Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Big Brother 14: Live Feeds Into Tuesday Evening 7/17

Dan can still smile!

But I don't think Dan is smiling as much as he planned so far this season. He's more like a troubled man singing a troubled song than he is a cheerleader. Of course, he thinks that Kara is probably safe. He knows that Britney and Janelle despise Mike Boogie. He knows that, of the two on the block, removing Frank would remove a more powerful threat from the game. And, heck ... Frank's Boogie's guy! I mean, all common sense would have Frank going out the door this week.

But when did common sense dictate play in that Big Brother House of Sinking Ships? Read on to take a peek on today's happenings --
  • I really wish Mike Boogie weren't an early riser.
  • I'm not sure I want to start out my day with him. It might cast a pall over the rest of the day.  A bad omen. A demon seed. Something.
  • That said, Willie (who was up most of the night), joined Boogie this morning.
  • Willie thinks that the numbers don't crunch, someone will be coming back.
  • Maybe. But we know it's not Jodi. She wasn't sequestered. We'll have to see if Kara the evictee this week gets sequestered.
  • Willie, in his current streak of promising everyone everything under the sun, told him he'll protect Frank no matter what.
  • Of course, we know that won't keep Frank. And we know BritJan and Co. have already decided to keep him.
  • The hamsters decided to call their own house meeting.
  • It was like a little rodent uprising with their little whiskers moving, noses twitching and everything!
  • We don't NEED the coaches! The coaches need US!
  • Joe was the first one to crack for Janelle -- most of the ire behind the meeting was the rumor that the coaches will return.
  • That was fueled by no one other than Mr. Willie Hantz.
  • In between feeds getting cut (Housesguest, you are NOT allowed to talk about production!), Janelle got out that her contract says they cannot compete in the game, nor can they go to the jury house.
  • Joe is still one paranoid dude who thinks he's a target.
  • Janelle thinks Willie reminds her of Cappy from BB6 and that he's a bully.
  • Janelle has thought all along they should get rid of Frank this week.
  • It's waffled back and forth.
  • But it's been stuck on a Kara Ouster the past few days.
  • Britney thinks Janelle is now working with Dan instead of her.
  • Frank is now suspicious of the one who's been adamant about keeping him since the noms -- Willie.
  • The pressure is not only getting to the hamsters, but to the coaches as well.
  • Britney and Janelle, originally inseparable and claiming Boogie would try to tear them apart ... have been drifting apart.
  • Britney ended up having a breakdown, crying all of her problems to Janelle.
  • Apparently she thought this Returning Rodent gig would be much easier on her than it has been.
  • There was a long enough period of blocked feeds to be a comp!
  • Supposedly, Willie broke down (or something).
  • He packed his bag and went into the Diary Room.
  • When he finally came out, he was very tight-lipped.
  • He just said things change all the time.
  • Oh my.
  • It's more likely related to his HoH Blog and Twitter, but he likes drama.
  • Laters, Folks! 

Coach Janelle

Coach Britney


Petals said...

WOW about Willie. Wonder if we will ever know what happened there...
Thanks Ms J!

monty924 said...

Thanks, Jackie. I've been watching the feeds, when I get a chance, and from the Janelle/Britney and Dan/Boogie chatter I thought that the "coaches" were going back into the game around mid-point. I missed Janey's comment. I'm not sure what to think. I wonder why any of them would go back in there for a chance of $100,000!??? Especially Boogie!

If they keep Frank, it plays right into Boogie's hand.

Sidenstein said...

This is a really freakin show ;)

Petals said...

Never a fan of Boogie, I had to almost applaud him overnight. Willie was on a bullying rant in the yard, cursing and redneck posturing, etc (at Frank). Suddenly Boogie comes over and said, "Who died and made YOU boss? These people don't have to do what YOU say! Who do you think you are?"
Willie was quieted, and slunk back to his room.
JMO here:
Willie is a BULLY! Lacks any of the charm that (I believe) Russell has. And he has teeny, little ham-hands. I could go on...(won't)

Ciao for now

JOEY said...

Hi all,
Petals- JOEY AND I both agree with what you said and he think wille is just a russell wantabe and will just make a bigger target on him self. so glad someone call him on it.
hope tonight show is a good one, JOEY say hi sweet petals congradualtion on engagement, lucky guy.
take care all and have a good day

Petals said...

Thank you Julie & Joey!!! Looking forward to an interesting show tonight! Whoo!!1

Critical Media said...

Wow...Petals...I knew from the moment they showed Willie accept his key, with his brothers, that they were all the same. Didn't fall for that "I'm not like Russell" bit.

Anonymous said...

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