Monday, July 16, 2012

Big Brother 14: Live Feeds Into Late Sunday Night 7/15-16

Coach Dan

G'day, hamsterwatchers! I'm sure you're just dying to know the latest hijinks from those Big Brother Scampering Sillies! Here goes:
  • Ian had his big date night with Ashley.
  • While Dan had coached him on how to present himself, Boogie coached him on getting intelligence from her.
  • Heh. I said "getting intelligence."
  • Boogie wanted Ian to find out which girls SHE likes or not.
  • Britney was their waitress because Wil (the waiter) ended up being called to the Diary Room.
  • Most of the "date" was built around the discussion of organic chemistry.
  • @@
  • In their date game talk, Ashley told Ian she would be voting whatever her team votes.
  • Ian reminded her that it's really not a team game.
  • Many are really losing sight of that. But the teams are making for ready-made mini-alliances.
  • Ian thinks he "planted seeds" in Ashley's mind gameplay-wise.
  • Janelle thinks Willie is becoming too controlling -- he blew up because he thought she and Kara were scheming when they were just talking fluff stuff.
  • Janelle says she won't allow Willie to bully either herself or Wil.
  • NOW he's starting to sound like a Hantz!
  • Willie thinks all the coaches want to target the stronger players.
  • Well, duh.
  • Janelle thinks that Danielle has a big crush on Shane.
  • Well, duh.
  • JoJo says she'll go on a date with Ian next week with espionage in mind.
  • Can you see Ian and JoJo as a couple? Yikes!
  • Willie thinks that they should stop talking eviction until just before eviction because they keep changing their minds between Kara and Frank.
  • Y'think?
  • Ian spent some time alone talking to the camera in the Have Not room. He thinks he might need to win HoH soon as he might be a target. He also thinks Frank is going to go this week.
  • There ya go ... the news of the evening. As I get this posted, most are in bed but Dan is sitting alone outside.
  • UPDATE -- Now it's Willie and Ashley outside talking strategy. Willie is trying to get in with everyone. Hopefully his social game will be better than Russell's was!
Dressed up for his date night



Laurie said...

Morning! Did Ian win a date? Is that a new prize?

Thanks for the updates!

JOEY said...

Hi Jackie
JOEY want to ask a question,
If a coach team lose all his/her players as voted out,( looking a lot like dan team) does that coach still get to stay and play the game as a just for them selves or if all the players are gone do the coach leave automacticaly?
Thank you

cha cha said...

so it looks like Willie, IMO- is going to implode soon.
He better make sure one of Brit/Jani team wins HOH or he will be in trouble, thats if Brit doesn't win coaches game and can keep him safe

AlbGlinka said...

Ian didn't wear a duck on his head for his date?

lynn1 said...

Cha cha I agree with you Willie is in deep kimchee. He really screwed up making a deal with Frank and then putting Frank on the block.
I think the hamsters better wise up that their mentors have their own agendas.
I really fear that if the mentors continue to influence the HOH on who should go home, that before long all the interesting players will be gone and we will be stuck with Ashley and Danielle at the end. That would be so dull.

Sandaroo1 said...

I have to say although a little weird, i love Ian!!

Sandaroo1 said...

& not a fan of Joe !

cha cha said...

if that happens we will have another season six with the Nerd Heard at the end..
I just can't figure out if i like this mentor twist.
there has to more than 100,000.00 on the line for them.
I dont' buy the stipend either. They have to be able to enter the game at some point and come away with alot of money.
I don't think Janelle would leave her kid for just that small amount of money. two newlyweds(brit, Dan) and a business owner to leave the life they lead on the outside world.
Boogie is probably doing it for attention and get his business names out there again.

Sandaroo1 said...

Anyone know if Boogie is married?? I saw in the fiestvepisodevthat he has a child, but wasn't sure if he was married??

PDX Granny said...

Sandaroo, from what I heard on the feeds last night, Boogie and his "baby mama" are not together. I don't remember who it was that was talking about it, but it didn't sound like they ever were serious. They just decided to have a baby together.