Saturday, September 10, 2011

Big Brother 13 Live Feeds Bulletin - HoH Round Two

It sounds like a rough one -- Porsche and Adam are all beat up, scraped and bleeding. They apparently were underwater bringing up hamster names to solve a puzzle, then filling in the puzzle underwater.


And Porsche won.

Adam is telling both of them he'll sacrifice the $500,000 if one of them will take him to the final two. He'll tell the jury to give it to whomever takes him.


monty924 said...

This sucks for my ANYBODYPORSCHE alliance. Oh well!

Anonymous said...

Since ANYBODYBUTPORSCHE and Adam both got rather beat-up in this comp, we can still hope that Part 3 will be physical too! LMAO



Anonymous said...

Round three is always a live question round and then the last person is eliminated before the final two go out to face the jury.

Margo said...

I guess Rachel will have to win then.

I'm guessing that Brendon, Jeff, Jordan and maybe Shelly would vote for Porsche. That leaves Adam, Kahlia & Dani. hmmmmm.

monty924 said...

Now it becomes who will Rachel or Porsche pick? Rachel might very well take Adam. Porsche will almost for sure take Adam. Were will the votes come in to play? Hmmmm

Rachel vs. Adam:
Vets + Dani and probably Kalia

Porsche vs. Adam:
this is tricky
Jeff, Jordan, Shelly and maybe Brendon & Rachel

Rachel vs. Porsche:
Jeff, Jordan, Brendon, maybe Adam and who knows

Rachel vs. Adam:
Jeff, Jordan, Brendon, I think... Dani, and who knows out of Porsche, Dani and Kalia

Anonymous said...

Come on have to pull this out!

Anonymous said...

He's probably lying, of course, but I don't quite understand Adam's offer to Porsche.

His offer is almost worthless to Rachel. She would beat him in the jury vote, regardless of what he tells them. All else being equal, though, Rachel might as well take it as (should he follow through) a little added insurance of her win.

But, because Porsche taking Adam over Rachel should be a given, he has no need to make that offer to her. And Adam actually could have a shot at beating Porsche with the jury. So if he follows through on his offer to Porsche, he could be throwing away $450K.

Anonymous said...

The other day, I was guessing that maybe there wouldn't be a Morph comp this season, and saying 'wouldn't it be funny if they were all studying the Memory Wall for nothing.'

Looks like the Morph has been eliminated this season... unless BB plans to make it Part 3 instead of the usual "is always" questions.

Come on BB, do something new and surprise the HGs (and us). Make the ANYBODYBUTPORSCHE campers happy and make it a physical comp!!! LOL


Anonymous said...

Won't happen though. BB supposedly told Adam that this was the last physical.


wv herla
I'm going to herla lot if Porsche wins.

TeamRachel said...

Anonymous/Sharon said:

wv herla
I'm going to herla lot if Porsche wins.



You and me both! :)

Jackie said...

In a private moment away from Adam, Porsche and Rachel did a giddy happy dance saying they would take each other.

Of course, we don't know if it's just lip service at this point. But it did happen.

Anonymous said...

jackie i just read the same thing about rachel and porsche on facebook -jeannemarie

monty924 said...

That is the very thing I'm afraid will happen. I saw them do their happy dance when Adam went to the DR but you never know. They both have time to think about it and I really believe that Porsche will take Adam thinking she can beat him. Rachel should too. I think this is Rachel's game to lose no matter which of the two she goes up against.

Anonymous said...

Rachel and Porsche act like they trust each other for F2.

Neither one of them should trust the other at this point.

Rachel telling Adam she made a F2 deal with Porsche, but admits she's worried she would lose sitting next to her.

Adam sounds resigned to his fate. Says he plans to vote for Rachel to win in F2, but also says he would have to reconsider if Porsche wins the final comp because he considers it the most important one.


Anonymous said...


goodbye Adam.

"Adam is telling both of them he'll sacrifice the $500,000 if one of them will take him to the final two."

Now you see how Kalia felt. Don't do it Rachel and Porshe!


ORKMommy said...

