Saturday, September 03, 2011

Big Brother 13 Live Feeds Update - PoV 9/03

Oh my gosh.

Adam won the Power of Veto.


Becky said...

He would be wise to not use it. It will reassure J/R that he is on their side.

Petals said...

WTG, Sir Baconator

Anonymous said...

but if he does use it only one that can go up is jordan. rach cant play for hoh. the newbies could take over

Anonymous said...

Wow - Adam? This is going to get VERY interesting.

I've always said that I do not want a veteran to win. But I think one will.

I do not think Adam will use the Veto.

Sissy said...

I knew it and I said it before, Adam is going to be like Zach in Evil Dick's season and start winning at the end. It's hard to tell what Adam will do, he goes from alliance to alliance on a daily basis.I know he likes Jordon but I'm sure Porsce will be running to him and beg for him to take her off the block. Adam, Adam, Adam... it doesn't matter who's side you are on J/R or K/P, neither duo will take you to the final 2.

Billy said...

Things could get interesting now. Adam pretty much has all the power and how he will use it is anybodies guess. He needs to side wherever he feels most safe to get to the final 3 and stick with it IMO. I think that since he won this POV if he manages to get HOH this week he could even be in good enough shape for the final 2 or a win. With as much as he's floated it's gonna take some hard fighting in all of the rest of the competitions but he could do it. When it comes down to it the jury votes are usually according to who they feel played best as opposed to who they were aligned with. I don't think Adam and Porsche were too different from one another since both were kinda just there. If Adam starts winning while Porsche does nothing I think he'd have a good chance against her in the final 2. If he goes up against Jordan probably not, and if he is up against Rachel she's played the game better than anyone in the house at this point.

Joe in NY said...

I doubt Rachel will do it, but she really should sort of feel out Adam on this. The ideal scenario for Rachel is for Adam to backdoor Jordan. That way Jordan is out but Rachel is clean. That gives Rachel 3 pretty clean votes in jury: J/J and Brendon. She only needs one more.

I know y'all have objections, but if you think about it.

Rachel doesn't need Jordan this week. Jordan winning HOH only gets Jordan to final 3. Rachel has to win POV. The POV holder alone determines who goes home next week. Potentially Jordan gives Rachel another ally in the house, but that's only useful at this point if Jordan can win POV this week.

Rachel doesn't stand a chance against Jordan in F2 (IMHO). So she needs her to go home anyway and she can't have her hands bloody. Adam gives her that opportunity.

If I'm Rachel or Adam, I'm trying to have a little circumspect conversation with Adam or Rachel. They need their own private F2 deal.

Caela said...

He needs to use it!!!! Get Jordan out now, he cant beat her in the final!!!! Side with the newbies, oust the vets and for once try to win the HOH Adam!!!!

Petals said...

Yeah, yeah...Joe, your plan about back-dooring Jordan is on the money. On one hand, I just like Jordan so much, hate to see her out. On the other hand, she has already won. She got the money AND a great guy, plus AR, etc.
I think I am rooting for Joisey Adam to move ahead in the game.

Joe in NY said...

If Adam were super clever and super sneaky, he could end up in a F2 deal with Rachel and a F3 deal with Kalia and Porsche by the end of the week. It's a little risky, but it could work

Petals said...

so Joe? Who do you want to win?

Ed in Ohio said...

Supposedly a little while ago Adam told Jordan if he wins HOH or POV next week he will 'give her the power to decide who stays or goes'.

He also gave Jordan his girlfriend's necklace to hold as some sort of pledge to J/R/A F3

Of course it goes without saying he would need to win again???

I agree with Joe about Rachel's best chance for the win is for Jordan to go. I actually thought that right after Rachel won HOH. But I hope it doesn't go that way I'd still like to see Rachel & Jordan F2. I think Rachel can still win in that scenario as well.


sarah said...

imo, rachel or kalia....rachel played a stellar game and kalia is the only newbie who did anything. just please not porsche!

Joe in NY said...

@Debbie Really, the POV is the only thing that matters next week. The POV holder alone decides who goes home. The HOH winner can protect herselfo only. So even if Jordan won HOH, Rachel would still need to win POV. And, in fact, if neither Jordan nor Rachel won HOH it doesn't matter because they could win POV and protect them both.

Anonymous said...

Here's the thing, in order to win the game one has to make it to the F2. The question A should be asking is who can I beat in the rest of the competitions if I need to in order to get there.

Rachel Not really good odds on beating her at anything endurance

Kalia Not really good odds on beating her on questions

Porshe She's fairly good at both at times.

Jordan Not good at endurance or questions.

I would keep Jordan because I would think I could beat her and then I wouldn't have to worry about who would take me with them to F2...I would take myself.

Also I've said it before I'll say it again....Neither A or P or R would be winning as many comps if D and J and B were still there. They are only winning because they don't have that much real competition anymore.

