Sunday, July 29, 2012

Big Brother 14: Live Feeds Saturday Night Into Sunday Morning - July 28-29

Wil's birthday suit

It was an evening for festivities in the house as the hamsters celebrated Wil's birthday, plus selected hamsters got to attend a sushi party won by Britney in the coaches comp. Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Hamsters Shouldn't Let Fellow Hamsters Get Drunk on the Live Feeds:
  • Ashley still thinks Ian is the biggest threat in the house.
  • Good. I hope he is. I'd like him to do well!
  • But none of the others are as focused on Ian as is Ashley. That's good.
  • Frank was supposed to be on last season, got his key and all ... and we got the feeds cut.
  • Hmm.
  • Those who couldn't attend the sushi party are: Ian and Joe (Have Nots), Frank, Jenn, Wil and Ashley. All of the coaches, Danielle and Shane are the only ones at THAT party.
  • That doesn't mean the others didn't party.
  • Some of a Wil Diary Room session leaked into the house.
  • Supposedly he's the biggest physical threat on Janelle's team.
  • Well, Joe could be but he really has sucked at each and every comp.
  • And Ashley is um ... Ashley.
  • So, I guess it is Wil!
  • Only the people attending the sushi party could be in the yard. They each had two drinks and a glorious meal.
  • While the sushi party was going on, BB gave the indoor crew alcohol (not the Have Nots -- Joe and Ian).
  • They decided to get dressed up and have their own bash.
  • Ian wore blue skin-tight boxers and a bow-tie.
  • Wil and the others are more easily defined in the screen caps.
  • The sushi party invaded the indoor party ... and cake flew everywhere.
  • Janelle smashed Ian in the face with cake then apologized for the penalty nomination he'll get for eating while a Have Not.
  • Now, BB wouldn't do that!
  • They were drunk and loud.
  • Maybe it was fun if you were there. I'm just glad that rowdy party wasn't going on in the apartment next door.
  • I even had to turn the volume down because I didn't want my neighbors to think I was throwing a wild party!
  • Drunks, drunks, drunks ... all on the equivalent of two beers each, except Wil who had a whole bottle of wine.
  • @@
  • Ian ran from the bathroom wearing only a hat strategically placed. 
  • Now, he wasn't drunk! 
  • Oh my.
  • When he returned to the Have Not room for his clothes, he asked the camera if it enjoyed his show.
  • The camera shook its head no.
  • They played Spin the Bottle. Uh-oh.
  • Ashley had to kiss Frank!
  • Dan tried to get Danielle to let up a bit on the booze drinking.
  • After all, loose lips sink ships!
  • Wil ran out naked through the party to go skinny-dipping.
  • Dan and Britney told both Shane and Danielle to cool it with their showmance. It will hurt their game.
  • They're right.
  • Ian had a super hammock rocking session. I think he sorts everything out in his mind when he does that.
  • As I get this posted, Boogie just got up and started making coffee. 

Jenn went to town

While Ashley looked like a clown

Ashley smacking Ian on the butt (but she's scared of him)

Quad shot of the partiers

Oh, Ian, Ian, Ian ...


Laurie said...

Good morning, Jackie. Are you surprised Ian was the streaker? This is one odd group of hamsters!

Donna in Alabama said...

What time was all this party stuff going on? I would like to go back and see it!

meb said...

Donna it was on BBAD... They were showing the Sushi party just at 12pm eastern time, and they were still eating. I just finished watching... 3 hours of partying.

Jackie, is this the second time Ian streaked, cause I've seen the same or similar footage before.

Wil has been waiting to take it all off for a while now I think.

They were all having a good time and commented it was nice to just have fun and no strategizing.

Danielle thinks Shane doesn't like her. They played a spin the bottle thing and she had to kiss Shane.. they locked lips for a couple of seconds and now she thinks he didn't like how she kissed cause he won't look at her anymore. She is a real 'poser' for the camera... drinking of course caused her to think no one was watching, but they kept the camera on her as she did it. Silly girl!

Do we know why Shane and Danielle were permitted to go to the shushi party? Did Brit have 6 people she could take?...if so worked out for her and Dan if that's the case... since she didn't have to take any of the other teams. All the coaches were there. They were all dressed up purty!

Thanks for the post Jackie. Enjoying it all. And I know I'm in the minority of those who have commented here, but I sort of hope the coaches get to come into the game as players. It would put some fire under the newbies a$$e$ if they want to win this thing.

Donna in Alabama said...

I flashed back to 8pm Calif. time and they are dressed up and just talking... drinking wine....

JonMD1267 said...

I actually flipped off BB After Dark last night, not from the drunken shenanigans, nor the streaking, or the spin the bottle session. It was from hocking Danielle and her insane high school mentality over the kiss her and Shane had from spin the bottle, it was so annoying, she kept obsessing over it so much that I thought it was like a Degrassi episode and I've never even scene a Degrassi episode. I had already given her the evil eye when they were out at the sushi party, the kiss just sealed the deal with me. I am sure in her mind she has visions of Jeff/Jordan or Brendon/Rachel dancing in her head.

Petals said...

I've skipped watching BBAD - trying to shake this migraine.
Danielle is my pool chick; I used to BE her, so I know how her mind works and I forgive her somewhat adolescent ideologies re kissing, boys, drinking, makeup, etc.
Thanks Jackie. Very much.
I love you guys. Hopefully will see you all later...

Chrystal Whitney said...

Dan won the sushi party and took all the coaches so no game play could be talked about while he wasn't there. Danielle was picked cause she is his player and Shane was picked to suck up to hoh