Thursday, July 19, 2012

Big Brother 14: Live Feeds Into Thursday Morning 7/19

To be a teddy bear cuddling with Shane ...
Frick and Frack

Now, if these hamsters had any common sense, they'd be in bed now. After all, they have a huge day ahead -- live eviction, new HoH. But noooooo, they are still up as I get this written. What's up (besides the hamsters) in that Big Brother House of Deluded Egos? Read on ...
  • Joe took all the nicotine patches and hid them to drive the smokers crazy.
  • Supposedly, it's still Kara going tonight.
  • So ... why are they all awake?
  • Why, it's because of BBTV Special News Bulletins, of course!
  • Teletype alarms have been going off through the house at odd intervals and they all have to gather in the living room.
  • They're blocking the exact content of the bulletins, so don't ask me.
  • We're going to have tired hamsters on the show tonight if this continues.
  • Apparently there are images unrelated to what the voice of BBTV is telling them.
  • They're working together in the pre-set teams trying to memorize things.
  • Wil/Janelle, etc. have noticed things missing from the storage room.  

Searching for clues


Carter Morgan said...

I could not help but laugh when you said Joe stole all the nicotine patches. That is one of the best pranks I’ve ever heard, and it’s somewhat smart for playing the game, if he doesn’t get caught. I’m incredibly excited for tonight’s episode; if the live feeds are any indication, it’s going to be intense. I am also having a coworker, from Dish, watch it with me, so I can get her interested in the show. We won’t be able watch it live tonight, because we will be at work, but my Hopper will automatically record the episode on PrimeTime Anytime, so we can watch it in the morning. We won’t even have to sit through the commercials, thanks to the Auto Hop, which will skip them for us. It’s going to be an interesting night in the Big Brother house, and I can’t wait.

Susan in MA said...

I'm just testing to see if this works for me. It didn't the other night. Always something,.

Margo said...

I guess I'll try to catch up on the shows tonite. I have not watched Sunday or Wednesdays yet. Just can not get into this season....sigh. I appreciate all the crap you listen too so you can report it to us. Jackie is how I'm getting my news so far.