Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Big Brother 14: Live Feeds Into Tuesday Evening - July 31

Janelle in charge

The countdown is on for the Thursday live show. Will they actually get Frank out of the house over Joe? (I'd prefer Joe go as he annoys me more, but that's just me.) Will the coaches be thrown into the game? Until Thursday, it's all just a lot of what ifs and waffles. Here's today's happenings from inside that Big Brother House of Power Struggles:
  • As the morning got going, Boogie and Frank were still believing the Britney and Company lie that Joe would be going home.
  • Or, more accurately, they were hoping the lie just might be the truth.
  • Boogie thinks this cast of hamsters are dumb.
  • Well, yeah ... for the most part.
  • Wil spent time talking with Boogie. 
  • Is he really betraying Janelle? Oh my!
  • Boogie denied that he and Frank had a plan to backdoor Wil.
  • Joe complained about his Have Not bed hurting his hips.
  • They complained about the days being so long and boring.
  • Y'think?
  • Wil is mad at Janelle because he thinks she's taking credit for him not being backdoored.
  • Huh? Well, she did call him safe in her coaches comp win.
  • Britney is worried that Wil will change his vote and not vote for Frank to go.
  • Janelle thinks gay men in the house get too emotional.
  • Y'think?
  • Britney and Janelle tried to think of lies to tell Wil to turn him back against Frank.
  • Danielle is upset because she thinks that Ashley has been flirting with Shane.
  • @@
  • Shane really has little or no interest in Danielle.
  • At all!
  • Britney told Danielle not to trust anyone on Janelle's team.
  • But Britney and Janelle are allies now. Right?
  • Shane got the HoH camera and fun was had by all.
  • Except maybe Wil -- he slept through most of it.
  • Frank told Britney that he was mad that Janelle told Wil that he (Frank) wanted to backdoor him (Wil).
  • Britney acted surprised.
  • That was actually a Britney lie. 
  • Heh.
  • Janelle thinks she and Ashley need to spend more time with Wil. She thinks because they're not giving him attention, he's turning to Frank for attention.
  • Ashley told Danielle that she has her back.
  • Oh, yeah. That's reassuring.
  • Janelle still hasn't talked to Wil the Needy.
  • That's all she wrote ... for now 

Joe wants a cooking show

I just don't know

Big Brother 14: Live Feeds Monday Night Into Tuesday - July 30-31

Wil he ever win anything?

So, we all know that Frank was put on the block due to Shane saving Ashley. What else has happened in that Big Brother House of Ill Repute? Read on ...
  • Danielle said she thinks Shane put Frank on the block because he's jealous that Frank paid attention to her.
  • @@
  • Danielle keeps throwing herself at Shane. The feeling doesn't seem to be mutual. Not at all.
  • Her coach Dan is telling her getting out Frank is the smartest move.
  • Of course, that's not what Dan is telling Boogie!
  • Frank blames his predicament on Ian's "indecisiveness."
  • That's not the case, but they feel they need a scapegoat.
  • Britney and Janelle think Dan has thrown all of the coaches comps.
  • Shane says that Danielle's constant attention to him is making him uncomfortable.
  • Yet Britney thinks he should play up the showmance a bit to make sure she votes for Frank to go.
  • Danielle told Shane that since "nobody knows about them" -- her and Shane -- Frank is trying to flirt with her for the vote.
  • Like she isn't obvious hanging all over him!
  • Meanwhile, Shane told her that she needs to cool it.
  • "You realize this is Big Brother, not The Bachelor, right?" he asked her.
  • Heh.
  • But it's sad in a way.
  • BB gave them six beers and a bottle of wine. Wow.
  • Britney told Dan she doesn't really trust Janelle, but trusts Boogie less.
  • She doesn't want his team to have three votes, so Frank needs to go.
  • Then, next week they need to knock someone off of Janelle's team to lessen their votes.
  • Ian was surprised that Britney told him she prefers funny guys over hot guys. When she asked him whether he'd rather be hot or funny, he said hot.
  • I think he should stick to funny, sweet and quirky.
  • But that's just me.
  • Janelle and Dan think the players would turn on the coaches if the coaches got in the game.
  • They also mentioned being asked about the option of the coaches going in the game.
  • Diary Room has a big mouth, eh?
  • Frank told Shane he didn't need to blindly follow what Britney wants him to do.
  • Shane admitted he needs to play his own game.
  • But, mind you ... Shane has no vote as HoH unless there's a tie.
  • Joe told Janelle that he was irked that Wil took the credit for Frank going on the block when it was all Janelle's doing.
  • Suck up.
  • But, while Janelle offered the Kool-Aid to Britney and Company, Britney had already drank from the jug -- Britney wanted Frank out all along and couldn't get Shane to put him up. Janelle was just reinforcement.
  • Janelle and Joe think Frank is flirting with Wil and that he's bi-curious.
  • Of course, they all bought Britney's story that Wil and Frank had a final two deal.
  • Wil will vote whichever way Janelle wants him to, though.
  • That's just about it for now.
  • It looks like Frank is still the target.

