Monday, August 29, 2011

I'm Back!

My power went out sometime after 1 AM Saturday night (Sunday morning, technically). It just returned about 6 AM today. Irene-related, of course. My street was flooded and closed down until yesterday afternoon with boat rescues being necessary for medical emergencies at the apartments across the street from me. I fared fine with the exception of my power outage. I had cooking gas and running water ... and a cat.

In reading through the comments from last night, I'd like to mention one thing -- the show is under those quiz shows laws from the 50s. Also, it was my pleasure to know the person who was in charge of the competitions through season 6. The comps are actually all designed before the casting is even done. They know before the season starts what comp will be done when. I hear the "rigged" cry so much and, as far as comps, it's just not true. Of course, the leading stuff in the Diary Room sessions might be another matter.


Witt said...

Jackie, so glad to see you are back and are well! Rescues?!?!? Wow. It's amazing to see how this storm affected so many.

This week will be interesting! Can't wait to hear about all the maneuvering!

Welcome back! You were missed!

Witt :)

chacha said...


So glad you are alright.
I was reading the comments also and its anyones guess who can win the comps. Yes Rachel is good at physical but who knows Porsche could have pulled that out. She did make the comment a few days ago she is better then people think and didn't want people to know how good she was.

Lorraine said...

I'm happy you are back too. Watching GMA today and hearing how many people are without power I was thinking it would be a while till we heard from you.

You were missed by all.

I'm just hoping Shelly doesn't sway Jordan's vote. Time will tell.

wv: I "opploard" the power company for getting your power back.

monty924 said...

Yay! Glad to see you back.

Jennasmom said...

Yea! Jackie's back! : )

lynn1 said...

Glad you and Vincent are fine. Being without power for a day or 2 is an inconvenience but if it goes on for days or a week it really sucks. I am happy you did not have to experience the long wait.

Anonymous said...

Glad your back and safe!

chacha said...

What were you doing six years ago today.
Whats crazy is my first thought after thinking my house was alright was how am i going to know what the nerd herd is doing right now, and Can Janie pull out the victory.
As for this house, I don't think there is any way that Jordan will be swayed.

Joe in NY said...

Welcome back! Glad you and Vinent fared well!

Witt said...

Jordan was so upset about Shelly I don't think there's any way she will reconsider.

Witt :)

RJM said...

Glad you are back and able to post. Reminds us of how we take you for granted soemtimes. Love your blog

RBennie said...

Welcome back Jackie. Glad to hear that you are okay. Being without power that long is no fun, but we know things could have been a lot worse.

Margo said...

YEA glad you are back safe and dry.

I figured after watching the show last night that Porche only choice after Rachel & Jordan come off the block is Shelly & Adam. And then they control who goes home. So I guess Porsche is an HOH with no real power. Ha ha.


Donna in Alabama said...

Glad you have your power back and all is well with you and Vincent!

I really found out how much I depend on your updates for the live feed information. I even tried searching for a couple other sites to read spoilers of what has transpired since you were out of pocket. No one compares to this blog!!

lynn1 said...

@cha cha
I was dodging Katrina in a motel in Dothan AL. Praying to God that I still had a house to come back to.
We were glued to CNN and the weather Channel trying to hear any news of our town, Slidell,LA. There was little or no news about our town. It was devastated but some how our house survived with no major damage.
I was watching BB then but I wasn't aware of Jackie's blog and wasn't as much as a fanatic as I am now.
Actually I was wondering this weekend if Jackie was going through withdrawal. I was hoping she would get her power back soon not so much that she could keep us posted,have AC or take hot showers, etc. but so she could know what was happening in the BB house for her own entertainment.
I am one sick puppy when it comes to BB.

SueGee said...

So glad to "see" you back! Who needs TV when you can watch rescues out your window? We sure missed you last night, and I know there were lots and lots of prayers headed your way!

SueGee on the LeftCoast

Anonymous said...

Newbies and Dani/WannaBeNewbie have had a series of really lame HOHs.

1)Dani got no one out cuz Brendon came back.

2)Kalia got her partner Lawon out.

3Dani on 2nd attempt finally brings down Brendon.

4)Kalia gets Jeff out but the whole situation that was created to make that possible was Dani and Shellys doing. None of them ever told Kalia they were campaigning and manuevering super hard to get out Kalia and keep Dani.