Joe in NY said...

I don't really expect Adam to use it. It's too big a move for him. He clearly likes keeping his head down. I wonder why he even bothered to win the POV. LOL. Must not trust Rachel as the tiebreaking vote if he ended up the pawn.

Petals XXXXX

I don't care who wins. I just want it to be interesting. And it has been ever since Brendon went back in the house. Of these 5 I made 2 lists.

Who most "deserves" to win:
1. Rachel
2. Kalia
3. (tie) Jordan
3. (tie) Porsche
4. Adam

Reasoning? Rachel has played the hardest while being everyone's least favorite. Kalia has also played hard. Jordan and Porsche I think have mostly floated behind a more powerful player. Porsche floated behind Rachel for awhile and then Dani. Jordan floated behind Jeff and then Rachel. Jordan has 1 win and Porsche has 2 wins so they aren't total floaters. But they haven't made any big moves and really have little blood on their hands. Adam has floated the most and in the traditional sense: following the power. If he backdoors Jordan he moves up to #2 on my list - but he won't.

The more personal list (in order of whose win would be most satisfying for me personally):
1. Rachel - she has played hard. She was so reviled she's actually a bit of an underdog. And even her annoying antics always provided me with some drama and amusement.

2. Jordan - I can hear all your jaws dropping. LOL. I don't think Jordan deserves it. And frankly I hate to think of Jeff getting 1/2 the money by marrying her. LMAO. But at least with Jordan I feel like I know who she is as a person and it wouldn't bother me if she won.


10. Adam - Again, I think Kalia and Porsche deserve it more. But they are just too cold and mean. I mean Britney was a bit of a mean girl, but she was at least funny about it. Kalia and Porsche are mean just for the sake of being mean. Adam may have floated between alliances and been horrible at comps. But like Jordan at least I feel like he's a decent human being who played a clean game if not a great one.

11. Porsche - She actually did make one big move and that was abandoning Rachel for Dani. Not sure anyone on here (including me) has given her credit for that. And she did play openly with Dani so there was no question which side she was on (unlike Adam and Shelly). I think Kalia deserves it more but I just like Kalia less. (not that I like either one) Kalia was even nasty in her goodbye message to Brendon which seems stupid as well as mean. And Kalia also seems cockier than Porsche for no apparent reason.

12. Kalia - The thought of her gloating after a victory is just too awful to consider...

As always IMHO

Muriel said...

I don't think it makes any difference if the same person (Jorden) wins this game. It doesn't matter to me if she won before. She's a BB competor again and if she does win, good for her. I know that some have mentioned that she already won the money.

I am hoping for a Rachael win.

Lili said...

I must be living in an alternate universe as I seem to be the only one who thinks Jordan is the ideal person for Rachel to sit next to in F2.

I think Rachel would get Adam, Kahlia, Brendon, and Porsche. And Jordan would get Jeff, Dani, and Shelly.

Shelly and Dani are blinded by an unreasonable hatred of Rachel. But Adam, Kalhlia and Porsche have all see Rachel do so well without Brendon, both in comps and socially. And exactly why would they vote for Jordan? She got the money last year, she has won one comp to date and really the only reason she won last year is everybody hated Natalie. I do not think Adam, Kahlia, and Porsche hate Rachel. And they see all the comps she won, all the alliances, the deal making. If they vote for best game play not sweetest personality I believe they will vote Rachel.

Petals said...

I admit it, although I am not a fan of her personality (or her voice, or her hair color), Rachel has done well. She is a competitor.
if she goes on to win, it will be deserved.

eek! I need to change my avatar, I am scaring myself!

Joe in NY said...

Anon 8:35 Your analysis is slightly deficient as you're only looking at 1/2 the equation. One way you can get to F2 is by winning your way there. No more than 50% of the people ever do that! LOL What you fail to mention is being taken to the Final 2.

If Adam is convinced that only Kalia stands between his running the table in comps then he should evict her. The problem that leaves him with if he doesn't run the table is that Jordan and Rachel may consider Adam the flat 3rd wheel. And Porsche would be his only hope to be taken to F2.

It isn't that different than when the couples were in the game. Everyone wanted to break up the couples. Well there are still 2 couples in the game: Jorchel and Palia. Adam has to decide whom to be the 3rd wheel with.

Frankly, I think if Kalia is out Porsche is most likely to take him to F2. And I think if Jordan is out, Rachel might also be most likely to take him to F2.

He can actually be in both alliances by backdooring Jordan with Rachel's secret approval. It would have to be tempting to Rachel: put Jordan on the jury not knowing that Rachel had anything to do with her being there. It's like getting to vote for yourself for the win.

He can secretly do Rachel's bidding while openly saving Porsche and appearing to align with those two.