Pillow talk

Laying a finger upside her nose

Boogie woogie woogie

Monday, July 30, 2012

Big Brother 14: Live Feeds Monday Daytime - July 30


Ohh ... excitement in the house today! Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Belated Betrayals:
  • Okay, let's get this straight.
  • Initially, Britney and Janelle teamed up their teams while Dan and Boogie worked together.
  • Britney and Janelle hated Boogie.
  • Meanwhile, Dan gravitated towards Britney. (Not in a sexual way, of course!)
  • Then the tables turned and Janelle teamed up with Boogie, shunning her former alliance with Britney.
  • Then the tables turned back, it's back to Britney and Janelle hating Boogie.
  • Now, with the latest HoH/PoV reign, Britney has always been for evicting Frank not knowing Shane had a deal with Frank.
  • The other likely targets in the house are Wil and Joe.
  • Wil was saved by Janelle with her coaches comp win.
  • Janelle ended up talking with Britney and, on the surface, all is hunky-dory with them once again.
  • Meanwhile, Janelle just wants to save Joe and keep her team strong.
  • Between Janelle's pressuring about the danger Frank is, the Joe groveling and promising the world and Britney's pressuring Shane to put Frank up ... it happened.
  • In the PoV meeting, Shane saved Ashley and put Frank in her place.
  • Defending his actions to Frank and Boogie, Shane told them that Frank should be safe this week -- they heard that people were leaning towards voting Ashley out and the vote would be split, they want Joe gone.
  • Boogie's Boys are buying it ... sort of kind of, with a grain of salt.
  • Everybody seems to be blaming Ian for not being overly committal that Shane wouldn't be put on the block.
  • Britney also started a rumor that Frank and Wil had a final two deal.
  • The plan is to vote out Frank.
  • But we still have a few days to go.
  • Shane is worried because all of the blood is on his hands.
  • Perhaps if he hadn't called Ian a homosexual slur to Britney (who snapped that it wasn't appropriate), karma wouldn't have blood on his hands!
  • No, he didn't say it to Ian. It was said in a discussion with Britney.
  • Ian is on a guilt trip thinking it's his fault than Frank is on the block.
  • Jenn is steaming mad, as mad as she would be if she were on the block.
  • Joe has been told he's not the target (sigh) but to keep acting like he thinks he is.
  • Frank has been told he's not the target and not to worry.
  • Days like this make me happy I'm not a hamster!  


A ball of confusion

Why does Ashley always look stoned?

Big Brother 14: Live Feeds Bulletin - PoV Used - July 30

Oh my. He did it. Shane saved Ashley and put Frank on the block in her place.

So it's Joe and Frank up for eviction Thursday. This could be interesting! 

