Friday, July 27, 2012

Big Brother 14: Coaches Comp Bulletin - July 27

Janelle won the coaches comp ... Wil is safe for the week (of course).

Although the nominations are not in yet, they're obviously leaning towards Joe and Frank. Joe is the target.

Have Nots are unclear, though Joe has been mentioned.


Becky said...

Good. Wil is not one of my top favorites, but he is my pool pick.

BTW,Jackie, I sent you an email.

Chacha said...

Just don't like him. I really don't think Wil has what it takes. He certainly has the mouth but i don't think he can physically beat Shane/Frank.

If the Coaches are dropped in the game do you think they will form a four person alliance and pull in Frank and Shane.

Unfortunetly i feel Brit and Janie would be out in a heartbeat, unless they pull out HOH.