Sunday, September 04, 2011

Big Brother 13 Live Feeds Into Saturday Night 9/04

Kalia crashes and burns

In the beginning of the season, I would never have predicted this final five. Of course, at the beginning, I was thinking Evel Dick would be entertaining me all summer. Instead we have Adam with his metal persona gone standing and weaving while smoking cigarettes. Oh well. Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Whine and Cheese:
  • As I posted earlier, Adam won the veto.
  • Now, before the veto comp went down, Adam gave his word to Jordan and Rachel that if he won the veto, he wouldn't use it.
  • Of course, if he were to use the veto, it would be Jordan on the block as the replacement.
  • Adam has played a sucky Enzo-like but not as entertaining as Enzo game all season.
  • But, one thing about him -- when he commits to something, he does stick with it.
  • When he's iffy or wants to vote another way, he never tells the person pleading to him what he'll do.
  • So I think he'll remain true to his word and NOT use the veto.
  • He even gave Jordan his girlfriend's necklace to hold as some sort of insurance.
  • Yeah, that reeks of Shelly and her ring, but ...!
  • The veto comp was an Otev one, this time with them retrieving pies.
  • How he won, I don't know. I'm still in shock.
  • Both Kalia and Porsche tried their hardest to mingle through the room.
  • Adam told them he probably will not be using the veto.
  • But how could he betray them like that?
  • Kalia fell apart when Jordan told her she probably won't be voting for her to stay.
  • She exiled herself in the bedroom crying her little heart out while mumbling that Adam and Porsche don't deserve to be in the house.
  • But, of course, she is so much more deserving!
  • Eventually she went into the Diary Room probably asking to DOR (voluntarily leave).
  • I'm just not getting her. Many "deserving" people have already been voted out, most not throwing quite the dramatic fit she's throwing.
  • While the Kalia drama was going on inside the house, everyone outside was getting along playing pool and hanging out in the backyard.
  • I'm not sure of how things will be timed in the coming days as they will most likely have a taped eviction on Tuesday.
  • At this point, it looks like Adam won't use the veto and it's Kalia going home.

The fortune teller comes alive for the group,
yet says nothing.

Adam has the power.
Who woulda thunk it?

Porsche now lives in a gray sweat suit.

Rachel continues to be better without Brendon.

Most of the girls do it and it drives me crazy while watching.


Anonymous said...

Kalia's leaving...Good.

I'm tired of her mouth too and I don't even have to live with her.

april rj said...

Kalia maybe annoying, but she did at least play with strategy. Portia only had one when Jeff had power, and yes it is unfair for her to play for 2 wks and have a chance at F2...

april rj said...

maybe it is a strategy to nod and say yes til the end, working for Adam...

Joe in NY said...

Those Otev comps are also pretty random. They ask a question, you need to find the answer and bring it back. Sometimes you just stumble over the right answer in the lawn and other times even though you know the answer you can't find the pie with the answer.

A lot of BB comps are like that. Really anyone is capable of winning them as no real skill is required. The endurance ones require...well endurance. Some of those also require balance or strength. The question ones have a little memory or reasoning skill involved but they are as much an issue of what question pops up. It's not like you all take a test and the highest score wins. You could know 99% of the answers but if the first question is the one you don't know, you're the first one out. And some of the little "skill" games require some eye-to-hand coordination or something but these often don't favor anyone athletic or anything. To wit, Jordan wins that golf thing twice. Porsche is somehow a savant with the wavy board.

That's why no matter how helpless someone appears in most comps, you really can't assume they won't win one.

Joe in NY said...

As for Adam not using the power, that's not a big surprise. I kind of would like to interview him now just to find out what his strategy is moving forward. Is he planning on winning out? Is he thinking F2 deal with Porsche? Is he expecting to take out Rachel (or Jordan) later if he gets the chance? Or is he just hoping he can float to the end?

I would be interested in what's going through his mind.

