Monday, July 30, 2012

Big Brother 14: Live Feeds Monday Daytime - July 30


Ohh ... excitement in the house today! Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Belated Betrayals:
  • Okay, let's get this straight.
  • Initially, Britney and Janelle teamed up their teams while Dan and Boogie worked together.
  • Britney and Janelle hated Boogie.
  • Meanwhile, Dan gravitated towards Britney. (Not in a sexual way, of course!)
  • Then the tables turned and Janelle teamed up with Boogie, shunning her former alliance with Britney.
  • Then the tables turned back, it's back to Britney and Janelle hating Boogie.
  • Now, with the latest HoH/PoV reign, Britney has always been for evicting Frank not knowing Shane had a deal with Frank.
  • The other likely targets in the house are Wil and Joe.
  • Wil was saved by Janelle with her coaches comp win.
  • Janelle ended up talking with Britney and, on the surface, all is hunky-dory with them once again.
  • Meanwhile, Janelle just wants to save Joe and keep her team strong.
  • Between Janelle's pressuring about the danger Frank is, the Joe groveling and promising the world and Britney's pressuring Shane to put Frank up ... it happened.
  • In the PoV meeting, Shane saved Ashley and put Frank in her place.
  • Defending his actions to Frank and Boogie, Shane told them that Frank should be safe this week -- they heard that people were leaning towards voting Ashley out and the vote would be split, they want Joe gone.
  • Boogie's Boys are buying it ... sort of kind of, with a grain of salt.
  • Everybody seems to be blaming Ian for not being overly committal that Shane wouldn't be put on the block.
  • Britney also started a rumor that Frank and Wil had a final two deal.
  • The plan is to vote out Frank.
  • But we still have a few days to go.
  • Shane is worried because all of the blood is on his hands.
  • Perhaps if he hadn't called Ian a homosexual slur to Britney (who snapped that it wasn't appropriate), karma wouldn't have blood on his hands!
  • No, he didn't say it to Ian. It was said in a discussion with Britney.
  • Ian is on a guilt trip thinking it's his fault than Frank is on the block.
  • Jenn is steaming mad, as mad as she would be if she were on the block.
  • Joe has been told he's not the target (sigh) but to keep acting like he thinks he is.
  • Frank has been told he's not the target and not to worry.
  • Days like this make me happy I'm not a hamster!  


A ball of confusion

Why does Ashley always look stoned?


monty924 said...

Lol, she does. Maybe it's her droopy looking eyes?

Chacha said...

So I posted this earlier and sure enough, Brit/Janie just realized it.

If the coaches/newbies are told to dress comfortably Thursday they will definitely know they r coming in. To me it should be a a/b, true/false this Thursday if the drop happens. That way they won't know till they go outside.

The best game move is getting frank out, butbshane still Needs to be superman to secure safety

7/30/2012 4:43 PM

JonMD1267 said...

Let's see if Joe can maintain and not be his normal and survive.

Ian be careful young jedi.

monty924 said...

Janelle does great on the a/b and t/f, but if it's an eliminater comp then should could be in trouble. You know Boogie and Dan will go after her. I still remember the night she got the pie in her face on All-Stars in the HoH. Boogie won that one....

They're due for an endurance comp if not this week then next.

monty924 said...

*she could be in trouble

Chacha said...

Janie will be sitting in Jury for a while if Wil, or Ashley don't win.
Joe I am not even sure about. I wouldn't doubt he would nominate her.

Patty said...

After watching the feeds off and on today, I decided my vote will be going to Ted (the bear). I know this sounds nuts, but I starting to think Ted is the only sane one! I think I need to refrain from watching so much on my day off. Go Ted!

Anonymous said...

It sure sounds like someone in production is feeding Janelle information. She sure seems to know the exact information about the coaches coming into the game and when. Its bad enough that BB is letting them come back into the game no matter what the America's Vote decides but its really bad when BB is tipping one player off and not the others. You would think they would be more discrete about it. Plus BB is kind of committing fraud by charging $1 per text to vote on something and they're not going to abide by the results.

Richard in Tx.

RBennie said...

LOL, you're right Jackie. Ashley does always look stoned or like she just woke up. It's those sleepy eyes.