Rachel & Porche buddying up at this point doesn't surprise me at all! They were BFF's early in the game and they're both typical women in that they have to have a BFF at all times.

We also have to remember that Porche stinks at Q&A. Whoever said it's Rachel's game to lose hit that nail right on the head!!

JimmyB said...

Guess it's fair to say that Adam is the biggest wh*** in BB history.


Joe in NY said...

Honestly, much as I dislike Porsche's personality, the two people who most deserve to be in the final 2 are Rachel and Porsche.

I'm not sure Porsche gets enough credit for jumping to Team Dani. Adam was much more the floater. Porsche was hanging with Rachel but then moved to Dani and stayed with Dani. Adam was the one who floated to power.

Joe in NY said...

Monty, I don't think it's automatic that Porsche takes Adam. If she's counting votes, she has to think that Adam could get J/J and maybe Brenchel since he stayed with that alliance most of the way. I honestly think it is a bit of a toss-up as to who she should/will take.

Joe in NY said...

I actually think Rachel & Porsche taking each other makes the most sense. If they are counting votes it looks like something of a toss-up with each of them thinking they've got the 4th vote.

Porsche would likely think she gets Dani, Kalia, Shelly and her pal Adam.

Rachel probably thinks she gets the vets + a shot at Shelly or Adam.

(again, I'm trying to think what they're thinking not what we know.)

Adam has blood-free hands. With a bitter jury he could win. Bitter juries less common on BB, but it happens.

Especially in Porsche's case, she would have to figure Adam could/would get all 4 vet votes which is all it takes.

Rachel might stand a better chance against Adam in a Final 2 but Adam was so far up Jeff's butt all season can Rachel be sure Jeff will vote for her? Even if he does, she's got 3 vet votes and still needs to pick up one vote. She might well get Dani against Adam and maybe even Shelly.

I really think this puts Rachel in excellent shape to go F2. Porsche is most likely going to take her to F2 if Porsche wins HOH.

If Rachel wins HOH, she's got a very tight race against either Adam or Porsche and frankly I think it's possibly a toss-up against either one.

But at least she'll get the $50k which will buy her her wedding.

Kaye said...

Rachel better be glad she won the first round. There is no way she could have done the underwater thing with those boobs.

RBennie said...

Here's my two cents:

In a Rachel v. Adam match up, I think Rachel gets - Brendon, Jeff, Jordan and possibly Dani. Adam gets Porsche, Shelly, Kalia (although she could actually go the other way too)

In a Rachel v. Porsche match up, I think Rachel gets - Brendon, Jeff, Jordan for sure. Porsche gets Shelly, Dani, Kalia. I think Adam could go either way, as usual.

In a Porsche v. Adam match up, I think Adam gets Brendon, Rachel, Jordan and Jeff. Porsche gets Shelly, Kalia and Dani

monty924 said...

I agree with your breakdown, but I absolutely would add Dani to the vote for Rachel vs. Adam, and likely Kalia and Porsche would vote for Rachel also. I think there's a strong possibility that Shelly would be the only Adam vote.

Porsche and Rachel seem sincere in taking each other to Final 2 and Adam is saying Rachel has his vote unless Porsche wins part 3, then he would have to consider Porsche for his vote. JMO but I think he may still vote for Rachel in the end.

Anonymous said...

Whatever happens it will be boring. I can't believe the lack of creativity from the producers of BB. After all these seasons, they can't think of hardly any new comps or interesting folks to put in the house together for 3 months. Their stoopidity is only a little worse than me watching this boring show again. Lose the big boobs and bring on some personalities. Fake, Fake, Fakeness x 13.

Anonymous said...

Because Porsche makes a mistake in taking Rachel to f2, Adam makes a mistake in not forcing Porsche to see that.

In any case, he should make it known that he would vote against either of the two who evict him.

Anonymous said...

feeds are boring now. I just want this show to end!


Anonymous said...

Well, I can't believe I'm saying this, I hope Rachel wins. I never liked Porsche; and Adam, well, he never played for himself. If the newbies had stuck together, I would have had more respect for them; but they didn't.

