Saturday, July 28, 2012

Big Brother 14: Live Feeds Into Saturday Evening - July 28

What the heck is with that hair?

Welcome back my friends, to the show that never ends. Glad you could attend, step inside, step inside. (Apologies to Emerson, Lake and Palmer) Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Brain Salad Surgery:
  • Joe fussed about the Have Not bed. Oh, poor guy.
  • It's Wil's 25th birthday. Eh.
  • Ashley told Frank that Wil and Joe told her that he (Frank) wants her out because she's a floater. He denied it.
  • Oh, but I know that Joe, Boogie, Shane, Janelle and more have definitely talked about the floaters in the house -- Jenn, Ashley, Ian and Danielle.
  • Frank told Ashley if she got Houseguest's Choice in the PoV pick, she should choose him -- he'd keep the nominations the same and Joe would be going home, not her.
  • Well, duh. Joe will probably go home no matter who he's against!
  • Ashley says she only trusts her team.
  • Wil and Joe?
  • Oh, my ... seal your own doom, girl. They won't save you!
  • She ended up drawing Wil for her PoV pick.
  • Frank and Danielle also played for PoV with Wil, Ashley, Joe and Shane. Jenn is the host.
  • Ashley really wants Ian, Shane and Frank out of the house.
  • She better step up her game then, eh?
  • Shane told Danielle he only trusts her.
  • Gag me now.
  • Janelle told Wil that Frank is just like Willie and needs to go.
  • Huh. Frank isn't like Willie at all. If anything, JOE is a bit like Willie.
  • Ashley also thinks that Danielle listens too much and it scares her.
  • Ashley is a nut!
  • Joe asked Frank to take him off the block if he wins.
  • Frank just schluffed it off saying that his ears have been burning the past few days. Joe really shouldn't talk about people, then want them to help him!
  • Janelle tried to pep talk her team.
  • Her team looked like the saddest most worried people on the face of this earth.
  • Rah-rah.
  • Shane said he promised his Mom that he wouldn't have a showmance.
  • So ... why is Danielle all over him?
  • The feeds were blocked for the veto comp.
  • But Shane won AGAIN!
  • Joe thinks it's obvious he will be going home.
  • Obviously!
  • Britney told Janelle that her team left them high and dry two weeks in a row.
  • Yep.
  • Janelle told Britney that Boogie's team is running the game and that isn't right.
  • But, gee ... when Janelle went to the Dark Side joining forces with Boogie, it was alright then, eh?
  • Ashley talking about Frank being mad they couldn't backdoor Shane during Frank's HoH: "When Willie got executed or expelled ... whatever ..."
  • Ashley is more frightened of Ian than she is of Frank.
  • @@ Did I mention nutty?
  • Now, instead of cigarettes, Janelle's offering up her wedding ring as a bribe? Sheesh!
  • Joe said the "royal breakfast" for Shane wasn't his idea -- it was suggested by the Diary Room.
  • Go figure.
  • Janelle and Co. think they have convinced Shane to put Frank on the block.
  • I say they're dreaming.
  • Joe is even playing the "my kids future" card.
  • They're going to be having a sushi party (won by Britney in the coaches comp) soon. 


Yep, she sure did bruise well!


ILoveATrainWreck said...

Ashley is a dolt. She actually uttered the phrase he's emancipated because he's introverted. Seriously? WTF! Even if he were emaciated, what the hell was she trying to say because it sure wasn't introverted. @@

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know why some of the HG are dressed up tonight? And what is Danielle's real job, teacher is a lie, right?

Jackie said...

They're dressed up for the sushi party (mentioned in the post). Danielle is actually a medical assistant. She lied and said teacher. Don't ask me why.

lynn1 said...

Ashley has air for brains.

Carter Morgan said...

This is my first season of Big Brother, but it has me hooked. A coworker at Dish told me about Big Brother and I had to watch it. It has been a fascinating ride so far, and hopefully the drama continues. I’m not going to get to watch tonight’s episode live, but my Hopper will record it on PrimeTime Anytime, and I’ll watch it in the morning with the Auto Hop to skip the commercials. I really can’t wait to see Joe go home; he is the second most annoying person who has been in this house, first being Willie.

meb said...

CM.. can we not do advertising on Jackie's. We all have our preferences and would not going to be convinced to change to another carrier simply because you occasionally insert your 'ad'. Thanks. (Jackie I asked politely). : )

I'm watching BBAD now and it started out with the Sushi party. Thanks for explaining what was going on Jackie.. otherwise I would have been at a total loss as to why only those few were there.

See you tonight.