5)Porcshe's HOH will result in again losing one of their own: Shelly.

So two wins out of five HOHs is pretty lame. But K, S, and P all strut around like they are BB super stars.

Jackie at what point does everyone play every HOH even if they were just HOH the week before?

Go Team Jorchel, F2!


Anonymous said...

Welcome back safe & sound Jackie.

Thank you for letting everyone know that BB falls under the same laws as other game shows, and that the comps are designed/chosen prior to HG selection.


Anonymous said...

Anyone else notice that Shelly hasn't been the constant cleaning whirlwind the past few days? And she's started sleeping in a little later too.

Fewer people, so not as much mess?

Or isn't worrying about who's doing what, especially since she knows she's going out next?


lynn1 said...

OT @Jackie
After seeing some photos of young women who are on NJ based reality shows I was wondering, are lots of mid-20ish year old women in NJ into orange skin color from spray tans? Is it a fashion statement? It looks weird to me but I am not so young or hip anymore.

chacha said...

You nailed it on the head. None of the Newbies have really done anything but screw other newbies.
What kills me is seeing kalia walk around like she owns the house.
My hope is that Rachel or jordan win HOH Thursday and take down kalia.
I think they all only play when there are three left.

Becky said...

Jackie, so glad you are back. I was worried when I heard tornado and Plainfield in the same report.

Some of your loyal fans picked up the ball and posted as the show was on last night.

There was a minor brouhaha but then the posters agreed to disagree, so no one had to be sent to the Have Not Room.

Anonymous said...

So glad you are okay Jackie. I am sure you are feeling better as well. Please note that regarding BB, there is one person that has to leave. Shelly. She is the worst. Kalia follows close behind.

Joe in NY said...

They only start all playing HOH in Final 3.

RiseandShine said...

Glad to hear you fared well. Welcome back! I missed reading TWTWIW on Sunday morning.

Joe in NY said...

Since Adam is now a newbie, it is somewhat imperative that J/R win HOH this week. POV is still the most powerful comp in terms of who goes home, but with an HOH win J/R MAY be able to protect each other.

It's important to note that let's say Rachel wins HOH and nominates Kalia and Porsche. If Adam wins POV, he can force Jordan to be nominated and newbies have the only two votes.

On the other hand, if a newbie wins HOH they can nominate J/R and POV can only save one of them and split the two eviction votes. The newbie HOH would then have the power to evict.

So, it is still a bit of an uphill climb for J/R next week. If they can survive next week, they are in good shape.

For that reason, I almost think they should consider evicting Adam rather than Shelly. Adam at least has looked like he had a clue in some comps. Shelly hasn't been close in anything, has she?

MsNY2011 said...

Hooray! You're always missed.

Read on TMZ that Shelly's family got death threats over Jeff eviction. Now, I could cry that he's gone, and I don't like Shelly since her first betrayal way back in the summer, but death threats? REALLY? I felt bad for wishing she'd lose. Turns out I'm not as mean as I think I am, huh?

Anonymous said...

to Lynn, I have been a jersey girl all my life, which has been a very long time. We are not all italian, we do not all have orange fake tans, hair teased way too high, fake nails and large ugly earrings and rings. Unfortunately the Sopranos has pigeon holed what people in NJ look like/are.


Anonymous said...

still rigged

Anonymous said...

Lili—You're correct that newbie HOHs have been ineffective, but that has been almost entirely attributable to BB steering the game, and not because of their own errors.

I agree with you that Kalia's taking out Lawon was a mistake. But to give credit where it's most due, after BB led them to understand that the evictee would probably return, Lawon had more to do with his eviction than Kalia did. Kalia's original targets, Jeff and Rachel, were well chosen.

Given her strategy, Daniele made no mistake in nominating Brendon (and Rachel). His coming back was beyond her control. With Brendon's predictable return, BB torpedoed that newbie-alliance HOH, and, instead of being able to take out another vet in her second HOH, Daniele had to go back and take out the first vet again.

As far as Shelly leaving instead of Rachel or Jordan on Porsche's watch, chalk that one up to BB, too. The Pandora's box twist negated Porsche's HOH.

Kalia's winning HOH and taking out Jeff all happened in a matter of minutes, leaving no time for BB to bring on a surprise that would save him.