Frankly he's not in the worst possible strategic position. He was, going into this week, in the worst position: third at best in either alliance. Coming out of this week, Porsche needs a friend. So even if he's still 3rd in the Jochel alliance if he or Porsche win HOH or (preferably) POV this week he can try and make a deal. I'd now like to see Adam win POV next week. Then he has no choice except to singlehandedly vote someone out.

chris said...

well clearly if adam wins the next pov and porshe the hoh
adam would vote out rachel being that she is a strong competitor

Joe in NY said...

@Chris Could be. At this point, the issue increasingly comes "who would you rather have next to you" more than "who's the strongest competitor".

Adam does have a bit of a problem in that regard. His best chance to win is probably against Porsche.

JimmyB said...

Kalia's like a spoiled brat. What a bad sport wanting to leave.

If I were the producers, I wouldn't let her leave unless it was life and death...or forfeit every penny--all stipends, any prizes, etc. She agreed to play the game. If she breaks a contract--she should have to pay.

RiseandShine said...

I don't imagine that Jordan and Rachel will want to go to F2 together. It makes more sense for each of them to take someone "weaker", doesn't it? Is Adam that person? Is that why they want him to keep noms the same? Is that why he is promising to do so?
I wonder if Adam thinks that if Jordan and Rachel make it to the end they will choose him to be one of the F2.
Or maybe he thinks that he and Porsche have a solid chance of being an alliance and making it to F2 with Kalia gone.
I can't imagine Rachel or Jordan would want Porsche with them, so Adam stands a better chance of staying with Porsche as the other person and he stands a chance of using Porsche to oust the others.
Make sense?

ORKMommy said...

I would love to interview Adam's friends & family! Do they think he's playing a smart game? Are they thinking he needs to get rid of Jordan? He's supposed to be such a huge fan of the show yet he seems to be playing for everyone but himself! Maybe he really is just there for the game and doesn't mind helping to write a check to someone else! I can't remember another hamster who was so hard to figure out!!

Oh, and yes, Kalia is a big cry baby but remember... Rachel is a very poor loser too. It's easy to pick on those on the outside when it's happening to them but we shouldn't forget those who've done it before...

Joe in NY said...

ORK, I agree on most counts. I'd also like to point out (just cuz) that for all anyone wants to say about Brendon and even Dani, they showed themselves to be good sports when they got got!

Joe in NY said...

Adam might think Rachel will take him F2. I mean, if I'm her in the F3 with Adam and Jordan...buh bye Jordan. But he can't really expect Jordan to take him to F2, I don't think. I mean she COULD, but she doesn't seem that vested in winning, doesn't seem to play strategically much of the time and has to think she can easily beat Rachel. I mean she knows she's got Jeff's vote and Rachel has Brendon's, that's a wash. Of the other 5, she knows Adam dislikes Rachel, Dani hates Rachel, Kalia and Porsche despise Rachel, and Shelly wasn't a huge fan of Rachel. She has to be fairly confident she beats Rachel easily. So if I'm Adam and thinking Final 3 I expect Jordan to take Rachel.

Petals said...

Jimmy, right on. I agree that to DOR would include giving-up any prizes. Kalia already has $5k, so she isnt leaving totally empty-handed. But what a whiney baby. Fine~ take your toys & leave the sandbox.

Anonymous said...

I am beginning to think Rachel may be able to win this whole game, SHOCKER! Even against Jordon, if the jury members vote for best game play, Rachel is a shoo in.


Ed in Ohio said...

I think Adam has put himself in a pretty good position right now, if he doesn't use the veto and Kalia does go home.

I haven't been 'rooting' for him or against him, my attention has been elsewhere. But it now looks like whoever is in power next week, he may very well be safe.

Obviously if he wins HOH or POV he will be safe. But if either Porsche, Rachel, or Jordan has the power next week he may not be anyone's 'primary' target. He has a very good chance now of making the final 3 even if he doesn't win another comp. JMO.

Still hoping for a Rachel & Jordan F2 though.

Anonymous said...