Big Brother 14: Live Feeds Sunday Night Into Monday - July 29-30

Jenn's hoodie statement

Oh my gosh! Could we be having hamster waffles for breakfast? Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Did You Ever Have To Make Up Your Mind:
  • Now Ashley wants to work with Shane.
  • Danielle still wants to sleep with Shane.
  • Ashley thinks that Janelle is good at being nice to everybody's face.
  • She's probably right there.
  • Janelle told Britney that they need to team up together to get Frank out of the game before the coaches get in the game.
  • Yep, she said it.
  • So it must be despite the Internet disapproval of the idea.
  • Janelle and Joe are both saying Joe will do whatever he needs to do for Shane to stay in the game.
  • "My life for you, Randall Flagg!"
  • Er. He didn't say that.
  • Britney recalls producer Allison Grodner telling her she could expect the unexpected when they were discussing the winnings amount for her contract.
  • Janelle is certain the coaches will go into the game on Thursday.
  • Therefore, she's back to wanting to team up with Britney to get rid of Boogie and Dan.
  • Janelle thinks if Boogie plays the game, he and Frank will be a powerhouse.
  • Janelle's protege Wil isn't quite the social suck-up that Janelle can be.
  • He vows revenge on Shane if either Ashley or Joe go home.
  • Both Ashley and Shane think they trust Frank more than Wil. Ashley thinks Wil is going to be vindictive.
  • Well, yeah.
  • Britney thinks it's a bad idea to nominate/get rid of Frank this week.
  • The HoH crew (Shane, Britney, Wil, Janelle, Danielle) told Ashley that Shane is taking her off the block.
  • Oh my. How the hamster turns ...  

Perhaps not so doomed?

Brit and Danielle in the nominee chairs

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Big Brother 14: Live Feeds Into Sunday Evening - July 29

Ian makes a phone call

Guess what? It's Sunday and absolutely nothing is going on in the habitat! Plus, they're rather wiped out from last night's festivities. Nonetheless, I'm here to tell you the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Wayward Children:
  • Joe claims he wants to make a deal to buy himself two weeks in the house. Then he would willingly self-evict.
  • Yeah, right.
  • I'd rather see him self-implode.
  • Britney doesn't think JoJo is in the jury. 
  • I don't think so either. I wouldn't doubt that she's still sequestered, though. I haven't heard any buzz about her out in the world.
  • But I could be wrong.
  • Lots of small talk about last night, hanging out in the pool, sunning, exercising and non-game stuff going on today.
  • They bemoaned the fact that they're not even into August yet. They were given a September 19 finish date, although that is subject to change.
  • They know the math doesn't work out with players remaining vs. time left in the house.
  • Britney told Dan she can't make breakfast because the bacon grease splatters and hurts her hands.
  • @@ Adam from last year would be aghast.
  • Joe, Wil and Ashley tried to think of schemes in which they could get Shane to use the PoV, save one of them and put Frank on the block.
  • Joe is practically offering his life to save his life in the house.
  • Shane and Britney had a long talk with Ashley about how Joe has instigated so many problems in the house.
  • "If it hadn't been for Joe, Willie wouldn't have exploded."
  • Huh. I said at the time that Joe was egging him on and running around ratting out every little thing.
  • Shane and Britney told Ashley her team had deserted her -- Janelle wants to save Joe.
  • Joe actually seemed to make some headway with his pleas to Shane.
  • Oh noes!
  • Although, either Joe or Ashley leaving wouldn't bother me.
  • Shane seems to be actually considering backdooring Frank.
  • Britney says they would have nothing to gain be taking out Frank right now.
  • So, it looks like things might be up in the air.
  • I still doubt that Shane will use the veto tomorrow.
  • But there is the concern that Janelle might gather the votes to save Joe.
  • Maybe that odd patch of glowing hair on his face could be evicted.
  • I'd be happy with that for now. 

Shane and his facial hair

Sometimes Danielle looks un-Danielle-ish

Pretty in pink

A Brit smile

Big Brother 14: Nominations, Coach Comp Show Blog Party - July 29

BB12 Blogo 3

Although it's hard to predict this season, tonight's episode SHOULD include the coach comp and nominations. Last week's Willie drama threw everything askew. The show is starting on time here on the East Coast. I'll be updating this entry with major happenings as they air.

