Monday, July 23, 2012

Big Brother 14: Live Feeds Report Through Sunday Night - July 22-23

GAH! They have Ian smoking!

Ian promised his mother he wouldn't smoke in the house. Ian doesn't smoke. He said he'd partake in some of the alcohol because, after all, he is 21 years old. "But, no, Mom. I won't smoke." GAH! I blame JoJo.

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Bad Influences:
  • They're trying to figure out what the next twist will be --- a team reshuffle? Someone coming back?
  • We know as much as they know about that ... nothing.
  • Boogie would like Jenn and Ian to step up and win some comps.
  • I can see Ian winning a mental one. But Jenn? Hmmm ...
  • Boogie told Ian not to talk strategy with Joe because Joe's way too paranoid.
  • I personally think that Joe is just a teensy bit more stable than Willie Hantz.
  • He's not only paranoid and puts his fingers in food, he also runs around instigating problems.
  • After an extended indoor lockdown due to some concert in the area, the hamsters found a new bocce ball set in the yard.
  • Janelle made apple crisp and then regretted it. She said she should have put herself on slop this week because she's eating too much.
  • Wil told Joe that they should get rid of Frank or Ian next week and team up with Shane.
  • Silly Wil. Why tell Joe anything?
  • Why team up with Joe?
  • JoJo is continuing to quietly offend people with her crassness.
  • Hey, she's Staten Island. That can be abrasive without even trying!
  • 'Nuff said.
  • They had dancing lessons amongst themselves. For what it was worth ...
  • Ashley braided Danielle's hair.
  • It still looks like JoJo will be going home this week.
  • The PoV meeting hasn't been held yet, but Shane is going to save himself. (Duh.)
  • Danielle will probably go on the block.
  • But no one really wants to send her home and boot Dan from the game so early.
  • Plus, JoJo is more abrasive than Danielle.
  • After JoJo gave Ian a cigarette, he claims he smokes one a day.
  • He doesn't look comfortable smoking cigarettes.
  • JoJo told Ian she's bisexual.
  • Hopefully Jenn will run the other way!
  • Shane, who's been teaming up with Frank and Boogie on the sly, thinks that Wil is his biggest threat.
  • I'd be leery of Joe.
  • But, hey ... that's just me.  

Frank marches to the beat of victory

Will Dan still be here Friday?


meb said...

Morning Jackie. You're up and at 'em early this morning. Thanks for the update.

I'm not necessarily a Danielle fan, but more so than I am for JoJo so hope JJ goes first.

Enjoy your day Jackie. E-see you later!

Petals said...

G'morning Jackie & everyone!

JoJo is crass. And shame on her for giving Ian cigarettes. She seems less competent than Danielle, less a threat.

Watching last night's BBAD...

Anonymous said...

Ian is so dumb.

I wasn't much of a fan in the beginning but after he made a fool of himself kicking himself in the face as the others laughed at (not WITH) him and the fact that he's now smoking...ugh...get a foundation, dude.

JonMD1267 said...

You would think that Britney would be trying harder to save JoJo and get her to downlow how annoying she is with everyone.

Chacha said...

Jo Jo could go for all I care, for some reason she really rubs me the wrong way, not for getting anyone to smoke or anything like that.

Last night with Shane coming up with a plan to get Wil out was brilliant, I am not sure that Frank will go along with it only because Boogie wont like it.
I think its a genius idea. Have all teams down one or two players and Boogies team with three players left....
I don't like boogie but he does seem to think of good ideas even without Dr Will there to help him.
I think that Frank needs to somewhat step away from Boogie, all the players need to step aback from the coaches...

Michelle C said...

I said that last night about Joe. Yes, Willie's actions got himself ousted, but, if you look at it, Joe walked throuhg the room where Willie was while Willie was talking and right after her left Joe make a comment (couldn't hear it) and that's when Willie took off. Joe didn't have to egg him on, he was already nuts enough without that.

Chacha said...

so I just read this and kind of have to totally agree, although I know the bachelorette finale was last night(which I don't watch)
The ratings are in for Sunday night, and in what is becoming a recurring theme, it’s bad news for “Big Brother.” The show once again tied its series low with just a 1.9 rating in the 18-49 demographic, and this is with an episode that was getting plenty of buzz before it started.

Over the weekend, we first knew that Willie Hantz was expelled from the house after making some violent actions to a fellow contestant in Joe Arvin. You would have thought that there would have been a bigger reaction to it, but know — all we saw instead was evidence that outside of the loyal Hantz fan base, people may be getting tired of this family dominating reality television.

So what other problems are plaguing this season? The only thing we can think of is that this coaches’ twist is actually really hurting the game more so than it is helping. People don’t want to watch Mike “Boogie” telling other people how to play the game — instead, they want to see them playing the game themselves. Also, you could argue that the cast, while pretty solid, does not have a Rachel Reilly or a standout character hat gets people talking.
The more i think of it it is beginning to remind me of the end of season 6 with the nerd herd.
I hope next year if there is one is all new players not knowing each other.

Someone needs to put a fire into the house or we may all tune out of actually watching the show