Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Big Brother 14: Live Feeds Into Tuesday Evening - July 31

Janelle in charge

The countdown is on for the Thursday live show. Will they actually get Frank out of the house over Joe? (I'd prefer Joe go as he annoys me more, but that's just me.) Will the coaches be thrown into the game? Until Thursday, it's all just a lot of what ifs and waffles. Here's today's happenings from inside that Big Brother House of Power Struggles:
  • As the morning got going, Boogie and Frank were still believing the Britney and Company lie that Joe would be going home.
  • Or, more accurately, they were hoping the lie just might be the truth.
  • Boogie thinks this cast of hamsters are dumb.
  • Well, yeah ... for the most part.
  • Wil spent time talking with Boogie. 
  • Is he really betraying Janelle? Oh my!
  • Boogie denied that he and Frank had a plan to backdoor Wil.
  • Joe complained about his Have Not bed hurting his hips.
  • They complained about the days being so long and boring.
  • Y'think?
  • Wil is mad at Janelle because he thinks she's taking credit for him not being backdoored.
  • Huh? Well, she did call him safe in her coaches comp win.
  • Britney is worried that Wil will change his vote and not vote for Frank to go.
  • Janelle thinks gay men in the house get too emotional.
  • Y'think?
  • Britney and Janelle tried to think of lies to tell Wil to turn him back against Frank.
  • Danielle is upset because she thinks that Ashley has been flirting with Shane.
  • @@
  • Shane really has little or no interest in Danielle.
  • At all!
  • Britney told Danielle not to trust anyone on Janelle's team.
  • But Britney and Janelle are allies now. Right?
  • Shane got the HoH camera and fun was had by all.
  • Except maybe Wil -- he slept through most of it.
  • Frank told Britney that he was mad that Janelle told Wil that he (Frank) wanted to backdoor him (Wil).
  • Britney acted surprised.
  • That was actually a Britney lie. 
  • Heh.
  • Janelle thinks she and Ashley need to spend more time with Wil. She thinks because they're not giving him attention, he's turning to Frank for attention.
  • Ashley told Danielle that she has her back.
  • Oh, yeah. That's reassuring.
  • Janelle still hasn't talked to Wil the Needy.
  • That's all she wrote ... for now 

Joe wants a cooking show

I just don't know


Petals said...

G'morning, Ms. Jackie - thank you for the updates.
Shane is so beneath my radar (not my type) that I haven't paid a whit of attention to his sexuality. I have read where some believe he is in the closet? While I do not share that vibe, I do think he is un-naturally close to his SISTER.
JMO. Subject to change.
See you guys later, I hope! I'm ordering a Jimmy Johns delivery!

Carter Morgan said...

I am really starting to wonder if Wil isn’t secretly running his own game in the house and nobody has noticed. He seems to have the pathetic needy thing going on, but it could all be an act so that he will have a reason for voting Joe out. I have never watched Big Brother before this season, but a coworker at Dish recommended it to me and I can’t stop watching or reading about the live feeds! I won’t be able to watch this week’s episodes live, but my Hopper will record them for me with PrimeTime Anytime so I can watch them on Friday with the Auto Hop feature to skip the commercials. I’m really hoping that Wil decides to vote out Joe, just because he is the most annoying person in the house right now. Besides Danielle.

Auntie Leigh said...

In the closet??? He seems pretty out and proud to me.

RBennie said...

Danielle is getting more pathetic every day. Now Ashley is after her man (he who does not want to be her man). Although, if she were somehow to win HOH, I bet he would be her man then - at least for a week, LOL.

Petals said...

RBennie - Yeah, I feel sorry & ashamed for Danielle.
Yikes, hard to watch sometimes, you know?

Petals said...

Carter? DISH SUCKS!!!

JonMD1267 said...

I did catch a little last night on BBAD with Janie and Will talking in the arcade room, and neither was really doing a good job at trying to actually make up it was so passive aggressive, those crazy kids ha.

I did kind of cringe a bit last night when Ian was with his team and was like flat out rain maning BB stuff right and left about what the upcoming comps could be, and I was like dude don't tell them everything, they are going to try and get him out if and when the teams are no more.

I think Britney continues to suprise me with how well she is playing the game this time with the others.

I think it was Boogie that said Janie this time is not playing her game the way she used to and is really paranoid.

JonMD1267 said...

Big Brother is on Entertainment Weekly as today's pick, here is the caption:

"Two things we can be sure of tonight: Someone will win the power of veto and coach Dan will speak at a decibel usually reserved for phone conversations with centenarians"

RBennie said...

That is hilarious and so true. I have to turn down my volume whenever he's in the Diary Room.

Anonymous said...

You are 100% correct Petals, Dish SUCKS! And so does Carter for peddling that crap! I'm just waiting for Danielle to say 'Nobody comes between me and my man!' And the only thing I'm looking forward to WHEN the coaches come into the game is hopefully Dan winning HOH and then someone using the Veto and Dan bringing back Nomination Roulette. I would love to see that again!

Richard in Tx.