But, as always, the real fun is in the comments area. Come join in on the fun and watch the show with us!

Coaches comp, feel the burn, gym equipment in the yard. They have to do reps on the equipment. Each eliminated coach opens a locker and gets what is inside. Britney out first -- won the chance to pick two players for Have Nots. Ian volunteered and she chose Joe with him. Boogie out second, got $10,000 -- for him and two players, $6,000, $3,000 and $1,000. He took the six, Ian the three and Jenn the one.

Dan eliminated, he and five guests of his choice invited to sushi and cocktail party. (Yikes, I was under the impression Britney won this on the feeds.) He invited the coaches, Shane and Danielle.

Janelle won the comp. She chose to save Wil this week.

America voted cereal and salmon for the slop eaters this week.

Britney wants Shane to put up one each from Janelle and Boogie. Shane has his deal with Frank and doesn't want to put him up.

Nominations time! Key order -- Jenn, Ian, Danielle, Frank. On the block are Ashley and Joe. He claims he did it because one coach (Janelle) hasn't had any players on the block.

Ashley cried. Joe says his heart rate is going up.

Big Brother 14: Live Feeds Saturday Night Into Sunday Morning - July 28-29

Wil's birthday suit

It was an evening for festivities in the house as the hamsters celebrated Wil's birthday, plus selected hamsters got to attend a sushi party won by Britney in the coaches comp. Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Hamsters Shouldn't Let Fellow Hamsters Get Drunk on the Live Feeds:
  • Ashley still thinks Ian is the biggest threat in the house.
  • Good. I hope he is. I'd like him to do well!
  • But none of the others are as focused on Ian as is Ashley. That's good.
  • Frank was supposed to be on last season, got his key and all ... and we got the feeds cut.
  • Hmm.
  • Those who couldn't attend the sushi party are: Ian and Joe (Have Nots), Frank, Jenn, Wil and Ashley. All of the coaches, Danielle and Shane are the only ones at THAT party.
  • That doesn't mean the others didn't party.
  • Some of a Wil Diary Room session leaked into the house.
  • Supposedly he's the biggest physical threat on Janelle's team.
  • Well, Joe could be but he really has sucked at each and every comp.
  • And Ashley is um ... Ashley.
  • So, I guess it is Wil!
  • Only the people attending the sushi party could be in the yard. They each had two drinks and a glorious meal.
  • While the sushi party was going on, BB gave the indoor crew alcohol (not the Have Nots -- Joe and Ian).
  • They decided to get dressed up and have their own bash.
  • Ian wore blue skin-tight boxers and a bow-tie.
  • Wil and the others are more easily defined in the screen caps.
  • The sushi party invaded the indoor party ... and cake flew everywhere.
  • Janelle smashed Ian in the face with cake then apologized for the penalty nomination he'll get for eating while a Have Not.
  • Now, BB wouldn't do that!
  • They were drunk and loud.
  • Maybe it was fun if you were there. I'm just glad that rowdy party wasn't going on in the apartment next door.
  • I even had to turn the volume down because I didn't want my neighbors to think I was throwing a wild party!
  • Drunks, drunks, drunks ... all on the equivalent of two beers each, except Wil who had a whole bottle of wine.
  • @@
  • Ian ran from the bathroom wearing only a hat strategically placed. 
  • Now, he wasn't drunk! 
  • Oh my.
  • When he returned to the Have Not room for his clothes, he asked the camera if it enjoyed his show.
  • The camera shook its head no.
  • They played Spin the Bottle. Uh-oh.
  • Ashley had to kiss Frank!
  • Dan tried to get Danielle to let up a bit on the booze drinking.
  • After all, loose lips sink ships!
  • Wil ran out naked through the party to go skinny-dipping.
  • Dan and Britney told both Shane and Danielle to cool it with their showmance. It will hurt their game.
  • They're right.
  • Ian had a super hammock rocking session. I think he sorts everything out in his mind when he does that.
  • As I get this posted, Boogie just got up and started making coffee. 

