Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Big Brother 13 Live Feeds Through Tuesday 8/09

Shelly picks at her toes in public. Ew.

Yes, I realize I haven't really posted on Tuesday. There are a few reasons. The MAIN reason is that there has been very little going on. Yeah, there were cute moments, a bit of game talk, some trashtalk, but nothing ground-shaking. The second reason is an issue where I messed up my knee in PT today. That's physical therapy, not Dominic (nicknamed PT for Pre-Teen). Pain and pain meds don't make for great typing or thinking skills.

So I decided to post odd screen caps of each hamster instead of a lot of words. Here's some of what I've gleaned from inside that Big Brother House of Boring Beasties:
  • I noticed in the previous post comments that someone thinks Lawon "saved Jordan" by volunteering to go up.
  • That's totally wrong.
  • Kalia told everyone she would not put Jordan on the block, nor backdoor her. Jordan and Kalia made a promise long ago.
  • I'm not a big fan of Kalia's, but she gave her word and she kept it.
  • Of course, she made sure that Jeff and Jordan knew she was keeping it -- for brownie points, I'm sure.
  • The plan is to vote out Lawon this week, not Rachel.
  • Amazing, eh?
  • They really think with the new twist that Lawon might come back and automatically be HoH.
  • They don't want Rachel to be HoH.
  • And I'm the one on pain meds messing up my mind, eh?
  • Porsche is getting talked about by everyone.
  • She's trying to hang with Kalia and Daniele.
  • But they both trashtalk her when she's not around.
  • Shelly, meanwhile, is still working her mojo for the most part.
  • She has dreams of being in the final three with Jeff and Jordan.
  • I've decided I want Jeff in my place not only for the eye candy factor, but to be my own personal chef. He's very domesticated!
  • Rachel has calmed down and, for the most part, not causing any issues.
  • She did wear Daniele's hat, though. Daniele had lent the hat to Porsche. She's probably going to burn it now.
  • Nothing to see here, folks.
  • Tomorrow and Thursday until the show will probably be just as non-eventful.
  • Sigh.

Did Rachel cut herself shaving and
stick bits of toilet tissue on it?
(Actually pimple cream, but ...!)

Kalia relives her hysterics at seeing the HoH room.

Jordan does a Donald Duck/Chipmunk version
of "When the Saints Come Marching In"

Uncle Fester Adam sleeps with his mouth open.

Not a great look, Lawon.

Daniele whispers to Kalia in front of Rachel.
This was to demonstrate her silent clicky
whispering technique I hate so much.

Jeff refused to let me find him in a bad shot.

And then there's Porsche ... still just there.


Anonymous said...

That's a bummer they want to get rid of Lawon. I just want Rachel gone. I wish they knew she wasn't even a factor in the voting. :-(

The only redeemable part in this all is if Cassi comes back, it'll drive Rachel nuts. However, if Brendon comes back and Rachel stays, they've just shot themselves in both feet.


Anonymous said...

Seeing that last shot of Porshe should convince any woman that wants implants to not over do it. Her implants look so fake, tight, and uncomfortable.
Is Jordan the only one that is all natural????

Justene said...

Yeah, I was worried it was your knee. I was hoping you were JUST bored but it was both.

I can see why the don't want Rachel out this week if they really are worried are she will get HOH on her return. Of course that is just something they made up.

Anonymous said...

Jordan's breasts aren't real, either.

meb said...

Jackie... I am so sorry about your knee. I know we can't blame the PT's, but they should be the ones making sure you don't do anything to cause you to pop something.

Let us know what the doctor says as soon as you can. Do you have someone to take you there? If not, call a cab...

As for BB... I want this eviction to happen so we know who's coming back. I'm pulling for Lawon to go cause he pulled a 'stupid' and for Cassie to come back in. That would shake up Rachel and Dani.

Petals said...

Aww, Jackie - I know you are banged-up, so thank you for making this post.
Jeff is awesome!
WTH? Why get rid of not-a-threat Lawon?? and NOT Rachel??
Shelly is David Spade.

@Anon 1:39: My implants are totally natural-looking. With a good surgeon, you can request a more natural look, a "slope", a tension, etc. Some chicks actually like that tennis-ball-under-the-skin look. Ouchie!!

ceemurph said...

jordan's aren't real either. when she was on two yrs ago she had just had them done and kept massaging them all the time! Made for hilarity on the feeds but they kept having to edit her! ROFL

ceemurph said...

