Thursday, August 18, 2011

Big Brother 13 Live Feeds Update Thursday August 18

First, I really want to thank everyone for hanging in with me. I'm not quite 100% for sure, but should be able to spend a little time here at the keyboard. I cannot believe how sick I was. Gah! But enough of that ... I want you spoilers lovers to be up to date on things as you never know how they'll be edited.
  • The vote tonight should be five to one for Brendon to leave.
  • There was a big brouhaha (no fisticuffs or other violence) between Brenchel and Jordan and Brenchel and Jeff yesterday about it.
  • Jeff and Jordan will be voting for Brendon to go as their votes won't save him. All voting to save him would do is make Daniele, Kalia and Shelly mad at them.
  • They told Brendon and Rachel the truth -- he doesn't have the votes to stay. Adam is the swing vote. If they can get him, they'll vote to keep him.
  • But they know that won't happen.
  • Brendon and Rachel fussed and pouted, telling Jeff and Jordan that they'd vote to keep them no matter what.
  • We know different.
  • While I don't think Daniele told Jeff and Jordan about Brendon and Rachel throwing them under the bus, they know that the throws have been happening.
  • Jeff and Jordan aren't dumb.
  • Jordan confronted Rachel about her attitude.
  • Jeff confronted Rachel about her attitude.
  • While separate, these confrontations were consecutive.
  • It was very entertaining.
  • At one point Jordan made the "mistake" of saying how she had to babysit Rachel all last week.
  • Rachel blew up.
  • Jeff said that he has bitten his tongue so much when talking with her that he has no tongue left.
  • "I can't even taste anything anymore!"
  • The lockdown started last night and today itself has been uneventful.
  • They're thinking it might be endurance.
  • I kind of hope not -- I'd feel better if they did that next week!
  • Please stop back for the blog party post!


Kaye said...

Maybe since we had to wait for last weeks HOH they will not do endurance. I hope for your sake they will wait. Feel better g/f!

april rj said...

glad to see you back in the saddle...

tbc said...

glad to see you up and typing. Feel better!! Those stomach bugs are nasty!

chacha said...

Glad you are feeling a bit batter Jackie.
Did you happen to eat some tainted ground meat? I saw a recall but it was mainly for the south eastern states.
Ready for the show tonight.

Nana in the NW said...

I agree--they made the TV viewers wait last week for the new HOH, I don't think they will do it 2 weeks in a row. I really, really want J/J or Adam/Shelley to win. It is time to make Dani sqirm!! We all know that Rachel will be teaming up with Dani/Kalia/Por. this week.....unless J/J win HOH.

Tracey said...

Thanks for the update Jackie you are awesome sorry to hear that you are still not well!

Delee said...

I would bet it hit you so hard as you system is weakened from your surgery recovery. I too have wondered if you ate something that was not super fresh!

Who ever wins tonight it will be interesting, but it is time for a J/J HOH. Was so happy to read your review and know you are feeling a bit better. How is the knee and have you gone to the Dr's yet?

chacha said...

Unfortunetly I don't think its going to be a question HOH. They all seem to be wearing athletic type clothing.
Shelly just said they have to pin there mics inside their shirts.

In other news they just had a sewer backup while Jeff was in the shower. He coined it correctly. It looked like teenage mutant ninja turtle sludge.

Jackie said...

I don't think Dani would accept Rachel if she tried to get in with her bunch.

I don't think I ate anything bad, but who knows? I know I was so sick that I looked up West Nile virus as I had some mosquito bites. Didn't have a headache, so no go there.

I think Jeff and Jordan would prefer if Adam or Shelly got HoH, but we'll see.

My rescheduled appointment with the orthopedic surgeon is tomorrow just before noon.

chacha said...

BB told them they are not allowed to wear hats or gloves.
Adam is going to try and get away with his bandana.
Porscha is gonna try and wear her hoodie

chacha said...

Dani's HOH blog is up. Here is the link

monty924 said...

BB also had them pick numbers??? Sounds like it could be lane assignments, maybe a rope course or something. That would heavily favor Jeff and Adam though. Feeds went to trivia just after Adam, Jordan and Jeff were talking about it. Please, oh please, let Jeff or Adam win tonight. I don't want the power in Rachel's hands, and definitely not in Kalia or Porsche's.

monty924 said...

A rope course like last season. The knot course could be anyone's game.

TerryinPA said...

so happy to hear you are on the mend, its so good to read your witty wording and phrases....THANKS!

Anonymous said...

Won't next week be a double eviction week? It is generally done towards the end of August.

chacha said...

I hope its not a knot challenge. That was horrible last year. I can say though brendan killed it.

The grenn sludge backing up was paint. They are all expecting it to be green outside.

Poor Jordan will have to do the comp in the humilitard(which I think is adorable on her).

Please anyone but Rachel win it tonight although it would be nice for Jeff to win it.

chacha said...


do you think its to soon for the lane challenge with the liquid filling up the bowl?

To ammend my previous post, I also don't want Kalia or Porscha to win either.

monty924 said...

I think so chacha. That's usually like 5 or 6, isn't it? There are 7 playing so its hard to figure out. BB telling them they couldn't wear gloves is also odd. We might just get something completely new and original, but I also doubt that. LOL

MikesGirl said...

I'm glad you're feeling better Jackie. It's nice to see you back online. Thanks for your hard work :)

Anonymous said...

who won?

Anonymous said...

All HGs are wearing athletic clothing.

I could be wrong, but really doubt Jordan will be forced to wear the Humilitard for an athletic comp. That would be unfair and a severe disadvantage.

Anonymous said...

Anon. The show is 'live' and the eviction hasn't happened yet. So the comp hasn't happened yet either.

Anonymous said...

Color me wrong.
BB made Jordan wear that humilitard to play the comp. :(

Comp still being played...