Jenn went to town

While Ashley looked like a clown

Ashley smacking Ian on the butt (but she's scared of him)

Quad shot of the partiers

Oh, Ian, Ian, Ian ...

Off Topic: That Was the Week It Was - July 29, 2012

Good Sunday morning, folks! Welcome to my weekly off television topic reflection on the week gone by in both words and photos I've taken. If you're looking for Big Brother content, you can find all my latest posts right at this link. I posted a live feeds report last night and will be submitting one with the late night and overnight happenings in a few hours. You might want to skip this post, but you're indeed welcome to stay!

It was another Super Summer week here in the NJ/NYC Greater Metropolitan Area. I'm SO ready for the summer to end. Heat and humidity? I'm not a fan. Oh, sure ... I love a way cool thunderstorm now and again, but not if it knocks my power out. 

On the Jersey 'hood front, the Demon Hello Ice Cream Truck is still terrorizing the streets. I still have not bought any ice cream from it. I fear I'd start shouting "Hello! Hello!" and start beeping and making farm animal noises.

Speaking of farm animal noises, the urban rooster in the 'hood no longer crows. No, I don't think his goose (rooster) was cooked. I believe the entire Deliverance Family has up and left. For some reason, I think they probably rented out that house and lived there long enough to get evicted for non-payment of the rent. 

On the apartment building front, they finally have all of the video cameras filming the three entry doors to the building. I pretend I'm on Big Brother and peek at them out of the corner of my eye as entering or leaving. How much do you want to bet that someone will eventually steal the cameras?

Once again, I didn't have a great photo-taking week. I got a few decent shots, but I was hot and sweaty or it was raining or I seemed to be running late for the part of the week. Work itself was a bit less hectic, but I'm not getting a lot of sleep due to the BB live feeds reporting atop of trying to lead a normal working life.

Here's what I took to share with you this week:

Lightning bug
Lightning bug up close and personal

Once again, a lightning bug was in the hallway. This time it was up on the wall allowing for a better shot. The windows by the elevator have no screens (although they do have child guards) and people keep opening them as the corridors have no AC. Thus, bugs come in. Look! He has little HANDS!

The 'shroom family

Obviously heading out for a day of summer fun. Bridgewater, NJ


Saturday, July 28, 2012

Big Brother 14: Live Feeds Into Saturday Evening - July 28

What the heck is with that hair?

Welcome back my friends, to the show that never ends. Glad you could attend, step inside, step inside. (Apologies to Emerson, Lake and Palmer) Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Brain Salad Surgery:
  • Joe fussed about the Have Not bed. Oh, poor guy.
  • It's Wil's 25th birthday. Eh.
  • Ashley told Frank that Wil and Joe told her that he (Frank) wants her out because she's a floater. He denied it.
  • Oh, but I know that Joe, Boogie, Shane, Janelle and more have definitely talked about the floaters in the house -- Jenn, Ashley, Ian and Danielle.
  • Frank told Ashley if she got Houseguest's Choice in the PoV pick, she should choose him -- he'd keep the nominations the same and Joe would be going home, not her.
  • Well, duh. Joe will probably go home no matter who he's against!
  • Ashley says she only trusts her team.
  • Wil and Joe?
  • Oh, my ... seal your own doom, girl. They won't save you!
  • She ended up drawing Wil for her PoV pick.
  • Frank and Danielle also played for PoV with Wil, Ashley, Joe and Shane. Jenn is the host.
  • Ashley really wants Ian, Shane and Frank out of the house.
  • She better step up her game then, eh?
  • Shane told Danielle he only trusts her.
  • Gag me now.
  • Janelle told Wil that Frank is just like Willie and needs to go.
  • Huh. Frank isn't like Willie at all. If anything, JOE is a bit like Willie.
  • Ashley also thinks that Danielle listens too much and it scares her.
  • Ashley is a nut!
  • Joe asked Frank to take him off the block if he wins.
  • Frank just schluffed it off saying that his ears have been burning the past few days. Joe really shouldn't talk about people, then want them to help him!
  • Janelle tried to pep talk her team.
  • Her team looked like the saddest most worried people on the face of this earth.
  • Rah-rah.
  • Shane said he promised his Mom that he wouldn't have a showmance.
  • So ... why is Danielle all over him?
  • The feeds were blocked for the veto comp.
  • But Shane won AGAIN!
  • Joe thinks it's obvious he will be going home.
  • Obviously!
  • Britney told Janelle that her team left them high and dry two weeks in a row.
  • Yep.
  • Janelle told Britney that Boogie's team is running the game and that isn't right.
  • But, gee ... when Janelle went to the Dark Side joining forces with Boogie, it was alright then, eh?
  • Ashley talking about Frank being mad they couldn't backdoor Shane during Frank's HoH: "When Willie got executed or expelled ... whatever ..."
  • Ashley is more frightened of Ian than she is of Frank.
  • @@ Did I mention nutty?
  • Now, instead of cigarettes, Janelle's offering up her wedding ring as a bribe? Sheesh!
  • Joe said the "royal breakfast" for Shane wasn't his idea -- it was suggested by the Diary Room.
  • Go figure.
  • Janelle and Co. think they have convinced Shane to put Frank on the block.
  • I say they're dreaming.
  • Joe is even playing the "my kids future" card.
  • They're going to be having a sushi party (won by Britney in the coaches comp) soon. 