Oh, and so far I'm ok with Rachel staying as long as she continues down the Brendan's-gone-so-I'm-a-nice-person-schtick. Who knew, I like Rachel, I just didn't like Brenchal?! I MIGHT just eaven start rooting for her?!?!

Witt said...

I'm sorry about your knee Jackie! I had some dislocation issues when I was younger so in hearing about your knee issues, surgeries, PT, etc I'm feeling it down here in DC! Please baby yourself and I wish you much comfort in the coming days.

The plan is to vote out Lawon????? Great. If Brendon wins the vote to get back in Lawon wouldn't have a prayer of beating him. And then there are Rachel and Brendon, together again. I hope Cassi is still ahead in the polls, though I have no idea if that is true or not.

Witt :)

Miss Allan said...

Jackie...thank you for the screen shot of Jeff, if you could put a shot of him in each post you'll make me a happy camper!
I read, some place, that Dani, Kalia and Porsche, were all debating whether Jeff was cute or not...did anyone hear that and if you did, what did they decide?
Also, can Kalia really have a conversation without Dani hanging around? How can either of them think that this is truly Kalia's HOH?

lynn1 said...

Very sorry to hear about your setback with your knee. I hope you will recover from this new problem very soon. Please take it easy. We care about you alot.
I thought in your previous picture of Adam shaving that he looked like Uncle Fester.
Dani with the dark hair could be Morticia if they decided to do an Adams Family skit.

If Cassi is the one to come back who will she team up with? Rachel didn't like her, Jordan liked Cassi but was HOH and nominated her when she was evicted. I don't know how close she was with Dani or Kalia. I think Shelly was her duo-partner but I don't know if they actually bonded.
To me, Cassi seemed to be smart and had a good understanding of the game. It will be interesting to see what she does if she comes back.

Anonymous said...

What I'm really surprised about is the facta that Kalia didn't put Lawon up in the first place, when he was her partner she talked as if she loathe him, I only hope whom ever wins HOH will put Kalia and Dani up. I really dont think Shelly wants to be in the final 3 with Jeff and Jordan, she might could win against Jeff, but she wont win against Jordan, everyone in the house likes Jordan, because she doesn't have a harsh word to say about anyone. I think if Dominic comes back he and Dani might rule the house. Lawon needs to go just for being STUPID.

RBennie said...

I'm sorry you are in pain Jackie. I hope it's feeling a little better today. I may need some of your pain meds for the headache I got reading their logic on evicting Lawon! Kalia totally wasted her HOH and will most likely be on the block next week. Marsellas is going to have to give up his crown to Lawon for stupidest move in BB history. Although I always thought that crown belonged to Howie for being blinded by the boobies!

Lorraine said...

Sorry to hear about your knee Jackie :(

Love all the pictures you take of Jeff. He is just plain handsome! I remember when he did "Around the World for Free". Tried to watch all the episodes. And when Jordan joined him at the end that was great. Bet you can't tell they are my favorite couple.

Becky said...

Jackie, I was sorry to hear about your set-back. Take it easy and let the knee heal. Are you going to the doctor?

WV: ackedl -- When Vincent heard about Lawon's bone headed stunt he acked!

Anonymous said...

I'll be curious to see Jackie's comments concerning the After Dark events Tuesday night. Shelly's 'plan' just may have gotten screwed up.

Anonymous said...

• I'm not a big fan of Kalia's, but she gave her word and she kept it.

So how often does that happen on this show? About as often as someone volunteers to go on the block.

Dr_Celine said...

I hope you feel better soon Jackie.

Anonymous said...

TMI Petals

Miss Allan said...

Quick, someone tell Adam about J&D's Bacon Salt and Bacon Popcorn....just heard about it on QVC! LOL

monty924 said...

Bacon popcorn is actually really good. I had a childhood friend, many, many moons ago who's mother always popped their popcorn in bacon grease instead of oil. That was a treat. She would make big (brown paper) grocery bags full of it and take us to the Drive-In Theater. I love it, because it was different from anything that I had ever had at home. Its also naturally salted from the bacon. Of course, who cared about salt or anything (food wise) in the 1970's! ;)

monty924 said...

Forgot to mention I'll be DVR'ng tonight so will comment later. Out with family from out of town for din-din. Have fun at the pool party. :)