Saturday, July 14, 2012

Big Brother 14: Live Feeds into Saturday Evening 7/14

Dollar store rugs?

Now, we all know that BB gets their arts and crafts for the hamsters from dollar stores. Apparently they get their bathroom rugs there, too. That said, it wouldn't hurt a hamster to sweep up all the cheap rug shreds all over the floor. It bugs me every time I see it. Get a Swiffer in there!

The schedule is a bit askew this week due to them having to have show fodder for the premiere. As a result, today was a bit of a doldrums day -- nothing scheduled, sunshine and boredom. Without further ado, here's what's happened today inside that Big Brother House of Whack-a-Mole Cousins:
  • The sloped and oddly shaped beds in the Swirl Room seem to have claimed another victim. It took a while for Shane, the first up, to look comfortable and he complained about his back.
  • Boogie worked on Shane to use the veto to save Frank, promising him safety and all.
  • No go.
  • The Ever Paranoid Joe questioned Boogie on why he would put him on the block.
  • If he doesn't cut it out, he might be on the block just because!
  • Anyway, he's always picking at food with his fingers. I know he's a chef, but he lives in a houseful of hamsters. Keep yer little hamster claws out of the food! Utensils!
  • Oh. And just after I took the screen cap of the bathroom (above), Boogie came out of the toilet stall and walked on by without washing his hands.
  • EW! EW!
  • Danielle is just short of useless in the game. Dan really doomed himself with his picks.
  • Ian spends his time between acting like a fool for the cameras to just lurking about making others uneasy.
  • Sigh. I had such hope for the boy!
  • They're still flip-flopping over who should get the boot this week -- Kara or Frank.
  • Janelle wants to stay quiet, then blindside Dan by booting Kara.
  • But then she also thinks of reasons to keep her.
  • It's going to be a long week in the house.
  • Willie, who has been growing a slight beard, says they told him he can't shave until Thursday.
  • We know that's so they can use clips out of order without worrying about beard/no beard! At least it's too early for them to air clips we know were taken three weeks ago and pretend it's news for the TV show!
  • Shane talked with Frank, acting like he's willing to be in an alliance with him.
  • Oh yeah, if they do indeed evict Kara (as deemed by BritJan), Frank won't know Shane had nothing to do with it and Shane gains an ally.
  • They already have the chronic problem of expired foods and fruit gone bad. 
  • Maybe BB gets its food at dollar stores, too!
  • Willie and Joe cleaned out the refrigerator. Joe kept sticking his fingers in things snacking and "testing."
  • Britney even called him out on that yesterday. Yet he continues.
  • I think they'd be happier if both nominees could go. It should be Kara, though.  

I can see him still dressed like this at 60

Th-th-that's all, folks!


Petals said...

Shane hurt his back working out last night (Friday night). He was benching & heard something "pop". He is taking Advil, and they have those thermal patches in the house, but...

Jackie said...

The beds have aggravated both Shane's and Ashley's injuries.

Petals said...

Jackie - last night on BBAD, they kept talking about how they've been in the house "8 days"? Eight days, 8 days".
How did extra days happen? I thought the show began, live, on Thursday - which is 4 days ago.

ORKMommy said...

What's going on with Wil? I picked him to be a huge presence in the house but you've barely mentioned him. Is he just keeping a low profile?

Petals said...

Ork - I love Wil. He has bonded with the girls, and he is kinda witty, IMO.