Sunday, July 15, 2012

Big Brother 14: Live Feeds Into Sunday Evening 7/15


The big event of today was that the PoV meeting was held. For feedsters, its a bit of a non-event as the feeds get blocked. Today's was even more of a non-event as we knew Shane wouldn't use the veto. The nominations remain the same. 

What else has been happening in that Big Brother House of Ill Repute? Read on ...
  • Boogie is definitely the early riser this year. Oh well.
  • He gave some shout outs and fussed about dirty dishes and ants.
  • Heck, the house has ant issues every year.
  • Paranoid Joe has been pushing the idea that BB will switch up the coaches.
  • Wil and Joe talked. Wil thinks that Willie has an agreement with Frank.
  • He does, kind of sort of.
  • Neither Wil nor Joe think that Frank could be trusted in whatever he's got going with Willie.
  • They're probably right.
  • Joe told Janelle that Frank and Jenn approached him about taking out Willie.
  • If that indeed happened, I missed it.
  • He says that Willie and Shane are their targets.
  • Danielle is STILL following Shane around like a puppy dog.
  • It's almost as creepy as some of Ian's oddities.
  • Boogie is trying to recruit Shane.
  • With Joe's telling on Frank to BritJan, etc., it looks like the tides are turning once again.
  • First the target was Frank.
  • Then it was Kara.
  • Now it seems Frank's in trouble again.
  • They're getting all psyched for Showtime as I type this up.
  • Don't they realize we're out here watching them 24/7?
  • Ian has been being coached on dating.
  • Tonight will be date night.
  • Oh well. 

The Odd Couple

Janelle is worried

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Brent McKee said...

I was finally able to see BBAD in Canada since they moved it to a channel that people actually have (long long story). I made it through about half an hour, partly because of of picture quality (awful, and the picture was stretched on my wide screen TV; everyone looked fat and Janelle's ass was HUGE), and partly because of the banality of it all. We got Willie, Janelle and Britney talking strategy, then date night featuring Ian and Ashley. Ian trying to explain organic chemistry to Ashley (she asked!) who doesn't know what Carbon is or even what elements are, and thinks organic chemistry must be related to organic food should have been funny but it was thoroughly painful.