I think it is very easy to assume you know how people are going to vote. Just about the time you think people are going to vote for/against someone due to personal reasons, they don't. And vice/versa.

As was mentioned in an earlier thread, Jessie voted for Jordan over his alliance member Natalie.

Joe in NY said...

anon 10:58 I agree. It's a guessing game but that's all we or they can do at this point. Sometimes things look a lot different from the jury house. Especially for early evictees. They get a lot of time to decompress. They watch the game from a distance. They could be swayed by what they see.

But it's not a coin flip either. And I wouldn't go so much by alliances (like Jessie and Natalie) as respect. If you have someone riding your coattails, you don't respect them as much as your adversary in the other alliance.

The problem Rachel has is that the hatred is so viceral for some of the mean girls, it is hard to imagine it changing in the 2 weeks before finale. Especially if she's the one who boots you. Kalia is going to blame Rachel for booting her as well as hating her. The only chance that Rachel would have with Kalia is if she feels as betrayed by Jordan as Jordan felt betrayed by Shelly.

I think Dani is more likely to reconsider Rachel. And Shelly might as well. Kalia and Porsche are pretty much lost causes IMHO.

ORKMommy said...

Joe, you forget that Porche is under the Dani spell! When the jury talks and deliberates, P will put a lot of stock in what Dani has to say. I think that Porche will vote for whoever Dani votes for. Unless the Dani sheen has worn off...

Anonymous said...

If Adam is in the finals with either Jordan or Rachel, he will have a great shot at winning because the vets will only have 3 votes ( Danielle said she doesn't consider herself as a vet). The newbees would be thrilled if one of their own won. So, I think Adam has a chance to win there...
If he is F 2 with Porshe, I think he'll have ALL of the vets votes and win.

Lili said...

@Joe In NY...

Dani was a good sport when she got got??? First she disappeared inside an enormous anti social sulk.

Then she would sort of leap out at Adam and others with one of the weirdest emotional blackmail strategies I have ever seen: "My dad will hate you!", "my dad will love you!", "Janelle will have phone sex with you!" (kidding), "my dad will Like you on Facebook!".

Her exit speech was bitter and ridiculus.

People like Dani and Kahlia worked to get other HGs out because they considered them a threat, or just didn't like them, or whatever. Who cares, you took away that persons chance at 500k, no big deal. But when it happens to them suddenly the earth is off its axis and a terrible terrible travesty is taking place.

I say when what you did to others in the game gets done to you, suck it up, show a little grace, remember you are on TV, and go to Jury and suck down a Margarita with all your fellow jurors!

Would love to see a BB montage of some of the best and worst exits. Remember Howie in All Stars, didn't he try to hit Boogie on the way out?

These shows like BB and Survivor seem to divide up into two types of people on the jury: those with enough maturity and perspective to ask questions re game play and then decide who to vote for. And those who spend their entire question time railing at all the injustices perpetrated on themselves by their fellow evil contestants and trying to extract apologies and justice and then vote for whoever they hate the least.

I think Kahlia is the latter at the moment but after a couple of Jury weeks she will become the former. Porsche too.

Not Dani tho. She claims to love BB more than any human on earth but she holds onto grudges for years. Witness her repeated estrangements from ED. I think Dani would cut off a body part before she would vote for Rachel. Shelly same.

If BB is gonna bring back people in all future shows then bring back some I really like..Kaysar, Janelle, Nakomis, and no more Jessie, ever!

Sally said...

I'm tired of the houseguests complaining about floaters and those who haven't done anything making it to the end of the game. They've got nobody to blame but themselves!

Week after week, the houseguests scheme to get rid of strong players and make big moves, aligning with the floaters to garner their votes. That might be good game strategy, but it really leaves them with no grounds for complaint when the floaters are the ones left in the game.

C'mon Kalia, if you really didn't want weaker players to stay in the game, why didn't you nominate Adam and Porsche for eviction during FF, instead of Rachel and Jeff?

