Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Big Brother 14: Hamster News

We've already gotten a glimpse of the new Habitrail and now, despite the fact that the official cast reveal is supposed to be tomorrow ... we see some of the hamsters.

It is looking like it's going to be a season of new hamsters mixed with returning rodents as mentors. Whether the returning rodents will be eligible to win, I don't know. Folks who know me know that I'm not too keen on returning houseguests. Rumors are still persisting that the returning hamsters are Mike Boogie, Janelle, Dan (BB9) and now ... Rachel (WAH). And one of the rumored new houseguests even bears a familiar name. 

Here's what I've gathered for y'all on the new hamsters:

A new commercial:

 Another new commercial:

Here's the familiar name, alas, Russell Hantz's brother. Sigh. That said, I don't think he's going to be either like Russell or that silly weird nephew.

 Kara is Playboy's Playmate of the Year 2006. @@

One of the new hamsters, Wil Heuser, has his own YouTube channel and, supposedly, a fan following.

Your thoughts on these hamster glimpses and the new "twist"? 


JOEY said...

Happy Holiday, Jackie,
Hope you and Vincent are having a good time.
Joey said, He praying there is no more Rachale or Jessie, He can not take it any more of them and hope they stay gone.
I still tease him and he still get mad but it fun plus he get a lot of works done as well. ha ha
Thank you Jackie
love ya

Brent McKee said...

This isn't the Hantz Brother that Russell had the house flipping show (Flipped Out) on A&E with. The show was awful, redeemed in the first episode only by Russell confronting a cop who came after some of their building materials were stolen and Russell ended up handcuffed in the back of a patrol car. Unfortunately his brother Shawn talked the cop out of taking Russell to the hoosegow.

Petals said...

I love me some Janey, so I hope that rumor is true. In any case, I am soooo excited to have BB back!

Joe in NY said...

CBS is advertising it as the returning HGs playing their own separate game. THAT sounds good!

I would love Rachel back. I need me some drama.

One of the HGs is named Hantz and he is from Louisiana but they don't indicate if it is any relation to the Survivor Hantzes

meb said...

Petals, I'm with you... Janelle! Yay! Joe... Rachel, I'm OK with and can't believe I just said that. Hantz' brother???

Jackie... getting excited for sure!

gaylos said...

I think it will be very very interesting to see how Janelle (who was initially disliked but proved herself to the HG and the fans) and Rachel (who was and still is annoying as hell, but grudgingly a decent player) will get along!

monty924 said...

He is Russell's brother. If you watch the clip on Jackie's post, you'll see that he doesn't plan on telling ANYONE in the house that little fact though.

Wondering if Janelle would go in the house with a baby under one year old, but I'd LOVE to see her in there again. Best player to never win!!!

I'll probably be rooting for Willie Hantz! :))

monty924 said...

If I've missed a pool post, put me in. Thanks!

Great more storms headed my way... wish this heat wave would break.

Jackie said...

Joe - Don't you read what I write? I wrote that he's Russell's brother and posted his video.

lynn1 said...

I'll have to see how the hamsters interact before I chose any realfavorites.
After looking at the clips I like Kara the playmate of the year.
I don't see her as a complete Bimbo but I reserve the right to change my mind. After all I am basing this on a clip not actual game play, and in BB talk is cheap.

SueGee said...

Can't wait for the party to begin!! I promise to at least make the first show's party and then I will be vacationing for a week and will have to catch up. I will have a laptop and will try and at least make a splash now and then!

Is anyone trying to watch Glass House? What a loser!!

Sue on the Left Coast