Saturday, August 20, 2011

Big Brother 13 PoV Bulletin

I'll be posting a full report later tonight, but need to get this out there:

Jeff won the Power of Veto

It was some sort of puzzle.


Anonymous said...

Goodby Danielle :)

chacha said...

Bye Bye Dani---

Kalia is already pulling Shelly in and give her the sob story. Shelly and her motivational speechs..

Anonymous said...

Amazing how the worm turns...

monty924 said...

One way or another, its going to be Dani or Kalia, and Porsche skates through another week. Go figure!

I say: Bye-bye Dani...unless she pulls off a miracle and convinces Jeff to keep her. I highly doubt it!

monty924 said...

Jeff can be gullible and Dani will work on him big time, but there is a slight chance. You never count anyone out in Big Brother. He would be completely stupid, but then again... we are talking about Jeff who fell for Natalie and Kevin's lie. The next two days will be interesting. That's an understatement. Where was Dani at in this? She's the POV queen!!!

haha, have to post once more because I have wv: sardines

chacha said...

Its funny that Dani said this morning that she maybe past her prime for big brother..Guessind she peaked and is on a downward spiral.
Apparently she has been in the DR since feeds came back. She was very upset.

I don't think that Jeff is going to fall for anything about not putting her on the block.

He has said all along this week that she was the true target. If he won veto he was going to take this opportunity.

Dani would do the exact same thing this week to Jeff if the roles were reversed.

chacha said...

ZINGBOT was in the house

chacha said...

There is no way that she would really do it although she has threatened it for the last two weeks.
I say GO AHEAD...

chacha said...

If kalia or Porsche win HOH Thursday then Big Jeff may definetly go home. I think that Adam has a really good shot with the first HOH.
I wonder if he would really put Jeff up for eviction?

Anonymous said...

Ya seriously whoo Jeff won veto!!!

Now Dani can get backdoored and go hang with Brendon! Jeff/Jordan would be insane not to BD her cuz this is their only chance to get out the last serious competitor in the house giving their group a clear shot to go to the end!

In a perfect world Jordan wins the next HOH and cans Kalia, then Rachel wins the one after that and has the satisfaction of canning Shelly. Then with A/P/R/J/J as final five we can see who pulls who to their side as they battle
to the end.

Would A, P, and R team up against J and J or would they all team up against Rachel and Adam? Can't wait!


chacha said...


The key person I think we really don't know where he will go is Adam but I do think that he is 75-80% loyal to Jeff.

monty924 said...

I think Adam is loyal to Jeff. I've been wrong before, lol. Can't wait now to see the Zingbot!

Anonymous said...

Adam has been riding the fence. More loyal to J&J, but would jump to Dani if she's not evicted this week.

Hope Jeff doesn't develop a case of stupid. He needs to replace Kalia or Porsche with Dani.

meb said...

He needs to replace Porche with Dani and at least get out one of the two. Porche can be manipulated.

I hope you're all correct that he'll replace one of them with Dani. He'd be dumb not to. Is Shelly giving Jeff any advice? If she isn't, then I think she's done a turn toward supporting Dani. That would be upsetting and also stupid!

Anonymous said...

Jeff knows that Dani is the strongest competitor. It's a no brainer that he puts her up. Can't come too soon for me.

Anonymous said...

Shelly has been more loyal to J&J, but she's also trying to cover her bases lately. She's started riding the fence more, ala Adam.

The last couple of days, Shelly has been buttering up and pep-talking everyone.

If by some freak chance, Jeff doesn't replace Kalia or Porsche with Dani, and then Dani wins HOH next week, I think Shelly will be forced to flip.

Anonymous said...

I don't want to see Danielle go, so I hope the noms stay the same. If they do, can you imagine how Rachel would be if Danielle was alone in the jury house with "her man"!!

JimmyB said...

One reason Jeff might leave the noms alone is because he is a competitor.

It would be a means to an end to put Daniele up; but it won’t surprise me if he doesn’t. He likes the game play.

Anonymous said...

Jeff might like the game play, but if he wants to win that $$$, he'd better eliminate his biggest competitor, Dani.

