Saturday, July 28, 2012

Big Brother 14: Live Feeds Into Saturday Morning - July 28

Janelle trying to coach Joe

Well, well, well ... it's been quite the night in the Hamster House. By targeting Janelle's team in his (Shane's) nominations, the lines have been redrawn once again. Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of As the Hamster Turns -- like sand through the hourglass, these are the days of their lives:
  • With the coaches comp on Fridays and the HoH awaiting the results from that, it doesn't seem like they have time to really prepare for nominations as much as in previous seasons.
  • Shane pretty much made the HoH a revolving door quickly talking to each hamster before he was called to make the nominations.
  • I swear some got about two minutes tops. 
  • He was telling them to state their cases in 30 seconds!
  • Not in a mean way, mind you. More in a hurried way.
  • Janelle and her BFF Wil really, really want Frank out.
  • Shane not so much ... he has his deal with Frank even though last week, had he not won the veto, he (Shane) would have gone home.
  • Joe is more antsy than usual as he's not only nominated (and knows he's the likely target), but he's also a Have Not.
  • Too bad, so sad, Joe.
  • Maybe if he shaved that stupid thing growing on his face, I'd have more sympathy.
  • Hmm ... probably not. He's a bit like a Willie Hantz with slightly more education and cooking skills.
  • Wil thinks Shane and Frank are working together.
  • Y'think?
  • Danielle is upset about the nominations. She was expecting to hold power as the swing vote this week as she thought Shane would nominate one each from Boogie's and Janelle's teams.
  • Britney and Dan now trust Boogie more than Janelle. They think he's a lot less sneaky than Janelle is.
  • They're probably right. I hate to admit it, but I actually like Boogie on the feeds more than Janelle this season.
  • Boogie on the live feeds is a lot less egotistical than he is on the actual show.
  • The Have Nots have cereal and salmon this week. That's probably the most filling/healthy of the choices that could have been.
  • Janelle tried to talk Shane into going against Boogie's team.
  • Alas, Boogie's team has been more honest with Britney's team (Shane) than has Janelle's.
  • Janelle should have thought of that prior to aligning with Britney in the beginning, then jumping ship, now trying to jump back aboard.
  • Danielle was worried that she might be backdoored, but Shane and Britney insist that she's safe. They also told her that Boogie's team will keep her safe next week if they get the power.
  • Joe is claiming his anger level and heart rate both went up when he was nominated.
  • Good. We need a new decent brouhaha!
  • Janelle has huge bruises on the outsides of her thighs from the coaches comp.
  • Joe told Shane that he wants Frank gone this week and he won't come after Shane.
  • How does it feel to want, Joe?
  • Somehow, in the coaches comp, Ian won $3000. I might be getting this wrong, but it sounds like Boogie won money and split it with Ian.
  • Good, the college kid probably has bills to pay.
  • Ian said his mother told him (when she found out he was going into the house) that she hopes he's the first one out. She probably said that because Ian is so far from worldly and she's worried about him.
  • It's like throwing a lamb into slaughter.
  • But he's holding his own and I'm cheering him on from here.
  • Janelle and Wil think that if Janelle hadn't saved him (Wil), he'd be going home this week.
  • They're absolutely right.
  • Wil has done little other than clinging to Janelle like some sort of shadow.
  • Is the Diary Room telling Janelle stuff?
  • Janelle told Wil that there will be a twist with the coaches coming into the game this week as per America's Choice. She also said she and Boogie are fan favorites.
  • Hmm.
  • Most of the people I've seen who follow the live feeds (including myself) DO NOT WANT THE COACHES IN THE GAME.
  • And, many Janelle fans (such as myself) aren't liking her gameplay so much this season.
  • I'm on the Britney Train for now ... although that's subject to change.
  • Janelle thinks Boogie wants his boy Frank to win.
  • I think Boogie is probably leaning more towards his boy Ian -- it's Ian he kept safe, it's Ian he gave the money to. I'm just sayin' ...
  • It's Wil's birthday today. Ho-hum.
  • The PoV comp will be later today, too.
Danielle upset to not be nominated?

Janelle is WAY bruised up from the comp


A man and his bear


Delee said...