Yep, she sure did bruise well!

Big Brother 14: Live Feeds Bulletin - PoV - July 28

A day late a dollar short ...

But, here's the news -- Shane won the Power of Veto AGAIN!

A full report will be filed later!

Big Brother 14: Live Feeds Into Saturday Morning - July 28

Janelle trying to coach Joe

Well, well, well ... it's been quite the night in the Hamster House. By targeting Janelle's team in his (Shane's) nominations, the lines have been redrawn once again. Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of As the Hamster Turns -- like sand through the hourglass, these are the days of their lives:
  • With the coaches comp on Fridays and the HoH awaiting the results from that, it doesn't seem like they have time to really prepare for nominations as much as in previous seasons.
  • Shane pretty much made the HoH a revolving door quickly talking to each hamster before he was called to make the nominations.
  • I swear some got about two minutes tops. 
  • He was telling them to state their cases in 30 seconds!
  • Not in a mean way, mind you. More in a hurried way.
  • Janelle and her BFF Wil really, really want Frank out.
  • Shane not so much ... he has his deal with Frank even though last week, had he not won the veto, he (Shane) would have gone home.
  • Joe is more antsy than usual as he's not only nominated (and knows he's the likely target), but he's also a Have Not.
  • Too bad, so sad, Joe.
  • Maybe if he shaved that stupid thing growing on his face, I'd have more sympathy.
  • Hmm ... probably not. He's a bit like a Willie Hantz with slightly more education and cooking skills.
  • Wil thinks Shane and Frank are working together.
  • Y'think?
  • Danielle is upset about the nominations. She was expecting to hold power as the swing vote this week as she thought Shane would nominate one each from Boogie's and Janelle's teams.
  • Britney and Dan now trust Boogie more than Janelle. They think he's a lot less sneaky than Janelle is.
  • They're probably right. I hate to admit it, but I actually like Boogie on the feeds more than Janelle this season.
  • Boogie on the live feeds is a lot less egotistical than he is on the actual show.
  • The Have Nots have cereal and salmon this week. That's probably the most filling/healthy of the choices that could have been.
  • Janelle tried to talk Shane into going against Boogie's team.
  • Alas, Boogie's team has been more honest with Britney's team (Shane) than has Janelle's.
  • Janelle should have thought of that prior to aligning with Britney in the beginning, then jumping ship, now trying to jump back aboard.
  • Danielle was worried that she might be backdoored, but Shane and Britney insist that she's safe. They also told her that Boogie's team will keep her safe next week if they get the power.
  • Joe is claiming his anger level and heart rate both went up when he was nominated.
  • Good. We need a new decent brouhaha!
  • Janelle has huge bruises on the outsides of her thighs from the coaches comp.
  • Joe told Shane that he wants Frank gone this week and he won't come after Shane.
  • How does it feel to want, Joe?
  • Somehow, in the coaches comp, Ian won $3000. I might be getting this wrong, but it sounds like Boogie won money and split it with Ian.
  • Good, the college kid probably has bills to pay.
  • Ian said his mother told him (when she found out he was going into the house) that she hopes he's the first one out. She probably said that because Ian is so far from worldly and she's worried about him.
  • It's like throwing a lamb into slaughter.
  • But he's holding his own and I'm cheering him on from here.
  • Janelle and Wil think that if Janelle hadn't saved him (Wil), he'd be going home this week.
  • They're absolutely right.
  • Wil has done little other than clinging to Janelle like some sort of shadow.
  • Is the Diary Room telling Janelle stuff?
  • Janelle told Wil that there will be a twist with the coaches coming into the game this week as per America's Choice. She also said she and Boogie are fan favorites.
  • Hmm.
  • Most of the people I've seen who follow the live feeds (including myself) DO NOT WANT THE COACHES IN THE GAME.
  • And, many Janelle fans (such as myself) aren't liking her gameplay so much this season.
  • I'm on the Britney Train for now ... although that's subject to change.
  • Janelle thinks Boogie wants his boy Frank to win.
  • I think Boogie is probably leaning more towards his boy Ian -- it's Ian he kept safe, it's Ian he gave the money to. I'm just sayin' ...
  • It's Wil's birthday today. Ho-hum.
  • The PoV comp will be later today, too.
Danielle upset to not be nominated?

