Thursday, August 04, 2011

Big Brother 13 Live Feeds - Thursday Drama 8/04

Jordan reacts to Rachel's never-ending sobbing

Shelly shoots herself over Rachel's never-ending sobbing

See! Rachel's own issues have driven the others in the house into severe psychosis! Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Psychotic Reaction:
  • Rachel has talked both about walking out with Brendon tonight and/or just quitting the competing.
  • She says she'll float and smile and laugh at everyone's jokes, won't try anymore.
  • In the midst of all of this, I did pick up her saying (before feeds were cut) that the show ruined her life last year and how they (her and Brendon) didn't even get any follow-up therapy.
  • She also said (before feeds were cut again) that the DR pretty much told her that her problems are her own fault and she's being crazy.
  • Well, um. Yes.
  • She has cried for the most part since the Daniele blow-up yesterday.
  • Wearing her rose-colored glasses for a mind trip, she claims that she honestly believed there was a chance of Brendon staying and Jordan getting voted out before that incident.
  • Huh? Sorry, gal ... but Brendon NEVER had/has a chance against Jordan. He's tainted goods. Plus, he IS a big competitive threat in the house.
  • But now, in her mind, Daniele the Super Villain has ruined the chances of Brendon staying.
  • While moping this morning saying that she's giving up competing, Shelly tried to console her and give her a pep talk.
  • No, Rachel prefers to pout, sulk, cry and use up all the toilet tissue on blowing her nose.
  • Act or not?
  • Some of it is definitely a "feel sorry for me" pity party act. But as I watch her, it makes me feel like the most psychologically balanced person in the whole world.
  • That's by comparison, of course. I have my own issues. But I'm not stupid enough to expose them to the world. After all, it could ruin my reputation, job possibilities, relations with family and friends.
  • Oh wait. That's what RACHEL did.
  • She claims that being on the show ruined her life.
  • So she went on it again.
  • All for the $750 a week stipend because she couldn't get a job because the show ruined her life.
  • She keeps going on about how she has nothing and is no good.
  • That is sad. For sure.
  • But she put herself in the situation not once, but twice.
  • Nothing Jordan or Shelly said to her sunk in.
  • She still says she isn't going to compete anymore, she'll just float along.
  • At this point, I'm dreading the leaked hamster return bit. I so hope that Brendon is indeed gone. Then we'll see if Rachel has any game without him or if she's totally hopeless.
  • Whatever the case, she's secured her stipend for the rest of the summer.
  • Unless she walks out with Brendon, that is.
  • I don't think that will happen.

Too bad, so sad.
Yeah, right.


Anonymous said...

The nerve of her having a giant sized pity party and threatening to leave when Brendan decided to take the hit and go home to save her shameful butt. What a waste of BB time she is. Unless she has actual mental health problems in which case it would be too non-PC for me to criticize her actions. Right? Thanks Jackie. Belle

Petals said...

Please, oh please, let her walk out with Brendan!!!!!! Good riddance to bad rubbish.

Anonymous said...

Rachel is a poor sport. It's all good as long as things are going her way. But, maube Belle is right and I should have sympathy for her. PQ

jabifla-glenda said...

The key words are "if" and "maybe"...If she is mental, and maybe I should not criticize...After seeing her 2 seasons..I think she IS mental and I DON'T have any sympathy for her. She put her self in this position for the second time and Mr. PHD let her! Go Away..both of you.

chacha said...

I would love for her to DOR right after Brendan is evicted.
If she doesn't win HOH I wonder how long she will last. Of course I am speaking of her own free will, not being nominated or evicted.
I have no sympathy for her or anyone who puts themselves out there like this.

chacha said...

I have watched BB for years and as I am watching the feeds B/R are going over days of everything happening.
I see this happen every season. I truely cant remember any HOH/POV comp where this came up in the comp except before or after. I think its way to early for before or after.
Does anyone remember a comp with the numbers of the week?

Jason said...

Poor Rachel. Too bad fan-made videos like these don't help her cause:

Joe in NY said...

Actually it would be funny if she DOR'ed and then Brendon got voted back into the house.

ORKMommy said...

I take back what I said about her being unstable. She's just a spoiled rotten brat who gloats when things go her way and pouts when they don't. What she really needs is to spend some time with people who truly have nothing but manage to smile and enjoy life despite their circumstances. Can we all vote to send her to a war torn country to help orphans? How about we send her on a mission trip with Dr's With No Borders! Maybe she'll learn a two or thing about appreciation and humility!!

chacha said...

Joe in NY-
I would die if Brendan came back in. Whats funny is I can only imagine Dani's face. She would just die.

The thing is once Rachel left last year Brendan was tolerable.

Anonymous said...

Boy, Do we ever have some mean-spirited people here. Anyone of us could have been born with Bi-Polar or a chemical imbalance. Just sayin'

ceemurph said...

I was kinda hoping we'd start the vote tonight with the reveal of Brendan back in the house next Thursday AFTER Rachel has been sent to jury cuz she gave up trying! MMWWWAAAHAHAHAHA

Anonymous said...

I didn't read anyone saying anything about bipolar or chemical-imbalence. ???????

Anonymous said...

We are at the self-pity in the hammock scene. Rachel is SO FAKE! And so self-centered. She acts like a toddler that thinks the world revolves around them. Watching Rachel and Brendis so hard with their disgusting phonieness.

Joyce Johnson said...

I'm so happy Rachael didn't win. Just not sure how Kalia will proceed. My guess is Rachael and Porche. It should be an interesting week.