I believe this game will go to Rachel. Unless Danielle and the newbies decide to all vote newbies. We'll see.


meb said...

I doubt giving up the $$ just to get to the final 2 would be permitted. Weren't the rules that you couldn't tell someone you'd give half the money to them if they'd take you.. same principle.

Anyway... I'm a Rachel fan now and hope she doesn't do something stupid to lose this thing. If she's the one to choose who to take, I sure as hell hope she takes Adam. Surely they all know he did very little to get to that position.

Ninboh said...

I dunno MEB. Adam is risky b/c Jeff and Jordan and Shelly really like him. Rachel has a better chance with Porsche.
Rachel gets Brendan, Jeff and Jordan for sure if she's against Porsche. And then just needs Adam or Shelly to go to her side. I think beating Porsche is doable for her. Adam is too much of a risk.

meb said...

Ninboh.. I don't think J&J would vote for Adam no matter how much they like him personally. And remember, Jordon was upset at the end when he wouldn't commit to not putting her up. Did they show that or was it on BBAD. He really never played the game... yes, he got to the end and in a way, that's gameplay in itself, but they have to appreciate Rachel's ability.. certainly Jordon does. She knows Rachel carried her after Jeff left.

I just think a person who won their way to the finals deserves the big $$ and I hope the people on the jury will think that too. Porche even more than Adam should be in F2. But, then I'm on monty's anybodybutporche bandwagon.

At any rate, it'll be pure entertainment as we sit and watch to see what they all do next.

wv expuksm justfunny!

monty924 said...

Have to agree with Meb. Jeff and Jordan would never vote for Adam against Rachel. They would vote for Adam against Porsche.

chris said...

rachel should win
adam should vote for rachel no matter if porsche wins the last part.
she won the most comps in the house when there was mmore competition.
she kept herself in the game when she was clearly a true target not a pawn like adam
if dani votes for porsche that is crap.
so adam should to the right thing

for that matter kahlia who was throwing porshe under the proverbial bus should vote for rachel as well seeing as how she thought a competitor should win.

so overall i think rachels better shot is against adam.

Anonymous said...

Adam's latest plan...

A few hours before the Final, he will tell whoever wins F3 that if they don't take him to F2, he won't vote for them to win the $500k. However, if the winner will take him to F2, he will tell Jury to vote for them to win and he'll take the 50K.

Wonder if Rachel or Porsche will panic and fall for his plan.


Anonymous said...

Big Brother Episodes are nearing its end for the present season and as the finale day is approaching sometimes it seems interesting and sometimes boring as it is becoming predictable.

JimmyB said...

Knowing what we know about Adam; particularly this outrageous offer--I wouldn't vote for him under any circumstances. I already said what I thought about him earlier in the thread.

He shouldn't even be allowed to make such an offer. I'm a little surprised the producers didn't address it.

I support Rachel

Anonymous said...

I agree the comps need to be changed, Zingbot, Jessie, unitards (especially this year) are really getting juvenile. The endurnce comps dont last long anymore either. I love big brothers concept but they need to make it better each season, not the same

RBennie said...

So Adam's big plan for getting to F2 is threatening not to vote for the person who sends him home? Don't think that will get him very far. I'm confused as to why Adam would vote for Rachel to win over Porsche. Wasn't he the one always saying he wanted a newbie to win? I guess he just meant that only if the newbie was him, LOL.

Anonymous said...

RBennie: So Adam's big plan for getting to F2 is threatening not to vote for the person who sends him home? Don't think that will get him very far.


They've all talked about how paranoid the BB house makes them, so his plan "could" work... if BB allows him to go through with it.

Rachel could decide to take Adam with or without his plan "offer" ... because she admitted to Adam (after #2 comp) that she and Porsche have F2 agreement, but she is concerned about taking Porsche.

As far as Porsche, who knows what she'll do. I don't believe a word that comes out of her mouth!


wv fight
Speaks for itself!

Petals said...

I want to be concerned about this, but until Wednesday, I prolly wont consider enough to weigh all the potential outcomes.
Rachel earned it. Adam would be a cute underdog.

