - SueGee, Sally, Chris
Lawson - Dr_Celine, Jackie, Caela
Brendon - SueGee, Sally, Chris AGAIN

Jeff - Petals, Donna in AL, Delee

Kalia - Nana in NW, Monty924, Laurie
Daniele - Terry in PA, EileenM, Jennasmom

Jeff - Petals, Donna in AL, Delee
used on Porsche - Ninboh, Donna in FL, Sharon S


Anonymous said...

F2 with Jordan. Whether she got votes would probably depend on who she's sitting next to.

Jeff would get the votes.
Adam might.
Shelly wouldn't get enough votes.
Kalia, probably not.
Porsche - hopefully not.

Shelly talks bad about Rachel, but none of them can hold a candle to Porsche and her vile ideas. Porsche really is a spiteful/hateful 'little' person. She puts a capital "M" on Mean-girl. She was talking to Kalia about how to get Rachel to self-evict, or get a penalty by spitting on her... to get Rachel to hit or pour water on her (in response). Then as Rachel was passing thru the kitchen, Porsche tells her that there will definately be an cast party, but Rachel isn't invited.

Anonymous said...

Holdy-moldy. I was waiting to see if this would happen, and I don't think she's just fishing for J&J this time!!

Shelly is telling Porsche and Adam that if J/J make it to the final 3, none of them have a chance. She wants to keep Dani & flip the house.

Then she says: Anyone could take Rachel to F2 and win the vote, but Rachel doesn't deserve to finish 1st or 2nd. If they flip the vote and take out Kalia, they'll have the numbers on their side and can proceed accordingly. Then everyone would have a "fair shot."

Anonymous said...

Stupid. Dani is one of the better players, so I don't know what makes Shelly think 'they' would have a better shot versus Dani.

monty924 said...

@Anon, shows how much Porsche knows (actually does NOT know). There is no penalty for pouring water, tea, pickle juice (all have been done before without penalty) on another house guest. Now hitting someone, yeah, but Rachel wouldn't do it. Porsche's an idiot. Seriously!

Anonymous said...

I don't know about the rest of you but SHELLY bugs me... A LOT!

She has from day one flipped and lied and played every which side.
She whines and cries and profeses how pure she is and holy mollee to be point I want to vomit! I hope she DOES NOT MAKE IT anywhere near any $$$$ 3rd place is the cruelest place to finish, and it would be just fine with me if she took that spot!

Southern Belle

Anonymous said...

Terry....if she could it with a straight face, Dani should tell Rachel that if she's evicted she going to show brandon what it's like to be with a real woman.

chacha said...

Adam isn't having any of what Shelly is trying to sell about flipping the house..
I am so proud of Adam. He is thinking logically and knows dani would sell her soul and turn around and spit on it to make it to the end of the game..

JimmyB said...

Admitting I'm a little surprised. Jeff gets credit for playing the game all the way.

Wondering--like Sally--why he chose Porche over Kalia. Maybe it doesn't matter much, but on the off-chance; Porsche is likely the better competitor. I'd want her out over Kalia.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear Dani has been nominated! Now let's just hope Shelly goes next....LOL Only fitting that she get's backdoored since that how she chose to play. I bet she will kick herself for the stupid choices she has made.

On another note. I have also enjoyed the Rachel discussion. I feel that she hasn't been nearly as mean as the others.

I hope Rachel makes it to the F2, wonder if there will still be so much hatred.

Anonymous said...

Porsche is a much better physical competitor than Kalia, but I think Kalia would beat her in a mental challenge.

Could be Jeff took her off the block to keep Adam's "loyalty" for as long as possible. For some odd reason, Adam seems really hep on Porsche and always sticks up for her.

Justene said...

Jeff has said repeatedly that if Kalia put him up, he would be gunning for her. He has kept that threat and if she survives (likely with Dani up there with her), there is little chance she would ever try it again.

Kaycee Fisher said...

H a l l e l u j a h !!! :)

Eller-Media said...

I like Rachel-
In fact I knew she'd be back on this years BB..

I wouldn't want Shelly on my BBUK VS BBUSA she'll backstab her own!

Anonymous said...

Who'd a ever thunk it?

Without Brendon, Rachel is becoming more "appealing" than Dani, Kalia, Porsche, and Shelly. Mostly because Rachel has started playing smarter. She's holdiong to the agreement in the HOH room. Talking game with J&J, but I've not heard her talking smack about anyone, whereas....