Janelle is WAY bruised up from the comp


A man and his bear

Friday, July 27, 2012

Big Brother 14: Nominations Bulletin - July 27

Summit meeting?

Shane's nominations are in. He drank the Boogie/Frank Kool-Aid. He nominated two from Janelle's team -- Joe and Ashley.

Big Brother 14: Coaches Comp Bulletin - July 27

Janelle won the coaches comp ... Wil is safe for the week (of course).

Although the nominations are not in yet, they're obviously leaning towards Joe and Frank. Joe is the target.

Have Nots are unclear, though Joe has been mentioned.

Big Brother 14: Live Feeds Into Friday Afternoon - July 27

Shane and his HoH key are inseparable

How are the hamsters doing with a new sheriff in the town? Oh, wait. It's just Shane. He's obviously good at winning comps, but he's no PuppetMaster! Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Quivering Quahogs:
  • The early risers of the day, Boogie and Joe, complained about how messy the house is getting.
  • Like that's anything new!
  • Joe made his fancy bribe breakfast for Shane.
  • At least he admitted to Shane that it was is apologize and "kiss ass" time.
  • But, still. I call sleaze!
  • Joe thinks Ian wants to make a record for the longest on slop.
  • Chicken George holds that record at 35 days.
  • Boogie is ticked that Britney never washes dishes.
  • Well, he rarely washes his hands after using the bathroom!
  • So there.
  • They speculated on what the coaches comp might be.
  • Shane told Frank that Joe told him he should put him (Frank) up.
  • Shane also told Frank that his main target is Wil.
  • But he won't be making any decisions until after the coaches comp.
  • Britney warned Shane to keep tight-lipped about things.
  • When Boogie asked Frank how he would feel if he used the save on Ian. (Assuming he wins the coaches comp.)
  • Frank doesn't like the idea.
  • Not at all.
  • Janelle started looking all around the arcade room, unzipping the pillows, etc. She seems to want to get into the ball machine in there.
  • The ball machine reminds me of the previous fortune teller.
  • But it isn't as ugly.
  • Trivia came on, so I'm guessing the coaches comp is underway. 

Somebody take a razor to that thing.

Foot in your mouth, Wil. Not in front of ...