Anonymous said...

Kalia keeps hammering Adam trying to get him to use Veto and keep her safe. Says (to herself), he's get about 10 more talks coming.

His mind seems made up and I don't think he'll change it. He wants Kalia GONE.

Guess she doesn't realize that banging on the HG's ears hasn't helped her cause, certainly hasn't with Adam!

If he was inclined to take anyone off, it would be Porsche. But I don't think he'll do that either. Might be crazy, but it almost seems like he's pretty much 'had it' with Porsche too (but not as much as Kalia).


FA (formerly anon) said...

Here's what I think Adam is thinking.

By being true to Jordan and Rachel, he is doing the exact opposite of what Shelly did, and he's gaining all the good will of both America and the jury. So, he may be thinking that if he gets to F2, depending on who he is with, he actually might win. If not, he might get America's vote. If he went against J&R, he'd alienate many in the jury as well as America.

If he stabbed Jordan in the back and went to F3 with P&K, he knows the jury would simply not award him the prize.

That's what I think he is thinking, and I believe he is correct. He is showing that what Shelly did was not necessary, and showing that you can play with integrity and still get far.

Joe in NY said...

Lili - Dani WAS a good sport when she got got.

The intimidation was trying to use a play for ED's playbook. So was her eviction speech to the HGs who had NOT voted yet. She was trying to shame them into keeping her by calling them out.

Once she got out with Julie she was very gracious. She was also very friendly when Jeff, who backdoored her, walked into the house.

Yes, I think she was a good sport.

You might not like the way she played the game. Many people did not like the way ED played. But that was really all before she got got. She was trying to save herself. When she couldn't, she was a good sport about it. At least from what we saw in the Jury House.

Joe in NY said...

@ Lili I also think you may be mistaken about her "repeated" estrangement from ED. They were estranged before their first appearance on BB. But remember the were lying about being estranged before this BB. It was part of their pre-game game plan

Joe in NY said...


I'll agree. In fact you've gotta give it to Brenchel - they always target floaters first.

ORKMommy said...

@Lili - "People like Dani and Kahlia"? What about Rachel the first time Brendon was evicted? What about Jeff? Neither of them were very graceful.

I agree with Joe (surprise!!). I think Dani was pretty graceful. She admitted she'd been had & sucked it up like a trooper. As far as her relationship with ED, we have NO idea what type of father he really was/is so none of us can speak to that. I, myself, have gone through many periods of estrangement from my father so I know what that can be like.

ORKMommy said...

Oh, and I believe it was Porshe who was using Janelle on Adam, not Dani.

My WV is 'slogisd'. "Adam slogisd his way into the F4. Nobody knows how though!!"

PDX Granny said...

While I'm enjoying reading all the different scenarios that could happen, I'm not going to even try to get into their heads to figure out what they're thinking. It makes me dizzy just thinking about it! Besides, no matter how well we plan it ahead of time, all it takes is one misstep by a HG to throw all those plans into a tailspin.

Re the jury house. Am I'm right in remembering something about no game talk allowed once they reach the house, or am I imagining things? It seems it would be awfully hard to prevent. What's to stop the jury members to continue to play the game from the house by trying to sway the votes?

PDX Granny said...

When Rachel got evicted last time, we saw Brendon's game improve. This time around we see him leaving and Rachel becoming almost likeable. Her social game has definitely improved! The two of them together just seem to bring each other down.

I wonder when this is all over, and they have a chance to sit and watch the tapes, if they'll actually see any of this. It has the potential of being some very effective couples counseling.

ORKMommy said...

@Granny - I agree BUT that would mean they're insightful enough to 'get it'. I think that's a bit of a stretch...

I agree Rachel's game has improved. My biggest issue with her winning is what the money will do to her. Instead of using it to start a comfortable life with her beloved, I think she'll throw an over the top, disgustingly extravagant wedding and blow the rest on a whirlwind honeymoon. After having a taste if the good life, she'll want more and when it doesn't happen she'll spiral downward. I see her as a B rated celebrity Lindsey Lohan. As much as I don't respect or like the Rachel I've seen on TV, I don't want to see that happen to anyone. Money does bad things to some people and I'm afraid she's one if them!

