Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Big Brother 14: Live Feeds Through Late Night Monday 7/16-17

The drugs are wearing off

My apologies for not posting last night. I had some technical difficulties. Thankfully, the main event of the day was still waffling. Yep, you heard me. Kara or Frank. Frank or Kara. This is what happens when you put up two people without a target in mind.

Here's some of the stuff that's been going on in that Big Brother House of Chicken and Waffles:
  • Joe and Wil don't trust Willie.
  • Willie doesn't trust them either.
  • Boogie thinks that Britney and Janelle are smart enough to realize they could sign Dan's eviction papers by voting out Kara.
  • Although that's exactly the reason they have waffled back to booting Kara.
  • Cracks are appearing in the veneer -- Janelle and Wil will eventually be targeting Willie, a Britney team member.
  • Ian is still a wandering lost by.
  • What I'm noticing is that the "devotion" to their particular coaches and chosen teams isn't going to last.
  • Cross-alliances are already striking up.
  • Willie told Ashley he wants to take her and JoJo to the end.
  • She believes him.
  • Shades of Russell
  • Britney, Ashley and Willie think the only person Janelle really cares about is Wil.
  • But, for now ... it looks like it's Kara going out the door.
  • For now. 

But I don't WANT Kara to go

Take Kara out, not me!

I'm the best player ever at BB!


Petals said...

G'morning Ms Jackie & everyone!

I am watching BBAD right now. It is addictive.
Is really odd to hear what production won't let them have. Random and ridiculous, really.
See you guys later!

Sandaroo1 said...

I was watching BBAD last night & to me it seems Willie is way over playing....he's promised to many things with just about everyone!! Anyone agree????

Janice said...

I agree! Willie is playing too much like Russell, making promises he won't be able to keep; if he does, he's something else!!

Feeds are addicting; I agree!


cha cha said...

the players minus the coaches just had a meeting.
Willie's head is sooo big right now i feel he is gonna do himself in.

Petals said...

I liked Russell, so I have no built-in bias against Willie. But he is trying to hard, always working everyone. Chill, Willie!

Jeff said...

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