Pure excitement in the house

Looking for a clue

Big Brother 14: Live Feeds Into Friday Morning - July 27

Celebrating victory with Froot Loops

So, the power has changed hands once again. Now Shane is Da Man and Britney can breathe easier for a week. What's been happening inside that Big Brother House of Men With Bad Hairdos? Read on ...
  • A tip of the hat (or, more likely a jeer) to Willie Hantz as Shane chowed down Froot Loops shortly after his big win.
  • Dan advised Danielle that she should team up with Shane -- he'll always be a bigger target than her.
  • Ian is the sole Have Not ... for now.
  • Danielle told Dan that Shane told her that she had nothing to worry about this week. He had voted to keep JoJo out of loyalty to his team.
  • Of course, he's a team of one now -- just like Danielle.
  • Jenn feels bad about her performance in the HoH comp.
  • She should.
  • But Mr. Posturing Joe should feel worse.
  • Joe thinks that Shane will nominate himself and Wil.
  • Boogie thinks, if all goes right, the nominees will be from Janelle's team.
  • Just don't touch my little Ian! (That's what Jackie says.)
  • Joe told Jenn that JoJo gave him the cigarettes anyway even though he told her it wasn't worth it to go against the house and vote to keep her.
  • But she took the lighters! Bwahahaha!
  • Joe ended up rigging the toaster oven outside to light cigarettes.
  • Wil and Joe are worried. They think Shane might have a deal with Frank.
  • Y'think?
  • Joe wants to make a "royal breakfast" for Shane.
  • Can you say "suck up"? I thought you could!
  • Shane got his HoH room ... complete with Dunkin Donuts!
  • Britney, Dan, Danielle and Shane plan to work together.
  • But, then again ... they don't know Shane has a side deal with Frank.
  • Joe tried to convince Shane he should get rid of Danielle.
  • Heehee ... Dan overheard Joe telling Shane that.
  • Shane seems to be leaning towards putting one up each from Boogie and Janelle's peeps -- probably Frank and Wil.
  • That is subject to change, mind you.
  • Plus, he could just be saying that. He might keep loyal to his deal with Frank.
  • Then again, he may not.
  • Confused yet?
  • Britney told Shane that they should work a wedge between Janelle and Boogie this week, pitting them against each other.
  • That's it for now! 

HoH crew

Oh noes! The pool is covered!

Come see my HoH room!

Britney reads her letter from home

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Big Brother 14: Live Eviction Show Blog Party - July 26

BB12 Blogo 3

Come one, come all! It's the live eviction show! If I seem strangely silent, it's because I've lost power. I setting this to automatically post, but my power has gone out twice already with severe storms passing through.

If I keep power, I'll update this entry with major news. The real fun is in the comments, though. Come join the fun!

I'm HERE, the power remains!

Cool. Will Kirby is going to make an appearance!

Dr. Will on the coaches! Thinks Boogie is doing well, worries about Boogie's ego. He thinks the other coaches are lackluster. Kermit the Frog and Ryan Seacrest had a baby, it would be Dan. Britney -- put your coach hat on, players evicted for violence. Is Janelle good at strategy? If she loses, three time loser. He thinks Ian will win the game.

America's Vote will be a chance for us to change the game. I predict voting either Kara or JoJo (expected to go go tonight) back in the game.

The nominees speak, then it's time for the live vote. JoJo up first, came planning to lie but that's not who she is, really loyal, making a mistake because they won't make a big move. Danielle loves all y'all, I'd be a great assett, etc.

The vote to evict --
Wil -- JoJo
Joe -- JoJo
Ashley -- JoJo
Commercial time
Shane -- Danielle
Ian -- JoJo
Jenn -- JoJo

I know from the feeds that Shane had already told people he was going to give JoJo a loyalty vote.

Buh-bye, JoJo.

A peek at the HoH comp reveals a winter backyard with the hockey set-up we saw them practicing on in the feeds. "On Thin Ice" has them hitting a hockey ball into numbered slots. Highest number wins.

Shane is the new HoH!

Want to give the coaches the opportunity to stop coaching and put them in play for the half-million dollar prize? It's in your hands.


You can vote by texting, info is online as well as free voting. Texting is a dollar a vote.