Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Big Brother 14: Live Feeds Report into Wednesday Morning - July 25

If Joanne Worley and Goldie Hawn had a love child

Another fun-filled night in the hamster house! Ohhh ... alcohol, chess and hot tub parties. I don't know if I can stand the excitement! Here's what happened last night in that Big Brother House of Social Rejects:
  • Danielle is definitely following her coach Dan's advice to get out there and mingle with others.
  • When the alcohol arrived last night, it was decided that Boogie, Danielle, Joe, Britney and Jenn would partake.
  • BB doesn't really give them enough for the whole house to really bother drinking, plus those who are Have Nots, Can Not.
  • It seems Joe drank the most -- he had a whole bottle of wine to himself.
  • He said he likes drama (and I say he likes to cause it) and getting drunk was his drama for the night.
  • Britney and Danielle took a bubble bath together in the HoH bathroom.
  • Of course, bathing suits were worn. I don't know about Danielle yet, but Britney is not an exhibitionist!
  • (It would be interesting if Shane was an exhibitionist.)
  • Ahem.
  • JoJo wants to use her cigarettes to buy safety with Janelle (her influence, not her vote as she has none).
  • @@
  • She gave Joe two packs for his vote.
  • @@
  • She got Shane to promise he has her back.
  • That was easy as he already talked to Frank and Boogie and they know he'll be voting to keep her due to team loyalty.
  • They're okay with it as the other votes will surely oust her.
  • Ian has figured out they earn $107 a day with their stipend monies.
  • Multiply that by ten and I may consider applying.
  • Janelle's starting to waffle a bit on voting out JoJo. She thinks that it might be a good thing to get Dan out of the house.
  • Wil told her if Danielle won HoH, she wouldn't nominate him.
  • Yeah, like Danielle could win HoH! Janelle thinks like I do -- Danielle is rather unlikely to win any comps.
  • Joe thinks Shane should be targeted next week.
  • I'd like to see Joe targeted. He's a loose cannon and I want some drama in the house!
  • Janelle thinks Ian is a huge threat.
  • HEY! Leave my favorite little hamster alone!
  • Joe thinks Ian is hiding things.
  • (Says Joe who hid the nicotine patches ...)
  • As I get this posted, the hamsters are all still asleep.  
I don't like chess in the house, so they made it bigger

Hot tub party

Jenn and Wil

Joe got drunk for the drama

Danielle is mingling with others

Janelle and her buddy Wil point fingers


JonMD1267 said...

I love that BB has turned in to like some prison bartering system where smokes are like gold lol. I kind of think they should get out Team Dan this week, odds are more so that someone else other then Jenn or Ian will win HOH this week so Boogie can't really promise but so much for being safe next week, and I don't see Danielle pulling a win.

Chacha said...

i am ready for some excitement.
Keep JoJo in, not because I like her(which i really don't) but if she or shane won HOH next week Janie would have to grovel, and that would be great. Janie who was a favorite of mine since her first season is not a fave of mine anymore, whats crazy is i seem to like Booger better at this moment.
But just like the hamsters I seem to waffle as of late also.

Carter Morgan said...

This is my first season watching Big Brother, but it is incredibly hard not to keep up on everything that is happening. A coworker, at Dish, told me about it and I have to watch as much as I can now. I didn’t get to watch Sunday’s episode live, but this morning I watched in on PrimeTime Anytime through my Hopper. I was able to use the Auto Hop and completely skip the commercials, which made it a lot easier to catch up. I can’t wait to see this on TV, and I really don’t see how anybody can not like Ian, he’s easily the most likeable guy on the show!

Petals said...

I will always love my Janey girl!
But how ghetto of JoJo - to use cigarettes? Ugh, like Caged Heat or something.
And Ms Jackie - I'm usually the one with the crush on some hot thang. hehe. It's fun to see YOU all amped-up like this for Shane.
See all of you tonight.

Chacha said...

i have always loved janelle as well but for some reason she is rubbing me the wrong way this year and is just saying such rude and mean things..

Carter Morgan-----
Thank you but I have direct tv and know how to use a remote...
I live in New Orleans where Ian goes to school. He is a little strange but he grows on you more and more...Just wish the rocking would stop, but i really don't think its intentional

JimmyB said...

Jackie...So funny, the Joanne Worley & Goldie Hawn comment.

Great observation.

monty924 said...

Still lovin' Janelle, but I do agree with ChaCha on Boogie. I'm liking him more this season too! I know - @@, lol!

See all you fine folks at the pool a little later on.

lynn1 said...

Jackie, I nearly fell out of the chair when I read your caption of ashley's picture with "love child of Joanne Worley & Goldie Hawn."
You can bet your "sweet bippie" you nailed that one perfectly.
Hopefully there aren't too many Younger folks reading who won't get it.

Cherry Pie said...

I haveto agree Lynn1....When I saw that caption I about fell out of my chair....Jackie you are to cool for school!!!!!! I would like to see Dan's last player go so we can find out what the hell they are gonna do with the coaches.

monty924 said...

Just a warning... I'm bringing the sugar high to the pool party. Cotton candy, peeps and strawberry margaritas with powdered sugar rimmed glasses. ;) See everyone shortly!

Petals said...

powdered sugar glasses...mmmm....My g'friend once did Key Lime Pie martinis, with graham cracker-crumb rims.