Then get out Rachel next, followed by Porsche. I don't think Kalia is as good at comps as she thinks she is.

Adam wants to keep Porsche.
Jordan thinks Kalia should go before Porsche (sheesh).

Jeff thinks Dani is most dangerous, and he's right. He better not let people sway him away from that thought or he'll be next on the block!

chacha said...

Its now apparent that Dani wouldn't have gotten as far as she did without her dad in season 8.

Jeff is definetly putting Dani up on Monday. He knows its his only clear chance to get her out.

Guess her backdooring of Jeff didn't get her any brownie points. If she would have been in power this week(with kalia or Porsche as HOH, Big Jeff would have been up and out the door if he didn't win POV.
Kalia had already stated that her nom speech would have been you two are the only remaining couple and you are a true couple.

In the perfect world it will be Dani out first on Thursday followed by Rachel.
If Rachel wins HOH Thursday then Shelly will be awaiting her clothes when she gets to Jury house.

How I would love cameras in the Jury House if that happened. I think Dani would self evict herself from the game.

Joe in NY said...

Gee, you mean we get to see Kalia sulk for another week or two. Don't like her.

If Dani goes, the entire house will be floating toward the finale. Only Rachel might spark something, but she seems to prefer to lay low when Brendon is not in the house.

Still a ways to go, but it is interesting that Brendon seemed to stay strong and fight in the absence of Rachel BUT Rachel seems to disappear in the absence of Brendon. I know everyone hates those crazy kids and, even worse, people have been throwing around the word "abusive". But I kind of think that Brendon is good for Rachel. Yes, I know he is a little condescending toward her (as Jeff is to Jordan) but I think Rachel needs to be managed. It would be nice if they weren't so codependent, but it seems to work for them so kudos.

Joe in NY said...

Let's see. jeff doesn't vote. Nominees don't vote.

Assume Porsche comes off.

We've got Jordan, Rachel, Adam, Shelly and Porsche voting.

It's actually not impossible for Dani to get saved. Only need to flip 2 out of Rachel, Adam and Shelly.

monty924 said...

Joe, Joe, Joe...

You keep saying that Jeff is condescending to Jordan and comparing that to Brendon and Rachel. There is a really big, HUGE actually, difference here. Jeff can get that way at times with Jordan, but the difference is... he says it, they hash it out (usually with laughter) and they move on. When Brendon gets going on Rachel, it goes on and on and on, until she is a puddle of goo and he has her right where he wants her. I know a man has a hard time seeing this, but it is a fact. Brendon breaks Rachel down into a child who needs to just cuddle in his lap and be held. Jeff does that to Jordan??? I don't think so. They have a good give and take with their spats. Off my soap box now. :)

I personally think Jeff would be stupid to keep Dani in the game, but we have the double eviction next week and anything, good or bad, can happen to a favorite. I think Jeff winning this week was the best thing to happen in this game.

The other half is completely ticked off because Dani is his girl and he blame Kalia for all of it. I blame them both for DUMB game play. You do NOT evict one of your own. Dani should know that since Justin going home practically wrote a golden ticket to final two for her and Dick.

monty924 said...

That wasn't clear... sorry. The other half, meaning my other half, LOL. He blames Kalia for ruining Dani's game. I blame her more, because she knew that Lawon was a bad replacement, but she couldn't convince Kalia to put up Jordan.

What a difference that game move would have been. Rachel would have been gone, and maybe Dom would be in the game to fight with Dani. Most of the voting probably took place after America knew who was on the final block. ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm with Monty, the way Brendon treats Rachel is awful. I imagine Rachel had a real dominating parent or sibling that makes her attract somebody like Brendon. It has been awful to see on BBAD, I wish she could watch some of it herself and get the courage to leave him before she disappears entirely into his vision of her.

He separated her from her job, her friends, her home. He browbeats her regarding her appearance, her clothing, her game play, her friends, her eating, her sitting positions, her speech, her upsets, her everything. It is emotional abuse that never stops until she is whimpering and then he showers her with "love".

Hope she wins at least second place and leaves him!