Thursday, September 01, 2011

Big Brother 13 Live Feeds Into Thursday Pre-Show 9/01

As exciting as it gets ...
all sleep during the HoH lockdown

This group is really not entertaining. A hecka lotta nuthin' been goin' down in the house. Thus, I don't have much to say and I'm handing off screen caps from the feeds instead.

Shelly is resigned that she'll be leaving tonight and blames it on the one big move she made in the house. Now, her actual early game had been very good in the beginning. It's a shame she overplayed her strategy and then self-imploded with her Jeff vote.

Rachel is still more "normal" when playing with Jordan than she has been in either season. Perhaps Brendon is good for her love life outside of the house, but it's obvious she is much more stable and "normal" without him in the house.

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When in doubt, EAT!

The new Dynamic Duo?

A solo Adam gives a long boring tribute to hamsters gone by.

Rachel tries to communicate with Brendon's photo.

What? No pink velour sweat suit?

Kalia stays quiet for just a bit.

Shelly sans a cigarette while outside.
Probably my last screen cap of her.


Anonymous said...

thank god that the Buffalo Bills stink and the game was blacked out here in Syracuse so we can now watch bb!! Can't Wait!!

Jason :)


Anonymous said...

"Shelly sans a cigarette while outside.
Probably my last screen cap of her."
Hopefully! From your fingertips to the HG's ears.
IMO, if Shelly wasn't so loud & confrontational with Jeff before his eviction, it may have gone better for her. Instead, she had been secretly "sleeping with the enemy" for weeks before. She went from the HOH room saying no more trash talk to going right downstairs to trash talk Rachel. Instead of quietly saying, "I'm going to have to vote you out", she denied she was even thinking it. Lying when it wasn't needed did her in.

Becky said...

Oh I hope Shelly goes home.

Anonymous said...

I'm a big Rachel fan this year - (not last year) She knows how to play the game - she is a strong competitor and can be counted on.