Without all that manipulation, all of the vets would have been out by now, and we would have seen a much more interesting game. At this point, the newbies would have split into factions trying to take each other out.

Of course, all of this is purely coincidental. The producers would have no interest in controlling the game for the sake of ratings.

lynn1 said...

Thanks for the info. I have friends and extended family from the NY/NJ area. I don't think of them as Soprano type people at all. I really didn't see it as an Italian thing but maybe it is. I thought it might be trendy with the younger women.
I can't really throw any stones. I sported some strange looks in the 60's from Mary Quant dresses, wearing heavy black eyeliner and White lipstick to Maxi skirts and head scarves and of course huge bell bottom jeans with earth shoes.
I remember back in the 60's when I got my ears pierced my parents reacted like I got a tribal tatoo in the middle of my face! LOL

ORKMommy said...


Dani's first HOH wasn't a waste. She got her target out and it was a twist in the game that brought him back. Not a wasted HOH...

Lawon got himself thrown out! He volunteered to go up and considering who was voting, he was an idiot! Not a wasted HOH...

Kalia did get Jeff out which was good but you talk about Dani & Shelly making it possible. She had to know that Dani was going to campaign to stay. She may not have known Shelly was gonna vote to keep Dani but she had to know Dani wouldn't just lie down and go out without a fight! Not a wasted HOH...

Portia's HOH was going well until yet another twist came into play. Granted she didn't have to open Pandora's box but there's no way she could have guessed the duo twist would come back into play. Not a wasted HOH...

By my estimation, other than Kalia going with Lawon's offer none of the HOH's have been wasted. When nominations were made the HOH's had no way of knowing about the twists that would derail their plans.

Joe in NY said...

Y'know, I sort of agree with anon.

If BB hadn't manipulated the contests so that Dani and Kalia won those HOHs, all the newbies would be gone by now and Brenchel and J/J would be happily in each other's arms in the HOH room now. (heavily laced with sarcasm...)

How come it's only the comps/twists whose outcomes you don't like that are manipulated or rigged? (See U.S. Code Section 47 Subsection 5 Chapter 5)

How do you know the DR didn't manipulated Dani into making a "Big Move" early by waving her father in her face? Most of the newbies (and Dani) had golden keys which kept them from being eliminated early. You don't claim that was BB manipulating the outcome to keep the newbies in the house.

Joe in NY said...

Ork, totally agree with you.

Sally said...

Glad you're safe and back online, Jackie. You were definately missed! Bet Vincent sailed through your weekend adventure.

RiseandShine said...

To Lynn,
My NJ born and raised children are 28, 25, 20. None of them and none of their fiends have the tanning bug. They don't visit tanning salons or use spray tans.
We live close to NYC, not in rural NJ, and I've yet to be at an event with younger people where anyone has it.
I've worked with people and have otherwise known people from the same town that the NJ Housewives are from. Not one remotely as unclassy as them broads. :)

lynn1 said...

I am glad it is not the new style or trend for most young people. Like I said before I can't throw stones but I find it unbecoming and a little scarey to see orange skin!
Forget becoming my mother I think I am becoming my grandmother! LOL

Anonymous said...

I thought we were done talking about the possible show "rigging" or "scripting"

But, actually Joe, about the golden key, I DO believe that was planned (before the show began) as a way of preventing the duo twist from wiping out all the newbies. I wouldn't even classify that as cheating or rigging, it was just to balance out the effects of the duo twist. Because everyone is nominated in pairs the person without a partner would HAVE to be immune from eviction because they couldn't be nominated again without a partner.


Anonymous said...

Joe—More than rigging comps (which often doesn't work), as we're seeing even as we speak, BB's chief tactic seems to be to change the ground rules to get people out that they want out, for the purpose of preserving competing alliances. If the vets had threatened to decimate the newbies, BB, I suppose, would have stepped in to help the newbies.

So--it wouldn't surprise me if BB made suggestions to Daniele or anyone else. That only shows how little credibility those producers have.

Of course, the reason that several newbies had golden keys was that, for each one of them, another newbie was evicted. But those gold keys were just red herrings anyway--seeming to be much more valuable than they really were. As long as HOHs had to nominate duos, "widowed" players had to be ineligible for the format to work. And Daniele had the only gold key that protected her for any meaningful length of time, anyway.