Anonymous said...

Brenchal live in their own little world when they are together.

When the watch the tapes, I'm pretty sure that all they will "see" what they saw last season:

- Themselves talking about wanting floaters out
- Themselves saying hard THEY play and how much they deserve it
- Several people saying some really bad stuff about them... especially about Rachel.

I seriously doubt they will be inclined to "connect the dots."


Anonymous said...

As for what Jury votes would be going to who, I thought it might be possible for Shelly to vote for Rachel in the F2, but after reading the Post-Eviction interview (on Jokers), that's doubtful.

When questions came up regarding Rachel (or Rachel and Brendon), it was obvious Shelly doesn't care for Rachel and has very little respect for her... other than for how good she is at the comps.

Respect for the Game is apparently easy to say, even when your own game wasn't very respectable.

But I still think I'd like Shelly as a person... outside the game.


Ninboh said...

I wonder what Jordan did with the 500 gs. She couldn't have put it all down on a house down payment b/c that would be extremely poor financing. I know she's not mean like the others but she's fairly uneducated and like the rest of the bimbos, got a boob job. Who is to say that she would use the money any more wisely than the rest.

Joe in NY said...

Ninboh it's only $250-300,000 after taxes. You could easily go through most of that on a house for your Momma.

PDX Granny. You're right. They can't talk game in the jury house. There are cameras and mikes and I'm sure there's a penalty in their contract if they violate it.

Sharon. I think brenchel are more self aware than you give them credit for. There early combos in the house showed they knew they were hated and why. I think it's just hard to change who u r

Anonymous said...

Kalia needs to go home. She is right up there in the most annoying catagory with Shelly. Is there anyone who can talk more than Kalia. She is pathetic.

Anonymous said...

You may be right about the self awareness, but in my view, that's only to some extent.

They realize they are disliked, even hated, but think that's only because they are so competitive and good at comps.

I doubt they comprehend that it's mostly because of their 'gag' factor/behavior. Rachel has said she thinks everyone is just jealous of their love.


monty924 said...

Joe is correct on the actual earnings after taxes. Jordan paid for Jeff to have Lasik surgery, and bought a house for her mother, brother and herself. She did not get a BOOB job with the money. She got that boob job before she went into the house two years ago.

Rachel and Jordan were talking earlier in the week and she said that she and Brendon weren't even going to watch the show back this season. Seems she is sincere in just moving on with her life with Brendon by getting married and settling into a normal life. Once I got over my annoyance with her and started to actually listen to her conversations in the house I realized she's about as average as the next person. One thing is for certain... she's madly in love with Brendon and that's not such a bad trait. IMO

The jury can't talk game until they have their little round table to discuss the remaining house guests and that is filmed for a package on the show. After that they are rushed off to sequester and do not see each other until finale night when they get to ask one question each. Not a whole lot of time to campaign one way or another, but there is a little room there.

Anonymous said...

This show is no fun anymore. Adam needs to use the Veto and put Jordan up so she can be voted out. This show is B.O.R.I.N.G. now....If it gets down to Rachel and Jordan - I won't even watch the finale....

Justene said...


I agree with you and you phrased it well. Big game moves get you out.


Thanks for telling us how Jordan spent the money. She probably has some tucked away too. Saving is just unusual these days.

monty924 said...

Nice vid of Jeff in the Around the World For Free. He tours the BB house in Thailand.

See you all in the show post a little later.

Jackie said...

After spending nearly an hour and a half in the DR, Kalia returned to keep pleading her case. She isn't quitting.

Anonymous said...

Has it been discussed why the house is more gung-ho to get rid of Kalia rather than Porsche? Personally, I think Porsche is a bigger threat than Kalia. Or do they think she'd garner more jury votes than Porsche?