Saturday, August 13, 2011

Big Brother 13 Live Feeds Through Saturday Morning 8/13


Sure, I like drama. You know I enjoy a good brouhaha. However, one thing folks who don't have the live feeds don't realize -- while we have four separate camera views, it might just as well be two (sometimes one!). Feeds 1 & 2 are usually just two different angles of the same location, with 3 & 4 covering a different location.

Into the night last night after nominations, we could have had four cameras on four different tiffs at times! I had to use the flashback option to go back and find things I missed. Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of All Heck Breaks Loose:
  • Okay, Daniele did nominate Shelly and Adam, telling them that she wants the veto used to backdoor Brendon.
  • Daniele has said before that she doesn't like the backdoor bit as the person never gets a chance to stay.
  • Daniele has deals with both Jordan and Jeff and Brendon and Rachel -- separate deals, that is.
  • I'm honestly not sure which deal she's sticking to. She even told Kalia the backdoor Brendon bit.
  • At this time, if the veto saves someone, I think only Daniele knows what she'll do.
  • If the veto isn't used, it looks like Shelly is history.
  • After nominations, all heck broke out.
  • Rachel, now that she has her bestest fiance in the world back at her beckon and cry, threw everyone under the bus.
  • She said Jeff was mean to her, Shelly was running around telling every conversation they had to the other side and no one helped her.
  • That's after me watching HOURS of Jeff and Jordan (and sometimes Shelly) consoling and catering to Rachel's mentally unstable behaviors last week!
  • Jordan once again pushed for a "house meeting." I don't know why she keeps suggesting those things. Of course, as a feeds watcher, I like them because they usually turn into screaming matches.
  • But, as a hamster, they just tend to stir up more problems.
  • As this one did.
  • Rachel kept screaming at Shelly and it got to the point where even Brendon wouldn't support her in her exaggerations and sometimes outright lies.
  • Shelly screamed back.
  • Jeff lit into Jordan calling her dumb for calling the meeting.
  • :-( So not nice, Jeff!
  • Rachel went running around to everyone saying how she's been telling everyone for three weeks that Shelly has been playing both sides of the house.
  • She's right, but I really didn't need to hear her say it 756 times!
  • Shelly freaked. Shelly cried. Shelly wanted to quit.
  • "I've always just tried to help these girls," Shelly cried.
  • Well, it's one thing to clean things and offer worldly advice, but Shelly does take things too far.
  • Neither Porsche nor Rachel need to be told by her that they need to wear something so their "hoo-hahs" don't show.
  • Darn it, Shelly ... they obviously WANT to be exhibitionists! Leave them alone about that stuff. If they want to look like tramps, let 'em. No skin off your nose!
  • You can play the 42-year-old mommy card without giving them that advice.
  • The only comedy relief of the night was the new houseguest Phillip.
  • Okay, Phillip is only Adam wearing Woody Allen-esque eyeglasses.
  • Actually the character itself is a neurotic, OCD, weirdo momma's boy ... kind of like an old Woody Allen movie character.
  • Another fight(ish) started when Brendon and Rachel wanted Porsche's bed. She's had the same bed all season and doesn't want to give it up.
  • Kalia doesn't think it fair to be asked to give her bed to them either.
  • Face it, Brenchel ... no one wants your bodily fluids in their bed!
  • No one is on slop this week, no food comp.
  • The veto players were picked: Daniele, Shelly, Adam, Jeff, Jordan and Kalia.
  • Brendon and Rachel are very upset that their names weren't picked.
  • They, Adam and Daniele think it's odd that Jeff and Jordan or, at least Jeff, have played in every veto comp so far.
  • Right now, the veto competition hasn't started.
  • I'll let you know when I know.

Shelly's 19th nervous breakdown

Jeff complains that California is cold.


Joe in NY said...

NICE I knew this would be a great week, all you doubters!

Unless Shelly or Adam win POV, I'm not sure anyone else would use it. So little trust in the house, you can't know who's going up. If Dani wins, all the bloods on her hands, I think she might leave things alone. Maybe backdoor Brendon, but why push things. Kalia might use it and force Dani to do something but I don't see Kalapdog doing anything Dani doesn't want. Porsche...well, really, what are the odds of her winning the veto.

As for Jeff being in all the POVs, that is a byproduct of the couples theme. They were forced to play in all of them up until the final 10. Since then Jeff is 2 for 2 and Jordan 1 for 2 in getting picked. But that is not a statistical anomaly as any rocket scientist should know...I'm looking at you Brendon.

EasternShoreMD said...

Thanks Jackie! Love your updates:)

lynn1 said...

I hope you feeling better today than you were yesterday.

My WV is brapark. After what Jackie wrote about Shelly's advice to Rachel and Porsche about their "hoo hahs" I thought it would be relevant.

monty924 said...

LOL @ Joe. Yes, a rocket scientist should be able to figure that one out, and a degree in chemistry guarantees Rachel should know how to do the math. @@

I like Shelly and don't want to see her go, but she has pushed it a little too far in the past week. Its plain to see on both sides that she is playing all over the place. I actually hope either Adam or Shelly do win the POV, so we can see if Dani will stick to her own plan and backdoor Brendon. Wouldn't bother me one iota. :)

Nina said...

I'm not saying I'm a big fan of Shelly's but she has been playing the game, maybe in her own way but still playing and taking risks. On the other hand, Adam has not been taking risks and I haven't seen him trying other than staying under the radar. Maybe I've over looked something here. For this reason. I'd rather see Adam leave before Shelly

Sally said...

