Saturday, July 14, 2012

Big Brother 14: Live Feeds Into Saturday Morning 7/14

CarrotTop on the block

Hamsters in Limbo a'goin' on in the house! With the PoV meeting not expected until Sunday, the two nominees (Frank and Kara) are definitely feeling the stress. Even worse than that, it's hard for me to figure out who's going this time around! Normally there's a clear-cut So-and-So will be out. Not so much with these two.

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother house of Rampant Rodents:
  • Willie really really wants to keep Frank for some odd reasons of his own. Supposedly he feels he can trust him more than he can trust Kara.
  • BritJan are pushing for Kara to stay. Their reasoning? Frank is a stronger player, get him out while they can. Frank is also one of Boogie's Boys. They do NOT want Boogie to remain unscathed if they have a chance.
  • Willie did have a heart to heart talk with Kara about working together despite coaches.
  • Oh my.
  • Shades of Russell even if Willie does sound and come across as less of a snake oil salesman!
  • Dan seems to be migrating a bit away from Boogie and more towards BritJan.
  • Willie and BritJan think that Ian and Jenn are spying on them.
  • The boys got their alcohol last night. Woohoo.
  • It put most of them to sleep before the others headed to bed.
  • Dan not only shouts in the Diary Room, he taps a lot.
  • And I'm not talking dancing.
  • Stop it, Dan.
  • Dan has been pleading Kara's case.
  • I personally think getting rid of Frank would be a better move. 
  • He doesn't entertain me much on the feeds.
  • So he can go.
  • JoJo is on the annoying side.
  • But, then again, she's from Staten Island ... where most of the Jersey Shore cast hails from. Enough said.
  • I don't care that Staten Island is about ten miles from me. They're a whole different world.
  • Joe is super paranoid that the veto will be used and he will go on the block.
  • Yep, his name has indeed come up!
  • But I don't think that Shane will use the veto unless BritJan tell him to.
  • While talking to Willie, Kara told him he has her word that she wouldn't nominate him if she won HoH. She wants Boogie's team out.
  • Willie, Joe and JoJo all smoke this year. JoJo smokes while wearing a nicotine patch. @@
  • WHOA! Now BritJan have changed their (solitary) mind! 
  • They have decided to take Kara out and get DAN out of the game!
  • Willie, of course, agreed.
  • It's what he wanted all along -- Kara out.
  • They decide not to say anything to Dan or spies, but to keep their votes intact.
  • So now it looks like Kara will be out the door this week, shiny knees and all.
  • And little Mr. Nerdy Ian better watch his game. His name as a nominee is being mentioned WAY too much.
  • Of course, anything can change between now and Thursday.
  • Stay tuned. 

Ms. Shiny Knees

A bundle of joy

Odd bedfellows

Definitely a young Tom Cruise with a better nose thing going on


Petals said...

I record the BBAD.
JoJo is a preening, Joisey Shore chick, for sure Jackie. She behaves as though the BB house is an audition, you know?

I am still so in love with Janey, Dan & Brit.
Wil is growing on me, because he is such a "lady". And you know how much I love a girly-girl. hehe

Have a great Saturday Jackie & everyone! Stay cool!

Petals said...

Jackie - I totally get why & how you can do this. I am addicted to the BBAD. I have been trying to turn it off, to watch something worthy (I also recorded the awesome "Ghost World"), but I am engrossed in the hammock trio's conversation!

(note to self: Push "stop"! Get a life! There is a man in your bed! Better things on your DVR!)

Petals said...

My totally Southern, completely Conservative fiance will flip-out when he learns how much I love WIL!

And yes - I agree with the cools: Ian is such a ham for the camera - he is trying soooo hard to be a "character". @@

Petals said...

Jackie - can you tell that Brit is having baby dreams? She will want to get pregnant as soon as she gets home, LOL

JOEY said...

True or fault? did brittney married that same guy she was suppose to be engage to when she a player??
Thank you

Petals said...

JJ -

Britney did not marry the same guy, Nick,to whom she was engaged during her original season. She did marry a hometown guy, tho - Nathan.

Critical Media said...

I don't understand why they didn't gun for Kara in the first place. It's common sense: Jodi is gone, not get Kara out and Dan only has 1 person....duh. Dan would be out soon, which hurts Boogie.

Critical Media said...

**now get Kara out***

meb said...

Ian is a big fan yet he comes in trying to be a noticed.. making him look like a jerk and putting a target on him... obviously he didn't learn anything from watching the program. He's my pool pick. I want Janelle and Britt as my pool pick.

Good to see Joey back. Hi Joey! *(and Julie).

Petals.. fiance?? Does Joe know. :)

PDX Granny said...

I can understand the reasoning of getting Kara out, considering it would bring Dan's team down to only one, but I really hope that doesn't happen. I like Frank too, but he's not my pool pick. :)

MEB, I totally agree about Ian. Not only that, but he's totally inept at being a spy!