My mind is on the USOpen mens FINAL this afternoon.
GO NOVAK!! I love you.

Petals said...

But! Adam is a superfan. Is there any chance that alot of the vets will admire his love of BB? His "JoyzeeBoy" charm? His puppydog, bacon-lovin smile?

Rachel over Adam
Adam over Porche
Rachel over Porsche

Anonymous said...

I agree a MILLION percent that BB has to put some effort and creativity into the show next year.
Enough of the same ol same ol. Try casting on personaity instead of boobs! (Porche)!!! She is such a huge ZERO and she doesn't have a clue. This sure was a season of floaters. It was boring. Last season wasn't much better. Hayden and Lane were boring floaters too.
They were busy planning their big movie careers and the figuring out the security they would need to get past the mobs of fans that would be waiting for them. Hellooooooooooooooooooooooo

Petals said...

Agree with Anon 1:56. This season was a yawn, and for a number of reasons. "Couple-ing" people decreases the action of the game by 50%!
It may be manipulative, but putting total opposites is always a fun idea: Bible-thumpers v Athiest rockers; Athletes v Cuddly Couch potato; Brainy chix v boobs.

Mens final starts in 60 sec!!! GO NOLE!!!!!! I love you!

Anonymous said...

Well, Adam planned to present his plan to the girls a few hours before the final, but looks like he couldn't stand to wait that long.

A little while ago, he told Porsche that if she takes him to F2, he will tell jury to vote for her to win... that he would be happy getting the $50k. And said if she doesn't take him, he will influence jury members to not vote for her.

Porsche is "pissed off at Adam" now (her words) and told Rachel about the convo. Rachel referred to his "offer" as a threat (rather than a deal)... which it is of course.

Wonder if Adam won't realize Porsche has spilled the beans and make the same offer to Rachel now.

Hopefully, this will backfire on Adam. Both girls are ticked off because they have won more and feel they 'deserve' the F2 $$ a lot more than he does.

I suppose you could call it "playing the game" but it's a pretty unattractive attempt.


monty924 said...

I say it is his 'game play' and I believe it is legal (in terms of BB play). He's not saying he'll split the money. He's lying his arse off and telling Porsche that he will tell the jury to vote for her and not him. Lying is a legit practice in BB. Is it smart? No! I don't think Adam thought this out to well. Grasping at straws? Maybe, possibly...

Adam isn't going down without a fight and I don't fault him for it. I doubt Rachel and Porsche will fall for it. If Porsche does, she gets 50K. Actually think she gets 50K no matter what. But once again, JMO. :)

Anonymous said...

Sharon - Yep, it's a threat. Hopefully, Adam's threat is real, and will make the HOH weigh her options seriously. At this point, if Adam is a player, he is remiss not to play whatever few cards he has left. With $500,000 at stake in a game where all virtue is suspended, you need to play hardball.

Threats aren't pretty, but neither is eating slop, or diving into grease, or anything about this show. In fact, threats are a part of the game that the producers may want to encourage more if they revamp it.

Still, it's not that there haven't been any threats made previously. Remember Jeff threatening Kalia, and any number of nominees threating to "come after" the HOH who put them up.

Anonymous said...

Like several other people here, I actually do agree that it would be smarter for Rachel to take Adam to F2.

Rachel would be almost guaranteed of winning vs Adam. Rachel vs Porsche becomes anyone's guess.

If Rachel wins the final comp, I hope she makes the right decision for herself.

Never know how anyone is really thinking, but so far, both girls appear to be more inclined to show Adam the BB door.


Anonymous said...

Guess who's playing cards? O.o can you stand it? I vote for fricken home videos of the HGs or make them graffitti the evicted HG pics, or aaaannnnyyyytttthiinnngggg but least it's different.

Anonymous said...

Sharon - I think we more or less agree that Adam would be a very long shot against Rachel, and a long shot against Porsche; and that Porsche could have a slight chance against Rachel.

If we're correct, and Porsche and Rachel truly are "in it to win it", how dumb must they really be to take each other over Adam to f2?

