Friday, July 27, 2012

Big Brother 14: Live Feeds Into Friday Afternoon - July 27

Shane and his HoH key are inseparable

How are the hamsters doing with a new sheriff in the town? Oh, wait. It's just Shane. He's obviously good at winning comps, but he's no PuppetMaster! Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Quivering Quahogs:
  • The early risers of the day, Boogie and Joe, complained about how messy the house is getting.
  • Like that's anything new!
  • Joe made his fancy bribe breakfast for Shane.
  • At least he admitted to Shane that it was is apologize and "kiss ass" time.
  • But, still. I call sleaze!
  • Joe thinks Ian wants to make a record for the longest on slop.
  • Chicken George holds that record at 35 days.
  • Boogie is ticked that Britney never washes dishes.
  • Well, he rarely washes his hands after using the bathroom!
  • So there.
  • They speculated on what the coaches comp might be.
  • Shane told Frank that Joe told him he should put him (Frank) up.
  • Shane also told Frank that his main target is Wil.
  • But he won't be making any decisions until after the coaches comp.
  • Britney warned Shane to keep tight-lipped about things.
  • When Boogie asked Frank how he would feel if he used the save on Ian. (Assuming he wins the coaches comp.)
  • Frank doesn't like the idea.
  • Not at all.
  • Janelle started looking all around the arcade room, unzipping the pillows, etc. She seems to want to get into the ball machine in there.
  • The ball machine reminds me of the previous fortune teller.
  • But it isn't as ugly.
  • Trivia came on, so I'm guessing the coaches comp is underway. 

Somebody take a razor to that thing.

Foot in your mouth, Wil. Not in front of ...

Pure excitement in the house

Looking for a clue


lynn1 said...

I swear Joe's chin hair looks like a giant fang coming out of his chin in that picture.

Becky said...

ChaCha, I tried last night and several times today to vote and kept getting the same message that my ID/and or/password were not correct. I even tried the Forget Password? They said they would send an email to my address -- and it never arrived. I would have voted no. I think it is already a done deal.

Lynn, I laughed when I read your post. The same thought had gone through my mind.

Chacha said...

Becky if you have a facebook or twitter account you can vote through there. It doesn't even post to your feeds.
I forgot mine as well for CBS, I think I must set up something new every year and still can't remember.
**** not really polite ahead*****

Joe needs the landing strip taken off. Thats what supermodels at the beach have. Not men...If I remember correctly thats what Frank said he likes on a woman. It really skeeves me out.

Chacha said...
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Joe in NY said...

I still think the game show rules cover BB so they wouldn't risk rigging anything. Any "reality" show is only as good as its credibility. IF they ever got caught rigging anything, it's all over for them.

Besides, nothing much to be gained by rigging it either way. They've got the coaches in the house so their personalities are present. Makes it a different game if they are playing, but I doubt it makes any rating difference.

I also think BB has probably market tested the concept and has a pretty good idea how the vote will go down. Corporations don't go too far out on a limb.

Chacha said...

I just really don't want this to be another season where they former player ends up winning. This is really what happened last year, although i liked the outcome with Rachel winning.
I really just want
14 houseguests picked to live in a house, cutoff from the outside world.
Not a person knows the others, random strangers...

although by the end of the season i may be loving it.

meb said...

I have mixed feelings about the coaches. I think it would certainly get hot and heavy competition wise if it came down to the 4 coaches trying to win the whole thing. But it wouldn't be fair to the newbies unless they were smart enough in the beginning to get rid of the coahces immediately since they would have the numbers if they alligned with each other.

Of course this is all premised on the coaches not winning any of the comps.

Anyway... we shall see what 'America' has to say. : )