Sunday, July 15, 2012

Big Brother 14: Live Feeds into Sunday Morning 7/15

Oh my, what big chess pieces you have!

As I get this written up, the hamsters are all still sleeping. Willie talks in his sleep ... something about getting the bears. Um. Okay. Here's the latest news from the late night and overnight hours inside that Big Brother House of Recruited Characters:
  • Don't expect Janelle to ever do another "All Stars" season. According to her, it ain't gonna happen.
  • Ian can name every BB eviction in order. That's an obsession, for sure.
  • They had a flare-up when trying to get the fire pit started.
  • I'm not sure why BB gives them dangerous weapons.
  • Ian can kick himself in the face with his foot. I know I saw that on his Facebook page, now the hamsters have seen it.
  • Why? That's my only question.
  • Joe is STILL paranoid!
  • Willie told Frank that he is indeed Russell's brother.
  • So now the news is getting around. I don't think it will bear much weight with them at this point. He's getting known for his own merits or otherwise.
  • Jenn and Frank told Joe it wasn't their fault they were chosen by Boogie. They'd like to disassociate themselves from him, but can't really do that.
  • Since no one is telling him, Dan told Kara he thinks she has a 75% chance of staying.
  • Yeah, right.
  • She's still the latest target.
  • Although I would go for getting Frank out. But I'm not a hamster in the house.
  • Janelle thinks Dan is trying to send her on guilt trips when he tells her that she's his mother's favorite houseguest.
  • Dan's mother just has good taste! I only wish she had told him to stop shouting in the Diary Room.
  • Later today, expect the PoV Meeting! 

His knees are going to regret that someday


What? We're supposed to PLAY the game?


Laurie said...

Top of the morning to you, Jackie. Hope you enjoy your Sunday. I watched Thursday's show yesterday and know a few names/faces. I know that gets easier after a week or so. Here's hoping the new twist with coaches turns out to be a good thing! Thank you for doing this each year.

~~Silk said...

The hamsters seem to think that their coach-selected team is their alliance. But they can still form their own alliances across coach lines, right? What would be the advantages or disadvantages of that?

Sally said...

Thanks for doing the updates again, Jackie. I'm playing catch-up, still trying to figure out who's who. Missing part of the first show didn't help, and having so many similiar names (JoJo, Joe, Jodi and Jenn) adds to the confusion.

cha cha said...

everytime i hear anyone talk about jenn i have to go back and see who she is, she should stick out in my mind, but seems to be someone i really can't remember.
i hope the coaches teams merge at some point. i would be great for Jani/Brit but don't see that as an option. CBS will probably make it Dan/Janelle or Janelle/Boogie.
that would be horrible..
POV went down this afternoon but now the feeds are showing with Music only....Really upsetting me.

JOEY said...

Hi everyone
Petals, - thanks for clearing up about britney husband, I appreciated it.
meb-- JOEY said hi old friend, good to see ya,
I, JULIE say Hi too.
I type for JOEY while he look over my shoulders and nick pick in my ear
I think I am going to end up with swimmer ears before the night is over.
okmamma, I was able to enlarge the baby photo for JOEY to see,
he just loved it, so CUTE!!!, he right and he want to know can he baby sit for ya??
Did I mention that things about swimmer's ear??? gonna make him stop blowing in it too,
Take care all and see ya later tonight ,
love ya Jackie

JOEY said...

Orkmommy--- sorry I type your name wrong,and said okmamma
there a certain you know who, hanging over my shoulder and making me mess up sorry I type it wrong and he let me know it,
there a flood in my ear now,
forget swimmer ears, it like a hurricane move in and he just flood it, gonna be a long night.

PDX Granny said...

Looking forward to the show tonight. I think they'll be showing a coaches comp.

meb said...

I've been trying to get on all day and couldn't... I used to be meb, but now it may be a different name you'll see... I'm a lot bigger.

Hope this works, otherwise I'll just be reading everything you guys are commenting.

meb said...

Yay! I'm still meb... I had to start a new account, so I had written largesargemarge... glad it didn't work. : )

OK.. bring it awnnnnn!