I'd like to see Rachel get backdoored this week. She's such an ingrate, after all the support, both personal and strategic, she received last week from Jeff, Jordan and Shelly. I don't want them or us to suffer through another week of her crying and whining if Brendon gets evicted again.

Thanks for your dedication to keeping us updated, Jackie. Hope you and your knee are feeling much better.

Anonymous said...

Oh my heck Shelly is getting on my last frayed nerve! All that crying and whining and carrying on like a five year old? And over what...because Rachel said Shelly said she (Shelly) had a deal at some point to vote out Jordan???

Shelly whines that she is ready to walk out cuz she will not play with people who lie???? Shelly has lied, her buds J/J have lied. Everyone who has ever played BB has lied to someone at some point. So the heck what....that's part of the game. If that's not how you roll Shelly then why are you on the show?

And why are your lies OK, but Rachel's some sort of crime against humanity? And why is your endless teary bitchfest OK but Rachel's are revolting?

At this point I would pay money for Shelly to get off my TV.

Meanwhile J/J seem OK with the theoretical plan to BD Brendon this week and they ragged on Rachel a lot during Shelly's pity party. That's OK, they are playing to keep themselves in the game of course, as they should. I just don't want to hear J/J bitch if Dani sticks with B/R instead of them and one of them gets booted this week or the next.

My long overdue point I guess is that I hate when people rag on other people for doing the exact same thing they themselves have done, hypocrisy is my pet peeve. So suck it up house guests, do what you gotta do to advance yourselves and stop whining and crying, no body forced you into this game.

Dani, Kalia, Portia seem to spend 95% of their days in the HOH room obsessing about who is doing what on the spy screen. Maybe BB should keep that door locked for half a day just so they are forced to talk to someone besides each other.


april rj said...

Backdoor Rachel, she urks me to my soul...ugh

TerryinPA said...

gotta love the drama Jackie.....I would much prefer Rachel getting backdoored..over Brendon..honestly.I couldnt believe she complained that people were not nice to her. Jordon and Jeff and Shelly really tried to comfort her....

Anonymous said...

After about 2 weeks in the house, it seems like the majority of BB people lose touch with reality. Their part in whatever happens doesn't seem to enter into the picture (or their heads).

Of course, we viewers have the advantage of seeing and hearing what each person has done, or conspiring to do, so it's easy for us to judge their stupidity... or self-centered behavior.

Personally, I would NEVER want to try being in the BB house because I would probably end up a sobbing and screaming mess too, whether warranted or unwarranted. And it doesn't seem to matter how intelligent a person is, they all "lose it" to some extent on this show.


ceemurph said...

My point well proven. Rachel wasn't so bad playing alone. But BRENCHAL is a terror on wheels! Why does she turn into such a psycho when he's around? Would love to see either one of them backdoored and see how they play the game alone.

WV: fric it. Yep, that about sums it up.

Anonymous said...

The best plan would be to BD Brendan because he tends to win more comps.

It sure would be nice to have Rachel gone, but I'm torn because it would also be good to have Brendan gone... just for the constant stupid voices he uses during After Dark. :D

Still think it will be Shelly gone though.

It's been about 2 1/2 hours and the Veto comp is still going on.


RiseandShine said...

This season should be a called "A Bit Too Far" - everyone in that house has gone there at one point or another and sunk something they had going for them.
I don't get Jeff. I would expect that after traveling the world like he did that he'd be much more "chill" than he's being.(not hating on him, just an observation)
I'm on board to backdoor Rachel, just to please make it go away, but it is smarter to get Brendon out if you have the chance.
Fingers crossed!

PDX Granny said...

As much as I hated seeing Brendon come back ~ because I don't want to have to watch and/or listen to the two of them, but it has added a bit more excitement to the game.

I really expected to see Dani put up B/R and was surprised to see A/S go up. I can see her point tho. If either come off, she still has options to backdoor. I hope that's what happens. I hope she goes back on her deal with B/R and puts one of them up.

Of course, even if she does, who knows what would actually happen. As we've already seen, with most wanting Rachel gone before, things have a way of turning around.

chacha said...

It is killing me with not knowing who wonPOV yet.
Rachel would be the perfect choice for backdoor.
I was watching feeds earlier today and rachel really is just pathetic.
I still say Brendan was much better of a person without her last year. DOn't get me wrong. I would like to see them both off my screen.
Funny thing today. Rachel was talking about Brendans Sabatoe...I couldn't help but think of last season and all the talk of his Neandertoe...

Beverly said...

Jeff won the veto!

Sally said...

THIS is why I don't check Joker's very often! So far, different reporters their scribes have posted that Porsche, Jeff and Dani won the POV. I'll stick with my usual habit and wait until Jackie posts the true winner.

Joe in NY said...

Jordana,totally with you. Hate the hypocrisy.

Anonymous said...

Weird. So far, nobody has indicated who won POV yet (lots of wrong guesses).

Jeff gets $$ (Rachel bitching about Jeff being so greedy).

Jordan gets a funny Unitard

Looks like Shelly got.... a 24 hour Isolation Punishment in HN room... with a pot of (slop?) and bread, and a make-shift toilet behind a curtain.

It doesn't look like Shelly or Adam won POV or they both would be very happy... even Shelly in HN isolation.

If Dani won, I don't think she will be inclined to change noms.

Anonymous said...

My sources are saying that Dani won Veto...but waiting for Jackie to confirm and report her findings.

Anonymous said...

When HOH wins POV fewer masters comment on it.

Jackie said...

You're wrong about Daniele winning PoV. See my latest post.

Petals said...

Help! WTF??? Why would Brendan & Rachel ask for Porshce's bed? In what twist? I mean, what logic did they use making that request? Seriously?