So what will CBS do if "America" votes to NOT let the coaches enter the game to play? I believe it will happen whether we want it or not! So many many players or not enough to make the season be the normal lenght of weeks! Thoughts?

Jackie said...

I believe they're going to put the coaches in no matter what -- their minds are made up.

Tami said...

I wouldn't have wanted the coaches in last week, but now I do but only because this season of house guests are BORING. Willie made things exciting but not in a good way. There are just not any strong, take risk, stand out type of people in the house this year.

Sandaroo1 said...

Can someone tell me where I can vote?? I went to CBS .com couldnt find anywhere.... Thanks

Jackie said...

SueGee said...

And remember to vote until they say you maxed out LOL!!

meb said...

Jackie..I agree with you. I think they knew the coaches were coming into the game before the game even started... otherwise, where would all the other people come from in order to play out all the weeks left in the game and still have a jury of 9. Hmmm... maybe they only want a jury of 5.. Have they started to sequester anyone yet? JoJo?

These WV's are really trying to make me a robot... I'm in contortions trying to figure them out. : )

Anonymous said...

The ratings are really bad this year. As a result I think it's a sure thing the coaches are coming in.

Chacha said...

I stated yesterday that even if the vote was no to bring in coaches it would happen.

Janelle is sadly mistaken this year about being americas favorite.
I just don't remember her being this nasty, then she turns to cameras and says things like thanks BB, thanks America.. does she think its working.
From what I see everywhere online she isn't well liked, but Boogie is.
I have to say i do like him more and more even though I have never liked him at all.

I have voted, from work and home computers, even my kids computer to NOT bring in coaches.
You think if they don't drop them in that Kara and JoJo would come back?

As for Wil, i really haven't seen him do much but play with his extensions in his hair and bitch about everyone else. Maybe he needs to look at himself. To me its like he wants people to think he is Tarzan...

Joe, i don't believe will perform well in POV, he got no sleep..And doesn't seem to compete well.

This WV is the easiest one yet

Critical Media said...

I don't think Boogie wants Ian to win. As I predicted earlier, Ian is the runt of the group, the omega dog (highly valued, but not respected)...even though I thought there'd be an alpha male alliance (there kinda is with Frank Shane and Boogie) to decide this Ian has become That Guy of the group that men like to keep around for fun.

When the time comes however, he's out. They may even let him in final 4 or even final 3 or 2 like they did Cowboy during his season, but I really think Old Man Boogie just likes keeping Ian around just for fun until the game astarts getting in the way.

Critical Media said...

I haven't even wasted my time voting...because it makes absolutely no sense. Whether the coaches end up coming into the game or not it HAD to be predetermined....

The BB TV schedule is predetermined, if one person is supposed to go every week, adding 4 more people into the game would mean 3-4 more weeks of TV..and BB simply can't do that.

Maybe there is some kind of explanation b/c I don't see how BB/CBS could be so stupid as to think that logic would get passed viewers, but until I see it, I'm not wasting my time voting or even believing the Vote is real.

Joe in NY said...

It is quite easy to adjust the number of weeks in the season, as I've mentioned on other links.

You can have second chances to lengthen the season. You can have double evictions to shorten it.

Unless you conspiracy buffs also think they pre-planned Willie's ouster, they had to adjust on the fly.

If they are sequestering, it is quite easy to toss 2 or 3 evictees back in the house for a week, have them compete for one of them to reenter the house and you've effectively added two weeks to the season.

As I've said NUMEROUS times in years past: the game show laws should apply to reality shows. It's never been tested and some legal types think it wouldn't. But the networks have always assumed it did. As a result, BB can't rig the vote. They have other ways to manipulate the vote (ads, spin etc) but if they were to fake the outcome they could be in legal trouble.

Even if the game show rules don't apply, I doubt any network would ever risk faking a reality show result. If their credibility is shot, the reality show is toast.

Joe in NY said...

And whoever said BB's ratings are bad really should do their research. July 24th Nielsen's show ALL THREE BB episodes in the top 20 for the week.

Anonymous said...

Ratings are down 7.5% from last season and apparentlybelow the gaueanteed rate given advertisers.