Personally, I don't really have a favorite in the game. I just would like to see the winner earn the victory. For me, that would rule out any preference for Jordan, Rachel, and Adam.

All I'm saying about the suspect twists is that, if it walks like a duck…

Margo said...

**Pool Update after POV ceremony**

Well Surprise Surprise Rachel took herself and Jordan off the block. Porsche has no choice but to put up Shelly & Adam. I hope Shelly feels even better about her decision now that she is probably gonna get to be yelled at by Jeff for a week in the Jury House.

Adam - Auntie Leigh, Ayana, ML
Jordan - Sydney, Meb, Brent McKee
Kalia - Nana in NW, Monty924, Laurie
Porsche - Ninboh, Donna in FL, Sharon S
Rachel - Jamie, Margo, ChaCha
Shelly - Sasha, Paris Hilton, Janice

Buh Bye
Keith - Zoetawny, PDX Granny, Becky
Cassi dla, Beadlebug, Buzzmaam
Dominic - Witt, Rbennie, JOEY
Brendon - SueGee, Sally, Chris
Lawon - Dr_Celine, Jackie, Caela

JURY Members
Brendon - SueGee, Sally, Chris AGAIN
Daniele - Terry in PA, EileenM, Jennasmom
Jeff - Petals, Donna in AL, Delee

Porsche - Ninboh, Donna in FL, Sharon S

Adam - Auntie Leigh, Ayana, ML
Shelly - Sasha, Paris Hilton, Janice

Rachel - Jamie, Margo, ChaCha
used on herself and Jordan since we are duo's for 1 week

Joe in NY said...

U.S. Code Section 47 Chapter 5 Subchapter V


chris said...

I don't think its rigged
Death threats are crazy
Jeff will not yell at Shelly he has had time to cool off
He may yell if j/r keep Shelly
She can't and won't help them
Same with Adam but he did not go lying at every turn

Margo said...

meb needs your help. Her great grandson is in the hospital with a possible bacteria infection. They may need to do spinal tap if they can not figure out what it is from the blood tests. As you can expect the family is very worried and needs our prayers. Jake is only a little over a week old.


Anonymous said...

meb - I am praying right now for your great grandbaby. how scary.


Becky said...

Margo, sending up prayers for Meb's great-grandson.

I hope Shelly goes home Thursday.

Anonymous said...

If you say it long enough, someone will believe it.

Witt said...

Margo -- meb's g-grandson is in my prayers. I have 7 nephews/nieces and I couldn't imagine any of them going through this, much less at 1 week old. Hugs to meb as well...

Witt :)

DKNYNC said...

Will keep Meb and her Grandson in my prayers. Hope they are able to figure out what is wrong and get him well quickly!

Anonymous said...

Who woulda thought I'd become a Rachel fan, but after Shelly's recent behavior, I will be glad to see her go to the jury house and have to explain herself to Jeff. Guess she'll be writing a lot of sentences!

Glad you're back. I enjoy your posts so much!


monty924 said...

Margo, I will definitely add Meb's grandson to my prayers. Thank you for letting us know.

monty924 said...

I do too, Becky! I want to see what Adam is made of, if anything. ;)

Nina said...

If anything, I'd rather see Kaila be in the final three instead of Adam. No matter what I might think, Kaila and even Shelly took more risks in playing the game than Adam did. It would be nice if the rewards would go where they are due.

Jackie, were you able to get any pictures of the stormy weather? I do enjoy seeing your pictures.

lynn1 said...

I am praying for little Jake, his drs and his family.

Joe in NY said...


Please tell meb we're all thinking of her and praying for her great grandson!

Anonymous said... glad you are safe and sound.really missed your Sunday post and pictures from your week.
will say a prayer for meb and granson.
@ Joe..can I find your books at the library or in bookstores?


Becky said...

@ Joe..can I find your books at the library or in bookstores?

Joe, are you a writer? I know you are a teacher. Where in New York do you live? What do you teach?

Inquiring minds want to know....

Joe in NY said...

Cheryl & Becky

I teach chemistry. There's a link to the books on my chemistry website: One is available on and I think Barnes & Noble. The other one I just self-published on

I did write a couple books for fun back in the day. Wish I still had time.

Thanks for asking.

Anonymous said...

Too funny. Jordan, Rachel and Kalia comparing "Shelly told us" notes!! It's all coming out now... while Shelly naps.