Like I said, it's a little risky (if Rachel rats him out to Porsche and Kalia), but it is so huge a move that if he pulled it off I would actually leapfrog him from least deserving to most deserving of the win.

Joe in NY said...

Lili - I hope your alternate universe has a pretty colored sky! jk

I don't know, it is REALLY hard to see the mean girls turning around and voting for Rachel over Jordan. I mean they only recently wanted to give her a medicine ball abortion!

But the obvious one is Kalia. Kalia not only despises Rachel and wanted to abort her with a medicine ball, she's also been friends with Jordan since week 1 and has promised to never nominate her and been true to her word. IMHO there's no way on this smoggy planet that Kalia would ever vote for Rachel over Jordan.

Nina said...

I think that Rachael has played a good game. She's taken risks and that's what this game is about, but many timers the floaters win. Also the cchange in Rachael is very nice to see.

Joe in NY said...

Petals, I'm surprised you didn't mention Rachel's moustache or say she looks like a man!!! LOL

Joe in NY said...

It might just be my sitting alone in the living room right now, but I found Rachel and Shelly to each be hot in a different way.

Petals said...

I did notice Rachels 'stache, Joe. I remarked on it at the time. But Rachel just irritated me, I found Shelly disturbing. You know why, no need to repeat those things.

I put on a video for you.

Plus a less-frightening avatar (Klimt rules!)

Becky said...

@@Joe! You are spending too much time alone! Shelly, hot? Hummm, when was your last eye exam? I hope you know I am just teasing you.

Oh, and BTW, I don't tease people I don't like. My kids said they could always tell which of their friends I did not care for because I was "cooly polite" -- their phrase,not mine.

Becky said...

Lordy, lordy, I HAVE to post just so I can use this WV... chiver - the thought of Shelly being hot makes a chiver go up my spine!

ORKMommy said...

Lili - I'm not sure I agree with your assessment of Dani's vote. Yes, she played emotionally but she's out of the game now and has a great respect for the game. If J/R were the final two I think she'd vote for Rachel to win. Jordan hasn't played the game and I doubt Dani can respect that. We also have to remember that she put her emotions aside twice to play with her dad AND if Jordan wins, Jeff benefits from the money and Jeff was the reason Dani left the house.

Petals said...

LMAO Becky! Right? She was just to ..."Chaz" for me, ya know?

Joe DOES need glasses, too! I am about to bonk him on the head.

Anonymous said...

He SHOULD use it. Put Jordan up and Adam and whoever he takes off vote Jordan out - and then one of the newbies will be HOH and they can get rid of Rachel next! I hope to Gawd he uses it!!!

Joe in NY said...

LOL. I said "hot" not "pretty". There's just something sort of rough and tumble about Shelly.

At the risk of further ridicule, in some ways she's hotter than Rachel. I mean Rachel's younger and a bit naughty dirty. But, I don't know, somehow Shelly seems like she'd Y'know?

I mean she's no Petals...

Jordan's the prettiest HG, but she just seems too stiff. I find Michelle Obama hot also so you'd think Kalia would work for me but there's just something about her that is a total turn off.

I think Cassi would have been my #1 choice for a showmance in the house. She was pretty and sassy and I'd play pony to her cowgirl all summer...

Anonymous said...

thanks Ny Joe, you gave me some insight. As much as I don't like Rachel since Brendon left her game has improved. when he was around she didn't seem to think for herself.

SueGee said...

Yes Petals - that picture is creepy!

I really hope Adam doesn't use the veto now - I would miss Jordan. Not sure who I want to win, except NOT Kalia...

Finally going to watch the Thursday show tonight. Just want to see Shelly go and the Jury house.

SueGee on the left coast

monty924 said...

I also think Dani would vote for Rachel, the competitor, despite Rachel telling her she didn't want her vote. :) I can't see Dani 'writing Jordan a check for half a million'... Dani's words.

I think Jordan's playing for $50,000 unless she starts winning like in her season. I don't know if that will happen or not.

chris said...

i hope he keeps his deal with r/j
that's all I can say

chris said...

dani also said she would not vote for adam to win the money, but who knows

Anonymous said...

Like a few people here, I liked Shelly for quite a while... even felt like she might end up winning.

Some of the stunts she'd pull were hysterical... like sneaking up on Brenchal in the hammock, and even getting Kalia to keep Rachel instead of evicting her. Come on folks, we all laughed.

Then it suddenly became easy to NOT like her because we didn't like that it hurt Jordan... someone so trusting.

We've become accustomed to the HGs lying, and most times even applaud the falsehoods when the person lying is someone we like... or if that liar helps evict someone we don't like.

Whether anyone likes the way Shelly portrayed herself in the house or not.. the talk with Julie after eviction showed that she DID regret some of her actions. But it also showed she has a lighthearted humor that many of us could only see and appreciate prior to The Big Hurt.

