Friday, August 05, 2011

Big Brother 13 - The Live Feeds Trashbag Wedding

Apparently they didn't have time for it in the show, but CBS has put an edited version of the trashbag wedding of Rachel and Brendon up on the website. Here it is for your enjoyment:


Holly said...

with the exception of Rachel's laugh...that was pretty funny! Lawon was great as the BB Rev!!

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing Jackie. Was wanting to see the big day.

Witt said...

Thanks for sharing Jackie! Lawon was so so flippin' FUNNY!

Witt :)

Petals said...

bummer...I tuned-in, but all I got was a cellphone ad then a black screen. A portent, perhaps? hehe

g'morning, Jax! :)

Donna in AL said...

That was great to see especially the DR sessions!
Thanks Jackie!!

Michelle C said...

Ok, excuse me, but, Lawon MADE this wedding! He's awesome!

Jennasmom said...

Thanks, Jackie!

Miss Allan said...

They did a great job of editing the wedding and I also loved the DR sessions. too bad they didn't have time to show it.

Margo said...

I can not believe thay did not have time to show this last night.

Margo said...

**Pool Update**
Adam - Auntie Leigh, Ayana, ML
Daniele - Terry in PA, EileenM, Jennasmom
Jeff - Petals, Donna in AL, Delee
Jordan - Sydney, Meb, Brent McKee
Kalia - Nana in NW, Monty924, Laurie
Lawson - Dr_Celine, Jackie, Caela
Porsche - Ninboh, Donna in FL, Sharon S
Rachel - Jamie, Margo, ChaCha
Shelly - Sasha, Paris Hilton, Janice

Buh Bye
Keith - Zoetawny, PDX Granny, Becky
Cassi dla, Beadlebug, Buzzmaam
Dominic - Witt, Rbennie, JOEY
Brendon - SueGee, Sally, Chris

Kalia - Nana in NW, Monty924, Laurie

ceemurph said...

Hilarious that they took out the singing of "for she's a jolly good fellow"!

Witt said...

Margo -- when someone gets voted back into the house, do that person's pool players get to jump back in the pool? I'm hoping my boy Dominic wins the people's vote!

Witt :)

Margo said...

Witt -

Of course you are back in the pool!! BUT ya know if history repeats itself that you will be right back out post hast.


Witt said...

Margo -- you are so right about history repeating itself!
Thanks for the update!

Witt :)

WV:telin: I am telin you, Dominic (or Cassi) should go back in the house!

Anonymous said...

Dani is so funny! PQ

Anonymous said...

What day of the week do the nominations occur in the house?

ORKMommy said...

Awesome!! Lawon made that ceremony. I also loved Rachel's vows, although I'm sure someone helped her write them. I'm so glad they showed Dani's DR with the trip for one outside the house!!

TerryinCA said...

Lawon stole the show, he was so good at his Pastor Position.... even like him more!!
They all seemed to enjoy themselves, except Dani, that is....