Thursday, July 26, 2012

Big Brother 14: Live Feeds into Thursday - July 26

The girls did Ian's hair

Well, well ... another hamster goes home tonight. Or, more likely, goes into sequester. Here's what happened into the wee hours of the morning in that Big Brother House of Smokes for Safety:
  • Janelle wanted to start drama by telling Danielle that JoJo was talking about her.
  • Danielle didn't want to confront JoJo because she (Danielle) would cry. She's not good at confrontation.
  • As JoJo had earlier said nasty things about Janelle, Janelle trashtalked her.
  • Janelle thinks JoJo is a lot like Willie.
  • Different accent, though.
  • Danielle started to get upset and just shy of crying.
  • Frank told her not to worry about JoJo as she'd (JoJo) would be gone in 24 hours.
  • As Janelle is talking about JoJo, JoJo is talking about Janelle.
  • Meow.
  • The indoor lockdown ended and the hamsters found a huge hockey-type platform in the yard.
  • They have oversize hockey sticks and balls to try to put in three pockets.
  • JoJo had taken her cigarette vote barter back from Joe saying that she wanted to make sure she's here and Janelle doesn't smoke the cigarettes.
  • But then she gave them back to him.
  • Frank told Joe it will ruffle feathers if Joe sells his vote for cigarettes.
  • Joe said he'll give them back, but maybe JoJo will accept some memorabilia instead of a vote for them.
  • Janelle thinks Ian might throw this HoH comp so he can win the next one, likely an endurance comp.
  • JoJo and Janelle had a "talk." Janelle denied telling everyone she wanted JoJo out of the house. JoJo told her why she should stay in the house.
  • Rats. No fur flying.
  • Laters!  

JoJo confronted Janelle

Danielle practices for HoH

Dan coaches her on


RJM in SC said...

liked your comment 'keep this up and ratings will plumment". I'm just not getting into it this year for some reason. All the screaming in the dairy room is really starting to bug me bad.

Anonymous said...

I'm not watching BBAD again until JoJo's out. I can't take listening to her anymore.

Petals said...

Just finished the BBAD. I am thinking that Ian may be a different person when he leaves the house - in a good way! He is learning how to be sociable, calm, have normal conversation with a variety of different personality types.


Anonymous said...

Joe's DR sessions really bug me. Does he remind anyone besides me of Foghorn Leghorn? I keep expecting him to start shouting 'I say I say...' in the DR.

Richard in Tx.

lynn1 said...

Ian's hair looks like a Brillo pad!

Artie45 said...

Willie Hantz, was arrested in Louisiana last night for suspicion of operating a vehicle while intoxicated.

lynn1 said...

I don't think they serve froot loops in the Lafayette Parish jail.
Maybe Russell or Brandon can smuggle some in for him!