Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Big Brother 14: Live Feeds Into Wednesday Evening - July 25

Oh my

Oh my gosh. I almost wish Willie was back. I need some sort of excitement! Here's what's been happening (or not) in that Big Brother House of Keep This Up and Ratings Will Plummet:
  • Joe and Shane have decided they trust each other more than they trust Frank.
  • I wouldn't trust Joe. But, hey Shane ... go for loose cannon paranoid dude. Ain't no skin off my nose!
  • Shortly after that conversation, Joe agreed with Wil that Shane or Ian have to be out next.
  • Wil will be 25 years old this Saturday. I forget how young these hamsters really are.
  • Except for Ian. You can't look at Ian without thinking "child."
  • JoJo is getting quite evil in her trashtalking Janelle's looks and surgeries.
  • Now, I could do that because I'm not in the house with them.
  • But, even though I'm not liking Janelle so much this time around, it's mean.
  • Plus, Janelle has power in the game, something JoJo is seriously lacking at this point.
  • JoJo once again tried to convince Frank she's good to keep this week over Danielle.
  • Britney warned JoJo that she's seen Danielle and Janelle hanging out together a lot this week. She thinks the plan is to get her (Britney) and Dan down to one player each.
  • Maybe they're hanging out because Danielle and Janelle rhyme. Did anyone ever stop a moment to consider that?
  • Oh? No?
  • Danielle asked Jenn what lesbians do during sex.
  • Really.
  • JoJo worked on Ian. While he said he doesn't know how keeping Danielle could benefit him, he didn't promise anything.
  • Frank told Boogie he thinks Dan is throwing all of the coaches comps.
  • He is.
  • Janelle is ticked because she found out Joe sold out to JoJo for two packs of cigarettes and swore on his kids to her.
  • Frank found out that someone indeed go through his bag way back when because they wanted to find proof he was not unemployed.
  • I know it was Joe.
  • That's it for now!

JoJo, the Undead ... for now

Three's company

Ian is very aware of the cameras

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Petals said...

Of course JoJo trash-talks Janelle. Janelle is everything JoJo will never be.
JJ probably never stands near Janey, for fear of the radical comparison, LOL.

(whoohoo Janelle)
(buy-BYE) JoJo