Saturday, July 21, 2012

Big Brother 14: Live Feeds Into Saturday Morning - July 21


Oh my. Willie threw a temper tantrum and got expelled from the house due to physical violence (head-butting Joe). Are any of us REALLY surprised? Undereducated and unable to control his temper. Oh well. I dedicate the following song to Willie Hantz ... but he DID go home!


Here's the skinny on the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Bad Examples:
  • Everyone is basically getting along.
  • Frank had a long talk with both of the nominees -- Shane and JoJo.
  • They were nominated mainly because they did indeed follow Willie and vote to evict Frank.
  • Danielle voted for Kara but she had told Frank before the vote that she had promised her and wouldn't break her word.
  • Boogie is on the top of the world and suddenly not sleeping so much.
  • The gold (harem) pants Dan wore for the coaches comp were referred to as MC Hammer pants. Hmm.
  • Most shave their pubic hair.
  • We don't really need to know that, do we?
  • Today the PoV comp should be held.
  • Laters!  

Julie Chen is his homegirl? Don't think so!


Sandaroo1 said...

OMG Jackie, The song was glad to see him go & thanks for all the updates...loveeeeee your blog!!!

Sandaroo1 said...

Jackie, do you think they will send Kara back in because of Willie leaving???

Jackie said...

If she was sequestered (which I'm not sure she was), maybe. Jodi, for sure, was NOT sequestered and cannot return. If Kara "touched" the outside world, she can't come back.

Anonymous said...

Shane if evicted could get sequestered. It would really shake the house again.


meb said...

So many out so quickly, they obviously have to come up with something because of the numbers left in the game. Britney may have it figured out and that the coaches will be brought into the game as players... maybe when their team is totally eliminated, they become the next player. That would work. I hope that's the case. I'd like to see Britney get in there and play for herself.

I'm not thrilled with Janelle this year, mostly because she actually is siding with Boogie, but also because she ditched Britney. Why not just get rid of Hantz instead of turning on her coach alliance. Oh well.. Hantz is gone, so things will certainly change in the game play now.

Looking forward to tonight. Jackie do you think they'll show any of the Hantz demise tonight or act like none of it has happened yet?

Jackie said...

I think they'll have to mention it at least ... as the show Sunday is nominations.

cha cha said...

I am with you completely!!!! I can't believe Janie would actually fall back into his trap again.
I also read that she told her "team" that she won alot of comps in allstarts becuase boogie threw them to her...

She will probably not be america's favorite girl if they saw how she is being.

I really do hope Brit comes back in the game as well.

I had high hopes for the Hantz, which I should have known wouldn't end well...

Looks like my girl Ashley will probably make it far in this game. She is on no ones radar...

Petals said...

Willie is an under-educated, hot-headed redneck with a Napoleonic Complex. Where did I hear/read that he is a grandfather???? Now disturbing and embarrassing for this kids & grandkid. Yikes.

Well, I may not love everything that is happening in the house this season, but WOW - it is sure not boring!!!

Thanks Ms. J! I will now go back to my UN-regularly scheduled programming: coverage of the Aurora tragedy.

Anonymous said...

When will reality TV stop using this LOSER Hantz family....Im over it...Better season than last this year... Done with Boogies arrogance.. Will was the real factor in his wins !!

Anonymous said...

Despite all that has happened with Willie the afterhours on showtime is pretty boaring, now with Willie gone so goes all the drama :-| Give these people some more beer and wine please!!! To many married people....miss the showmances <3 I say add a whole new team, 3 new people and a new coach then somewhere down the road have two double that would be the unexpected!!!!

cha cha said...

anon 11:50-----

apparently they are now not allowed to ask for booze. It will be given to them only when BB says so.

I think there was no drama last night because of the situation that happened yesterday.

I say wait till after the POV is played today to see some more fireworks. If Shane or Jo Jo win POV there will be some excitement or at least alot of talk(strategy, lines drawn).
If the pov is won and used, I personally think the best strategy is to get Joe(shelly BB13) out of the house. He pales in comparison to Shelly but I see him playing the same game.

For some strange reason I think he egged Willie on yesterday, even though it probably wasn't all his fault. Willie was just a weezle who couldn't handle the pressure.

Anonymous said...

I also had big hopes for Willie....I agree he couldn't handle the pressure. Yes, Shane win and use the pov Joe....he can go....I have a soft spot for Ian he is so passionate about this game. I would love to see him as Americas that would be fun to watch.

Becky said...

I am glad that the Hantz is gone. I hope we never see another one on any reality show.

Jackie, I see that I am not the only one having trouble with the word verification.

Chacha said...

just read a tweet from Willie-
this is word/spelling quote

"I wanna apologize 2 @CBSBigBrother @CBS and ALL the fans 4 doing what I did last night. I truly LUV BB and ma grateful 4 the opportuinty".

little to late??? Hopefully this finally puts an end to ant HANTZ

Chacha said...

he then goes on to say

However I am not sorry to Joe the fat ass chef and Janelle's Michael Jackson nose looking ass! NO one bully's me. No matter what is at stake.

he is such an ASS

PDX Granny said...

Count me in with the "Glad Willie's gone" group. He sure did mess up the games of the others on his team. I feel bad for Britney. I think she felt she had to defend him since he was on her team. She's learning more about some of the stuff he was saying now, and feels bad she stuck up for him. He did make for some good TV tho!

I hope Shane wins POV. I'm afraid if he doesn't, he'll be the next out. I like him better than JoJO.

Ian is really growing on me. He's quirky and funny, and fun to watch. I'm watching the live feeds right now. He's wandering around the have not room, tucking Teddy into a bed. He just showed a baggy with the pork rind that Willie threw at Janelle, saying it was going up on eBay. Then it cut to the fish. LOL

Brent McKee said...

The only Hantz I'd be interested in seeing on Big Brother (or even Survivor) might be Russell and Willie's brother (and Brandon's father) Shawn who is on that house-flipping show on A&E with Russell. He's the only one who seems even half-way sane. He might even be able to play the game. In the first episode of that house-flipping show he talked a cop out of arresting Russell....why, I don't know (third base).

Auntie Leigh said...

Having a hard time proving I am not a robot.
I did just want to agree with anon who remembers that Dr Will was the reason Boogie won all-stars...IMHO. One more thing. Won't having the coaches become players be somewhat unfair to the newbies?
And thanx to Jackie for maintaining this wonderful gathering.

Patty said...

Love, love, love your tribute song to Willie! It would be a blast if CBS would play the song as a wake up call for the hamsters. I am sure it would bring some laughter to all of them. Now all Willie can wish for is to get into the ring with Jessie or Frank's father, to be placed in a headlock. I won't be attending that, I am absolutely sure of that! I am so happy Shane won POV. Jojo's voice almost makes me start to almost like she is a product of that Fran lady. Even though Ian seems a little quirky, I think he brings to the house just what it needs. I am with you Jackie, there is no way I would eat what Joe prepares. One would think someone would call him out of his nasty habits.

As always Jackie, your blog rocks and so do you! Thank you for giving up so much of you and your life to provide us with the best updates. I love all of your photographs. I am kind of softy of the train station photos. I love them and feel like when I see them, I about to make a journey somewhere. Nice work.

Anonymous said...

How is Willie a grandpa. Isn't he around 30 years old? Wow, they are hillbillies, what is his daughter 12?