While talking with Julie, I could easily see that Shelly is obviously very comfortable in her own skin... and why she's a successful business woman.


Petals said...

*smooches to Joe*

Which couple will be the first to have a televised BB wedding?
Brenchal or J/J?

My vote is Brenchal, because Jordan's grandparents just would not go for the camera thing.

Petals said...

PS - Yes, Joe - I totally was diggin me some Cassi. Agree 100%, do you have a saddle-for-two for that pony? LOL

Joe in NY said...


Lili said...

@ Joe in NY, pinks and oranges, like a sunset, thank you.

I think once Kahlia and Porsche cool their jets in the Jury House they will easily see Rachel deserves the big bucks over Jordan.

I think Dani's vote is possible but unlikely. Dani holds grudges big time. For five years of her life she hasn't spoken to her father?

Don't expect her to unclinch the grudge she has for Jeff, Brendon, Rachel and Adam anytime soon.

But for all the sort of girl mob bad behavior voiced by D/P/K/S both Porsche and Kahlia have shown in the last days they can put that aside and play cards and be quite social with Rachel. They will be pissed if Rachel is F2 but I think Shelly and Dani will seethe. Big difference.

BBAD is pretty uneventful now but I kinda enjoy the fact the 99% of the toxic energy left with Dani and Shelly. And I always just fast forward it to pertinent conversations anyway. Is it just me or is the guy running the cameras on BBAD obsessed with Jordan?

Petals said...

Lili - I dont get BBAD this year, but when I used to, in seasons past, it seems that the HGs would get kinda friendly with the guys behind the scenes. I think I remember Jen flirting with one of the cameras behind one of the 2-way mirrors?
So, yeah - one of the camera guys prolly loves little Jordan.

My wv is "fooniti". I know there is a joke in there somewhere, but I am too tired to dig for it.

Anonymous said...

IMO, Rachel can only win 2nd place. That is, IF she makes it that far. If she is up against a newbie,all newbie votes (including Dani) will go to the newbie, whether they "deserve it" or not. The only way she can MAY BE ABLE to win first place is if she's up against Adam. If she is up against Jordan, she is 2nd. She has too may people who hate her for the sake of hating on the newbie side.
Adam has said in his BY shoutouts that he's "team Rachel" and wants to go to the F2 with her. I think he knows if his move evicts Jordan, he may lose potential JJ jury votes. Therefore, I think he'll leave things as is: Not use the veto. He'll let others be the "bad guy" evicting Jordan.
And Joe: I have the same "want" to win list, but for different reasons.

Anonymous said...

@Sharon: It's not just the turning on Jeff and Jordan that really got under my skin with Shelly. She made herself out to be pious and full of integrity and she made Rachel (who I admittedly love) out to be this deceitful, lying troublemaker when she was being the lying troublemaker. She wouldn't admit it, even though BB used clips to show that Rachel was telling the truth about her. I'm not saying that Rachel hasn't lied in this game, but she didn't claim to be full of integrity. And she has this irrational hatred of Rachel, along with Dani and Kalia. She bested all of them and they are so delusional, none of them will admit it. (Just like Kalia doesn't realize her last 2 weeks in the house were courtesy of Rachel.) But I am going to love seeing jury footage as Dani's alliance come strolling in, one by one.

Anonymous said...

April, I actually do agree with you about those Shelly-issues. I also accept that people 'play the game' differently, some of it isn't very honorable. Doesn't make that style of game-play any less cringe-worthy.

From the sound of the things Shelly said to Julie, that kind of behavior is not her normal M.O. Don't know why, but somehow, I believed her.

Moving on...

Kalia and Porsche have started working on Adam, pedal-to-the-MetalMan. Wonder how successful they will be since he's given his word to J&R. Up to this point, he hasn't been inclined to go against his word.

Using the Veto probably is his best move, but my impression is that he's had a gut-full of Kalia and wants her gone... maybe so he won't have to listen to her flap anymore. He also knows those 2 wouldn't take him any further than J&R.


monty924 said...

For what its worth, Kalia is in the candy room bedroom under the blankets crying her eyes out. I haven't watched the feeds much tonight, or rather haven't been paying much attention to them, but it seems the final four is solidified, and it is P/A/J/R.

Just my reaction and reading people. Granted, I'm not always great at this where this game is concerned but this looks like a done deal as of now. I honestly do not see Adam using the veto on Porsche. He doesn't need to. Rachel and Jordan will get Kalia out if that is what Adam wants. They have little choice. As Joe says, Adam holds all the power. Adam wants Kalia out. :)

monty924 said...

... well, not all the power. Sorry Joe, I know you will take off on that and run with it, LOL.

Adam does, in a sense, hold all of the power because Rachel and Jordan can't go on without him and neither can Kalia and Porsche.