Friday, July 27, 2012

Big Brother 14: Live Feeds Into Friday Morning - July 27

Celebrating victory with Froot Loops

So, the power has changed hands once again. Now Shane is Da Man and Britney can breathe easier for a week. What's been happening inside that Big Brother House of Men With Bad Hairdos? Read on ...
  • A tip of the hat (or, more likely a jeer) to Willie Hantz as Shane chowed down Froot Loops shortly after his big win.
  • Dan advised Danielle that she should team up with Shane -- he'll always be a bigger target than her.
  • Ian is the sole Have Not ... for now.
  • Danielle told Dan that Shane told her that she had nothing to worry about this week. He had voted to keep JoJo out of loyalty to his team.
  • Of course, he's a team of one now -- just like Danielle.
  • Jenn feels bad about her performance in the HoH comp.
  • She should.
  • But Mr. Posturing Joe should feel worse.
  • Joe thinks that Shane will nominate himself and Wil.
  • Boogie thinks, if all goes right, the nominees will be from Janelle's team.
  • Just don't touch my little Ian! (That's what Jackie says.)
  • Joe told Jenn that JoJo gave him the cigarettes anyway even though he told her it wasn't worth it to go against the house and vote to keep her.
  • But she took the lighters! Bwahahaha!
  • Joe ended up rigging the toaster oven outside to light cigarettes.
  • Wil and Joe are worried. They think Shane might have a deal with Frank.
  • Y'think?
  • Joe wants to make a "royal breakfast" for Shane.
  • Can you say "suck up"? I thought you could!
  • Shane got his HoH room ... complete with Dunkin Donuts!
  • Britney, Dan, Danielle and Shane plan to work together.
  • But, then again ... they don't know Shane has a side deal with Frank.
  • Joe tried to convince Shane he should get rid of Danielle.
  • Heehee ... Dan overheard Joe telling Shane that.
  • Shane seems to be leaning towards putting one up each from Boogie and Janelle's peeps -- probably Frank and Wil.
  • That is subject to change, mind you.
  • Plus, he could just be saying that. He might keep loyal to his deal with Frank.
  • Then again, he may not.
  • Confused yet?
  • Britney told Shane that they should work a wedge between Janelle and Boogie this week, pitting them against each other.
  • That's it for now! 

HoH crew

Oh noes! The pool is covered!

Come see my HoH room!

Britney reads her letter from home


RJM in SC said...

Would like to see Joe leave. Not liking him so much and the goatee or whatever that is on his chin irrates me just looking at him.

Chacha said...

To think he could be a chef cooking my food...YUCK.... He licks his fingers while cooking, not very hygenic.

I would like to see either he or Wil leave, Wil is just irritating to me. he is like a mean girl

Donna in Alabama said...

Joe is an instigater. I decided I did not like him the second show when he was yelling in the DR.
I thought he had white paper stuck on his little landing strip of a goatee when they started the HOH comp. I swear it got blonder between the time they were in the living room and they went outside! Must have been the lighting...

Did you know Wil auditioned for American Idol? He also has a music video on youtube. Go to youtube and search Wil Hauser.

Anonymous said...

Did you all hear that Willie got arrested for OWI! What a hot head!!

Becky said...

Jackie, I love your write ups. I want to see Joe go home. I do not want to see the coaches come into the game. If so, that meant that they had a bye for all the previous weeks.

Chacha said...

did you go online and vote? Its free that way.
I did it from personal then work computer.
I still have a feeling they will be dropped in(how do we really know the true outcome) but the way americas choice was worded it seemed they would have to do a comp to do it.

I would love to see Joe/Wil go as I have said before.

I would also like to see Shane win POV again..

Susan in MA said...

At the start of every season I think the people are boring, until I get to know them. This season, they're still boring.
I don't think it would be so bad to have the coaches in the game. The coach thing was terrible idea in the first place, imo. It made it impossible for the hamsters to make their own alliances and play their own game.

Critical Media said...

Can someone explain this to me:

If BB14 has a set number of episodes, doesn't that mean "America's Choice" has to be fixed???? Adding coaches to the game extends it...right?

Critical Media said...

America's Vote***

lynn1 said...

The thing that is weird to me is BB production had this twist of bringing the coaches into game all thought out & set up to air before anyone was evicted last night.
We correctly assumed that Jo Jo would be leaving but what if at the last minute Danielle had become the target.
If Danielle had been voted out Dan would have left last night too, leaving only 3 of the 4 coaches to come into the game.
I am begining to feel that this season is being orchestrated, manipulted,scripted,fill in the blank with your own word.
I feel all the things I love about the show are missing this season. It seems like the show is more about the coaches than the hamsters.

Critical Media said...

Haha, Lynn, welcome to TV production. You can't really create a truly authentic reality show in America without adding some "creative influences" on the production end of things...I mean even people with feeds can see how episodes are edited.

It's money. If BB were to simply cast a bunch of everyday uninteresting diverse people and just put them in the house and see what happens and leave the voting up to America(like Season 1) it would be disatrous not only for ratings but for sponsors who have specific demongraphics BB is supposed to bring in for their advertising..thus, yes, a lot of things have to be scripted, manipulated, orchestrated from casting to "twists"

lynn1 said...

Critical media, I agree with you that all "reality shows" have creative influences.
Just look at how the competitions are geared to favor certain players. This is true in survivor, TAR as well as BB.
From years of watching BB I know the taped shows are edited to show one person in a bad light or to make them appear as a good guy.

It could be that there is no more manipulation than in past years but that I am just more aware of it than I was in past years.
Either way, I am having trouble with the in your face production control that I perceive this season.

Joe in NY said...

They don't have to be rigging it - they wouldn't risk the liability. If the coaches come in or don't they have other ways to end the season on time, such as double evictions or 2nd chances. Given that they started with fewer hgs than usual, my guess is they were planning on the judges coming in. So if America votes for them to NOT enter the game, I would guess we'll see someone(s) get 2nd chances or reentry.