No matter how she tries, Rachel will never reach the appeal of Jordan though, because Jordan is to cute and such a natural sweetheart. She does try to play the game, but without saying hurtful things to anyone.

Anonymous said...

daaaaaaaaangggg. He'll be out the door right behind her.

lynn1 said...

I think a bit differently than you in regards to Kalia. I think if she gets the chance she will go after Jeff. If the comps remain physical I don't think she will win HOH. If they have Q&A comps she might win again. If she does win HOH I think Jeff will be her main target. I don't know if she will be able to get the votes to oust him.

Anonymous said...

I would NOT be surprised if Rachel or JJ won BB. The bad guys always win: Evil Dr. Will, Evel Dick, Maggie, Mike Boogie, Hayden......Rachel

Anonymous said...

It may be anyone's game at this point. : ( PQ

chris said...

I now officially hate shelly.
what is she thinking
she had a final 3 deal with j/j
and now she is going behind their backs to keep danielle?
does she really believe danielle would keep her over kahlia,
and what makes her think she(shelly) should win the game?
omg this pisses me off. I hope adam does not shit on jeff and keep danielle. why cant shelly and adam let kahlia stay and get out jeff for them, why would they help danielle, clearly a strong player in the game.
feel better jackie, I hope this fast forward thursday does not do jeff in. I for one think his game play was correct. we all know danielle wanted him gone next.

Anonymous said...

If Dani threw the comp, then....she more than deserved to be shown the backdoor=)


ORKMommy said...

All you people saying Rachel is more pleasant, have you been reading Jackie's updates? Apparently she's being outwardly 'mean girl'ish to Dani and Dani is just walking away. Rachel is playing smarter by laying low but she's NOT nice!!

No matter what anyone says, the point of this game is to get to the end. If Adam and Shelly think either of them has a chance in the final 3 with JJ, they're dumber than I thought! Why give up a whole summer away from everything you know just to be buddies with strangers and hand one of them 500K?

Anonymous said...

ORKMOMMY if you have been watching feeds you would see that rachel hasn't been near what Dani has been. i think jackie is a bit biased on this subject.

Anonymous said...

I've never been a Rachel fan, but have to say that she's showing a LOT more class than they are right now.

Rachel IS coming outside and being around Dani and Shelly as much as possible to stop game talk. She has not said anything nasty about anyone since Shelly faced her down in HOH the other night (which can't be said about Shelly).

So far, Rachel is only talking game, or stopping convos by constantly showing up when Shelly is with Dani (which does tick them off).

In the meantime, it's the other "ladies" (not Jordan tho) who are becoming meaner by the moment. THEY are the ones talking about everyone behind their backs, especially nasty about Rachel. They are wishing Rachel everything from ill to injury.

It's strange to see Rachel being the "nice" one.

ShellyNoGood said...

Shelly IMO is disgusting, I can not stand anyone who claims to be of integrity and playing the game honest and she is the poster child this year of the honorable player. Its BB, not the real world. Shelly really thinks she is the moral compass this season, slamming Rachel and saying she is just there to help J/J now this week she wants to stir the pot again and flip on them, way to be loyal Shelly. Then saying her work is getting her money for letting her be on the show, she is a total piece of work and I can not stand her.

Anonymous said...

Jeff, WHY????? What were you thinking????? Dani & Rachel in the same house means 2 strong players aren't targeting YOU and JORDAN (and if a newbie manages to win something, they've got Rachel & Dani to target)

Anonymous said...

Anon (4:29p)

No matter what Dani says, Dani and her alliance had already been planning to target Jeff NEXT.

With Brendon gone, Dani realized Jeff would be her biggest competitor, and that was verified when he won POV too. She knows he is capable of winning more comps than Rachel, or anyone else in the house except herself.

Which is really why she's so ticked off right now... her plan got blasted out of Jeff's Pontoon water!

Kudos for Jeff realizing that he'd be Dani's next BIG Target (no matter what she said).

Anonymous said...

I can't wait until Dani is gone but in her defense, she was not eating a cookie. She put in a bite guard or a retainer. It's hard to eat a cookie without chewing.

It's also driving me nuts that Adam has not told J & J about Shelly trying to flip the house. Like she has a chance to win playing with Dani. I would love to have Shelly evicted during the fast forward.

Jackie said...

It was a cookie and she did chew.