Saturday, July 21, 2012

Big Brother 14: Live Feeds Report Into Saturday Evening - July 21

Britney talks to the live feeders

Without Little Willie, the house is definitely not quite as on edge as it's been. Yet, edge is still there. This coach twist is creating situations unlike we've seen before on the show. Should the new hamsters do their coach's bidding? What if they prefer an alliance with someone from another team? The more I watch, the more unfair it does seem to the hamsters. They're really not being allowed to play their own games. Oh, well.

What's been happening in the Big Brother House of Hilarious Hijinks? Read on ...
  • If I lived there, I would NOT eat any food Joe prepared.
  • What kind of chef keeps digging into the food with his fingers, eating some, licking his fingers?
  • EW! Culinary school does NOT teach that, I know they don't!
  • Ian saved some of the pork rinds in a baggie, saying he's going to sell them on eBay.
  • Yeah, that'll work.
  • The PoV comp, blocked to the feeds, went down.
  • My pool boy Shane won. Way cool!
  • Danielle is sure she's going on the block.
  • I'm sure she's right.
  • Too bad, so sad.
  • The pads BB gave them for the weird beds in the Have Not room helped a bit.
  • I still wouldn't want to try to sleep in one of those beds!
  • Britney and Boogie think number-wise, the evicted hamster this week should go to the jury house (9 jury members), but week-wise it wouldn't work out.
  • Danielle cried.
  • There's your big excitement for the day. 

Ian in his hammock

JoJo in her sequins


Laura said...

I have not seen Dan on BB After Dark tonight. And I think I heard someone (Chef guy and Frank) talking about if Dan was still there...

Is Dan gone?

Petals said...

Laura - I'm watching BBAD right now, and he is there. Being his normal self.

Carter Morgan said...

This season of Big Brother is my first. I haven’t ever been big into the show, but a coworker at Dish told me about it, and I had to tune in. It has been incredibly exciting so far, and without Willie, the game can go any way from here. I don’t get to watch the episode live tonight, but tomorrow morning I’ll catch up with it. My Hopper will record it automatically with PrimeTime Anytime, and I’ll get to skip the commercials with the Auto Hop. I am very interested to see how things turn out from here on.