Monday, July 30, 2012

Big Brother 14: Live Feeds Sunday Night Into Monday - July 29-30

Jenn's hoodie statement

Oh my gosh! Could we be having hamster waffles for breakfast? Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Did You Ever Have To Make Up Your Mind:
  • Now Ashley wants to work with Shane.
  • Danielle still wants to sleep with Shane.
  • Ashley thinks that Janelle is good at being nice to everybody's face.
  • She's probably right there.
  • Janelle told Britney that they need to team up together to get Frank out of the game before the coaches get in the game.
  • Yep, she said it.
  • So it must be despite the Internet disapproval of the idea.
  • Janelle and Joe are both saying Joe will do whatever he needs to do for Shane to stay in the game.
  • "My life for you, Randall Flagg!"
  • Er. He didn't say that.
  • Britney recalls producer Allison Grodner telling her she could expect the unexpected when they were discussing the winnings amount for her contract.
  • Janelle is certain the coaches will go into the game on Thursday.
  • Therefore, she's back to wanting to team up with Britney to get rid of Boogie and Dan.
  • Janelle thinks if Boogie plays the game, he and Frank will be a powerhouse.
  • Janelle's protege Wil isn't quite the social suck-up that Janelle can be.
  • He vows revenge on Shane if either Ashley or Joe go home.
  • Both Ashley and Shane think they trust Frank more than Wil. Ashley thinks Wil is going to be vindictive.
  • Well, yeah.
  • Britney thinks it's a bad idea to nominate/get rid of Frank this week.
  • The HoH crew (Shane, Britney, Wil, Janelle, Danielle) told Ashley that Shane is taking her off the block.
  • Oh my. How the hamster turns ...  

Perhaps not so doomed?

Brit and Danielle in the nominee chairs


Carter Morgan said...

It would be an interesting turn of events, if Shane took Ashley off the block now. It would almost be a complete change of strategy if Shane decided to change his mind now. This is only my first season of Big Brother, after a coworker at Dish told me to watch it, but I think I have a pretty good grasp on how the game works. If Shane decided now to change his decision on who is up for eviction, he might also make a few more enemies in Frank, Boogie, and Boogie’s team. I won’t be able to watch this week’s episodes live but my hopper will record them for me with PrimeTime Anytime so I can watch them Friday with the Auto Hop and skip commercials. I can’t wait to see what twists are waiting for us at the end of this week!

Becky said...

I think he should back door Frank.

Anonymous said...

I think someone should ban Carter Morgan and his advertising :~}

RBennie said...

I agree Becky. He may not get another opportunity like this to get rid of Frank. I think he can beat Joe at pretty much anything.

Miss A said...

If the coaches come into the game, it'll be a rerun of BB13. A few newbies will align with the vets and then a vet will win it all. If the newbies had any brains, they would keep Frank so he can play on the newbies side, then take him out once all the vets are taken care of. Shane should know that if Frank is taken out, he WILL be next since he's won 3 comps in a row.

RBennie said...

Frank and Boogie seem so tight that I think if/when the coaches enter the game they will immediately team up. They would be a formidable duo. Of course the newbies should all team up against the coaches, but I would bet that won't happen. On the other hand, I bet the coaches will be secretly working together.

JonMD1267 said...

I think they wont let them know officially the coaches are coming in until before the HOH on Thursday. I think Shane is kind of screwed either way, everyone is going to come after him minus Danielle. There are good and bad points to him back dooring Frank though, I would be suprised if he does it though. It would only do him good if he leaves Ashley up, he leaves Joe up and it could go either way and that defeats the purpose of the veto move.

Chacha said...

If the coaches/newbies are told to dress comfortably Thursday they will definitely know they r coming in. To me it should be a a/b, true/false this Thursday if the drop happens. That way they won't know till they go outside.

The best game move is getting frank out, butbshane still Needs to be superman to secure safety