Monday, July 23, 2012

Big Brother 14: Live Feeds Into Monday Afternoon - July 23

Paranoia the destroyer ... Joe

Just another day in the Habitrail. We really need to teach these hamsters new tricks to amuse us! Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Falling Cards:
  • Unlike his usual practice, Boogie was only up first briefly. He didn't go outside, just to the bathroom.
  • Like his usual practice, he didn't wash his hands.
  • Ew.
  • JoJo was the first actually up this morning, taking in some early morning smokes. I'd imagine she's tense due to the upcoming eviction ... even if she thinks she might be safe.
  • Shane and Frank have a safety deal going on for next week if Shane wins HoH.
  • Shane's worried about being backdoored next week if he doesn't win HoH.
  • He probably should worry no matter what Frank and Boogie tell him.
  • As I announced earlier, Shane saved his own butt with the Veto. He might not know the game well, but he's not foolish!
  • As expected, Frank nominated Danielle in his place to be on the block with JoJo.
  • JoJo thinks America loves her and Shane because they're "so real."
  • Cough.
  • I like to ogle Shane. I don't love HoJo JoJo.
  • Janelle thinks "Shane sucks and is bland."
  • Jackie thinks "Shane is fine eye candy."
  • Janelle and Ashley want to distance themselves (on the surface) from Danielle and suggested she (Danielle) try to work herself in with Ian.
  • Oh great. Another inorganic chemistry discussion!
  • Heck, it's still better than the previous season hamsters always talking movies and movie stars!
  • Ian told Danielle that he thinks she will be safe.
  • Shhh, Ian! Loose lips and all, y'know!
  • Dan wore a hat Memphis gave him.
  • JoJo (a recruit who never watched the show until she was in sequester) has no clue who Memphis is.
  • @@
  • Not a heck of a lot going on ... 

Dan wearing a hat Memphis gave him

The lovely (cough) JoJo

Will JoJo go go?


lynn1 said...

I am responding to an earlier post by Chacha. I agree that the twist of having coaches was a bad decision. I personally am bored with with the coaches getting so much face time during the show complaining how they miss their families. well duh!
I feel like the hamsters haven't been able to use strategy or make alliances which is part of the fun of playing and watching BB.
I wish the hamsters could vote to evict the coaches all four of them at once.
Hey Allison G. instead of giving one coach $100,000 give each of the coaches $25,000 and send them packing.
IMHO the coaches have hijacked the show.

Jackie said...

These hamsters really can't play their own games. I think Willie would have imploded even on his own, but ...!

Petals said...

Thanks for the update! These crazy hamsters!

lynn1 said...

I think Willie was chosen to be the villian but they didn't account for the fact that he is a Louisiana hothead and just slightly below the radar pscyho.
The chance of him completeing the game without violence were slim to none.

Sasha said...

Hi All, not too much time for BB this season so far and lost my pool pick almost immediately. Sigh. As always, only Jackie's take on things and you guys here keep me going.

I have to agree that the coaches idea...not so good. We have no idea if/what these guys could do if they didn't have their "teams". Of course, I also so dislike having to see Mike yet again. Never liked him and still don't. Not really rooting for anyone, just enjoying reading here. Thanks, Jackie!

Joe in NY said...

Willie was the only one of the hamsters who recognized the "coach problem" but wrong messenger. But the hamsters could just ignore the coaches. For the most part, other than being able to protect someone every week, the coaches have no real power. The only power they have is imputed from the hamsters themselves. They should go their own way.

I also don't understand why the hamsters and the other coaches don't want to boot Dan this week. From a coach standpoint, it increases your odds of winning by about 30% (25% to 33%). From a hamster standpoint, it strengthens your coach, improving the odds that he/she can protect you. I fail to see any advantage to keeping either Danielle or Dan in the game.

Joe in NY said...

If they really wanted to go with the coaches, they should strengthen their play. Let the winning coach be able to nominate someone every week. Or let the winning coach be able to sequester another coach for a week. Or let them steal players from each other. Or boot each other. Instead, they are just drawing attention from the new hamsters

JonMD1267 said...

It always is funny how each year certain ones always think America loves them or they are going to be super stars after the get out of the house.

Cherry Pie said...

Boutr the only thing exciting about BB right now is trying to figure out if the coaches are gonna be put in to play against the merry little hamsters or who may invade the house next.....personally I would have loved to see Marcelle and Evil dick return but alas....I am stuck with Janelle and Boogie!

Anonymous said...

Wait -- why did they need to recruit JoJo? Don't they have zillions of applicants just dying to get on the show?