I might have a bridge to sell to whoever ends up with the big money.

RBennie said...

I don't agree that Porsche would do better against Adam than she would Rachel. I think Adam would get all the vet votes with the exception of Dani(4)and possibly even Shelly's vote. I do think it is smarter for Rachel to take Adam over Porsche.

lynn1 said...

I agree that Rachel and Porsche would be at an advantage if they picked Adam for F2.
Having said that it seems to me that for the last few seasons the Hamsters have not rewarded strong game play and winning many comps.
The best players are kicked out early on and we are left with dull non competitive players in the F2.
Last season we had Lane and Hayden, yawn. I fear that this season we will have Porsche and Adam.
Although I love Jordan she was not very competitive or great strategic player the year she won.
It seems like the best way to win BB is to lie around the back yard and tan in between naps.

Petals said...

Lynn - you are right! Lounging, staying out of the drama is the ticket to the finals. Heck, Porsche was the "invisible houseguest" for the first few weeks.

Anonymous said...

Adam restless all night and not sleeping well.

Now he's telling Porsche that Rachel ticked him off with things she said last night and today. Porsche agrees Rachel doesn't deserve to win. Adam says either way, Porsche has his vote to win.

Rachel has noticed Adam hasn't been talking to her very much and asked Porsche if he has said anything to her. Porsche lied and said no.

If Rachel doesn't notice a Adam and Porsche being friendlier to each other (than to her) and takes Porsche to F2, I think she's going to lose.

I hope Rachel develops a sudden dose of smarts and takes Adam to F2.


chris said...

adam turned bully in a way
now he won't give a vote to rachel
i really think if rachel wins part 2 she should take adam because she stands a better chance getting the coveted 4th vote.
if she sends adam out porshe is winning for sure.

chris said...

rbennie i agree adam could very well beat porshe if the vets give him the votes.
without dani
and rachel for sure has a better shot against adam
ugh i hope rachel wins part 3 and ditches porshe.

~~Silk said...

Repeating my comment from 9/08/2011 9:58 AM:

When you stick your head up out of the foxhole, it's likely to be blown off. Doing nothing, winning nothing, sleeping, floating, whatever keeps you buried in the trench, is also "game play", a sometimes-effective tactic to avoid targeting. So to say that someone didn't compete, didn't win anything, is not to say they didn't play at all. Porsche managed to keep her head down, and made the final three, stress-free.

Anonymous said...

Adam is jumping around like he's flea-bit right now.

Apparently, he wasn't sleeping well last night, and he's also getting cranky that he 'might' not get any of the money.

So the 'nice' guy isn't looking so nice right now. It took a couple of days for him to accept that he doesn't have any control, but he's still bitter. Now he's getting more desperate and doing anything and everything he can think of to try and convince both to pick him for F2.

Who knows what Porsche may think about what her chances vs Rachel or Adam. Rachel NEEDS to realize she needs to forget the 'friend' [who isn't really] and take Adam.


Anonymous said...

whatever keeps you buried in the trench, is also "game play", a sometimes-effective tactic to avoid targeting.

Not once did Porsche reveal to audience this was part of her game plan strategy,
Porsche was unable to answer questions correctly, had she been playing possum, she would have whiz through each question as Kalia had previously done,

It's doubtful Porsche ever had a plan.


jason :) said...

In my opinion, people who go on Big Brother and do nothing for the first two months then all of a sudden start to win stuff, do not deserve to win. Its a competition not a floatition , not a sleep all summer-tion. I hate that they cast people that are bums, slugs and basically useless!! Sorry, I had to get that off of my chest...

monty924 said...
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RBennie said...

I actually think Porsche did exactly what she should have done early on in the game. She had the golden veto and couldn't be voted out for several weeks, so there was no need for her to stick her neck out or get any blood on her hands. Dani did that and look where it got her. When she no longer had the safety of the golden veto, Porsche did start to play the game. She chose an alliance and she stuck to it. In the end, I can respect her gameplay more than I can Adam's. His flip-flopping and following the power, while a bona fide strategy, is not one I can respect.